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Friday, 16 July 1920

1.   Super Tax. - While maintaining the system of purchase of estates for closer settlement, we believe that an increase in the incidence of the graduated land tax, with the present exemption of £5,000, or, failing that, a super tax is a just means of securing the proper utilization of land.

2.   Share Farmers. -We believe that the troubles of the share farmer will largely disappear with the solving of the problems of compulsory land utilization as indicated above.

4.   Encouragement of group system of settlements.

5.   Land Bank. - Extension of the functions of the Commonwealth and State Banks to enable settlers to obtain expeditiously and at lowest possible rates of interest advances on improvements, leaseholds, stock, and crops.

6.   Residence Conditions. -Modification of residence conditions on rural holdings, with common-sense provision to guard against aggregation, and to secure the proper use of the land.

7.   Tenant rights to improvements.

8.   Consultation with practical local men regarding values of estates proposed to be resumed.

9.   An arrangement between the Federal and State Governments by which one valuation will suffice for Federal, State, and municipal purposes, the same principle of uniformity to be applied to assessment for income tax purposes.

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