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Wednesday, 14 July 1920

Mr TUDOR - When the Bill was going through the House, I said that I did not think it would be possible to provide for bonds that could not be cashed. Men have come to me offering me half the value of the bonds if I would cash them, but I have declined to do so, because the law says that they cannot be cashed, and I have not the money to buy these bonds, even if I desired to do so. The Government have failed to treat the men properly in regard to the war gratuity.

It is for the Government to see that those who wish to use the gratuity for insurance purposes are fairly treated. It is said that some insurance offices are allowed to cash the bonds, and that others are prohibited from doing so.

My desire is that our returned men shall get a fair deal. It should not be said to them that they were not promised that, on their return, they would be reinstated in their pre-war positions; that promise was made to them. The Go vern - men have failed to deal fairly with the soldiers. They have failed to treat our returned men and their dependants as the community would wish. The public do not ask for the saving of a few shillings by the reduction of the pensions of war widows. The Government have also failed to prevent profiteering. Then two years ago they promised to establish a Council of Labour to deal with industrial unrest, a promise which they have not fulfilled. I hold, therefore, that I have justification for moving the motion. Honorable members on this side, and members of the Corner party will, no doubt, deal with those questions arising under it which I have not had time to mention. Those who vote against the motion will have to show cause for supporting a Government which has failed in its duty in the manner I have indicated.

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