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Wednesday, 14 July 1920

Mr TUDOR (Yarra) .- I move-

That the Government is deserving of censure for its general incapacity, and more particularly -

(a)   for its failure to prevent an inordinate rise in the cost of living;

(b)   for its failure to keep its pledges with returned soldiers and their dependants J

(c)   for its failure to take steps to deal with the causes of industrial unrest;

(d)   for its failure to secure an adequate return to the Australian people for their wool and other primary products sold overseas;

(e)   for its failure to make definite bind ing contracts for the sale of such products which would have prevented any possibility of profiteering overseas in Australian products at the expense of Australian producers, and would have made it possible to secure a prompt adjustment of accounts in connexion with such sales.

I regret exceed ingly the disturbance that has taken place. Ishall not argue the question of whether it was justified or not, but I am very sorry that the top gallery has been cleared.

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