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Tuesday, 18 May 1920

Mr SPEAKER - Order ! I must ask honorable members to allow the honorable member for Yarra (Mr. Tudor) to proceed. These interjections are distinctly out of order.

Mr Maxwell - I think protection is given under clause 14.

Mr TUDOR - I was referring to the price which consumers will have to pay for oil.

Mr Maxwell - The honorable member will see-

Mr SPEAKER - Order! I must again ask honorable members not to persist in interjecting while the honorable member for Yarra is speaking.

Mr TUDOR - We shall be making a very great . mistake if we prevent other companies from competing, as we shall be closing up the oil industry - small as it is - in Australia. It is generally admitted that the shale oil industry should be protected.

Mr Fleming - It will not interfere with the shale oil industry.

Mr TUDOR - When, once this agreement is adopted the shale oil business will be wiped out entirely.

Mr Fleming - We could give it a small bounty.

Mr TUDOR - What opportunity will it have of competing even if assisted by a small bounty? I had the privilege of assisting in the passage of an oil bounty Bill through this Parliament for protecting the production of shale oil and paraffin wax. But apparently we are to have - as a result of a meeting upstairs - an amended agreement.

Mr Hughes - A meeting upstairs ! To what is the honorable member referring?

Mr TUDOR - As a result of a party meeting last Thursday morning, we were told through the press that certain recal citrant members . will now support the agreement. We were also informed that certain amendments were to be brought forward.

Mr Hughes --.The press is, of course, the honorable member's Bible!


Mr Hughes - Then why does the honorable member believe it? Is the honorable member prepared to follow the press on this occasion ?

Mr TUDOR - The press has supported the right honorable gentleman, but it has never supported me.

Mr Hughes - The press supported me!

Mr TUDOR - Yes.

Mr Hughes - I would like to see the newspaper that has supported me.

Mr TUDOR - The right honorable gentleman has had more support from the press than I have ever had. We have been led to believe by the honorable member for Illawarra (Mr. Lamond) that there were to be six amendments in the agreement, and the Prime Minister hinted on Friday last that some amendments would be made. I am anxious to know in what way the measure is to be modified.

Mr Hector Lamond - The honorable member will get it in Hansard.

Mr TUDOR - The Hansard number containing the Prime Minister's speech on Friday last will not be available until next Saturday, and I would like to have had a copy of the speech delivered by the Prime Minister on Friday last.

Mr Richard Foster - But the honorable member heard it.

Mr TUDOR - I am anxious to peruse the amended agreement, and I trust honorable members will meanwhile vote for the appointment of a Select Committee, as further information should be submitted before the Bill is considered in Committee. The particulars before us at present are not sufficient to warrant the . Government entering into' an agreement for such a lengthy period, and in view of all the circumstances it is desirable that further inquiry should be made before the House is asked to pass the Bill in its present form.

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