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Tuesday, 18 May 1920

Mr HUGHES - On the 3rd March, the honorable member forCapricornia (Mr. Higgs) asked the following question : -

Will the Prime Minister give instructions for the preparation of a memorandum by the Crown Solicitor showing in parallel columns the respective proposed alterations to the Constitution in the years 1912, 1915, and 1919, and the clauses of the Constitution that would be affected by the proposed alterations if carried, showing in black type in what respect the proposed alterations of 1919 differed from those of previous years?

I then undertook to comply with the honorable member's request as far as possible. The following statement shows in as convenient a form as possible the several proposed alterations : -

Statement showing the text of the provisions of the Constitution proposed to be altered and the textual alterations and additions proposed to be made to the Constitution, by the proposed laws passed by both Houses of the Parliament inthe years 1912, 1915, and 1919 respectively. The text of the existing provisions proposed to be altered is shown immediately under the heading of each section of the Statement, and the text of the provisions as proposed to be altered is shown in the parallel columns in each section -



Ifr. Hughes.


Note. - Each of the proposed laws passed in 1919 also contains the following provisions: -

1.   The alterations made by this Act shall remain in force-

(a)   until the expiration of three years from the assent of the GovernorGeneral thereto; or

(b)   until a Convention constituted by the Commonwealth makes recommendations for the alteration of the Con stitution and the people indorse those recommendations, whichever first happens, and shall then cease to have effect:

Provided that if no such Convention is constituted by the Commonwealth before the thirty-first day of December, One thousand nine hundred and twenty, the alterations made by this Act shall cease to have effect on the said thirty-first day of December, One thousand nine hundred and twenty.

2.   No law passed by the Parliament by virtue of the powers conferred by this Act shall continue to have any force or effect, by virtue of this Act, after the alterations made by this Act have ceased to have effect.

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