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Thursday, 23 August 1906

Sir JOHN FORREST (Swan) (Treasurer) . - I move -

That a sum not exceeding £748,363 be granted to His Majesty for or towards defraying the service of the year ending 30th June, 1907.

In submitting this motion, I desire to say that the Government are asking for supply for about two months. By the end of the present month we shall require funds, and therefore I am glad that I am able to place the Bill before honorable members at this stage, so as to afford them ample time for its consideration. The measure provides for the appropriation of £748,363. The Act which was passed at the beginning of the session appropriated £459,064, so that if this Bill becomes law the total appropriation up to date will be £1,207,427. That is a little more than one-fourth of the amount provided upon the Estimates. The sums set out upon the Estimates - after deducting special appropriations - total£4,434,431, so that one fourth of that amount would be £1,108,608. It will thus be seen that if this Bill be passed the total, appro . priation will be slightly more than one fourth of the total amount provided on the Estimates.


Sir JOHN FORREST - Some heavy payments will fall due in the first quarter of theyear. In connexion with our ocean mails, it is convenient to transmit the money to London early, so as to obtain the best terms in regard to exchange. The sum of £60,000 will be required for that purpose during the first two quarters, and 'the Pacific Cable will probably involve an expenditure of , £28,500. Then there is the Corps Contingent allowances which have to be paid, and which amount to about £50,000. These three' items ' alone involve an expenditure of £138,500. I may inform honorable members that the amounts set out in the Bill provide for the ordinary services of the Government, and include no items of a special character. In cases where increments of salaries are provided upon the Estimates-in-chief, those increases will not be paid until the Appropriation Act has been passed. In that respect we shall be following the practice which has al ready been established. In Western Australia my experience of interim Supply Bills was that no schedule was attached to them. They were Bills providing for expenditure which was based upon the votes of the previous year, and no new items were ever included in them. However, in this Parliament we have adopted theplan of attaching a schedule to such Bills. If honorabie members will look through the schedule to this measure,they will see that it contains no items of an unusual character. The Government merely ask Parliament to provide them with funds to carry on the ordinary services.

Mr.DUGALD THOMSON (North Sydney) [5.15]. - The Minister has not fully explained why the vote that we are asked to grant is, as I understood him to say, , £200,000 in excess of one-fourth of the amount on the Estimates.

Sir John Forrest - I said that it was a little more than one-fourth of the amount on the Estimates.

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