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Tuesday, 21 August 1906

Mr SPEAKER - I ask the right honorable member to withdraw the remark.

Mr REID - I withdraw it, and substitute the expression "without foundation." During my parliamentary career - and I have been the leader of a party in, I think, live political campaigns - L do not believe that a dozen subscriptions have been place, in my hands to help my party in the fight. The last of those subscriptions was received some years ago ; I think in connexion with the last Federal elections.

Sir William Lyne - Have not subscriptions been collected by the Reform League ?

Mr REID - That is a State league, with which I have nothing to do. The only body with which I am connected is one for which the honorable member for North Sydney is treasurer, and he has given an emphatic denial to the statements of the honorable member for Gwydir.

Sir William Lyne - It has been done on former occasions.

Mr REID - All I can say is that it is absolutely false to say that any such funds have been placed at my command, or, so far as I know, at the command of any honor- . able member of the party in either the Senate or the House of Representatives.

Mr Frazer - Then who pays the organizers who are travelling through the States?

Sir William Lyne - There is a secret fund from which they are being paid, and the right honorable member is getting the benefit of it.

Mr REID - I have not received sixpence from any fund. I am afraid that the object of the statement was to frighten persons from subscribing to our league. I wish, therefore, to say that we are ready to accept as much as is sent along. We do not, however, intend to call upon the boys and girls in the factories to contribute from their small wages.

Sir William Lyne - The right honorable member has at his disposal already a fund of about ^10,000.

Mr REID - I should like to get a little of it.

Mr SPEAKER - These interchanges are highly disorderly.

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