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Thursday, 16 August 1906

Mr CULPIN (Brisbane) .- I think that the Government are proposing to make an invidious distinction.

Mr Deakin - Every one agreed last night with our proposal.

Mr CULPIN - It is a mistake to describe one mixture as "blended brandy" and another as " blended spirit." The Government have not gone far enough.

Mr Deakin - I have already said that the question as to the use of the word "brandy" is an open one; we are not dealing with it at the present time.

Mr CULPIN - How do the Government propose to describe sugar spirit? A specific name has been given to grain spirit blended with grape spirit, but Apparently sugar spirit is to be regarded as an orphan without a name, and may be described by some persons as being other than brandy. I think that it would be sufficient in this provision to use the word " brandy" alone, and I am inclined to support the proposal of the honorable member for Hindmarsh.

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