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Thursday, 16 August 1906

In Committee of Ways and Means:excise duties on spirits.

Consideration resumed from 15th August (vide page 2892), on motion by Sir William Lyne, as amended -

That in lieu of the duties of Excise imposed by the Excise Tariff 1902 on Spirits, duties of Excise shall from the 2nd day of August, 1906, at 4.30 p.m. Victorian time, be imposed upon spirits as follows : -



Upon which Mr. Deakin had moved by way of amendment: -

That the following new paragraph be inserted after paragraph1 - " 2. Blended wine brandy distilled from grape wine, and containing not less than 25 per cent, of pure grape wine spirit (which has been separately distilled by a pot-still or similar process at a strength not exceeding 40 per cent, over proof), the whole being matured by storage in wood for a period not less than two years, and certified by an officer to be brandy so blended and matured, per proof gallon,11s."

Amendment agreed to.

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