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Thursday, 9 August 1906

Sir WILLIAM LYNE - So far as I know, everything received from the Tariff Commission until now has been laid on the table of the House, and if the representatives of the press do not care to take the trouble to publish the information therein contained, I cannot compel them to do so. The honorable and learned member spoke to me privately last night about the advisability of printing as one publication the reports which were divided and laid on the table separately. The reason for the division was that it would have been improper to lay on the table those portions of the reports which were laid on the table the other night until the Government had taken action in regard to the recommendations submitted. Had there not been that reason for delay in connexion with the laying on the table of portions of the reports, the whole of the reports would have been laid on the table at one time. Last night however, I asked the Clerk if the separated portions could be bound together, and submitted to honorable members complete, and I am prepared to have that done. As to selling bound copies of the reports through the Government Printers of the States, I see no objection to that course, though I am not prepared at this moment to sneak definitely on the subject. If I had my way, I should not sell these reports, but should give them away. I should have a good number printed and distributed, and should be prepared to take the same action in regard to other reports which have come, or will come, from the Commission.

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