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Friday, 3 August 1906

Sir WILLIAM LYNE (Hume) (Minister of Trade and Customs) . - I desire to be reasonable, and it seems to me that if any sum is not absorbed in respect of a particular bounty, we should be empowered to devote it to another item in respect of which the amount appropriated has been exhausted. I shall have to readjust the schedule in view of the statements made by a number of honorable members during the debate on the motion for the second reading that the amount proposed to be appropriated in respect to some of these items is too small. I propose, if I have the power, to make an alteration in respect of the Excise duties on one or two of these articles, so as to improve their position, and I must so adjust the schedule as to meet amendments that may be made in that regard. I propose that we shall appropriate the total sum of .£500,000, but re-adjust the schedule, as from the remarks that have been made during the debate I believe that the bounty proposed in one or two cases is not large enough. If there is any serious objection, I shall not move any amendment of the clause that will enable me to make an alteration, but shall move to amend the schedule when we come to it. I -hope that that will satisfy honorable members opposite.

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