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Friday, 3 August 1906

Mr CULPIN (Brisbane) .- I hope that this Bill will speedily become law. I recognise that the Queensland sugar industry is really being assisted by the payment of a bounty, and that any proposal which has for its object the establishment of new industries in Australia is one to be encouraged and commended. At the same time I hope, that the Minister will take pains to guard against the same result following this experiment which attended the payment of a bounty upon cotton manufactures in Queensland. At Ipswich, a cotton factory was established, which was nourished by means of a bounty, but for some unexplained reason as soon as that bounty had been expended, the factoryclosed its doors. We ought to insert in this Bill a penal clause to prevent that sort of thing. To my mind five years is a fair period over which to extend the bounty. The bounty system is really another method of affording protection to industries. I recognise that industries can sometimes be established by means even better than a protective Tariff. I should like to quote one of these means, which was mentioned by the leader of the Opposition in speaking at Toowoomba in 1901. He said -

If industries cannot be established without protection, let the Commonwealth Government establish them, because then we can be quite sure of the condition of the factories, of proper wages being paid, and of decent hours being kept. There would be no one to sweat, because there would be no one to make a profit.

I would prefer that system even to the bounty system.

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