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Wednesday, 1 August 1906
Page: 2134

Mr DEAKIN - The questions asked by the honorable member relate not so much to matters of fact .as to hypotheses or theories. For instance, the honorable member asked whether, if the Western Australian Tariff had remained, it would not have yielded quite as much to that State.

Mr Fowler - I asked whether as much revenue would not have been available to the State if it had stood out of the Federation ?

Mr DEAKIN - I was about to say that if the people of Western Australia had chosen to retain a Tariff similar to that imposed under Federation, of course, the same sum would have been available to them. If, however, they had listened to the honorable member and his friends, they would not have had any such sum. The honorable member's second question was whether the revenue was not contributed by the people of Western Australia. In my opinion only a part of it is paid by the people of Western Australia, the other portion being contributed by those who send them dutiable goods. His third question was whether any portion of the revenue can be regarded as contributed by the rest of the Commonwealth. The revenue certainly was contributed to by those in other States, who send to Western Australia goads which were made dutiable under the special Tariff.

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