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Thursday, 19 July 1906

Mr CROUCH (Corio) .- I would suggest that the following new clause should be inserted -

Provision shall annually be made by the Defence Department for a dry canteen, and a supply of non-intoxicating liquors in all barracks.

Mr Salmon - Surely 'we ought not to put that provision in an Act df Parliament. The matter with which it deals is one for regulation.

Mr CROUCH - I take it that some provision of the kind must be made. The regulations might permit of such an arrangement being given effect to. At any rate, I can see that an attempt might easily be made to defeat the object .of this Bill by rendering it unworkable. If no liquor is supplied in barracks between 5 p.m. and 7 a.m. it is obvious that men who are quartered there will be driven elsewhere to obtain refreshment. If the Bill is intended to be a temperance measure, it is unfair that we should drive men to hotels. We should provide them with hot coffee and other comforts. Nobody who has not experienced it, can appreciate the discomfort of life in a barracks. If the honorable member for Lang, the honorable member for Melbourne Ports, and the honorable member for Laanecoorie knew anything about it-

Mr Salmon - I know something .about it.

Mr CROUCH - The honorable member would not remain in barracks for three consecutive nights unless comforts of some sort were provided. He would take to drink straight away

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