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Thursday, 19 July 1906

Mr KELLY - That is a very serious consideration. I do not know what the conditions are at Queenscliff, but those under which liquor is provided at Victora Barracks, Sydney, are by no means bad. They are infinitely better both for the men and every one concerned than are the conditions obtaining in the publichouses in the immediate vicinity. I suggest this matter very seriously for the consideration of the honorable members in charge of the Bill. I know that they do not wish the object which they have in view to be defeated - they dc not wish by making the one law equal in its application to canteens in camp and canteens in barracks to actually defeat the temperance object, so far as barracks are concerned. If we drive men from properly regulated canteens, such as that at the Victoria Barracks, Sydney, to the public houses in the vicinity, we may be doing them an infinite injury, and I should like to hear the views of the honorable member for Melbourne Ports on that aspect of the question.

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