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Tuesday, 26 June 1906

Mr KELLY (Wentworth) . - I am rather surprised at the action of the honorable member for Gwydir in this connexion, because I have the keenest recollection of that honorable member having approached me last week and asked me to leave out of my proofs front Hansard an . interjection of his own which appeared in a speech of mine.

Mr Webster - That was not an important matter. It related merely to a misunderstanding.

Mr KELLY - I wish to do the honorable member justice. He said that he had misunderstood some remarks of mine.

Mr Webster - That is right.

Mr KELLY - I at once accepted the honorable member's statement, and on his request that my remarks on that interjection should not appear in Hansard, I put a note against the report of my speech, and informed Hansard that the honorable member wished those remarks to be omitted, leaving it to the discretion of Hansard as to whether they should be omitted or not.

Mr Conroy - If they were of a personal nature that is right.

Mr KELLY - But I do say that it appears to me to be singular that such remarks as those to which we have just listened should emanate from an honorable member who only last week connived at the editing of Hansard.

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