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Friday, 15 June 1906

Mr HUGHES (West Sydney) .- I welcome the suggestion of my honorable friend and leader, the member for Bland, and disagree altogether with those honorable members who represent other States than New South Wales. I have not to alter my opinion with regard to this question in any respect. I voted for Lyndhurst from the first. I think that Dalgety is an unsuitable place for the Capital. I read in the press the other day that an unfortunate man had been frozen to death in the neighbourhood. I do not wish for my honorable friends in this Parliament any such fate as that. I do not think that Dalgety is a suitable place in any way. The climate ]< bad. The New South Wales Parliament represents the New South Wales people, and one of the reasons why New South Wales accepted the Federal Constitution was that it provided that the Capital should be within a reasonable distance of Sydney.

Mr. KELLY(Wentworth) [4..1.1j.- [ should not have risen but for the remarks of the honorable member for Gwydir, which have placed honorable members upon this side of the House in a very false position, and that without any warrant. He said that, although we had all along been advocating a just settlement of the claims of New South Wales in regard to the Capital Site, now that the opportunity presented itself of arriving at some such arrangement, we were hanging, back. I wish to say that the Opposition representatives of New South Wales to a man are anxious to see this matter settled in the way it is proposed, and we are very glad indeed to find that, even at this late hour, the honorable member for Gwydir has discovered evidence, of which every one has been cognisant for years past, which, has enabled him to change his views upon it.

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