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REID, the Hon. Margaret ElizabethBiography for REID, the Hon. Margaret Elizabeth

Senator for the Australian Capital Territory 1981-2003

Liberal Party of Australia

Parliamentary Service

Chosen by the Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia on 5.5.81, pursuant to Senate (Representation of Territories) Act 1973, to represent the Australian Capital Territory in the Senate, vice Senator JW Knight (deceased).

Re-elected 1983, 1984, 1987, 1990, 1993, 1996, 1998 and 2001 (Territory Senators serve for the same term as the House of Representatives). Resigned 14.2.03.

Parliamentary Appointments

Member, Advisory Council on Australian Archives from 22.2.85 to 26.6.96.

Parliamentary Positions

Deputy President of the Senate and Chair of Committees from 9.5.95 to 19.8.96.

President of the Senate from 20.8.96 to 30.6.02.

Committee Service

Senate Standing: Procedure from 9.10.87 to 18.8.02 (Chair from 9.5.95 to 20.8.96); Selection of Bills from 18.12.89 to 9.5.95; House from 1.7.93 (Chair from 9.5.95) to 20.8.96; Senators' Interests from 22.4.94 to 29.4.96 and from 29.8.02 to 14.2.03; Appropriations and Staffing from 20.8.96 (Chair from 20.8.96) to 18.8.02; Library from 20.8.96 (Chair from 20.8.96) to 18.8.02; Privileges from 21.8.02 to 14.2.03.

Senate Legislative and General Purpose Standing: Education and the Arts from 25.8.81 to 4.2.83; Transport, Communications and Infrastructure from 11.5.90 to 11.9.90.

Senate Select: Legislation Procedures from 31.8.88 to 1.12.88.

Senate Estimates: A from 26.8.81 to 4.2.83; C from 23.9.82 to 4.2.83; F from 5.5.83 to 24.3.87 and from 24.9.87 to 29.9.88; E from 24.3.87 to 5.6.87; D from 29.9.88 to 8.5.90.

Joint Statutory: Broadcasting of Parliamentary Proceedings from 20.8.96 to 18.8.02.

Joint: Australian Capital Territory from 7.5.81 (Chair from 13.5.81 to 4.2.83) to 5.6.87 and from 31.5.89 to 7.5.92; National Capital from 7.5.92 to 20.5.93; National Capital and External Territories from 20.5.93 to 14.2.03.

Joint Standing: New Parliament House from 11.5.83 to 19.2.90; Parliamentary Zone from 10.9.91 to 8.2.93.

Joint Select: Certain Aspects of the Operation and Interpretation of the Family Law Act from 17.4.91 to 18.5.93; Certain Family Law Issues from 18.5.93 to 28.11.95.

Conferences, Delegations and Visits

Member, 74th IPU Conference, Ottawa, September 1985; 91st IPU Conference, Paris, March 1994.

Delegate, 34th CPA Conference, Canberra, September 1988; 37th CPA Conference, India, September 1991; Leader, Parliamentary Delegation to 43rd CPA Conference, Mauritius, and bilateral visit to South Africa, September 1997; Leader, Parliamentary Delegation to 44th CPA Conference, Wellington, New Zealand, and bilateral visits to Samoa and Fiji, October 1998; 45th CPA Conference, Trinidad and Tobago, September 1999; 46th CPA Conference, London, UK, September-October 2000; 47th CPA Conference, Canberra, September 2001.

Member, Parliamentary Delegation to South Pacific, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Fiji and Western Samoa, July-August 1989.

Delegate, 30th South Pacific Conference, Noumea, October 1990.

Delegate, Asia Pacific Regional Colloquy of the Strasbourg Conference on Parliamentary Democracy, Canberra, 1991.

Bilateral visit to Turkey, March-April 1994.

Attended 11th CPA Australian and Pacific Regional Seminar, Western Samoa and Adelaide, September 1994.

Member, Parliamentary Delegation to 23rd CPA Regional Conference, Cook Islands, September 1995.

Attended 27th Presiding Officers and Clerks Conference, Hobart, July 1996; 30th Presiding Officers and Clerks Conference, Fiji, July 1999; 31st Presiding Officers and Clerks Conference, Norfolk Island, August 2000; 32nd Presiding Officers and Clerks Conference, Wellington, New Zealand, June-July 2001.

Leader, Parliamentary Delegation to Poland, Hungary and Germany, September-October 1996.

Leader, Parliamentary Delegation to France and Belgium, June-July 1997.

Member, Conference of Commonwealth Speakers and Presiding Officers, Trinidad and Tobago, and CPA Working Party meeting, New Delhi, India, January 1998.

Attended CPA Executive Committee meeting, Swaziland and bilateral visit to China, April-May 1998; CPA Executive Committee meeting, Singapore, May 1999; CPA Executive Committee meeting, Gibraltar and bilateral visit to Singapore, April 2000; CPA Executive Committee meeting, Barbados, April-May 2001; CPA Executive Committee meeting, Kiribati, April-May 2002.

Leader, Parliamentary Delegation to UK and Germany, June 1998.

Member, Parliamentary Delegation to the 7th Annual Meeting of the Asia-Pacific Parliamentary Forum, Lima, Peru, and bilateral visit to Brazil and Argentina, January 1999; Member, Parliamentary Delegation to the 8th Annual Meeting of the Asia-Pacific Parliamentary Forum, Canberra, January 2000.

Attended 553rd Wilton Park Seminar, London, UK, and bilateral visit to the Republic of Ireland, February-March 1999.

Attended funeral of HRH Prince Tu'ipelehake, Nuku'alofa, Tonga, April 1999.

Leader, Parliamentary Delegation to Canada and USA, October-November 1999.

Attended 15th Conference of Commonwealth Speakers and Presiding Officers, Canberra, January 2000.

Leader, Parliamentary Delegation to Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands, April-May 2000.

Attended Centenary of Federation Official Visit, London, UK, July 2000.

Leader, Parliamentary Delegation to Ireland and China, July 2000.

Official Parliamentary Visit to Paris, and Expo Hanover, Germany, July 2000.

Attended Conference of Presiding Officers of National Parliaments, New York, August-September 2000.

Attended 20th CPA Conference for Small Countries, Jersey, September 2000; 21st CPA Conference for Small Countries, Darwin, September 2001.

Official visit to Portugal and Spain, January 2002.

Attended CPA Conference to mark the Golden Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, London, UK, March 2002.

Leader, Parliamentary Delegation to Austria, Finland and Germany, April 2002.

Parliamentary Party Positions

Deputy Government Whip in the Senate from 18.11.82 to 4.2.83.

Deputy Opposition Whip in the Senate from 21.4.83 to 14.9.87.

Opposition Whip in the Senate from 14.9.87 to 9.5.95.


Born 28.5.1935, Crystal Brook, SA.


Qualifications and Occupation before entering Federal Parliament

LLB (Adel).

Barrister and solicitor.


Awarded Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee Medal 1977.

Awarded Order of Polonia Restituta 1987.