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Biography for BEAHAN, the Hon. Michael Eamon

Senator for Western Australia 1987-96

Australian Labor Party

Parliamentary Service

Elected to the Senate for Western Australia 1987 (term deemed to have begun 1.7.87) and 1990. Defeated at general elections 1996 (term expired 30.6.96).

Parliamentary Positions

President of the Senate from 1.2.94 to 30.6.96 (with the authority to act in that position until the election of a successor).

Committee Service

Senate Standing: Scrutiny of Bills from 24.9.87 to 8.5.90; Publications from 11.5.90 to 1.2.94; Appropriations and Staffing from 1.2.94 (Chair from 1.2.94) to 30.6.96; Procedure from 1.2.94 (Chair from 1.2.94 to 10.10.94); House from 1.2.94 (Chair from 1.2.94) to 10.10.94 and from 1.12.94 to 29.4.96; Library from 1.2.94 (Chair from 1.2.94) to 30.6.96.

Senate Legislative and General Purpose Standing: Employment, Education and Training from 24.9.87 to 8.5.90; Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade from 11.5.90 to 17.10.90.

Senate Select: Education of Gifted and Talented Children from 22.9.87 to 18.5.88; Health Legislation and Health Insurance from 15.5.90 to 20.12.90; Subscription Television Broadcasting Services from 26.6.92 to 16.9.92; Public Interest Whistleblowing from 30.9.93 to 1.2.94.

Senate Estimates: E from 24.9.87 to 28.10.87, from 18.3.88 to 29.9.88 and from 9.3.89 (Chair from 10.5.89) to 8.5.90; F from 9.5.90 (Chair from 11.5.90) to 1.2.94.

Joint Statutory: Corporations and Securities from 6.3.91 (Chair from 12.3.91) to 1.2.94; Broadcasting of Parliamentary Proceedings from 1.2.94 (Joint Chair from 1.2.94) to 30.6.96.

Joint: Electoral Matters from 21.10.87 to 1.2.94; Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade from 16.5.90 to 1.2.94.

Conferences, Delegations and Visits

Member, Parliamentary Delegation to the Philippines and the Republic of Korea, October 1988.

Member, Parliamentary Delegation to the UK and Austria, June-July 1991.

Member, Parliamentary Delegation to South Pacific Conference and bilateral visit to Fiji, October-November 1992.

Leader, Official Parliamentary Delegation to the UK (Anzac Group) and Germany, April 1994.

Attended 11th CPA Australian and Pacific Regional Seminar, Western Samoa, September 1994.

Leader, Official Delegation to 40th CPA Conference, Banff, Canada, and bilateral visit to Mexico, September-October 1994.

Leader, Parliamentary Delegation to USA and Canada, March-April 1995.

Leader, Parliamentary Delegation to the European Institutions and bilateral visit to Spain, September-October 1995.

Attended 13th CPA Presiding Officers' and Clerks' Conference, Cyprus, January 1996.

Party Positions

State Secretary, ALP (WA) 1981-87.

Member, ALP National Executive from 1981.

Delegate, ALP National Conference 1981, 1982, 1984, 1986, 1990 and 1991.

Chair, ALP National Finance Committee 1986 and 1987.

Member, National Campaign Committee, 1985, 1986 and 1987.

ALP National Junior Vice-President 1986-89.


Born 21.1.37 at London, UK.

Qualifications and Occupation before entering Federal Parliament

BA, BEd (WA).

State Secretary, ALP (WA).

State Director, Australian Trade Union Training Authority (WA).

Education Officer, WA Trades and Labour Council.

Economics lecturer.


Military Service

National Service, Royal Australian Engineers 1956-58.