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PRATT, Louise ClareBiography for PRATT, Louise Clare

Senator for Western Australia

Australian Labor Party

Parliamentary Service

State: elected to the Western Australian Legislative Council for East Metropolitan Region from 10.2.2001. Resigned 29.10.2007.

Federal: elected to the Senate for Western Australia 2007 (term began 1.7.2008). Defeated at general elections 2014 (term ended 30.6.2014). Re-elected 2016 (term deemed to have begun 1.7.2016).

Parliamentary Positions

State: Deputy Chair of Committees from 24.5.05 to 29.10.07.

Federal: Temporary Chair of Committees from 28.9.10 to 30.6.14.

Committee Service

State: Standing: Procedure and Privileges from 24.5.05 to 29.10.07; Environment and Public Affairs from 28.6.01 to 21.5.05 and from 26.5.05 (Chair from 24.8.05) to 29.10.07.

Select: Reserves (Reserve 43131) Bill 2003 from 27.6.03 to 19.11.04; Public Obstetric Services from 24.5.06 to 29.10.07.

Domestic: Parliamentary Services from 28.6.01 to 21.5.05.

Federal: Senate Standing: Senators' Interests from 1.7.08 to 1.7.11; Scrutiny of Bills from 13.5.10 to 1.7.11; Regulations and Ordinances from 21.6.12 to 11.11.13; Community Affairs References from 1.9.16.

Senate Legislative and General Purpose Standing: Economics from 1.7.08 to 14.5.09; Economics: Legislation Committee from 14.5.09 to 1.7.11 and from 12.11.13 to 30.6.14 and References from 14.5.09 to 1.7.11, from 12.11.13 to 19.3.14, and from 24.3.14 to 30.6.14; Environment, Communications and the Arts from 1.7.08 to 14.5.09; Environment and Communications: Legislation and References Committees from 12.11.13 to 30.6.14 and substitute member, References from 16.2.17 to6.3.17; Legal and Constitutional Affairs: Legislation Committee from 30.9.10 to 11.11.13 and from 1.9.16; Legal and Constitutional Affairs on 16.8.17.

Senate Select: Climate Policy from 18.3.09 to 15.6.09; Cyber-Safety from 27.6.13 to 30.8.13; Exposure Draft of the Marriage Amendment (Same-Sex Marriage) Bill from 1.12.16.

Joint Standing: Treaties from 1.7.08 to 1.7.11; National Capital and External Territories from 30.9.10 to 5.8.13.

Joint Statutory: Public Accounts and Audit from 27.6.12 to 5.8.13.

Joint Select: Cyber-Safety from 30.9.10 to 24.6.13; Australia's Clean Energy Future Legislation from 14.9.11 to 7.10.11; Gambling Reform from 21.6.12 to 24.6.13.

Parliamentary Party Positions

State: Secretary to Caucus (WA) from 31.7.01 to 20.6.05.

Federal: Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for the Environment, Climate Change and Water from 18.10.13 to 30.6.14.

Shadow Assistant Minister for Families and Communities from 23.07.16.

Party Positions

Secretary, WA Labor Women, 1995-96.

Member, ALP State Administrative Committee (WA) 2001-05.

Member, ALP State Executive (WA).

Delegate, ALP State Conference (WA).

Chair, Status of Women Caucus Committee, 2012-14.

Delegate, ALP National Conference 2014.

Convenor, National Rainbow Labor, 2014-16.


Born 18.4.1972, Kalgoorlie, WA.


Qualifications and Occupation before entering Federal Parliament


Member, Legislative Council (WA) 2001-07 (see Parliamentary service above).

Community services manager 2008.

Communications and Engagement Manager, Shelter WA, 2015-16.