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CARR, the Hon. Kim JohnBiography for CARR, the Hon. Kim John

Senator for Victoria

Australian Labor Party

Parliamentary Service

Chosen by the Parliament of Victoria on 28.4.1993 under section 15 of the Constitution to represent that State in the Senate, vice the Hon. JN Button (resigned) (term ended 30.6.1993).

Elected 1993 (term began 1.7.1993), 1998, 2004 and 2010.

Ministerial Appointments

Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research from 3.12.07 to 14.12.11 and from 1.7.13 to 18.9.13.

Minister for Manufacturing from 14.12.11 to 5.3.12.

Minister for Defence Materiel from 14.12.11 to 5.3.12.

Minister for Human Services from 5.3.12 to 25.3.13.

Minister for Higher Education from 1.7.13 to 18.9.13.

Committee Service

Senate Standing: Scrutiny of Bills from 18.5.93 to 12.5.94; Procedure from 2.5.96 to 11.2.02; Regulations and Ordinances from 2.5.96 to 1.7.96; Publications from 12.3.98 to 23.6.98; House from 6.4.98 to 11.2.08.

Senate Legislative and General Purpose Standing: Employment, Education and Training from 18.5.93 to 10.10.94; Employment, Education and Training: References and Legislation Committees from 10.10.94 to 9.11.98; Employment, Workplace Relations, Small Business and Education: Legislation and References Committees from 24.11.98 to 11.2.02; Employment, Workplace Relations and Education: Legislation and References Committees from 11.3.02 to 15.11.04; Education, Employment and Workplace Relations: Legislation Committee from 14.5.13 to 11.11.13; Finance and Public Administration from 27.5.93 to 10.10.94; Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade: References and Legislation Committees from 10.10.94 to 2.3.95; Environment, Recreation, Communications and the Arts: References Committee from 8.2.95 to 29.4.96 and from 24.9.97 to 30.12.97 and Legislation Committee from 8.2.95 (Chair from 8.2.95) to 29.4.96; Economics: References Committee from 19.3.14 to 24.3.14 and from 1.7.14 to 14.5.15.

Senate Select: Functions, Powers and Operation of the Australian Loan Council from 19.5.93 to 14.12.93; Certain Aspects of Foreign Ownership Decisions in relation to the Print Media from 14.12.93 to 30.3.95; Australian Broadcasting Corporation Management and Operations from 22.9.94 to 30.3.95; Administration of Indigenous Affairs from 18.11.04 to 8.3.05; Recent Allegations relating to Conditions and Circumstances at the Regional Processing Centre in Nauru from 26.03.15 to 31.8.15.

Senate Estimates: B from 6.5.93 to 10.10.94; A from 1.11.93 to 6.12.93; D from 7.11.93 to 14.11.93.

Joint Statutory: Native Title and the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Land Account from 1.12.04 to 7.9.05; Corporations and Financial Services from 14.5.13 to 5.8.13; Human Rights from 14.5.13 to 5.8.13; Public Accounts and Audit from 14.5.13 to 5.8.13. Joint Standing: Treaties from 31.5.96 to 4.12.96 and from 14.5.13 to 5.8.13; National Capital and External Territories from 6.4.98 to 23.6.98, from 8.12.05 to 12.3.06 and from 28.3.06 to 8.2.07; Electoral Matters from 1.12.04 to 11.2.08; Gambling Reform from 14.5.13 to 24.6.13.

Joint Select: Certain Family Law Issues from 18.5.93 to 28.11.95; Broadcasting Legislation from 14.5.13 to 24.6.13; Constitutional Recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples from 14.5.13 to 5.8.13; Australia Fund Establishment from 4.9.14 to 25.6.15.

Parliamentary Party Positions

Manager of Opposition Business in the Senate from 30.4.96 to 8.10.01.

Parliamentary Secretary to the Leader of the Opposition in the Senate from 20.3.96 to 27.3.97; Parliamentary Secretary representing Education and Youth Affairs in the Senate from 27.3.97 to 26.8.97; Parliamentary Secretary to the Shadow Minister for Education from 26.8.97 to 20.10.98; Parliamentary Secretary representing the Shadow Minister for Education in the Senate from 20.10.98 to 25.11.01.

Member, Opposition Shadow Ministry from 22.11.01 to 3.12.07 and from 14.10.13. Shadow Minister for Science and Research from 25.11.01 to 26.10.04; Shadow Minister for the Public Service from 18.2.03 to 8.12.03; Shadow Minister for Industry and Innovation from 2.7.03 to 26.10.04; Shadow Minister for Public Administration and Open Government from 26.10.04 to 24.6.05; Shadow Minister for Indigenous Affairs and Reconciliation from 26.10.04 to 24.6.05; Shadow Minister for the Arts from 26.10.04 to 24.6.05; Shadow Minister for Housing and Urban Development from 24.6.05 to 10.12.06; Shadow Minister for Local Government and Territories from 24.6.05 to 10.12.06; Shadow Minister for Industry from 10.12.06 to 3.12.07; and Shadow Minister for Innovation, Science and Research from 10.12.06 to 3.12.07.

Shadow Minister for Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Industry from 18.10.13; Shadow Minister Assisting the Leader for Science from 18.10.13.

Party Positions

Member, ALP from 1975.

Former Member, ALP State Administrative Committee (Vic).

Member, ALP National Executive.

Delegate, ALP National Conference.


Born 2.7.1955, Tumut, NSW.


Qualifications and Occupation before entering Federal Parliament

BA(Hons), MA, DipEd (Melb).

Teacher 1979-89 and 1992-93.

Ministerial adviser and policy analyst.