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SMITH, Dean AnthonyBiography for SMITH, Dean Anthony

Senator for Western Australia

Liberal Party of Australia

Parliamentary Service

Chosen by the Parliament of Western Australia on 2.5.2012 under section 15 of the Constitution to represent that State in the Senate, vice JA Adams (deceased) (term ended 9.5.2016). Elected 2016.

Parliamentary Positions

Temporary Chair of Committees from 12.11.13 to 9.5.16.

Committee Service

Senate Standing: Privileges from 13.11.13 to 9.5.16 and from 1.9.16; House from 14.10.15 to 9.5.16; Procedure from 14.10.15 to 9.5.16 and from 1.9.16; Appropriations, Staffing and Security from 22.6.17.

Senate Legislative and General Purpose Standing: Community Affairs: Legislation Committee from 9.5.12 to 4.2.16 and from 1.9.16 and References Committee from 9.5.12 to 1.7.14; Finance and Public Administration: Legislation and References Committees from 13.11.13 to 23.2.16 and Legislation from 1.9.16; Legal and Constitutional Affairs: Legislation from 12.10.15 to 9.5.16 and References from 12.10.15 to 9.5.16; Economics Legislation and References Committees from 23.2.16 to 9.5.16.

Senate Select: National Broadband Network from 2.12.13 to 4.2.16; Abbott Government's Commission of Audit from 12.12.13 to 19.6.14; Abbott Government's Budget Cuts from 17.7.14 to 9.5.16 (renamed Scrutiny of Government Budget Measures on 11.8.15); Red Tape from 24.11.16 to 17.8.17; Exposure Draft of the Marriage Amendment (Same-Sex Marriage) Bill from 1.12.16; Funding for Research into Cancers with Low Survival Rates from 1.12.16; National Integrity Commission from 15.2.17; Lending to Primary Production Customers from 22.6.17 to 17.8.17.

Joint Statutory: Public Accounts and Audit from 9.5.12 to 9.5.16 and from 12.9.16 (Chair from 12.9.16); Human Rights from 20.8.12 to 9.5.16 (Chair from 11.2.14 to 18.3.15); Public Works from 2.3.15 to 9.5.16 and from 12.9.16 (Chair from 4.3.15 to 9.5.16)

Joint Standing: Treaties from 9.5.12 to 1.7.14; National Broadband Network from 10.9.12 to 5.8.13 and from 15.9.16; National Disability Insurance Scheme from 2.12.13 to 1.7.14; Northern Australia from 12.9.16; Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade from 22.6.17

Joint Select: Northern Australia from 1.7.14 to 9.5.16; Trade and Investment Growth from 25.9.14 to 9.5.16.

Parliamentary Party Positions

Deputy Government Whip from 13.10.15 to 9.5.16 and from 30.8.16.

Party Positions

Member, Liberal Party of Australia (WA) from 1987.

State President, Young Liberal Movement of Australia (WA) 1990-91.

Member, Federal Executive, Young Liberal Movement of Australia 1990-91.

Delegate to State Council (WA) 1990-94 and 2007-17.

Member, State Executive (WA) 2007-12.

State Treasurer, Liberal Party of Australia (WA) 2008-12.

Member, State Management Executive (WA) 2008-12.

Delegate, Federal Council, Liberal Party of Australia 2008-12.

Patron, Young Liberal Movement of Australia from 2013.

Vice-Patron, Young Liberal Movement of Australia (WA) from 2013.


Born 15.5.1969, Perth, WA.


Qualifications and Occupation before entering Federal Parliament


Graduate Diploma, Financial Services, ANZIIF.

Manager, Parliamentary and Policy, Federal Secretariat, Liberal Party of Australia 1996-98.

Principal Policy Adviser, Office of the Premier of Western Australia 1998-2001.

Senior Adviser, Office of the Prime Minister, September-October 1998.

Chief of Staff, Minister for Ageing 2001-02.

Special Adviser, Office of Minister for Justice and Customs 2002.

General Manager, Government Relations, IAG 2002-04.

Head, Insurance Strategy, IAG 2004-05.

General Manager, Government Affairs, SingTel Optus 2005-09.

Owner, Smith&Duda Consulting 2011-12.


Distinguished Service Award, Liberal Party of Australia 2011.