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(generated from captions) Tonight - passports to murder. Australia embroiled in a political will not be silent matter. It is a matter will not be silent on this

concern. Another gold Australia. A magnificent concern. Another gold for

in the history of Australian sport. Britain apologises to its own Stolen Generation. its own Stolen Generation. And - Sachin Tendulkar cricketing history. Good evening. Welcome News. I'm Virginia Haussegger. Tonight, we also welcome our viewers in New South Wales. Murder, mystery and more than hint of espionage. Australia Murder, mystery and more than a has been drawn into an scandal international assassination

damage its strong ties with scandal that threatens to

Israel. It's emerged the hitmen who helped kill a senior Hamas leader in Dubai used fake Australian passports to carry out their mission. The Rudd Government is outraged at what has all the hallmarks of an operation by Mossad spy an operation by Israel's feared Minister pro tested to Mossad spy agency. The Foreign

Israeli am bass for in Canberra and the government and the government could go further once Federal ASIO investigate A tense moment Australia/Israeli relations. A tense moment in

Ambassador was hauled in and Minister told privately what the Prime to the nation. We silent on this matter. It is matter of deep concern. web of pillow smothering murder was already immense. Now it's ensnared three Australians. Joshua Bruce, Adam Korman appear to have Nicole McCabe. The assassins

passports to appear to have forge their

no information to suggest the buy. Australian officials have passports to travel to die

three Australian passport no information to suggest the

way. The real Adam Korman holders were involved in any

lives in Tel-Aviv. His wife has told the ABC protect what told the ABC they want to left. We are private people. As protect what privacy is

you can imagine we're quite shocked. Jane McCabe feels the same. Her pregnant daughter has told her she's distressed the ordeal. They're the ordeal. They're all absolutely shocked. We don't know what the story is. It's just a suspects are wanted over the killing. These are some of the latest to join As is its way, Israel doesn't latest to join the wanted list.

confirm or deny any were spies. I think that you saw confirm or deny any were Mossad

many movies James Bond. Canberra won't explicitly implication is clear from its handling. If the abuse of rougher than usual diplomatic

Australian pass ports was in any way sponsored or condoned by Israeli Australia by Israeli officials, then as the act of a friend. Federal Police and joined what's now a four-nation investigation into the Dubai passport frauds. Stephen Smith is demanding Israel's cooperation. But isn't saying what he will do if they find a link with The Federal Court has left the way open for a former Guantanamo Bay detainee to sue the Australian Government for spent three years in custody, but was never charged with an offence. American intelligence but was never charged with an

agencies alleged he knowledge of the September 11 terrorist attacks and trained Mr Habsudova claims he was with al-Qaeda in Afghanistan.

that tortured while in custody and aware of that abuse. The Commonwealth tried to prevent Mr Habsudova from suing for damages. But today, the Federal Court ruled he with court Court ruled he could proceed

with court action. I'm happy with the result today. I feel I got justice. Mr Habsudova's today's decision a victory for the law over politics. She went into the games as title holder, now she's the Olympic champion, too. Lydia Lassila has claimed gold in freestyle skiing Lassila has claimed gold in the competition in a fairytale comeback competition in Vancouver. It's

serious injury sustained at the Turin Games four years ago appeared to end her career. ghostly surrounds on Cypress Mountain there were no geem mons for Lydia shrugged off the frustration mons for Lydia Lassila. She

qualifying in ninth position for the first of her two jumps for the final, executing the

who performed better in the perfectly. There was only one


first round as the chance ers tumbled. Team-mate Liz crashed out. Veteran Cooperly.Ed to briefly be medal contention but in a Cooperly.Ed to briefly be in

high-standard final, it was the 28-year-old jumper who rose and delivered 28-year-old as the penultimate

the perfect result. Lydia Lassila! You've done what you came here to do! Gee she's 1! When the final jumper crashed, gold was crashed, gold was secure. Come and some rough times, and I from some pretty dark places

finally have done it. I knew I could do it. Very relieved very proud, and she's finally done it. This was a triumph career-ending injuries, ambitions of winning career-ending injuries, where

reduced to just competing. Now ambitions of winning were I'm just going to have to prove that I can within six months she shattered that I can get there. Twice

her knee. The the Games four years ago, her knee. The second time at

in pain. A long lay-off, the Games four years ago, when

marriage to Laurie Lassila ... He has marriage to Finnish skier

my rock. Love him to death. ... and building favourite ... and the Australian was a Vancouver after a World Cup win late last jump en route to the jump en route to the Games. This performance continues a great Australian history in the event. for persistence through adversity it was for undeniable ability. Kevin Rudd has ordered MPs to use street stalls and information kilts to reassure voters about the insulation program at a

program at a snap caucus meeting, he urged the politician it is to reach out to their local insulators and home owners. We must with the challenges which arise for for good bona fide firms out there seeking to provide work for their employees. We had a government which had a government which was monumentally designing the original package. Now with the Now with the same obviously and proven incompetent personnel, trying to dream up an even greater haste, package. The Prime Minister still working on the package for firms hurt by the axing of the scheme. the scheme. Telstra's financial woes are set the government threatening to unleash a potent unleash a potent new competitor. The planned national broadband could end up stealing phone Internet customers from market leader. Telstra's shareholders are already feeling the pain feeling the pain as Michael Rowland reports. The $43 billion national broadband network is already Telstra's biggest nightmare. It's got a whole lot scarier. The NBN is already poised to become the nation's dominant telecommunications wholesaler. It could now have It could now have the scope to sell phone and services as well. Once again, we've sheen this minister making making things up on the run. With everything he release beings the NBN there is a new trick. The Communications Minister says having a retailer is only an option but it's an option that cost Telstra billions. All they have to do now is negotiate as hard as they can to retain hard as they can to retain as much of that revenue or the value for its shareholders as they possibly they possibly can. Telstra's fate continues to hang in balance with the Senate break-up legislation. Let's have the debate and stop have the debate and stop the senseless filibustering, the outrageous oppositionism and the hijacking of this chamber. The plan to separate Telstra's wholesale and retail is still very much alive. I think they're quite determined about it. And there will be some kind of implemented at some point. Telstra's Telstra's shareholders are being separated being separated from their paper wealth at an rapid pace. The company's rapid pace. The company's share price since an underwhelming since an underwhelming profit announcement a fortnight ago. It's not just the NBN uncertainty weighing on uncertainty weighing on the share by a dividend cut-off and market anticipation market anticipation the government's Future to offload more of its Telstra stake. The share price peak of more than more than $9 is but a happy memory. Canberra police Canberra police could soon have a range of new powers fight organised government is proposing legislation that legislation that will create several new offences. include affray, include affray, participation in a criminal group in a criminal group and recruiting people for criminal activity. The proposed changes will also ensure access to electronic surveillance devices. Surveillance devices have been available to in the ACT previously, but only under Commonwealth law. We now establishing our own now establishing our own ACT law in this regard. The Greens and the Liberals say and the Liberals say they want to look at the detail of proposed changes. They will be debateed in the debateed in the assembly later this year. After an this year. After an 18-month investigation, police have arrested a arrested a woman over the murder of an apprentice chef in Kingston in Canberra. Cameron Anderson was stabbed near Telopea Park in September Telopea Park in September 2008. His body was found in the grounds of a child care centre. was a juvenile at the time of the offence was arrested in Cooma and has now been extradited to the ACT. Her lawyer told the court she's in a fragile state and needs kept under close kept under close watch in custody. The 19-year-old will custody. The 19-year-old will appear expected she will be formally charged with murder. charged with murder. Not everyone, it seems, is everyone, it seems, is getting the message to slow down the message to slow down in school zones. On average, one child is hit by a car every week in New South Wales. Drivers are meant to slow to 40 kilometres school zone. But a study has found that out of 12 zones surveyed, only two have been successful. successful. School zones save lives. lives. In the decade since they've been introduced, casualties have almost casualties have almost halved. But about 60 children are still become knocked down each outside their school and the Auditor-General drivers to blame. They they can speed because hit somebody. Out of 12 hit somebody. Out of 12 school zones surveyed, drivers in zones surveyed, drivers in just two of them averaged close to the the 40 kilometre an They were both regional areas, meaning Sydney meaning Sydney drivers despite their heavy peak hour seems it's the fear of getting caught speeding that's crucial. Speed cameras were outside 65 school zones. outside 65 school zones. Over the course of a year, fines dropped by a dropped by a quarter But still motorists school zones, those where they know no fixed or no fixed or mobile speed camera. He wants the government to make good promise four years ago promise four years ago to introduce mobile speed cameras so they can be rotateed so they can be rotateed to more schools but the minister schools but the minister is in favour of more cameras. The previous minister took on board a different position. That's position. That's what I'm about implementing. The report found in some cases in some cases drivers didn't know they were in a school zone. The RTA needs to zone. The RTA needs to trim the trees, get rid of trees, get rid of the and move some of those signs where they can't be seen to that motorists can actually see the signs. The RTA is the signs. The RTA is also behind on installing flashing lights. They promised to have 2011. They've achieved only a fraction of that. The says his four-year program is on track.

Three months after the Federal Government said sorry to the forgotten Australians, Britain migrants it sent to former Col nees. better life, some were wrongly told they told they were orphans and others were neglected and formal recognition of their suffering, but say it doesn't remove the scars of the past. It may It may be too little, too late, but for most, the British Government's apology was than nothing. I'm glad we're hearing it. Even hearing it. Even though it's a long time coming. Never it would happen. A bit late I never met my brother and sister. Everybody feels it's an opportunity to move on, to move that one step further. Three

months after the Australian

Government offered its apology, it was Britain's acknowledge the impact of the child migrants program. We are sorry they were sorry they were allowed to be sent away at the time they sent away at the time they were most vulnerable. We are most vulnerable. We are sorry instead of caring for instead of caring for them, this country turned its back. Up to 10,000 children were sent to Australia under a scheme that lasted that lasted 40 years, and didn't end until the didn't end until the 1960s. Many were wrongly told Many were wrongly told their parents were dead. Others were physically and sexually abused by those meant to be caring for them. Tony Costa was one of 44 child migrants who travelled London to hear the apology. I got my fair share of floggings. I was aware of molestations that we saw. The Commission invited child migrants to attend receptions in Sydney, Melbourne, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane. The acknowledgement and the apology is some comfort that wasn't there that wasn't there before. For others, the emotions are raw. I haven't seen my mother once in 69 years! The British Government has announce ed a ?6 million fund to help This woman has all but given up hope of being reunited with her mother. I've

find her, she'd be in her 90s, she's probably She still wants She still wants compensation from the British Government. Lawyers say any legal action still some way Still to come on ABC News - some welcome heavy rain the Red Centre green. have returned to the protests over a protests over a proposed economic measures economic measures aimed at dealing with the country's crippling debt. crippling debt. The demonstrations demonstrations hand a second general strike in as many weeks have brought Greece to virtual standstill. Police fired tear gas and there fears the violence fears the violence could escalate. 2 million people stopped work, thousands stopped work, thousands of public servant, unionists and pensioners took to the angry with the government's sweeping cuts aimed at sweeping cuts aimed at slashing the

the deficit. the deficit. It wasn't long before the violence Police charged into the Angry demonstrators replied with with sticks, rocks, anything they could lay Eventually, riot police resorted to tear gas. The running battles between the haul this could get out haul this could get out of hand and Athens and Athens could be plunged into the far more serious rioting seen just over a

ago. At the centre Minister, who told me despite the protests, most Greeks recognise the cuts recognise the cuts are a necessary evil. Obviously, if the pain becomes too much, there will be problems. there will be problems. But I believe that people that these changes must be

strike, the Prime Minister says the Greek Government must rebuild international confidence in its finances, and that with the backing of the European Union, default will be avoided. Not everyone shares his his optimism. It will be hard. They can rescue Greece, but if they rescue Greece, the next logical question is: logical question is: what next? The what next European leaders fear is that if Greece were to fail, confidence would evaporate in other vulnerable other vulnerable euro economies. Spain, Portugal , and even Italy. And contagion could spread around the world. The President of Toyota has faced angry US politicians in Washington where investigating safety problems in cars made by in cars made by the company. Akio Toyoda apologised for

faults which have been for up to 30 everything in my power to ensure that ensure that such a tragedy never happens again. The grilling by American politicians was man more accustomed deference of the boardrooms in Japan. He later thanked his staff staff for their support. At the hearing,

hearing, I was not hearing, I was not alone. You and my employees across America, around the world, were there with me. Akio Toyoda said his company was at a crossroads with staff having crossroads with staff having to rethink everything about the way Toyota now. New figures today now. New figures today suggest Australia's investment boom is back with a vengeance back with a vengeance after the global financial crisis. But as Alan Kohler reports, the Alan Kohler reports, the local share market fell back share market fell back today, despite a strong rise on Wall Street last night. in the December 5.5%. Which is more than five times the rate expected market. Equipment investment by companies jumped of that was in of that was in manufacturing, not mining. not mining. Although future spending plans suggest that resource investment is also about to boom like never before. Especially as WA gets under way. Along with other export other export LNG projects. But today's figure will probably Bank to increase next week. Meanwhile in America, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke last night repeated his standard line on US rates - that they will stay

extended period. Or as Glen Campbell might say, number the 12th of never long, long time. And here's long, long time. And here's why US rates US rates are staying where they are, jobs or the lack This is by far the worst decline in US employment decline in US employment since World War signs now that the there is about to double dip. Wall Street liked what Ben said, though, and took share prices up by 1%. prices up by 1%. But that didn't flow through to rates here are probably going up next week, which is hardly surprise. The market fell market fell today was a horrendous profit result horrendous profit result from Toll Holdings, the company. Half year earnings unexpectedly fell 32%, and share price plunged incredible 18%. The incredible 18%. The company tried to are getting better now, investors were too busy away to hear. AMP shares fell, despite rumours that a deal with ANZ is in the wind, or perhaps because of getting 30% of AMP. ANZ getting 30% of AMP. ANZ shares, though, fell even more. big falls included Rio and Macquarie. And the Australian dollar is now below 89 US cents. Australia's new ambassador to ambassador to the US, Kim Beazley, has met Barack Obama for time. Mr Beazley is still wheelchair wheelchair bound after falling on ice soon after arriving on ice soon after arriving in Washington to take up posting. He joked he'd channelling former President Franklin D Roosevelt for his visit to the White House but he doesn't share the former President's President's sensitivities about being seen in a wheelchair. If I'm good and sensible and

a level patience I have had in my life before, I should walk again in the near future. near future. Australia's newest ambassador has newest ambassador has described the Rudd and Barack Obama as just as intense as as intense as the friendship between John Howard and George Bush. The veteran Bush. The veteran Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar has become the first batsman to score

score 200 in a one-day international. At 36 years of age, and in his 44 Tendulkar batted through entire innings. He hit entire innings. He hit three sixes and 25 fours finished with 200 not out finished with 200 not out off 147 balls in India's win over South Africa. First man on the planet to

to dedicate this double hundred to all the people of 've stood behind me for passed the previous record 194 that was 194 that was shared by Pakistani Saeed Anwar and Zimbabwe's Charles Coventry. Over the years vandals of both the human and animal Sydney's botanic gardens but things are looking up. Thousands of destructive flying foxes could soon

foxes could soon be on their way. While a couple century statues desecrated years ago have finally years ago have finally been restored to glory. It may be the end of summer, but the statue inspired by the by the season has been born again again. again again. So too spring. Two of the four seasons brought here in 1893, sculpted

Italian marble and lose their heads to vandalism, falling branches and neglect. A Polish born sculptor and master mason has restored the He talks to them but what about. That's what about. That's very private! (Laughs) Not private! (Laughs) Not so private, the 22,000 flying foxes that currently call the gardens home. The botanic gardens trust

gardens trust could be months away from using loud noise as was done in Melbourne was done in Melbourne to drive them them batty. The State Government has approved this process now. We're now process now. We're now waiting for Minister Garrett who has until make a decision for us. make a decision for us. In winter when the numbers drop to only 7 or 8,000, the campaign could begin. It's like industrial SONG: # The power

SONG: # The power and the passion # Just think about it. A former head-banging singer has to rule on the use of loud noise. of loud noise. To remove something that's preoccupied him lately. Bats. Even without foil backing these ones have destroyed 18 trees and put 300 others on can see the devastation on

some ways, He's not going to sing to them, is he?! A small wooden cannon stolen from Hobart's Anglesea barracks half a century ago has been returned. The cannon returned. The cannon was originally taken magicians in 1956. The barracks lost trace of it put out an SOS. It was found put out an SOS. It was found in the Tower of London and Queen's guards who stole Queen's guards who stole it handed it become handed it become today. This is where it belongs. Just where it belongs. Just glad it's back here now. Can't guarantee it doesn't go missing in the future but it will have nothing to do with us. Before reaching London the cannon travelling the world as part of raise money Legacy. Probably one of the most famous rendezvouses it had was an American nuclear USS submar reerns under the Arctic ice. The cannon will now be bolted down at the Hobart been transformed unseasonally wet weather. a prolonged dry spell, the Red Centre has been turned green desert rains and the downpours aren't over yet. It's aren't over yet. It's almost unrecognisable as a town like Alice. Heavy rain this week has made central Australians run for cover. The usually dry Todd River flowed River flowed and roads were closed closed but the water levels peaked far below those major river flow last major river flow last week. The rains rains have turned the Red Centre many shades of green and it's a welcome it's a welcome relief after Alice Springs had its driest Alice Springs had its driest 12 months on record last months on record last year. It's been a mar very many the way the plants have when you consider how dry last year was and how very desiccated the plants were looking. Des environment for environment for decades. He says this summer's rain has created a boom time many species of grass and also the Red Centre's animals. It's perfect breeding weather for everything. The lizards, the birds, the insects, including the very Alice Springs has only Alice Springs has only been on a low flood alert this week as the heaviest rain missed the Todd catchment. Last year Alice Springs recorded just 77 this rain. From this January it's already received more than 230 mm, only 40 less than 230 mm, only 40 less than its annual annual average. The Weather Bureau

Bureau has release ed a figures which show 100 rainfall is likely in Central Australia this weekend. Now with a look at today's weather, here's our Canberra weather man, Mark Carmody. Thanks. could do with a bit could do with a bit of that rain they're having up at Alice. Good a fine and sunny today although it didn't look

it didn't look like that would happen earlier as there was happen earlier as there was low cloud first thing this cloud first thing this morning and the cloud helped keep our minimums up.

Cloud is still lingering over Extending down Extending down through the south-east of

south-east of Queensland. rest of Australia is clear. And it's clear due to a ridge of high pressure high pressure that extends from WA to the sapphire coast. The ridge will further east tomorrow but stay the same. No rain stay the same. No rain around here today, but it continued here today, but it continued to fall around Alice Springs. Northern New South Wales also picked

Virginia you're a gardener and you know that one of our best summer annuals is of our best summer annuals is a petunia. This one is one of the best. It's

called Million Bells. We're going to the Show tomorrow, remember that. Thank you much, Mark. Indeed. Before we go a brief recap of our top stories. It's stories. It's I merged three suspects in the assassination of a senior Hamas leader were travelling travelling on Australian passports. says they appear to have been innocent victims of identity theft. And Australia has theft. And Australia has won another gold at

Olympics in Vancouver. Lydia Lassila claimed top honours the ladies' freestyle the ladies' freestyle skiing aerials. It's second gold at that's ABC News. Stay with us now for Kerry O'Brien and the 7.30 Report coming up next. And we'll leave you tonight Melbourne Zoo's baby Melbourne Zoo's baby elephant which is finally been given name. Mali is the Thai word the jasmine flower. Enjoy your evening. Goodnight. Closed Captions by CSI

Tonight on the '7.30 Report', the long and painful

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recovery for burns victims. I

had many grafts there, I don't

think I can put a number on

it. Now the Australian medical

team aiming to create a living

skin. An amp, leg, suit and zip

it on to the body. We'd like to

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