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(generated from captions) This program is not subtitled This Program is Captioned Live. Tonight - global takes local stocks on a ride. Scientific breakthrough takes local stocks on a wild

artificial life made to ride. Scientific breakthrough -

order. Apologies for a double privacy. And five masterpieces life and debate about

stolen in Europe's biggest art heist. Good evening and welcome to ABC today, spooked by markets were again shaken

bickering about Europe's res today, spooked by ongoing cue plan. European markets dived, Wall Street suffered its biggest fall in markets around Asia got the jitters as crashed 3% on opening, but a late rally cut those losses and brought some support to beleaguered Aussie dollar. Phillip Lasker reports. How could it all horribly wrong after experiencing the financial crisis in the world's experiencing the global

most watched as their wealth morning. Oh, it's frightening, evaporated again this

it really is. were Just when we thought things

index dived more than 140 closing just 11 points points at one stage before

Wall Street's 3.5% fall closing just 11 points lower.

biggest in a also down more than 2%. The main cause Europe's bickering over a debt main cause of the rout is

rescue plan. It's shaken market confidence and the euro. France, the UK's new Prime confidence and the euro. In

Minister used his visit to try to shore sentiment and present a united front. Let me be absolutely clear, it's in interests that a success. interests that the Eurozone is

One of the concerns is the fact that we don't know that collaborative don't know that there is a right now. All of with debt problems will have to right now. All of the countries

make cutbacks, raising concerns growth. But there are other global factors at play, such as weaker US job numbers and tighter regulations on US banks. Because of Wall Street reform, we will soon have place some of the history. But that means about China's need profits for banks. Concerns

economy have also come fore and hit as well fore and hit commodity prices

Australia. Added to that is the as well as prospects for

resources tax debate which speak to most of the stockbrokers in the particularly the ones are seeing overseas investors liquidate possession,. be a exiting Australia. There would

conversations occurring here at the Reserve Bank where it's still business as usual, but we'll know when it regards situation as we'll know when it regards the

Interest rates could well start to come are also alarmed about the plupging Australian dollar. currency has been on a plupging Australian dollar. The

ride, falling to a currency has been on a wild

low. It has sparked mining tax is to blame. Chief political correspondent Simkin. Tony Abbott took his political correspondent Mark

campaign to the literally. He says the tax campaign to the coalface,

kill the resources boom dead. A government which doing wilful industry does not Australia's most important

Coalition also believes the tax govern this country. The

is much as 13% currency. The dollar slumped at

This morning it dropped nearly much as 13% in the last month.

3 cents in just three hours before Shadow Treasurer told miners the resource tax uncertainty and kriting to the the resource tax is injecting

sell-off. If something is perceived to be a investment, is does weigh perceived to be a poor

heavily on the minds of potential I've seen a few potential investors.

remarkses by the Labor Party. I've seen a few reckless

question. Kevin Rudd believes international fears are gripping the market, the blame. Everybody around the resource tax isn't to

world knows that there is a genuine crisis of confidence in Europe. So, who is Currency analysts are divided as Some argue the tax divided as the politicians. the uncertainty. still a high degree of contributor. I think there is

confidence in the economy. Really what we're confidence in the Australian

talking about, the fact globally is somp debt. Our talking about, the big risk

debt to GDP is very low. Australia's resource campaign. Woodside accused Government of in secret and claim the tax would have killed its billion Pluto would have killed its $13

tell you right management wouldn't have been tell you right now that able to take that project to the board of wouldn't fly under the new the board of directors T

tagses. Pluto would still be in the ground. The continuing to consult with miners. Today was BHP's It told Treasury the tax dramatically slow investment, putting and employment at risk. Significantly, laid out ways the tax could Significantly, though t also

improved, suggesting compromise laid out ways the tax could be

is States have made extraordinary breakthrough States have made an their quest to create life in a extraordinary breakthrough in

cell that grows. Some a scientific watershed, cell that grows. Some say it is

comparable to the atom, but others are comparable to the splitting of

caution. It's life with a difference. Scientists Maryland lab have developed the world's first cell that's able to be world's first synthetic living

replicated over a billion times. The only DNA in the cell is the synthetic DNA that made, so it's the first made, so it's the first species on the planet to have its parent being a computer. Here is how it was done. creation of the synthetic cell began began on a computer. Using just four bottles of the lab shelf, the scientist built the DNA chromosome from scratch. They then into an empty back tear yum. into an empty back tear yum. It became the world's first artificial it reproduced it reproduced its offspring also had DNA This is a world-changing moment, a landmark moment will open up the most extra possibilities for biotechnology and for how we use microbes and other organisms to produce things for us. It is the things for us. It is the start of potentially a of potentially a third Industrial Revolution. Scientists this new technology could be used to produce new vaccines fuelling or electronic parts. It could also be used in an oil spill. Synthetic bugs could be created which would clean up the oil quickly, but some are urging caution. This may allow us to make more virulent viruses. This could viruses. This could unleash a back tear yum on the world that has properties we didn't expect that could cause For the first time humans will be truly playing God. will be creating life according to their own designs that could otherwise exist. The one thing critics and supporters agree on is this tiny cell will have an enormous impact on enormous impact on our world. Thailand's Prime Minister says order has restored in the country. A major clean-up is underway in Bangkok after Bangkok after weeks of violence that left more than 80 people dead, but while troops appear regaining control, the Prime Minister admits Minister admits the more difficult difficult task lies ahead, uniting the deeply divided nation. South-East Asia reports. In the red zone in central Bangkok, the fire is almost out. The charge - the charred cell of Central shopping centre is collapsing along along with the leadership of the Red Shirt movement the Red Shirt movement who spoke from this very stage so many weeks. People are beginning to return to assess the damage to the places where they live and work. TRANSLATION: Is it because of people lots of money and could do anything. If you have money, about you not goodness, you can't be leader of this country. In the provinces, though, the heat is gone. The north gone. The north eastern Red Shirt heartland is still rife with anti-government Town halls have been targeted, cementing concern that the rage won't simply die. won't simply die. Perhaps in response the Government is tentatively raising the prospect of an election prospect of an election if the violence stops. We will allow the due process of the due process of law to operate and use parliamentary democracy to resolve the problems with participation of all groups of people. The Army has vowed that the former sit-in site in the former sit-in site in the centre of the city will secure by tonight. The area is still littered from debris from two months of protest and belongings simply abandoned when the demonstrators when the demonstrators fled. The clean-up is well and truly on here. These soldiers are dismantling the former red zone tent by tent. On their way they're sweeping for weapons finding nl. Just this morning we Seasons Hotel just down the street was wired bomb. And in the ABC's own car park late emptied a parked car. It's unclear how it got there or when contained Red Shirt contained Red Shirt ID cards, firebombs, bulletproof vests There is new debate tonight personal lives are fair game. The New South Wales Transport Minister David Campbell quit his Cabinet job last night after being outed for leading a double life. The family man was filmed leaving a in Sydney's eastern suburbs. He has apologised for letting his wife and family he will stay on as a local member. Shortly television, David television, David Campbell resigned resigned as Transport Minister. Last night the Premier said she accepted his resignation on compassionate grounds, but this morning unforgivable that he lived with a secret that he misrepresented himself to his wife and community. Mr Campbell hadn't breached any guidelines in driving his ministerial car to the gay sex club and this afternoon he defended his parliamentary over the period of my public life have those personal choices impacted in any way, shape or form on the decisions I've had to make in public life. The David Campbell of politicians are a matter of public interest. The focus should be on the minister's or former minister's record.

I think there is a about media coverage. Always a difficult line to pick. The minister's sexual preferences or sexuality is essentially private matter. There is nothing about this that is in the public interest. The journalist who broke previously worked as an adviser for former Premier Morris Iemma and had a personal relationship with the then New South Wales health Minister. story is about story is about integrity. There is deception Campbell has lived the life a family man in Wollongong campaigned on those campaigned on those values. It is the latest crisis for is the latest crisis for a scandal-plagued New South scandal-plagued New South Wales Government that has lost six high-profile MPs over the past two years. The union representing Canberra's teachers has blasted teachers has blasted the Government for principals the power to hire and fire staff. The Government boosted principals' yesterday as part of a shake-up of the education system. The changes mean principals rather than the Education will be responsible for teaching appointments. Principals will have greater control over school budgets, greater over staffing decisions within the school, so the capacity to hire and fire staff. But the Teachers Union say it is wasn't consulted about the change and is worried about is worried about the impact. I'm extremely concerned that the ministry is setting our principals up to make our principals up to make them responsible for whatever shortcomings may evolve in system. New schools opening in Tuggeranong and be the first to adopt the new system. The chase will be phased in across other over the next 3 group representing apartment owners has warned that unit construction in Canberra is not up to scratch. It says aptment 'cause be unsafe. The owners corps operation Network has told Stateline basic building areas are being made and then overlooked by certifiers, leaving owner s with hefty repair bills. There needs to be a little bit more balance from people like ACTPLA to accept as important as building fast. ACT Planning and industry admits it is a concern and laws need reviewing. There is some is some evidence that the quality of building isn't quality of building isn't up to the standard we would expect in certain circumstances and if the industry won't do something about They've got time They've got time pressures on them with time pressures, I think that the work may not be done to possibility the standard that it should be. The that it should be. The owners group group says builders, developers and certifiers should be more accountable you can see the full story you can see the full story on Stateline right after news. In France, a lone thief has disabled a sophisticated alarm system and made off alarm system and made off with five priceless paintings from the Museum of modern art the Museum of modern art in Paris. The theft has baffled investigators who are trying to figure out how the culprit got away with it. From Europe correspondent Philip Williams. The frames were there, but the paintings were gone, and so far no suspect the frame. A broken the frame. A broken padlock and smashed window evidence smashed window evidence of where the thief got in, it's still unclear how he or she managed to evade the which were supposed to keep the treasures safe. TRANSLATION: There are patrols and three people permanently in the museum and the security system. failed. Nothing untoward noticed until a regular morning patrol revealed patrol revealed the horrifying truth. truth. Five masterpieces were gone, cubist, 'The Pigeon with the Peas'. His works are by far most regularly stolen, and most regularly stolen, and the vibrant 'Pastoral' by Henri Matisse also gone. Matisse also gone. At first police estimated police estimated the value of the works at around $700 million. That was million. That was later reduced, but it's part of a worrying trend worrying trend involving increasingly increasingly sophisticated gangs. I would imagine it's sto order and it is a gang who have done it for financial gain or with the hope of extorting money back from the insurers or something the insurers or something like that. The art loss register estimates trade in stolen works are part of a $5 billion a global business. Police have begun what will be an international hunt to these latest artworks Interpol will be involved. This is an absolutely vast loss mainly because there are so many of thefts of this sort that never ever that never ever reach resolution. These paintings nlts they're caught immediately, and they be on the way leaving be on the way leaving the country right no idea what the motive behind this theft is or whom may be responsible, and the museum is left wondering if they will ever see these works again. And still to on ABC News, Lance Armstrong denies allegations that he of a difficult day for the finance markets. As finance markets. As Alan Kohler reports, bargain hunters came rushing Australian share market. Well, good to report some good news at some less some less bad news. The All Ords was down just Ords was down just 0.4% in the end, making it 7% for But 11am it was down nearly But 11am it was down nearly 3% versus yesterday and 9.7% for the week. As you can see from this intra-day gaffe graph of the prices recovered throughout the day under sustained buying pressure from pressure from bargain hunters,. Shares were cheap again. It shows the price earnings ratio of Australian and world shares which is one way to which is one way to value them. And it shows that Australian shares are trading at 11.4 times next year's earnings per share which is well below the average of 14.5 times. The trouble is the referred to is about Between 1988 and 1992, according to the graph, the according to the graph, the PE was 9. Compared to that, shares are still expensive. So are still expensive. So what's the right frame of reference? I don't know. Resources don't know. Resources stocks Fortescue and ERA rebounded today and all of today and all of the banks, did, too, but Sonic did, too, but Sonic Healthcare slumped 20 pest after a profit warning. Wall Street had another shocker last night, down 3.6% which followed down 3.6% which followed some heavy falls on heavy falls on smaller European markets like Greece, den marg, Ireland and Turkey, although German and French shares German and French shares didn't fall quite as much. In trading was mixed today. Japan, Singapore and Korea fell. The Australian dollar also rose during the course of today but not enough to wipe out the early loss from last night. early loss from last night. I will be back on Sunday at o'clock with 'Inside Business' and the CEO of Fortescue Metals Andrew Forrest and of Lihir Gold Garnaut Ghan. They are conflicts that been peppered with been peppered with political debate and discord and often shrouded in mystery, but two official war artists official war artists have returned from returned from Iraq and Afghanistan with a stark picture of the Siobhan Heanue reports. When Lyndel Brown and were first offered were first offered the chance to travel to to travel to Iraq and Afghanistan as fish war artists they turned it down without a second shocked and we just too dangerous." ? too dangerous." ? Nobody of course does travel insurance for these places. But on We thought about it overnight and realised how we will never ever ever get an opportunity like this again. They spent weeks with Australian troops, travelling with the soldiers and and experiencing the same dangers. You're moment all the time and you really can't afford to project too far forwards too far forwards and you're so damn uncomfortable damn uncomfortable because 25 dill lows of body armour, ba list ticks and list ticks and goggles. Indeed, to to make art from the downtime. You're very bored, confined to an SUC, - SUV, waiting beside a gravel airstrip for 12-16 hours, trying 12-16 hours, trying to make art. Just a art. Just a glance through the wind shield of a bush master or searching for but the full picture. They want to represent a represent a truth, but ironically the truth is mystery, this strange intrigue that surrounds the wars. Then there is the faces of the soldiers who inhabit these far-off war zones and their mechanical beasts of combat, and beneath it all the desert landscapes that watch the armies come and go. And if the art of war thing, a mammoth Australian children's literature has been donated to the National Library. Some of the 7,600 items were on display today. I's the life's work Marcie Muir, a book seller's wife whose goal was to collect every children's in Australia. She forensicly catalogued her collection which includes children's literature from the late 1700s onwards. Many of the titles give telling glimpse into Australia's history. Marcie Muir's collection was parked in her hallway which became a treasure-trove for her treasure-trove for her two children. She wanted people to value children's books value children's books more and knew about him. It kind from childhood her love of books. It's the largest such collection in existence. It a birdwatcher's to almost lengthy fundraising by bird lovers and conservationists a property in western property in western Queensland that once grazed cattle that once grazed cattle has been made a sanctuary. Environment reporter Sarah Clarke reports. A dumping of rain has turned Bowra Station into a lush oasis. The river is flowing oasis. The river is flowing and thousands of birds are lapping it up. At this stage I we're up to about 230 species. I found 103 I found 103 yesterday, didn't they, in 24 hours - something incredible. But out of that species, that's nearly a third of Australia's birdlife. Ian and and Julie McLaren are fifth-generation farmers but after a lifetime on this after a lifetime on this 14,000 hectare property, they've sold and are are moving out. Everyone says you've got a beautiful place what am I selling the damn thing for? The reason is conservation and today the new owners officially took owners officially took over. For them, an mix of southern and northern birds and eastern and western birds comeg into this part the world the world to hang out and live their lives. It was the enthusiastic twitchers who made this happen. So many people come to us and say, "You've got to raise money for region is typical Station stock numbers have been kept to a minimum and kept to a minimum and the woodland woodland habitat has been preserved, making it a perfect refuge and its other inhabitants will also be protected. I've got every confidence that we'll see the re-introduction over time the native species as well, the mammals and others and also natural vegetation. With 80 species here, all parties agree it is a greatest cyclist Lance Armstrong has denied doping allegations leveled at him allegations leveled at him by his former team-mate Landis. Landis was stripped of the 2006 Tour de France the 2006 Tour de France title after testing positive drugs. He has since admitted to taking them, and now he claims it was Armstrong who taught doping method s. Lance in defending himself against doping allegations. We doping allegations. We have nothing to hide. We have nothing to run from. Floyd Landis maintained Landis maintained his innocence until recently when he emailed USA Cycling to admit he used performance-enhancing performance-enhancing drugs during his career and during his career and said Armstrong showed him methods. We have somebody has been under oath several times with times with a completely different version. You have with a completely different version. It's his word version. It's his word versus ours. We like our version, where we stand, where we stand, our integrity. Armstrong integrity. Armstrong crashed out of the tour toufr of California along with O'Grady. Michael the leader's yellow jersey after five stages. In after five stages. In Italy, the Cadel Evans in the Cadel Evans in the rainbow jersey traffic in the Giro D'Italia. Tasmanian Richie Porte held onto the overall lead after the 12th stage. Mark Schwarzer missed training this afternoon because of a strained thumb. Competition for spots in Socceroos squad is hotting up. Eight players Eight players won't make the cut for the World Cup. I it is a good opportunity for and to try and impress coach and if his mind is not made up. The player of the final and the Australian coach have a tight grip on the trophy. The women's Twenty20 cricket team is back in the country. Fresh from doing what the men world title. The Southern say there is no gender rivalry - quite the opposite. Certainly helped a lot for us in terms of those last few overs to see them cheering us on and having Michael Clarke try to move move the field for us as well, which was fantastic. The Australians Australians have innovated Texas. 8 in the top 20 after the opening round of the the opening round of the Byron Nelson Classic. Three are tied for 1 place at 4 under - Steve Elkington, Jarrod Lyle and Jason Day. James Nitties fell back to it hundred. While Mark Hensby finished the Hensby finished the day 2 behind the leaders. Canberra has a new landmark. A 25m has a new landmark. A 25m glass tower above the city's public building, the former Kingston Powerhouse, home of the Canberra Glass works. The tower reminiscent of the powerhouse's previous the powerhouse's previous steel chimney is the work of artist Warren Langley. The tower assembled over the last weeks with the help of local artists. Beautiful! Now with artists. Beautiful! Now with a look at today's weather, here is Mark is Mark Carmody Thanks, Virginia and good evening. A good mate of mine turned 60 today. Dave Stirling. He manages a nut farm. It's raining up there today and when I rang him to wish him I rang him to wish him happy berth day, he was at work - it's harvest time. That surprised me. Firstly, surely you don't work on your 60th, and secondly you can't harvest nuts in the wet and today Byron Bay has today Byron Bay has received 13mm. He told me he 13mm. He told me he wished for weather like we weather like we have been having - fine, Nuts would like last night's minimums and harvesting is ideal ideal in the conditions. Currently around town: Cloud continues to Cloud continues to linger along the east

particularly thick you on the New South Wales-Queensland border. A low pressure border. A low pressure system along with the front west of Perth is expected west of Perth is expected here late on Monday. And when it gets gets here, showers are expected late that we might get as much as 10-15mm. In the Looks like a perfect Looks like a perfect weekend weather for the Glassworks 3rd birthday bash and also World Biodiversity Day tomorrow. Look what the Botanic Gardens isn't me - a bottle brush, a tea-tree brush, a tea-tree and a watt Elia - a good bit Elia - a good bit of biodiversity. Yes, you're looking more and more like looking more and more like a bush. Thanks, Mark. The Australian share market Australian share market plunged this morning after this morning after huge losses on Wall Street and European markets, but a late rally reduced the losses reduced the losses and supported dollar. And that's ABC News. Stay with us now for Stateline with Chris Kimble coming up next. Have a great weekend. Goodnight. Closed Captions by CSI. SONG: # Please Mr Tielger, tiger, tiger please let me go # Tiger, tiger I didn't # That you would get so mad at me tsh you would eat me # I don't taste any good # I'm sure there's better food # I know I was rude # Tiger, tiger please let me go

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