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(generated from captions) The State Department wouldn't be drawn on why he wants to return. He's free to go. He was free to come. These decisions are his alone to make. Iranian media have already make. Iranian media reports return as a defeat for the and some US analysts are calling it a bungled Mining magnate Ken Talbot has been Brisbane, three weeks after the has been laid to rest in

plane life in the republic of Congo. plane crash that claimed his

Speakers at the ceremony tribute to the 10 other of the tragedy, many of tribute to the 10 other victims

were members of the board of of the tragedy, many of whole

Sundance Resources. Ken was remembered as a generous Sundance Resources. Ken Talbot man who'd honour a handshake. Wealth and power man who'd honour a deal on a

were concealed amongst the 1,500 mourners farewell a complex man who 1,500 mourners who came to

called himself Ken Talbot a called himself a simple miner.

billionaire was portrayed Ken Talbot a self-made

and philanthropist, a football fan a better place because he here. Dad, we love will never forget you. Ken here. Dad, we love you. And we

Talbot's business friends described him as a big man a big described him as a big man with

easy to work with. He had really big ideas. site risk appetite a for risk. He site risk --

avid supporter of the Brisbane appetite a for risk. He was an

Broncos, personally and professionally. He tried to help the man he called the Coach when Wayne Bennett left the Broncos and was a job. He said have you team to coach? at the moment. He said I will buy you alarm bells went off lay ahead. About to face 36 straightaway. But serious times

charges of making secret payments to former Cabinet was really looking forward to minister Gordon Nuttall. Ken

the trial. That's obviously not going to anybody who knew him, no trial going to occur now. But for

was needed to confirm your faith in Ken. A mining magnate from Mitchelton in Brisbane who made it all the way to the A New South Wales woman lost her unborn baby after she was run down by a car face-to-face with the court. Proceedie Donegan was face-to-face with the driver in

weeks pregnant when struck her home on the Central weeks pregnant when struck near

Police say the wheel was speeding and the influence of drugs. wheel was speeding and under

see the woman charged over Donegan came to court hoping to

of her unborn accident that claimed the life

to be named Zoe. And for the of her unborn daughter, who was

first time, Justine Hampson turned up for a scheduled court appearance. She shield her and refused to appearance. She shield her face

but a supporter indicate shield would fight the is pleading not presence in is pleading not guilty. Her

unnoticed. A mixed bag of emotions. A bit sad, a bit angry a bit curious. It was Christmas Day last year that a heavily pregnant Brodie was knocked down by a van just metres from her Hampson was allegedly under the metres from her home. Justine

influence of drugs while the wheel. Ms Donegan and her influence of drugs while behind

partner have now learned that Prosecutions is taking over the the Director of Public

case. That means it will referred up to the District Court jury. If convicted she faces a longer prison term. Very relieving for me. It will at least mean she will be heard on the full charges. It's a great result. Very Brodie and Nick that we've seen a situation where our criminal serve them correctly. Donegan can't change what serve them correctly. While

happened here, she is apply to in the death of a unborn baby. It's really distress ing knowing that it is just counted as an injury to me and not as a separate being While physical wounds separate being While her others are likely to take physical wounds are healing

Safety concerns about the to come to a head with regulators in the United States to come to a head with drug

debating whether or not it should stay on market. dogged by question marks over widely used drug has been

whether it causes attacks. Now there are concerns about attacks. Now there are new

manufacturer concerns about whether the drug risks but didn't disclose them. It's a drug used by of people with Type 2 diabetes. It's a drug used by thousands

But the Administration is now But the US Food and Drug

considering whether to pull medication Avandia off shelves. A key issue is the drug manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline knew about potential risks of suppressed the potential risks of Avandia and information. It's just not for this to happen. morally or ethically acceptable

allegations for this to happen. New the manufacturer may have known allegations have surfaced that

for more than a decade than Avandia may be more showed it can lead email from GlaxoSmithKline to attacks and stroke. A leaked

the US Senate finance the US Senate finance committee says: Capitol Hill impressed. They haven't Capitol Hill wasn't

levelled with the FDA or the public. As many as 20,000 Australian patients still take Avandia. Though there are newer, better drugs Avandia. Though doctors say

available. Any patient who present time should be having discussion either present time should be having a

endocrinologist about the agent general practitioner or

for them to either continue or and whether it's appropriate

to stop the therapy. company says Avandia is a safe and effective has always acted in an open and and effective medication. GSK

transparent manner in terms of the way we do our clinical studies, in the way that we market market this medicine. The Food and Drug Administration expected to make expected to make its decision tomorrow. Australian regulators are likely to suit. Still to Still to come, NIDA opens its doors to give diehard Doctor Who fans world school holiday overwhelmingly backed a law legislation is yet to approved by the Senate approved by the Senate but critics say it would breach international human and stigmatise France's Muslim women who choose to women who choose to wear the burqa. The law telling burqa. The law telling women what not to wear has widespread support among French people and the country's National Assembly. Near are the results. Votes for, 335. Against, 1. The legislation would make it illegal for women to wear their face-covering veils. The burqa or the veils. The burqa or the niqab in public. This law does stigmatise Islam. It stigmatise Islam. It condemns the burqa. Which is not a religious a symbol of oppression. The vast majority of the wearing of the veil. Anissa has been wearing her veil for two years. She intends to keep it on, despite potential on-the-spot fines of $220. I think this is against international law. But personally speaking, removing my veil is against conscience and I won't take it off. Men found to be forcing their wives to wear the burqa face much harsher face much harsher penalties, fines jail. The law is now expected to be passed by to be passed by the Senate in September. Other governments across western Europe are also considering a ban on the Legislation has already passed the Lower House of the the Lower House of the Belgium Parliament, while in Italy, Spain and here in the UK moves are Federal Environment Minister Peter Garrett has put two major coal seam gas projects in central Queensland on hold. He says he needs more says he needs more information about about the possible environmental impacts of the projects. Particularly projects. Particularly how they will affect the great are a teegz basin. The BT group and Santos projects would inject Santos projects would inject $3 billion into the economy each year. More importantly year. More importantly it's 18,000 jobs to be supported. The companies want to build gas fields to supply a new plant build on -- built on Curtis island off glad steend then export it. The final decision rests with And he from Santos and BG by from Santos and BG by October about the impact of produced as a by-product produced as a by-product of the fields and how much salt other contaminants it contains. This is he has raised and he wants to satisfy himself. We're more than prepared to provide than prepared to provide every assistance. Analysts assistance. Analysts say it could delay could delay the start of the project. I don't think it's a major setback and I don't think it will cause any it will cause any major redirection of what's occurring. We're confident that the balance is right and that when matters are sorted these are projects which these are projects which can and should proceed. Both Santos and BG say they'll provide Mr Garrett with the information wants and are green light. A surprising surge in consumer confidence this month. The Westpac-Melbourne Institute Consumer Sentiment Index Consumer Sentiment Index jumped more than 11% in July. It's the biggest monthly increase in over a year and makes up for three months of consecutive falls. It's also the first confidence survey Gillard came Prime Minister. But analysts say But analysts say the end of the mining tax dispute was the main reason for the stronger than expected result adds to the case for a rate hike. To finance now. The on the back of strong consumer sentiment beating most other markets around the world. Here are the two most common measures of consumer sentiment, the Westpac Bank of Melbourne index and the Roy Morgan one. Both are very strong. All took for a resurgence was month of no rate rises. Confidence is obviously something to do with this. Other new data out today shows the total wealth of all Australians has surged to Australians has surged to 5.77 trillion trillion dollars. Or 259,500 per capita. per capita. Recovering all that was lost last year. The was lost last year. The average per capita debt shows it's no wonder the rate hikes wonder the rate hikes haven't had a marked impact Australia today was stronger nan Wall Street last night US shares have gone up more since July 5, #.1%. There was a big rise in the Japanese market today but otherwise Asian shares followed Wall Street there is bit of action on commodity markets last night. Gold in New York went back above $1,200 an ounce and oil in New York went up in New York went up nearly 3%. Nevertheless, the focus on the local share market today was on banks and financials not resources. Westpac, resources. Westpac, CBA and AMP all went up more than 3%. While BHP and Rio were more subdued because the spot price for iron ore has been Wesfarmers went up 2%. the Aussie dollar has responded to the sudden bursts of confidence on world markets confidence on world markets by jumping back above 88 US a place it hasn't been for a couple of months. Outback Australia could be part of the nation's solution to climate change. A new report has it can absorb up to 10 billion tonnes of carbon in an area covering 6 South Wales across the Top End to WA. If managed properly, tonnes in carbon tonnes in carbon pollution. We could get niece big to 4% of emissions by 2020, 5% by 2030. That's equivalent taking more than 7 million cars off the road each year. The report says the key to report says the key to storing carbon is better carbon is better land management, including reduced clearing and clearing and controlling feral pests. Australia's Cadel pests. Australia's Cadel Evans has endured has endured a horror day that saw him go from race leader saw him go from race leader to almost certainly out of contention for overall in the Tour de in the Tour de France. Evans slipped from 1st to 18th after a disastrous ninth stage, he was troubled by injury. The devastated Australian cyclist was consoled by his team-mate Santo Santoro first -- Mauro santambrogio. Pretty sure it's all over for this year. Evans started the with a 20-second lead over Luxembourg's Andy Schleck but the strapping on his arm was protecting injury suffered on the previous stage. He started to lose de la Madeleine. Is Cadel having a bad day? The answer was yes. was yes. The reigning champion Alberto Contador Alberto Contador and his Alberto Contador and his Astana team mates new Evans was struggling and upped the tempo. Schleck and Contador dueled the overall honours. the overall honours. The pair caught a breakaway group to set up n exciting finish. Sandy Casar used knowledge to claim the knowledge to claim the stage win. The bigger was Schleck who with a 41-second advantage over Contador. Evans finished the Stage 4 2nd and is Stage 4 2nd and is now almost 8 minutes off the pace. Australia was also off the was also off the pace after Day 1 of the first Test against Pakistan on neutral territory at Lords. Simon Katich at Lords. Simon Katich combined with Michael Clarke in a 120-run trapped in front on 47 and Katich departed for 80 as Australia lost Australia was 9/229. Despite struggling struggling to rediscover his best form since taking a break from the game Tiger Woods is still the man to beat when the British Open starts tomorrow. His iron play is incredible. So he will be contention on Sunday. contention on Sunday. He hasn't played a lot of golf hasn't played a lot of golf but he has shown in Majors that he is really showing up. I think he will do very well here this week. The world No. 1 is confident enough in his own game to change putters ahead of the ball well. Just trying to get the speed right on the greens. Just trying to get an understanding of how weather will play a part. He is aiming to win his Open title at the St Andrews course. Some might see it as a marketing exercise Doctor Who opportunity that's out of this world. For the first time, the BBC has relaxed its control over all things Doctor Who, and allowed allowed Australia's national acting school It's been than 40 years and generations of generations of fans. Some of the youngest fans have the youngest fans have had the chance to walk shoes in the first Doctor Who acting classes at NIDA. Using digital technology the actors are placed right on board the Tardis. Do you Tardis. Do you think you guys are Doctor Who geeks? Definitely. Geek is the new cool and always has been in my serious work. They know scripts inside out but even the best of them suffer fright. (LAUGHTER) James Warren-Smith lays claim to Warren-Smith lays claim to a special special connection to the current Doctor. He is my cousin's fiancee best friend, so ... Well, so ... Well, that's some connection! Yes. And in connection! Yes. And in the spirit of low-budget effect, the kids also make their own alien costumes. I've used alien costumes. I've used these to make bull tet proof armour. I'd bull tet proof armour. I'd most probably eat you. Not if The Doctor Doctor had anything to say about it! Fantastic! And now here with today's weather, here's evening. Today cold, windy and slightly damp but after last night's 39 mm plus rain, there is not a water tank in town that's not

chockers. There is some speckled stuff moving into the south-east. That indicates some cold air. Yesterday's front has moved to the east but there's a approaching and following high moving in from the centre will produce a fine, sunny day tomorrow. Our dams have received a good past. The dams are presently on 55% Snow might be falling in the mountains but there's also some in Canberra. I found these snow drops in a could beer's garden in hard court hill this morning. There you go! Thanks, Mark. Before we go, a brief tonight. The delivered an Nation's economy. Wayne Nation's economy. Wayne Swan released a budget released a budget update revealing the government lost $#.5 billion worth of revenue. Negotiations over tax revenue. But a bonanza from booming coal and iron booming coal and iron prices has again saved the budget. And concerns have been raised the popular diabetes drug Avandia. After it emerged Avandia. After it emerged that US US drug regulators are debating if it should stay on the market. market. There's speculation the drug manufacturer knew about the increased risk of the increased risk of heart attacks associated with attacks associated with the drug, but didn't disclose them. And that's ABC News. Stay with us now for the 7.30 Report coming up next. And you coming up next. And you can find the latest headlines 24 hours a day at ABC hours a day at ABC Online. I will be back with a at 8.30. Until then, Closed Captions by CSI

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