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(generated from captions) This program is not subtitled This Program is Captioned India's worst accidents. Not out of the the pink Australia's Richie recover but for how long? In recover but for how long?

Porte leads the field Changing face of portraiture. Good evening. plane Good evening. A passenger killing almost everyone plane has crashed in India

board. The Air killing almost everyone on

flight carrying more than people was on its way from Dubai to the city of Dubai to the southern Indian

overshot the runway on city of Mangalore. It

landing and valley below. It landing and crashed into the

8 people survived the crash valley below. It is believed

some were pulled from burning wreck while others some were pulled from the were thrown clear impact. A warning, contains graphic images. impact. A warning, the story

Air India contains graphic images. The

up and caught fire. Air India express plane broke

airline says it overshot the up and caught fire. The

runway at Mangalore in southern India and crashed runway at Mangalore airport into a valley below. The flight from Dubai had just landed when the pilot lost control. But the accident is unknown. Air India says 8 people rescued if the burning wreckage. TRANSLATION: plane fell down. It shook. The pilot applied sudden brakes, it hit a caught fire and burst brakes, it hit a building and

bits. I fell out when the caught fire and burst into

sudden brakes were applied. But the remaining 158 passengers and crew feared dead. Emergency teams 158 passengers and crew are

have started retrieving of several children. But steep terrain of several children. But the vegetation have slowed the recovery effort. Distressed relatives gathered at the site desperate for news missing family members. Some of those from jobs in the Persian Gulf. Air India has and offered its condolences. The Indian Government The the families of the victims. plane crash in more than a The accident is India's worst

decade. Afghan there is little hope anyone survived a plane crash of Kabul earlier this week. survived a plane crash north

The search has been by bad weather since the The search has been hampered commercial flight with 44 people on board went down a remote say they cannot confirm they have recovered all say they cannot confirm if

bodies. they have recovered all the including three Britons and an flight from Kunduz to capital. flight from Kunduz to the not been notified Embassy in Kabul says it has

Australians were on board. Shock waves economic crisis continue to markets. EU Finance Ministers rush around the world

are struggling to agreement on how to rescue So far they have backed tougher sanctions on running up large debts but the economies are hoping for a details are scant. Australian

solution before the debt crisis sends more jitters across Asian markets. Europe's debt crisis has sent stock markets around world reeling. Wall managed to regain a third of what it lost still the Dow Jones is down what it lost yesterday but

400 points this week. What really want to see is 400 points this week. What I

and credible austerity measures, credible Finance Minister acknowledged magnitude of the past face of criticism Europe's actions have been face of criticism that

too little too late. You think things happening in eurozone does not others? I doubt it. These are eurozone does not affect

the men and women charged confidence and the value of with restoring market

theure oh. I could fell a sense of urgency and a spirit of cooperation around the table. There was a strong political will present. There was resolve but no immediate or concrete answer to the crisis which has seen Greece Portugal on the brink. What in meltdown and Spain and

is efficient is being pragmatic, being to a structure that exists in efficient and giving muscle

to make many instances. And we want

economists say it is crucial the make sure does not infect the world's the make sure Europe's crisis

fastest growing economy, China. Our problem is not Greece, our problem is risk that Greece becomes a Greece, our problem is the

contagen for Europe, a to slow the world to China down F then that could spell big trouble economic task force is set to trouble here. Europe's

meet again in October to finalist the address the debt-ridden finalist a raft of measures

economies. In the US concern is growing over the the oil slick in the Gulf of chemicals used to disperse

at quarter of all sea life Mexico. Experts say at least

has been killed in the area where the dispersant has been used. Today sheets of foul-smelling oil sludge begun washing ashore in Louisiana of as thousands of barrels continue to pump into the gulf taking its toll on local the gulf the pollution is wildlife. It is heartbreaking, that is best heartbreaking, that is the heartbreaking, and devastating but heartbreaking first and for Moss. The environmental protection agency has given BP 27 hours to find an alternative to the dispersant. While return Dodd the streets of dispersant. While calm has

Bangkok for now many locals are faced with task of trying to restore are faced with the difficult

their livelihoods. Businesses have been have been damaged and the full impact of the political uprising on the economy is yet to be calculated. The Government has vowed to pursue protest leaders and has announced there will be an independent inquiry into the crisis. clean-up begins. Like the protestors the soon be Goon. But the cost is still being calculated. The people people of Bangkok only now taking stock. The Thailand King's private property management group is also out assessing the damage the assets. TRANSLATION: It will take weeks for these stores to get back on their The King's tenants are dismayed and because of the protests insurance pay for their Painful and sometimes angry as well. While the streets of Bangkok are are getting back to normal deep deep political divisions remain. Human rights groups warn that Red Shirt leaders and their followers detained under emergency security powers could be abused behind a veil of secrecy but the authorities insist authorities insist the detainees are being treated well. They can call well. They can call any time, since their arrest time, since their arrest they can call any time now they send a now they send a message to their families, the lawyers already. At the same time the Government is hunting Red Shirt leaders who are at large. Part of re-organising re-organising the country is to ensure the rule of law is upheld and that the movements by a small group of people using terrorism and violence can and shall not be tolerated. What is less clear is how much energy is being being put into finding out who was who was responsible for killing unarmed civilians. Did Government has promised an independent inquiry in the all event during this all event during this crisis but this is where at least one victim died. The pools of blood on the ground here evidence enough to there is still no sign of any investigation. Unforgivable, that was the South Wales Premier yesterday chose to chastise her former Transport engulfed in a gay sex scandal today a backflip and an apology. Kristina Keneally now says she is sorry used the word used the word to criticise David Campbell's decision to hide his homosexuality from his family and the community. Still in the hot seat, today the Premier today the Premier was regretting her choice regretting her choice of words. It is in fact unforgivable unforgivable that he lived with a misrepresented himself. At a forum on forgiveness Kristina Keneally had a change Keneally had a change of heart. It is not unforgivable. I unforgivable. I was appalled at myself. I could at myself. I could not believe I used believe I used that word. Asked had she apologises to David Campbell Kristina Keneally emphatic. I absolutely do. I absolutely do. While the Premier was mea culpa the new Transport Minister was getting Minister was getting to know commuters. I'm John, the new Transport Minister. John Robertson admits he Robertson admits he is a stranger to stranger to public transport but says has equipped him for the role. It allows me to go out and talk to workers. It is one of the things I always done so it will be easy to tuck and commune caught with workers and talk the people who transport. It is John Robertson's 8th portfolio since he joined the since he joined the ministry last January. The Opposition says that is par for the course for Labor, it has's leased figures claiming there have been no fewer than 207 ministerial changes over the past five years. The that confront people and businesses each get attended to as new ministers try to get up to speed. Barry O'Farrell was also adding fuel to media reports this the Premier was job. It is claimed she ordered by Labor's right wing power brokers to instal former union boss. I am the Premier, I made decision. She is not getting Federal Labor The die is cast for Labor and now it is a matter of seeing how good she is and how how good she is and how much she can minimise she can minimise the defeat. The new-look cab meant has less than 10 months to convince to convince the electorate. Canberra police say a man whose say a man whose body was found in found in a Belconnen apartment earlier this week died as a result of serious head injuries. Police discovered the body of 26-year-old Andre Le Dinh on Thursday in his Thursday in his fourth-floor apartment in the Oracle building on College Street. They have appealed for anyone with information with information to contacted Crimestoppers. Horse Crimestoppers. Horse industry experts say the outbreak of hendra they are urging the Federal Government the fast track the testing of testing of a vaccine for horses. Nine people have been exposed to the virus at a Sunshine Coast Sunshine Coast property where a horse fell ill down earlier this week. The virus has claimed four lives since it emerged since it emerged in Queensland in 1994. Experts say the outbreak rise. Anxiety rise. Anxiety is high in Queensland's horse community. Biosecurity officers counselled horse owners on the Sunshine Coast the risk being from the latest hendra virus because it could happen to any of us and we all love any of us and we all love our horses as one of our family. Nine people family. Nine people have been exposed to the sick horse including a mother and her animal. For vet David Lovell it is it is a reminder of a horrible time. He horrible time. He lost his colleague to the virus nearly two two years ago and says nothing has been done to stop it happening again. Every outbreak there are large numbers of people that know whether they are going to live or die. He is others in the industry who are putting pressure on the Federal Government to increase funding. We have been at a stage where been at a stage where the animal health laboratory has been wanting to get vaccine trials done in horses and of this ever funds which is things up. The outbreak are greater and I to look at what we can to look at what we can do in the the future. The pleasure horse and racing industry it is an issue for the whole community because if community because if the bat-borne bat-borne virus is not contained contained it could mutate. The real damage the disease does it to human health. That is is the responsibility of the Australian Australian Government. The Federal Agriculture Minister Tony Burke says he is seeking scientific advice on what further action the Government can take. All the test results from exposed to the sunshine horse will be known on Monday but even then they to wait for the incubation period to expire before given the representing Federal public servants has politicians of stifling their creativity to avoid risk. The comments are in response to report looking at ways to improve public service. The public service. The report recommends public servants work more closely with ministers the manage the political risks with radical ideas. The public service has got public service has got the great ideas and the great ideas and the capacity for and a 24-7 and a 24-7 media cycle makes it quite difficult to risk offer ideas up and makes the public service risk-averse. Most not want to be associated front page of a newspaper in a bad way and it the good innovation in Government that make the front page can be the failures. The report by the Public Service Management Committee also calls for cultural change to reward oh valtion. With the World Cup just around the corner the hype in South Africa is growing by the day. The flag of competing nations are flying high and the country's Makarapa makers are racing against the clock to make sure all the speak day can be fashionable and safe in the protective headgear. South Africa is dressing for the World Cup. Here Soweto the community is its bit to welcome the We are really very proud. You can see we are You can see we are all wearing South Africa jerseys and we have flags on and we have flags on the roofs. We are very, very happy. (singing) The locals also want to see their visitors dress up for occasion. At this Joe you hard hats are being transformed transformed into must-have headwear for football fans. Alfred created protection at rowdy games. At a game somebody At a game somebody hit somebody with they were bleeding so he decided to decorate the hats to make a hell to make a hell meant. There is mo mistaking the world's biggest football biggest football extravaganza is coming to is coming to town. South Africa has spent $5 billion preparing for the tournament yet this street is yet this street is not complaining. We are luckiest country on earth and in Africa to have been given finishing touches are still being put on the but the World maintain the country is ready to host biggest event to host biggest event ever seen in Africa. Queensland Hooker Cameron Smith has pulled night's State of Origin series opener against New South Wales. Smith has failed to recover from an sidelined since the New Zealand Test a fortnight ago. His place in the Maroons His place in the Maroons side has been taken by Manly's Matt Ballin who will make Matt Ballin who will make his Origin morning Cameron Smith sound like a man on the end of mend.. we have some time, four days. four days. A it looks alright. But after alright. But after testing his injured elbow in a contact session this afternoon the Storm Hooker made the tough call out of the series out of the series opener. To make a dozen tackles I felt I was not good enough so I would have been making night so I knew night so I knew if I could not make a dozen not make a dozen there would be no or 50. For now the New South Wales camp remains injury-free. There are 7 players that did not the Blues team that won the Blues team that won game 3 last year. The Blues are adamant that will not be a problem by Wednesday night Every day we are sharper and better with guys better with guys that have not played together, it not played together, it is going well. Last rain poured down in Newcastle and the locals were and the locals were dancing up a storm when Ben up a storm when Ben Rogers sliced through the sliced through the Tigers defence to open the scoring The Tigers apologised after conceding 50 last week but as to saying goes, actions speak struck in the struck in the second-half when Chris when Chris Lawrence crossed. The game The game remained in the balance delivered a store with delivered a store with 10 minute to play. Zealand international put Zealand international put the result beyond doubt result beyond doubt soon after. COMMENTATOR: Goes into score. It was left to Danelia to put Danelia to put the finishing touches on the Tigers touches on the Tigers win. Raiders will play in tomorrow's Clarke against the Dragons despite suffering a lower back strain. Joshua Dugan back strain. Joshua Dugan has not trained this week travelled with the team Wollongong today. He passed a fitness test this afternoon and will start at fullback. It is be managed and a bit of a spell would help. We have the bye after. That if I get through this game he has 2 weeks he can rest it. The last time the two teams last time the two teams met Raiders up set the the Dragons 24 points to 12. local league Queanbeyan Roos beat Belconnen by 4. Gungahlin defeated Woden. Not a great result for the Queanbeyan side. Tuggeranong accounted for Yass. accounted for Yass. The Waratahs have arrived in Cape Town ahead of their clash with Stormers. The Bulls play the New Zealand the other game South Wales has never won South Wales has never won a championship and with no Australian team ever having won a play-off on soil it will be a big ask the Waratahs. The Waratahs have spent a quiet week in Durban but hit the ground running today in Cape Town.. we just thought that recovery was really important on go there and have a quiet preparation and then come down today and prepare for the game. Everything is going to plan, guys going to plan, guys have recovered well we feel pretty good we feel pretty good so we will see how we go will see how we go tomorrow tomorrow night. Shopping confidence in his line-up Hickey has kept the team unchanged from the past two games. The Stormers beat the Waratahs in round 2 form has improved. form has improved. It is a new ball game when the finals which is a long time ago. Both blade a lot of football since then. Both sides tomorrow night will make night will make their own history. much about what has happened before. The played into finals in the competition's 14 seasons but they have never won a title. Their last heartbreak was years ago when they lost the the Crusaders in New Zealand. the early hours of tomorrow morning Australia time. First up the defending champions the Bulls against the Bulls against the Crusaders followed by Crusaders followed by the Waratahs and Stormers F the Waratahs and the Waratahs and the Crusaders upset their South African hosts the final will be played in Sydney next weekend. in results, Gungahlin fought out a tight battle Tuggeranong. Wests beat Royals and Easts for Queanbeyan. For for Queanbeyan. For the first time since 1996 Fremantle has defeated Sydney at the SCG. The Dockers brushed aside their mid-week Sydney has now lost 3 in a western Bulldogs thumb western Bulldogs thumb 7ed North Melbourne by 70 points. Fremantle ran out 37-points winners Fremantle was keen to prove the Johnson drug scandal would not affect their performance. dominated the but accuracy was but accuracy was a problem. They kicked 3 goals spectacular. While Sydney slowly slowly worked its way back into moss its moss its of its chances. Skipper Pavlich was a lively target on the Fremantle on the Fremantle forward line. Sydney staged line. Sydney staged its come back through Brett Kirk but the Dockers had a 32-points lead at the main break. There were more Swans with an injury Swans with an injury to Daniel Bradshaw. Some skills on display of the umpiring. COMMENTATOR: That is ball? It has to That is ball? It has to be. He dropped it! The rain might have had an impact on the contest but it nothing to dampen the nothing to dampen the spirits of both sides The Swans landed the opening goal to start the last quarter but Fremantle weathered the storm and the pain to rare win in Sydney. A rare win in Sydney. A win here since the first time since 96 I was in year 9! A long time ago. The win consolidates in the top 4. In local the Sydney Swans Reserves beat beat Belconnen 18 goals 9, 117 to 8 goals 6-5 4. It is being called friendly but it is shaping up as being just as competitive as the real thing. The Socceroo are pledging the park in the practice match against New Melbourne. The main concern for the home side is a to goalkeeper Mark Schwarzer. He is a man with lots on his mind. will miss out on the trip to South Africa so match means plenty. There are no friendlies days. Mark Schwarzer only trained thumb will come good. He will be fine. It is a precaution. Wilt precaution. Wilt shares recovering from surgery to remove a skin cancer from his forehead. In Indonesia the same thing so it is not a problem. No problem heading the ball? I have never been able to head the ball. 13 stages a Tasmanian still leads the Giro D'Italia. Despite finishing 39 overnight Richie Porte overnight Richie Porte is sitting pretty in pink clinging to the leader's Jersey. COMMENTATOR: Full pink. Shorts, top and glasses! glasses! The colour was not restricted to the riders. The most flat-food super hero. The stage Italy. In the Tour of California Australia's Michael Rogers has kept the race lead after a nail-biting signatures stage. He pipped at the line pipped at the line by Slovakia lead overall. COMMENTATOR: It is mine, of the Australians are still flying high of the Byron Nelson classic. Jason Day is the best of Jason Day is the best of 3 in the top 10, one shot the top 10, one shot off the lead. at 10 under at 10 under but it was 16-year-old stole the show. COMMENTATOR: Beautiful shot. With his school mates by the 18th green he became the sixth youngest player the make cut in a PGA event. In a time where time where everyone can snap and display shots off themselves or anyone else in an instant the internet could be considered the biggest portrait gallery in the world. It is in this context that that a thought-provoking show has opened at Portrait Gallery. It asks hat digital age is doing old art of portraiture. Once upon a time you had upon a time you had to paint a portrait a portrait then along came photography. Now photography. Now you don't even have to sit still. There is no perfect that it is an ongoing record of life that we in some ways allows us to hit record almost forever now. So does all this technology enhance enhance or undermine the portrait-making That is the question National Portrait Gallery National Portrait Gallery is asking in its latest show.. there are a range of new options but the old ones are valid. It depends choose. Social medium like Facebook and online galleries influence what we portraiture. Some of the pictures here combine the old with the new. Take one of those mundane Facebook profile pictures and profile pictures and render it in oils or a picture taken before a person is even The images range from the and from the hyper-technical to the super-accessible. really only need a bunch of simple simple things which are largely to have a way to repeat images publically so it is accessible to the make it and also the outcome when they are painted on the final touches some of those artist are prove that modern art is swallowing up street and the gallery and technology is the barer between artist and audience. The weather - mostly sunny around mostly sunny around the Canberra region. Fine and cool weather with in the city of in the city of 15 degrees, cold overnight just 1 degree. Rain in Sydney and Darwin. Melbourne had a top 16. Adelaide 21. Brisbane 24 and Hobart a top Hobart a top just 10. There is cloud in the Tasmania man and Coral Seas with a low pressure system off east Australia and more cloud over WA. There is a high pressure system over eastern moving slowly east but is a cold front the is a cold front the our west and that is and that is heading our way. The front and an The front and an associated low will head our way bringing showers and patchy rain as it approaches late on Monday and into Round the capital city centres tomorrow there will be showers in Adelaide. Sydney will Adelaide. Sydney will be mostly fine a top of 2. Melbourne sunny and 18. In our local region, early fog but mostly sunny around the south-east. Temperatures up a few degrees on today. few degrees on today. Cooma will be minus 4 overnight the peak at 15. Wollongong 11 to 20, Batemans Bay a top of Canberra's forecast will continuing fine weather, early frost and a low of zero topping at topping at 15 degrees tomorrow. After that expect that showery change from late Monday into Tuesday with fine weather midweek. Before we go a brief look back at our top story tonight - a passenger plane has crashed in plane has crashed in India killing almost everyone killing almost everyone on board. flight carrying more than 1660 people was land link in the southern the southern Indian city of Mangalore en route from Dubai. It over shot the runway and crashed into the valley below. That is the latest a day at ABC Online. We a day at ABC Online. We will leave you with pictures of an alarmingly wobbly bridge in are examining it but found no structural fault. Cross it at your own risk I think. Thank you for your Closed captions by CSI