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Japan warned to phase whaling or else. Casualty war the Dutch collapses. Flying war the Dutch Government

others can't. Some firefighters going where

rides for Australia others can't. Some rough

Games. Good evening. rides for Australia at the

Japanese Foreign Minister has Games. Good evening. The

bowed to fight any legal action on whaling. He says is unfortunate Australia is threatening to Justice. In official talks in the International Court of threatening to take Japan to

Minister told his Japanese Perth Australia's Foreign

out. A Japanese flag flew counterpart time is running

over Memorial. The Ministers commemorate Memorial. The two Foreign

past conflicted before attending to the current political one. We will be quite clear we have a disagreement on whaling. The minister and I are about minister and I are frank for argy-bargy. Stephen Smith about this. Diplomatic speak

demands Japan stop whales in the Antarctic declared time was running out. Australia will pursue a proposal which would see whaling in the Great Southern oceans fazed out over a reasonable period. If does not work Australia reasonable period. If that

take Japan to the Justice. TRANSLATION: I International Court of think it is very that the Australian side think it is very unfortunate

wants to take action in an international court. Japan's message - bring TRANSLATION: message - bring it on! action become a reality Japan will seek to represent case that its legal and in the convention. case that its activities are

Legal experts are not so sure about governments on whaling. current and previous

think Australia has exceptionally strong case to think Australia has an

get immediate issued against Japan to shut get immediate injunctions

down next season's whaling operations. Beyond that wait and see both at a legal operations. Beyond that it is

and diplomatic level. Any decision on legal action not be until after November which means it will also be after the next election. It is pretty disgusting failure and weakness by Kevin You cannot have a bigger than this one to terms of breaking promises

Australian people they than this one to the

dispute will not damage Ministers stressed the

economic or diplomatic ties but there is some sensitivity. At the conference the ministers just two questions and their official joint statement did not mention the word Opposition is threatening to block Government plans slash commercial television licence fees. Labor cut the fee by $250 million but the Shadow Treasurer says the Government has not adequately explained the region for the reduction. In the absence of any explanation for handing quarter of a billion to the TV stations we left with no alternative to the TV stations we are

to stand up for the left with no alternative but

Australian taxpayer. This tidal wave of sweeping across commercial media landscape sweeping across the but we are determined to protect Australian voices, Australian stories and Australian Minister says commercial Australian content. The television's

is television's business model Federal Government is encouraging Federal Government denies it

hospitals the harvest organ donors. The Government's program provides more than $11,000 to hospitals for each procedure involving a donor. The scheme has raised concerns among medical seen as an incentive for professionals it could be

hospitals to organ donors but hospitals to canvass for

Government says the payments ensure hospitals have the resources the act donor resources the act when a public hospitals are donor becomes available. Our sitting public hospitals are not activity to be created the sitting around waiting for

are stretched and we want to make sure hospitals to undertake organ donation make sure hospitals are able

the opportunity Butler says hospitals do not place pressure on for organ donation from loved place pressure on families ones. More than 1700 Australians are currently on organ transplant waiting lists. More than 30 people have and mudslides on the Torrential rain and Portugese island of Madeira.

winds Torrential rain and high tourist destination sending winds have lashed the popular

torrents of water through the streets. have been brought

airport has been closed. The bridges washed away and the

military has been called win the rescue effort frigate carrying helicopters, medical Thames and supplies is making its way to from Lisbon. The is making its way to Madeira

Government from Lisbon. The Dutch about a dispute in Afghanistan. A about a dispute over the war

member of the governing Coalition as refused to back a plan to extend the Dutch by another 12 months. move could have for Australian troops who are move could have implications

also stationed in Uruzgan province. For 16 hours Dutch Cabinet debated request for the Netherlands to extend its Afghanistan until to extend its mission in

year. The ruling Christian Afghanistan until August next

Democrats wanted to Their main Coalition partner Democrats wanted to comply.

Their main Coalition partner the Labour Party didn't. Two years ago we made decision for another two years and said to the Dutch people will do this for another 2 years and after that it is all finished. We want to take the that. With the Coalition fatally split the fatally split the Dutch Prime Minister tendered Cabinet's resignation Cabinet's resignation to the Queen. TRANSLATION: difficult to work

There is no road along which this Cabinet can this Cabinet can go further. The Netherlands has almost 2000 troops almost 2000 troops in Uruzgan province. Nato said it province. Nato said it would still prefer the Dutch to stay but has moved the reassure solidarity of the alliance is still strong. still strong. In fact just in the last few countries have increased their have 44 countries in overall Nato-led operation so the general trend confusion surrounding the Netherlands could affect Australia's role in the Australia's role in the war. Australian troops have Australian troops have been taking over some of the responsibilities from responsibilities from the Dutch in Uruzgan province Australia is not able to on a bigger role. In on a bigger role. In the absence of the Dutch Australia has made

to Nato and to the Assistance Forces that Australia is not Australia is not in a position to take up the lead in Uruzgan province. Mr says he is confident Nato will find someone willing will find someone willing to replace the Dutch if they leave Afghanistan this August. Six people had a lucky escape this morning when a fire tore through their house in Melbourne's north. The north. The outcome could have been much worse had it been much worse had it not been for the actions of a teenager boy who lived there who ran back into the who ran back into the burning house to help his parents house to help his parents and sister escape. sister escape. Residents of the house were woken around 4.30 by the smoke alarm and the sound of the the sound of the ceiling cracking. Me and Calum were out on the outback then started to hear some look out the kitchen window and there is a massive and there is a massive fire. It went thou the whole house because of the wind and heat. It was heat. It was terrifying. They had left the back door open because of the because of the sweltering overnight heat allowing strong wind gusts to hip up small fire in a back room into a blaze that raced through the entire house. They rang-000 and managed to escape with seconds to spur as the house erupted into flame. We were looking at putting the fire out with putting the fire out with the hose but it was too big by then so Iran to the then so Iran to the front, got my sister, Mum and Dad out of the house. By the firefighters arrived moments later flames were later flames were licking at the weatherboard house next door. about the house next door catching fire as when crews did get here the flames were above the were above the husband next door. The fire took door. The fire took about half an hour to bring under control and caused $400,000 damage. Residents damage. Residents are just glad they are safe. going to have to buy you a new something I don't know. A cat should be alright. The cause of the fire is under

investigation. They go others can't,

others can't, Canberra's remote area firefighters remote area firefighters are often the first line of defence tackling blazes in far-flung reaches. The work is tough and the training is gruelling but for these men and women they know what and women they know what they do could save Canberra from repeat of the 2003 repeat of the 2003 firestorm. They are among the ACT's area fire teams, raft are trained to attack fires in places rose. After 2003 funding was boost ed. Having these crews gave us the opportunity to get to the fires quicker. Getting there often means a long hike Lou country and for the remote areas the is by air. In thick bush there is often room for the helicopter to land so instead crew are winched in. During training runs it is runs it is a comfortable 7-metre drop but on the fire ground it can be 10 times as high. Getting out can high. Getting out can be just as difficult. Tess firefighters are trained to climb in while the helicopter is off the ground but it is not all flying fun. only 5, 10 minute at only 5, 10 minute at the start in the helicopter the rest is hard rest is hard work. It is a hard slog walking nonstop, cutting and scouting cutting and scouting for hotspots and you everything going on around you and you have to be aware all the time. Unlike conventional fire crews raft teams often do not have access to water but that access to water but that does not stop them trying to the fire spread through other methods using only they have the carry in. Around 45 men and women are trained in these skills in the ACT. The cruise are up ever volunteers and up ever volunteers and full tame firefighters. This summer ACT raft cruise have helped battle blazes South Coast. We have had a lucky fire season in the where we have not had a significant fire event help the colleagues help the colleagues over the border. It border. It is a good challenge and at the end you are buggered so are buggered so you go home with satisfaction. Ready for satisfaction. Ready for the next time their skills are needed in the most rugged and remote winemakers say be bullied into vines. An over-supply grapes is being blamed for a drop in profits but drop in profits but the smaller winemakers smaller winemakers said is the large corporate who are to blame. It was who are to blame. It was once Australia's export but the wine export but the wine business new appears headed for a hangover. An over-supply of grapes is force f***ing down prices and a strong Australian dollar is taking the sparkle out of exports. Australia's biggest winemaker Foster's blames Foster's blames tax incentives for over

production. It says around 40,000 hectares of the be ripped out oversupply What was sold oversupply What was sold in restaurant is flowing back into the grocery markets and at discounted prices. It is a very painful period for the growers and for the wine companies. But a Queensland wine producer is making excuses for is making excuses for its shareholders. They shareholders. They have jumped the wrong way jumped the wrong way with the wine thing so what do you Put the blame somewhere else. The Federal Government denies the glut has anything to do with tax incentives. Nobody told anybody what had to put in the ground. do not tell do not tell farmers what to plant or take out. The plant or take out. The wine industry is being deliver industry is being deliver add reality check says grower but the swing back and will swing back and will let fruit fall on the ground rather than pull than pull out vines. 20,000 to establish a to establish a vineyard so if you put them to sleep it is virtually no cost. The oversupply of grapes consumers have never had so good with some of the mass produced varieties produced varieties selling for half five years ago. Winemakers say it will to be high-quality wines that the export market strong. The former The former US Secretary of State Alexander Haig died. General Haig came into the public eye during the dying days of Richard Nixon's presidency and he went onto work with two other American presidents. A veteran of Korean and Vietnam Korean and Vietnam wars he served as Commander of Nato forces in Europe.

Europe. Alexander Haig first rose to prominence as Richard Nixon's Chief of Staff. Nixon's Chief of Staff. A four- star with helping convince the President the resign in wake of the Watergate scandal successor Gerald Ford

General Haig appeared to have higher higher ambitions that became more obvious after the 1981 assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan. During the turmoil that followed he took control. His response media questions consternation. As of now I am in control am in control here in the White House pending return of the Vice President and close touch with him if something came up I something came up I would check with him of course. He resign Cabinet after failed attempts the find a the find a diplomatic end do the dispute over the dispute over the Falkland Islands. He eventually made his own run House but his House but his campaign barely got off the ground. Inside this exterior of militant turf-conscious excessively ambitious demeanour is a heart as big as all outdoors. The President a great American who served the country with disstinks. He was 85 when While the US is taking on China over Internet some of some of America's closest allies in the please are the quietly clamping down. Until recently online journalists in Jordan enjoyed a freedom of expression unavailable to their counterparts newspapers and newspapers and television but that window. There that window. There are concerns that it concerns that it will drive frustrated young Jordanians to far more dangerous sites. This is sites. This is as close as it gets to independent news reporting in Arab countries. This is the third most popular Jordanian web site one of the few places where Jordanians can freely discuss the news of is the only outlet new generation to express to talk, their needs to the Government and to the people. But and to the people. But that is all news won a recent news won a recent defamation case the ruling brought all of job done's news sites as well as well as Facebook and Twitter under the under the country's strict print and publication law. TRANSLATION: These law. TRANSLATION: These web sites have put sites have put the Government procedures under a spotlight with a boldness we have not seen before. In a country where in sexual assaulting the sexual assaulting the king carries a 6-month

that is dangerous. One article earned a phone call if the if the press office threatening threatening legal action. TRANSLATION: a small country. The Internet is monitored, they is monitored, they know who publishes the sites and who writes in them. They interest fear and whatever they want. At a publications law in Jordan already television. If you television. If you restrict the newspapers there are the newspapers there are no alternatives but there are with the Internet and there is a they find could be very dangerous. This web site turned one suicide bomber. Jordan is regarded as moderate and

pro-Western. Its Government says it wants says it wants to preserve freedom of the press but the country is not country is not Democratic and speech is not free. apparently even less so apparently even less so than before. Thousands of have attended the funeral of the Georgian winter Olympian Nodar Nodar Kumaritashvili who died in a training in a training accident at the Vancouver Games last The 21-year-old came off the luge track at high speed and crashed hours before crashed hours before the Opening Ceremony. Opening Ceremony. The athlete's funeral in his hometown of Bakuriani. The Georgian President and his wife were there to comfort hard to blame anybody. I an investigation is going on and we are getting all the cooperation and a lot of sympathy from people from Canada, from people all over the world. The Georgian Government has raised concerns about the safety of the track in Vancouver but says it will outcome of the official investigation. a lucky escape from a lucky escape from injury for one of Australia's bobsleigh teams at Olympics. The two-man team crashed badly in crashed badly in qualifying at 100 km/h but Australians were not the ones to lose ones to lose control on the treacherous treacherous track. An early error frightening run in one piece would be an

achievement. COMMENTATOR: The driver is still The driver is still in. The minute it took it get did the bottom would have seemed like a lifetime but the pair a lifetime but the pair was able to walk away. Of it was just at nightmare from the finish. I the finish. I is like a car crash, you pull in and hope for the best. Some the finish time. team was not their dice with disaster. When the Canadians capsized the Russians the Russians were pleased then concerned. There was a mixture of belief, amusement and disappointment for Australia's aerial I put down two nice jumps but I'm not sure why they have been scored solo at 9:00. Brie Munro missed 9:00. Brie Munro missed the landing on both jumps. With four four ski jump gold medals, a man won the long-hill to go with his victory in the hill matching his effort from the Salt Lake games 8 the Salt Lake games 8 weeks ago. Canada as John Montgomerie has set benchmark that will be benchmark that will be hard the beat. COMMENTATOR: This could have Canada has the gold Canada has the gold medal. It is sensational here. The skeleton champion was the toots of Vancouver as he his way to a television interview where he interview where he auctioned off his jug of beer! me I will take it for $1000. It is likely to be the last beer that he has to buy at these Games.

and the Waratahs have had tough starts to their this morning. The were too Wales scoring three unanswered tries while Bulls came if behind the steam troll Brumbies despite the return ever Rocky the return ever Rocky Elsom and Matt Giteau. Wallabies skipper had not played a game Brumbies until Brumbies until now but Rocky Elsom made the most of his opening against the defending Rocky Elsom gets to the Brumbies. And the Brumbies. And he helped the visitors extend lead minutes later. COMMENTATOR: will get the touch-down. The Bulls capitalise after Ben Alexander was blocked by the referee. COMMENTATOR: The Brumbies will moan like all hell. The flyhalf continued the charge. Matt Giteau extended the lead in the second half before the Bulls wept on a rampage unanswered points. Stayne finishing the match with total of 35. We were on back foot for back foot for 15 minutes straight and it was a the back of the line t tonne over was the over was the one that hurt. After a South Africa last year Waratahs were out to continue their winning streak A penalty goal to Berrick Barnes Barnes put the visitors on the board the board but Stormers attack proved too strong as they drove over the line for the first try. Barnes closed the gap gap but a costly mistake from Kirtley Beale put Brian Habana through. COMMENTATOR: First try in a First try in a Stormers jersey. He found another in the Waratah defence shortly after. The Waratahs were unable to emulate were unable to emulate last week's victory. Two games in, we have a big game next week we need to turn things around. Both teams win and win and one loss for the season. The Canberra Raiders have lost their second

season matching go season matching go down to the Broncos 32 point to 24 at Ballymore in Brisbane. Broncos teenager Broncos teenager fullback Corey Norman set-up two of with dazzling footwork. In with dazzling footwork. In an impressive display from Brisbane 'We Weren't Born to Follow' was virtually unstoppable as he grabbed a hat-trick of hat-trick of tries. Terry Campese picked up a double Campese picked up a double at the home the home of Queensland Rugby union where his for years. In Cairns Willie Mason minutes for the you boys night against the the Warriors the Warriors beat the cowboys 28-6. The 28-6. The Australian men's and women's teams are sharing centre stage with a header of Twenty-20 in Hobart. in Hobart. The first international fixture international fixture under Bellerive Oval's new drew a capacity crowd. drew a capacity crowd. After a one-sided summer and dwindling crowds for 50-over matches Cricket matches Cricket Australia must have must have been relieved to thousands rolling into Bellerive Oval this afternoon. The match

afternoon. The match was out two days in advance. Since we Since we were sold out on Friday morning we have had a lot of people ringing for tickets disappointed they cannot get them. Ricky Ponting has only retire Twenty-20 but he has become a museum piece at the ground where his career started. Some great memories come flooding back and a few bad haircuts I'm not that haircuts I'm not that happy with. The Australian Test and

one-day captain says pricing must be reviewed to get more people attending the longer forms of the forms of the game.. not just the ticket but you pay $9 for a bottle of water and $7 a pie. The profile of women's cricket is on the cricket is on the rise with this live on free-to-air television and ABC Radio. Perry ensured the chance to promote the

based. Fresh from a 5-nil one day whitewash Australia set a target of 118. The went down to the wire with three three runs needed off the last ball. New Zealand hung on. COMMENTATOR: catch! Australia won the test and batted in match. After a superb start Warner leash would trade mark

aggression. Bellreive was not big enough for the master blaster. The master blaster. The Canberra Capitals the WNBL thrashing Townsville 70-39. The Capitals The Capitals wore black armbands in honour of team-mate Jess Bibby whose brother died during the week. Abby Bishop top scored for Canberra with 20 points while law finished with 16 in what could be her last home could be her last home game for the Capitals. played well. I'm happy for everybody. We

and it was nice. We team defence was really on it which shed and now we have the turn our focus for next weekend. Canberra will now play Sydney in next weekend's knock-out final a chance the defend their championship Englishman Ian Polter is into the final of the match play championship. Poor light prevented an end to the other semifinal between his countryman Paul Casey and Colombian Camilo

Colombian Camilo Villegas. Against Sergeny Polter won 7-6 after overcoming Stewart Sink and Retief Goosen Casey andville ville had a tight match. The pair halved five holes in pair halved five holes in a row. The Colombian had row. The Colombian had a chance to win

chance to win at the 23rd. The semifinal will be finished tomorrow. More #17b000 children the annual kids triathlon today in Canberra. Competitors range from 15 to as young as 7 and the event features swim, bike and run legs of a triathlon. There is winners and no time keepers. The aim is while being active. It is so good to see them all

I feel a few are having a battle over the line battle over the line which was good to see. Yeah, so many kids here today and it is good to see them out there giving it a go. The tie London series is held in 7 capital cities across Australia. It was Australia. It was the perfect day for a perfect day for a stroll around the lake.

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