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(generated from captions) This program is not subtitled This Program Is Captioned Live. Tonight - Barack Obama praises Afghanistan. And the man who took the Afghanistan. And promotion for

gallery to new heights. Good evening. Craig Allen with ABC News. The US has given an insight into his with ABC News. The US President

relationship with Minister Kevin Rudd in exclusive interview with the ABC. It's Barack Australian media since the US election. North correspondent Lisa Millar. election. North America

You're in this here. Sitting down You're in this chair

House, Barack Obama was keen to diplomatic room of the White

let Australians know he will make good on his promise to visit. My hope is that stay at least a couple of days. visit. My hope is that we can

I want Michelle and hopefully the girls to Sydney and as well as Canberra. Barack on success there as well as his presidency will be judged

bid on success there as well as his do more to help He was asked if Australia could He was asked if Australia

Taliban. I do more to help fight the has made enormous sacrifices, Taliban. I think that Australia

both on the military side and and an enormous investment,

the civilian side. They've been a very strong partner and America's grateful for that. for the President is here in Hello everybody. The next front

the US as he tries to reform the financial system. With second anniversary of the financial system. With the

global financial crisis looming White House wants to set up a would new regulatory framework that

collapse. This is going to be the most sweeping set a country since those put in reforms we have contemplated as

place after the Great Depression snoochl but Democrats and Republicans are divided over well. The time as the Congress heads what is expected to acrimonious mid-term election. You can see the interview with Barack Obama You can see the exclusive

here on ABC1 after this bulletin. Chinese rescuers are battling freezing conditions they attempt to reach battling freezing conditions as

remaining they attempt to reach any powerful earthquake in the west remaining survivors of a of the country. The around the town of Yushu stands of the country. The death toll

at 617, but it's expected keep rising as reports come in at 617, but it's expected to

from more isolated of thousands of people from more isolated areas. Tens

homeless in this rugged part Qinghai province. remote Qinghai province. In this with only had their hands to work

task becomes even with and at high altitude, the

air is thinner and it's task becomes even harder. The

difficult to breathe. The biggest concern is the environment because this is a high altitude situation. don't know the search dogs can high altitude situation. We

adapt to the altitude here fast enough. But every a survivor is pulled from the enough. But every now and then

rubble. Giving hope and the

strength to press on. The devastation in in part Qinghai province is widespread. In some towns of buildings have In some towns around Yushu, 80% destroyed, of buildings have been conditions. This is an Tibetan area which was conditions. This is an ethnic

up in the 2008 uprising, so Tibetan area which was caught

foreign reporters are not normally allowed in. It's a sensitive place because it's normally allowed in. It's also

the Lama. the home province of the Dalai rescuers are concerned. biggest enemy as far as

teams are being brought in Soldiers and other

all around the country. the rescuers keep coming still have many hours' drive the rescuers keep coming they

ahead of them to reach some of those who are trapped. Time is not on their side. More than been killed by a cyclone that More than 100 people have

swept through parts and Bangladesh. Winds of up to 120 kilometres an hour ravaged north eastern provinces. cyclone hit mainly poor areas were no match for the destructive uprooted and power cut. The destructive winds. Trees were

death toll as rescue workers start clearing the debris. Fatigue and navigational oversights may be behind the grounding of Barrier Reef two weeks ago. The coal carrier on

'Shen Neng I' slammed into World Heritage site at Douglas Shoal off central Queensland after the ship apparently cut corner off a shipping route. after the ship apparently cut a

The magistrate has granted bail to two senior crewmen charged with damaging the reef during the incident. The two crewmen charge over the 'Shen Neng I''s grounding were custody this morning. grounding were released from

Gladstone court was told both the ship's master and the Using a Chinese interpreter in court, the magistrate granted the ship's master bail him to return to the ship's master bail allowing

could face a $55,000 him to return to China. He

the first mate will have to could face a $55,000 fine. But

surrender his back to the ship as he that could mean three years in facing more serious charges

jail. We want to see treated fairly and justly. The released a preliminary Transport Safety Bureau has

which says the chief mate was very tired heading up to accident. 275 hours of broken very tired heading up to the

sleep in the previous 37 hours. The crew didn't enter the new coordinates of a shorter route in the GPS so no alarm was triggered. There is no single contributing factor. There is a came together that led to the There is a range of things that grounding of this vessel. The court proceedings have been adjourned until 9 June. Both the charged crewmen will master of the ship who can go home to China has been asked make a written promise that he will return to Australia if needed for any other court dates. And three other restricted waters off North Queensland will be sentenced tomorrow. The trio guilt which to taking the carrier through Barrier Reef zones to reach a port near Bowen earlier this month. There has been a major development in the development in the 2003 Canberra hearing with another insurer dropping part of its claim. QBE Insurance was expected to about $2 5 million from ACT and New South authorities to recoup authorities to recoup payments to 19 fire victims. But today, the company withdrew its claim against the ACT. against the ACT. It's understood its action understood its action against New South Wales will New South Wales will continue. QBE is the pull out of proceedings. At one stage, there were thousands of plaintiffs involved. There now only around 100 left. lawyers for those who remain say doesn't change their doesn't change their position. Strain Island detention centre increased tonight. have completed the transfer of three boatloads of asylum seekers. More than 100 have come in while just 40 moved off today. To make matters delayed the opening of 200 delayed the opening of 200 much needed beds. Hayden needed beds. Hayden Cooper reports. From ship to reports. From ship to shore, the latest perilous journey, huddled together in row, the asylum seekers have reached Australia to face a new life in crowded detention. Well, it is tight at the Christmas centre. That's a fact. But we are managing. For most of are managing. For most of the 135 on board, this is now the sprawling detention facility on the other side facility on the other side of the island. For locals, big delivery of human cargo is nothing unusual. I'm sure numbers will increase. We are having an average of 50, people coming in every week. Ron de Cruz has lived three decades. He runs church services inside the detention centre and worries about centre and worries about what's to come. The camp was only built for 1,200 people. built for 1,200 people. Now it's probably getting a bit overcrowded. It's a system surviving on a delicate balancing act as these balancing act as these people step precious space. Today, a group of 40 leaves for of 40 leaves for Australia, most of them as refugees. At the back of the vast centre new demountables are being bolted together. The wh cooperated with us. 200 beds we'd hoped would come ready just yet. Open space is the nearest they get to freedom in the detention Police from New South and the ACT have raid ed and the ACT have raid ed a marijuana plantation in the Brindabella National Brindabella National Park west of Canberra, seizing almost $200,000 worth of cannabis. The sting netted 10 kg of harvested drugs along with more than 30 plants, many of them Another 5 kg of cannabis Another 5 kg of cannabis was seized at a house in Canberra. Police say it's one biggest hauls in recent years. It years. It does show that with information from and with both of jurisdictions working so well, we can get drugs off we can get drugs off the street. A 52-year-old man has been charged with cultivating and supplying drugs. He and supplying drugs. He was granted conditional Queanbeyan Court today. British scientists are claiming a breakthrough in the breakthrough in the fight against a crippling against a crippling genetic disease. disease. They've created embryos containing the DNA embryos containing the DNA from three people a man and two women. The technique has potential to help prevent mothers handing mothers handing down a sometimes fatal condition. Mitochondrial disorder is a Mitochondrial disorder is a is genetic disease that robs the body of energy. body of energy. Karen Crawley unknowingly passed it on to her children. I was devastated. The mind's going, the speech slurry, she is going slurry, she is going blind, deaf. Physically she is deaf. Physically she is going, mentally she scientists believe they've developed a way to stop the disorder being passed on to unborn children. The procedure concentrates on the mitochondria, that cells. This research fertilised eggs donated after IVF. The nuclei contain all the crucial genes from both leaving the damaged mitochondria behind. The was then transferred was then transferred to another woman's egg which had its mitochondria. All we're doing is changing over the power supplier. All the key information that makes a person or a baby a baby is going to be there. But things could get would have a mum and would have a mum and dad which would be the normal situation from when an egg is fertilised but they would also another mitochondrial DNA mum. About 1 in 250 Australians carry the disorder. If I the child was getting would be unbelievable. But it could be a while. I could be a while. I doubt it will be possible to use will be possible to use the technique in Australia for five years. Researchers hope to treat the first couples in Britain in three years. Pancreatic cancer is one of the deadliest forms. but it could soon be much easier to treat thanks to the sequencing genome of the cancer and have published on-line. Over time they plan build up a databank of big enough to discover what makes the cancer spread. At the moment it can be too to know if a patient will respond to treatment but the research team hopes that change. The Australians are among researchers around the world working to catalogue genome, the 50 most cancers. And still to come on ABC News, silver screen ABC News, silver screen hero. The true story of a Queensland miner who changed the course miner who changed the course of World War I. Queensland's as the State that's always moved to its own time. Not moved to its own time. Not any more, with daylight saving on the agenda. The State Government is Government is considering a trial as early as this summer, but in a bid to placate rural and regional Queensland, would only be carried out in the south-east corner. It's the issue that's the issue that's always divided Queensland. Lovely, very Daylight savings will give us ever us ever so much time to work. Queensland is the back washed State. Every summer the Sunshine State shuns daylight saving when most of saving when most of the nation winds back its clocks. It be implemented as early be implemented as early this summer. Anna Bligh is gainling community support for a daylight saving trial just in the south-east corner. successful the state would be divided every summer two time zones. The last time daylight saving was put daylight saving was put to a vote in Queensland was back in 1992, when it was well and truly defeated. In the lead-up to that referendum, there was near hysterical debate about faded curtains, disgruntled cows and chooks that lay eggs. And the lay eggs. And the State's leaders have steered well ever since. Its revival has once again got many hot under the collar. We don't extra hour or two of light at the end of the day. Splitting the State will make our job much harder to try to get our produce to production and produce to production and get that production shipped that production shipped and sold. Others are cranky the north's dragging its heels. They heels. They still talk about their cows waking up early or something. I have no idea of the logic they're trying to use to oppose it. It just does not make sense. If we want divide the State on daylight savings zones they savings zones they might as well go the whole hog and make the separate State. A drastic solution to an issue that isn't going to fade. The National Museum Australia has a new director. The job has been The job has been handed to the head of the the National Portrait Gallery Andrew Portrait Gallery Andrew sayers. He is replacing Craddock Morton who is retiring after seven years. Mr Sayers says years. Mr Sayers says he wants the museum to connect with all Australians and become wants more of the museum's collection to think there is great think there is great many ideas about what can be done with the site and with the building, and I will be options and hopefully we will be seeing some be seeing some different configurations in the configurations in the museum in the near future. Mr Sayers oversaw the portrait oversaw the portrait gallery's move from Old Parliament House to its next to the High Court. Canberra has unveiled its wing. The $18 million eastern precinct includes a cafe and a car park, and the famous statue of Weary Dunlop. It is also incorporate a national commemorating those called to fight in Vietnam and Korea. The redevelopment has taken just under a year to just under a year to complete. To finance now. economy has economy has completed its bounce back from the global financial financial crisis. Recording growth in the March growth in the March quarter of almost 12%. As Alan Kohler reports, that helped produce another positive day on the local share from China is all good. Nearly 12% economic growth, 12% economic growth, inflation under control, and retail under control, and retail sales and industrial production both growing at 18% per growing at 18% per annum. As usual I just note the genius of the Chinese statisticians the Chinese statisticians to produce all produce all this data for the March quarter on April 15. Our March quarter data is due on June 2. Anyway, here is a of Chinese GDP and the GFC is just a BNM, a brief nasty memory. Growth was 11.9% it, and now it's 11.9% after it. Mind you, yesterday Singapore reported its economy grew an incredible 32% in the March quarter. Meanwhile this week Economic Research Economic Research in the United States refused to American recession over. While Europe Europe tries to avoid deflation. market went up again but not much. Stocks on Wall much. Stocks on Wall Street continued because of the strength because of the strength in retail sales there that I showed the other night . Which suggests that the recession suggests that the recession is definitely the question in the US is when interest rates will rise. Telstra shares fell a rise. Telstra shares fell a bit more today as investors shakes again about the NBN. Among the retailers it was David Jones' turn to David Jones' turn to get a smack Woodside and NAB both went about 1.5%. Some about 1.5%. Some commodities went up a lot last night, including oil which had including oil which had been languishing lately but the languishing lately but the news out of China sent the price back above $86 a barrel. was fairly flat as it has been for six dollar was strong again up to 93.5 US cents and 68.5 euro cents of the that's finance. A vol xain know in Iceland is causing havoc to flights as far away as Norway, Sweden and the UK. It's all because of an eruption under a glacier that's creating plumes of steam up to 8 kilometres high. Nights and out of Britain have been closed by clouds of ash. In Scotland, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen airports were and Aberdeen airports were shut down and there cancellations at London's Heathrow and Gatwick. Hundreds of of flights have been affected. Underwater cameras are scientists a new how endangered sea lions live. They hope their They hope their discoveries will afford the mammals will afford the mammals better protection, in new Marine Parks to be created by Australian Government. This Australian Government. This is now a sea lion feasts on its prey. strapping cameras to sea lions at a reef off coast. The coast. The high resolution footage is footage is giving the clearest picture yet of how the creatures live We get a creatures live We get a picture from over the sea from over the sea lion's shoulder of it's using it's using and secondly exactly the prey it's catching, how it catches then and how it eats them. Most Australian sea lions are found in the State's waters, with this reef posting the biggest colony. Scientists from the institute plan to use the findings to bargain for better protection for the sea lions Parks. The government says it will take all arguments from both scientists and the fishing industry industry into account. We've learned interesting already, like the sea lions are only focusing on the bottom stuff. We're already this information is out where might be between the different uses. Draft boundaries for the Marine Parks will be released next year, with the final zones in place by 2012. in place by 2012. Scientists plan to use the same method with sea lions method with sea lions near Ceduna on the Great Australian

Bight. Leading horse trainer Gai Waterhouse has lost a Supreme Court action to force her stable jockey Nash Rawiller ride her horse Thessio in Saturday's took the ride on another horse, believing that believing that Thessio wouldn't start but the court supported a stewards' finding jockey had done nothing in seaing the new ride. Although not conceding was a resounding standing up for the owners' rights. The jockey has been retained for us for but it didn't go favour. At issue was a favour. At issue was a verbal agreement she had with agreement she had with her stable jockey Nash Rawiller that he ride her horses when required. But Rawiller understood Thessio wasn't understood Thessio wasn't a Doncaster starter so a ride on Stewards found Stewards found nothing wrong with the decision. They did with the decision. They did it with procedural fairness natural justice. If you have procedural fairness or natural justice can I today was frivolous. The Muscat is no shrinking violet on or off the pitch. After on or off the pitch. After his side was dumped from the Asian Champions League by Beijing, did little to endear himself to powerbrokers. It's not that enjoyable enjoyable playing in the Champions League. I think it's evident being involved in it and watching it, you can understand why people don't why people don't watch people going down and it seems that authorities can't take control. Former Newcastle control. Former Newcastle Jet Joel Joel Griffith was one of the best as Beijing outplayed the Victory for most of Victory for most of the scoreless draw. Premier League title chances are all but gone after a 2-1 loss to Tottenham, whose goals included a volley by teenage debutante Danny Rose. debutante Danny Rose. It was Spurs' Arsenal in 11 seasons and hopefully Tim up some in South Africa. The Socceroo continued his scoring with both goals in 2-2 draw with Aston Villa. He's done it again! Two head goals from Cahill. It so too predictable for Danny Green. Green. He wasted little time or energy disposing of Manny Siaca to retain his IBO to retain his IBO cruiser weight the outset, Green several powerful blows in the opening two rounds, putting Siaca on the canvas in the second before cornering him with a flurry of punches midway through the third. I'm stoke and rapt to defend my crown. Stephanie Gilmore's winning run on the women's tour has come to an abrupt halt in New an abrupt halt in New Zealand. The reigning world champion and winner of the year's winner of the year's first two events lost in the events lost in the third round to 15-year-old Sarah Mason, who comes from New Zealand, and is based on the Gold wildcard. Brumbies halfback Josh Valentine has failed a fitness test on his fitness test on his injured hamstring ruling him out of tomorrow night's match at Canberra Stadium. Valentine appeared to struggle with his injury stopping frequently to stopping frequently to stretch. Patrick Phibbs will take his place. The game is a must win if the Brumbies want to stay in finals contention. We're to face a side that's a lot better side than last week. So it's going to be a it's going to be a totally different game. They know as so we're coming here to win the game. We're here trying to win the the game, too. The hurricanes have one their last three matches against ACT side. The North Queensland city North Queensland city of Townsville rolled out the red carpet last night for the premiere of an movie being released in for Anzac Day . 'Beneath Hill 60' is the true story of Queensland miner who joined army as a tunneler and changed the course War. A war movie shot location in the garrison city of Townsville was of Townsville was always going to have a special piece to have a special piece of North Queensland's heart. I think it's a to not only the people of Townsville for the support provided for this also a also a tribute to the generation that the generation that the film represents. It stars an Australian cast telling an Australian story. About a Queensland miner who help t Queensland miner who help t his platoon tunnel under enemy lines on the Western Front in World War World War I. This is a big story we're telling, and it's a big secret I guess that unveiling to the country, and a lot of people don't know this story and it's a pretty bloody special one. Former mines inspector Ross Thomas spent 20 years researching the story, hoping the tunnelers will get the recognition they deserved. 95 years late, but we've bought we've bought the story to the surface. Excuse the pun. Long live the tunnelers stayed on the Western Front after Armistice Day and weren't part of the welcome parades for their returned Gallipoli and all of those things, and Gallipoli is an amazing story, but this is a different kind of Part was and his uncle Richard was the First World War. It goes back that my uncle was killed in the war and whether there was a tunnel I don't know but it was one of those things I felt, the way I feel. felt, the way I feel. The movie movie opens nationally today but the director is hoping Anzac interest in this interest in this significant chapter in Australian military

history. Now with Carmody. Good evening. Another terrific day across the capital which ticked all the boxes. Minimums of 3 and 4, clear sunny skies, light sunny skies, light variable winds that wouldn't blow an Autumn leaf off its tree and maximum of 22. For an Autumn day in Canberra, it day in Canberra, it certainly passed muster. Most eastern States north of the border are clear of There is some moving through and there's some and Broome. The reason and Broome. The reason for these Crackerjack days is a high that is currently centred east of Kalangadoo. The east of Kalangadoo. The onshore winds it's generating winds it's generating might bring some light showers bring some light showers to the Illawarra tomorrow. Apart from those those showers, it will be dry west of the range and will stay like that for a while. Canberra's newest heritage homestead will be opened on Sunday there is plenty to Sunday there is plenty to see at the heritage festival. Sing Australia will do what they do best. It's off Mullighan's road. Another place to visit road. Another place to visit is the botanical gardens. They're at their best. Just look at their best. Just look at had honey Myrtle! Stay with us now for with the with the US President, Barack Obama. You can find the latest headlines 24 hours a day at ABC

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Congress finally passed his

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He has put three important

building blocks in place to

fulfil his goal of serious

nuclear arms reduction and he

has just hosted successful

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presidents have faced what

Barack Obama has had to stare

down in his first year in offers, inheriting

troublesome wars in Iraq and

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