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Tonight the ultimate sacrifice, in Afghanistan. As in Afghanistan. As we mourn their loss we should honour the fact they died in the service NSW bonus that NSW bonus that could spell trouble for the ACT. The owns our genetic material and the investigation that as mockery of Japan's scientific whaling program. Good Virginia Haussegger - Australia has had its worst day at war in more than 30 years. A bomb blast killed two soldiers in Afghanistan. The heaviest Vietnam. The Brisbane-based bomb detection specialists were province when the explosive detonated alongside them. brings to 13 the number of Australians killed in almost nine years of fighting the Taliban. On patrol in the again in the form of a roadside bomb. Today roadside bomb. Today the nation mourns the loss of two brave soldiers brave soldiers of Australia. The IED killed soldier instantly t soldier instantly t second was choppered back to business but did not survive. It is Australia's worst day at war since Vietnam.. I think we are seeing a hard day in theatre. There lot of troops in action, a lot going on. This has been lot going on. This has been a difficult day. This is

the victims. 25-year-old sap filmed here in Sapper Darren Smith. The other Darren Smith. The other is Jacob Moreland from Brisbane A-bomb detection dog was A-bomb detection dog was also killed. All reach out to the families reach out to the families of those killed soldiers those killed soldiers in their hour of the terrible need and grief. The grief is not limited to wave of Afghanistan claimed almost dozen lives Americans. For the Coalition forces it is the heaviest day of casualties all year. Although it is a bad day it will not lead will not lead to any change in in Australia's resolve with the American the American troop surge now taking up position conquering the insurgents

rests more than ever with the success of its allies and not on any rethink in Canberra. Let us make Let us make no bones about it, this is a very it, this is a very tough, difficult, continuing military campaign. Some good things are happening and we are leading in the right direction. The toll is already heavy enough. 13 are now fallen. Two more name added to the roll. The Government says it is a bold move designed state's housing industry. But there are fears a decision the abolish stamp duty for some knew new properties will hit Government has revealed the changes as the centrepiece of today's state budget. today's state budget. From July stamp duty will be scrapped for houses costing up to $600,00 that are up to $600,00 that are bought off plan. Stamp duty in NSW is already cheaper than Canberra but for next month the price gap will be Zero stamp duty a bold initiative designed initiative designed to kick start housing start housing sector. But that could be to the expense of the ACT. The changes of the ACT. The changes mean that that some areas such as Queanbeyan will be Queanbeyan will be tough competition. People will think with their hip pockets and may move and may move or invest over the border which is a concern for the ACT. will have a choice to go will have a choice to go over the border and not pay high levels of that choice and I think Canberra Canberra will suffer as a result. Looking at a $600,000 property in the ACT stamp duty duty is $26,000. In NSW people buying a house off the plan or those aged over plan or those aged over 65 who choose to down size will pay no stamp duty. pay no stamp duty. A similar value value house already under construction in NSW will attract duty of around $17,000. duty of around $17,000. But the Chief Minister is worried. Housing starts, finance are here in the ACT lead the nation by miles. Jon Stanhope stays the ACT will not questioned the decision to apply the stamp duty cuts to properties costing up to $600,000. That is not first home buyers home, not and those who can afford to pay. The NSW stamp regime will be in regime will be in place for the next two years. the next two years. Meanwhile new figures show the extraordinary investment being being made in Canberra's rapidly growing suburbs. Franklin tops the list but Civic Civic is not far behind. The data points to a city growing faster than faster than at any time in the past two decades. From grasslands to suburbia, Canberra's building hotspot. In terms construction and population and population growth it is still the areas to the north of Canberra and in particular areas areas like Franklin and McGregor. According to housing industry's figures $83 million worth houses were approved Franklin pushing the suburb's population up 185%. Another population hotspot population hotspot was Civic. Ticking all the boxes for the Government's living plan. The town living plan. The town has never been better, stronger and more attractive and more attractive to outsiders or to people population is on the increase. 1.9% growth seems modest by Australian standards but the Chief Minister says Minister says it is the ACT's best increase in 20 years. The concern for the ACT is while we while we are able to attract new residents to the territory a lot of territory a lot of those through overseas migration through overseas migration we are still are still leaking our bleeding through interstate migration. We still do tends to lose people at university age or looking for a lifestyle. But Jon Stanhope says many of those young professionals the light and flock back with young families in tow. Kevin Rudd is venturing the mining stronghold of Perth tonight for a Cabinet meeting meeting and talk was industry leaders. done the advance done the advance work. She has gone has gone head-to-head with critics including magnate Andrew demanded the Government raise the threshold of its proposed mining profits tax. Work a yield

a yield which satisfies investors, keeps Australia growing strong then tax above that but not is a super profit. I do not think a think a passionate debate is something we should fear. But I am concerned as the debate generated in some parts generated in some parts of the Western the Western Australian community. Today

reassure that need for fear. The tax is sensitive in sensitive in the west and Kevin Rudd's expected the face visit. A report on Australia's illicit drug market has found cannabis still dominates the scene but there has been a big increase in amphetamine offences the Australian Crime Commission Commission says police Busted last year. 30-year-old Goral a record number of drug labs

I could not cope with life I started to use drugs. It is now his second time in rehab as he works to rebuild his life. I lost my friend, my family. So I decided to take a program and turn my life around and came around and came to Odyssey House. He says it is easy House. He says it is easy to get drugs which is precisely what Australia's law enforcement agencies want the change. The Australian Crime Commission's latest illicit drug data report is seen as organised crime. One thing is not changing, the profits from illegal drugs breed serious and organised crime and the illicit drug trade turn leads to turn leads to more crime. 13 tonnes of illicit drugs were seized in Australia during the last financial year. Cannabis remains the dominant dug but stimulants dug but stimulants are on the rise with the um in of seizures and arrest its highest on record. The highest on record. The authorities authorities are concerned by the record number areas. Many would have read media reports about found living in these toxic arrive in Australia is changing with the changing with the post emerging route. Over the last five years we have seen 10,00 separate articles being identified identified and seized by customs. 25 people were arrested in one arrested in one week in a crackdown on drugs sent through the mail earlier this year. year. A young woman has been committed to stand the murder of a 19-year-old man in Canberra's inner south two years ago. The two years ago. The body of Cameron Anderson was Cameron Anderson was fund at the rear of this the rear of this Kingston childcare centre childcare centre in September 2008. The woman accused 17 at the time. Her barrister told violently sexually attacked and allegedly and allegedly stabbed Anderson several times read phone intercepts and records of conversations which he argued provided admissions of up in the air and I hope it is

is finished soon. The woman was remanded in custody. The matter will go before the ACT Supreme Court next week. Too little, victims of the world's worst industrial accident. That is the response to the first convictions handed down over the 1984 Bopal disaster in India. An Indian court has found 7 managers of the found 7 managers of the US owned Union Carbide guilty of death by kept outside the local managers were given 2 years jail but they were bail and are expected appeal against the appeal against the sentences. Thousands of people died when toxic fumes leak from the Bopal plant shanty towns. Health say tens of thousands say tens of thousands more are still suffering today. The plant has been exists. Who owns our genetic material? For the material? For the first time that question is being asked in an Australian court. The legal challenge to a breast cancer test comes on heels of a similar lawsuit in the US. the US. Women with mutations to a gene called five times for likely five times for likely to develop breast cancer than women without The Yvonne Darcy was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 1998 then 10 years later. She is part of a landmark Australian case which will test had the test had the patent awarded to a US biotech company for the breast cancer the breast cancer gene is legal. To me it is morally parts of the body. In mare watch judge in the US ruled that isolated genetic material was a discovery an invention therefore the patent was Australian lawyers launched similar action in the Federal Court. the Federal Court. It is groundbreaking in the groundbreaking in the sense it is the first time validity of granting patents over human genetic material. In Australia it material. In Australia it costs more than the BRCA1 test which is out of reach for patients of reach for patients like Yvonne.. I would love the test and my daughter too but neither of us at the moment can afford the price that they are asking. The Australian Australian biotech company that licences the Tess from the the US says it were removed it would seriously impact seriously impact on medical research. It would takeaway

that would that would help save lives. The lives. The implications of the case are enormous. Up to 20% of the gene has 20% of the gene has been patented. The Senate patented. The Senate is currently investigating the issue of issue of had genes should be patented. The patented. The committee is due to report back August sitting of Parliament. Still to come - Still to come - headaches galore for NSW State of Origin explosion at a natural explosion at a natural gas pipeline in the US has left injured. The fire Texas burnt for more than 2 hours with flames that could be seen kilometres blast happened when a electrical crew accidentally struck the pipeline. Information obtained by the ABC legal case against Japan's scientific whaling program. Members of Japan's whaling fleet have told the fleet have told the ABC's 'Foreign Correspondent' program of the systemic of valuable whale of valuable whale meat by crew men. The whistle has requested his identity be concealed. concealed. One crew member would take 500 to 600 would take 500 to 600 kill deprm ever grams as if it deprm ever grams as if it is normal. That is too much if eat at home. It has been alleged that alleged that officials in charge of the program took or profit. Two Japanese Greenpeace activists who exposed the alleged corruption appeared in court for the final day of their trial on theft charges. They intercepted the whale meat taken by crew members and took to it the and now face up to 10 years in prison. The full report on Japan pace whaling program can be seen on 'Foreign Correspondent' ABC1 at 8 o'clock. She been a been a fixture in the White House press halls since the days of days of JFK but the career of Helen Thomas has come to a sudden end. She lost front-row seat because of these get the hell out of Palestine. What should they do? Go home. Where? Poland, Germany. The White condemnation of her remarks. Now Now nearly 90 Helen Thomas apologised but I was enough. Her em miers have announced her retirement and her seat in the White House briefing room is now empty. The British Prime Minister has deliver add to the people who voted him into office just into office just three-weeks ago. David Cameron said ago. David Cameron said major spending cuts were spending cuts were inevitable as deal with the biggest deal with the biggest budget deficit seen since War II: The now the bill has to be now the bill has to be paid. According to Prime Minister David Cameron the black the black holes in the economy inherited from the previous Labour Government are deeper than previously thought so the cuts will have very difficult thing we are trying to do. No-one in this country has had to deal with an 11% budget before. While the details are yet to be finalised cuts to wages, a rise in the pension age, higher capital gains tax rates and rates and a hike in the value-added tax are value-added tax are all real possibilities. The decisions country. And the effects country. And the effects of those decisions those decisions will stay with us for even decades to come. David Cameron says if Cameron says if nothing is done about it in five years time the country's indebtedness will to indebtedness will to be equiff lefnt $40,000 for every man, woman and child Britain. With that Britain. With that bleak scenario scenario the Prime Minister lays the serious cuts in all but health and overseas aid but what should go.. spending but lose out so I'm lose out so I'm not sure where would be the best place to cut. If it affect its directly it will hurt and I'm not going to like it or for them next time. The unions say thousands of jobs are at are at risk and now the Opposition Labour Opposition Labour Party says they have gone too they have gone too far Let's bring the deficit way that is fair and everything done in the first month of office has been to hit people who can least who can least afford it. In two weeks tell us how much needs to slashed. The detail that longer but now everyone knows they are coming, they are big and they will hurt. markets - share market defied the as Alan Kohler reports the confidence has slumped. Business confidence is still slightly positive but below average and no real the wind out of sails but we know it has something to do with the proposed mining profits tax because within that because within that figure mining mining business confidence has fallen the most by points even though business conditions in mining remain strongly positive. Top the share market today was positive up 1.2% in the end. It means if you look through the huge volatility we the huge volatility we have been seeing lately the has levelled has levelled out after the 13% month-long correction from mid-and Today's rise Today's rise came despite another nasty fall in New York over notice and York over notice and similar falls on the falls on the major European markets but there was another big drop in Athens kerfuffle about Hungary's debt problems baffle investors. Gold is $12.40. The Aussie dollar has has struggled back above 82US cents. Since mid-and the currency has fallen by the same same percentage as the broad xwhodty xwhodty index 12%. Telstra continues the show the rest of market of market a clean pair of heels. In the past two it has gone up 7.5% while the All All Ordinaries has put on a third of is no news about Telstra just optimism there will be a on the NB NT miners and banks did well, Qantas went up 2% as well. A computer self button is the latest security measure announced by the Federal Government to help make the internet safer for young people. The announcement comes safety of social safety of social networking sites. The new tool was put together after consultation with group. The site includes direct links the the police and the kids helpline along with a nationwide internet filter this is another attempt by the Government reduce cyber bullying illegal online activity. illegal online activity. We need to go somewhere constituent away if constituent away if it is sus and this self help button will allow kids will allow kids with one press of one button take them will be able to press the red button wherever they feel threatened or unsafe It will direct them to It will direct them to a web site course of action. Injury and possible suspensions have forced the NSW selectors to delay naming their starting line-up for next must-win State of Origin game in Brisbane. in Brisbane. For the first time a 21-man squad has chosen. The likely to be decided tomorrow. The only certainty about the NSW about the NSW team for Origin 2 it will look different if the Origin I line-up.. until we actually see the see the results of the judiciary you know, we probably won't probably won't know the full 17. Jarryd Hayne and Luke Lewis will attempt the escape one-match bans. There are question-marks over injured duo Josh Dugan and duo Josh Dugan and Michael Weyman. The NSW bonded this afternoon with a visit to the Children's Hospital knowing some will not were the squad preparation for a team needing to win straight series defeats. straight series defeats. I don't find out so I'm not over great to be in the mix. Trent Barrett is expected to play five-eighth and young Rooster Mitchell Piers to claim Brett Kimmorley. Experience helps a bit but I have to the week and do my best. Queensland's talking over Israel Folau has given way to player power. The AFL-bound winger The AFL-bound winger has been spared the axe Izzy has been part of the team for the past 3 years, he played he is in terrific deserves a spot. Game 2 deserves a spot. Game 2 was expected to Lockyer's swansong but he has had a change of I'm feeling as good as I am now in 12 months I do not see a reason I should close the door. In NRL South ladder after thrashing the North Queensland 32-4. As North Queensland 32-4. As we heard NSW players Jarryd Hayne and Luke facing the NRL judiciary tonight in a bid to be cleared cleared for next week's State of Origin of Origin game. Both players are trying to avoid one-game bans which would force them out of out of the second Origin game in Brisbane. Jarryd in Brisbane. Jarryd Hayne face as striking charge for his head-butt on his head-butt on Melbourne fullback Billy is answering a is answering a dangerous throw charge for throw charge for his tackle from Saturday's game against the Knight su,. The World Cup kicks off on Friday night in Johannesburg with 32 countries competing for the greatest prize greatest prize in soccer. Tonight we assess the the teams the teams in groups A to D. South Africa World Cup with significant pressure trying not to become the first host nation unable to make it past the first round. A warm-up round. A warm-up win against Denmark made it 12 matches unbeaten and gave some hope to fans. We are not saying we will win but make us proud. While South hoping to make a lie of the rankings rankings in Group A opening the tournament against Mexico fans will have a task of living up to its ranking after form with a warm-up loss to cup China. TRANSLATION: We realise the do. We are not pessimistic we are optimistic and confident in the first game. One of the tournament favourites is Argentina. World's best Messi walking hand in perhaps the ever in coach Maradona who does not inspire much confidence in this confidence in this role except for the team. TRANSLATION: It is fact he takes the fact he takes the pressure off us and he is a motivation and inspiration for Nigeria, unpredictable South Korea and world number 13 Greece Argentina could make statement in its opening match. England waltz through group C despite the untimely captain Rio have lost a big player but have lost a big player but we do need to move forward. England's prime threat will to be 14th ranked sus you. Guys like Wayne Rooney, Gerrard, Lampard their given day can really win a game for England by themselves. The US were buoyant after a 3-1 win warm up. Australia is anchored in a tough group with three-time winners Germany who complacent for their opening group match in Durban Monday morning Australia time. I hope Germany under estimates us. Ghana and Serbia are Australia's opponent. Serbia with a host of top Europeans as who despite the loss of their star midfielder Essien hope to repeat some of their 2006 form. Here is Mark with the weather. Today's weather weather. Today's weather was great for cruising highways and by ways on a motorbike motorbike but not tomorrow. It will be a lot It will be a lot different. Today was cool Today was cool early. Zero at the airport, Queanbeyan the airport, Queanbeyan and Civic and 3 at Tuggeranong then fine and sunny then fine and sunny with 13 the on yesterday but afternoon reaching 25 km/h before sunset. practice tour is 7 and the

It will be windy and damp outside. Temperature range 1 to 10. But the to 10. But the unpleasant weather will be weather will be short life would a return to fine would a return to fine sunny Thursday. That weather will continue continue until the end of the long weekend. There you go. This rose Parliament House rose garden

Parliament House rose garden is is a popular one. The Britons horse from Port Lincoln is called Makeby called Makeby Diva. Thank you. Very informative. Before we go a recap - a has killed two Brisbane-based diggers in Afghanistan. The bomb disposal specialists

bomb disposal specialists died when a improvised explosive device went next to them during a routine patrol. It is patrol. It is Australia's heaviest day since Vietnam. There are fears a decision by the Government to scrap stamp duty on new up to $600,000 may impact up to $600,000 may impact on Canberra's population. The Property Council says it is concerned the announcement will tempt people to buy homes in Canberra's new suburbs. That is ABC News. Stay with us for the '7.30 Report' next. We will leave will leave you with a double act that keeps on pulling in the crowds at Adelaide Zoo. Enjoy your evening. Goodnight. This Program is Captioned


Welcome to the program. The

deaths of two Australian

soldiers along with eight NATO

troops in Afghanistan overnight

highlights yet again the deadly nature of the continuing war

against the Taliban, and we eel

analyse the implications of one

of the bloodiest days in that

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underscores why some Afghans

will continue to risk long

voyages in leaky boats trying

to find a safer home in

to find a safer home in

Australia. But part of Kevin

Rudd's Indonesia solution to

discourage the current flow of

asylum seekers is to work in tandem with the Indonesia

Government in a full front al

assault on Indonesian-based

people smugglers. Since last

September, an Indonesian police

taskforce has been tracking

people smugglers and detaining asylum seekers, backed by