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new political battlelines on climate change. This is a great big new tax on everything. This is simple lay playing is simple lay propaganda line, Abbott. Military honours for playing politics by more

the fallen at Fromelles. A clampdown on Henin's dream. Good evening. retains her title, dashing

Craig Allen with ABC News. The PM has made his first year commitment, promising to PM has made his first election

provide a expand the My School website to

the current of each school. But provide a more rounded view of

his bid to retain Government. with more troublesome issues in

Parliament returns this week and with it the climate change debate. The Opposition promising a solution that will be funded from the budget but the be paid for with one huge Tony Abbott's plan will have to

out debate and a vote left parliament after a drawn

the out debate and a vote against this week as will the Trading Scheme. They'll return

legislation divide grown stark. My job this week is to save Australia from this big new tax. The PM's that Opposition propaganda and big new tax. The PM's called

how Tony Abbott will hit back with his own line on

his direct alternative. One huge megatax his direct action

Abbott says his policy will be approach to climate change. Mr funded from the budget, no new tax required. He'll launch it on Tuesday before facing Kevin Rudd in parliament as Opposition Leader for the first time. There's little hope for the Government that will win enough support this time Opposition is preparing knockback brewing, the

again vote down Labor's budget Opposition is preparing to

health insurance measure to means test the

will keep the Government honest health insurance rebate. We

on private health. That's that will cost the budget billions in decades to come according to PM? Mr Abbott seems to be in permanent blocking mode And that could well put Kevin blocking mode And that that

the mode for a double election. If they block these dissolution election

things, then inevitably they will campaign later in the will form part of an election

What form the election or the election takes is What form the election campaign

in early with his first separate matter. He's getting election year commitment, to expand the My School website. The re-elected will of course website. The Government if it's

My School to a further survey parents for a view of the overall culture of a school. A teenager is dead and three others are in a critical condition after a car crash on happened just north of Eden on the far south coast. It

the Princes Highway. Police the car hit a tree early this the Princes Highway. Police say

morning, it was being driven by a 17-year-old girl from who died at the scene. A a 17-year-old girl from Bemboka

15-year-old girl from Bemboka and two boys aged 13 and 15 from Merimbula were flown to treatment. 93 years after the Canberra Hospital for

died in a in Australia's treatment. 93 years after they

offensive on the Western front Australian and British soldiers military honours in northern the 2,000 diggers who died were France. The bodies of 250 of

discovered last year in graves dug discovered last year in mass The new cemetery is graves dug by German soldiers.

become a place of rememberance for Australians like Gallipoli and Kokoda. Finally the dignified burial they deserved. This soldier was one of more than 2,000 skilled in remains the bloodiest 24 hours in Australia's war history. Hundred were mowed in Australia's war time

down in the flicker of lid like greet Rous of those who fell in that bat ll never be found. the obsession of an Melbourne historian, six unmarked mass graves were discovered last the discovered last year containing and shell, a muddy too many of the drenched killing field where

generation were slaughtered and too many of the cream of a

maimed. They'll now be church with full military rest beside Fromelles's village

honours. If a soldier dies battle he deserves an honourable burial. The men are comrades they've been beside for the years. As much as possible, beside for the past 93

maintaining the dignity of what these soldiers through and maintaining the these soldiers have been

linkage if you like to being buried one for the soldiers buried one one's mates. Peace

peace of mind for their families thanks to DNA technology. 90% of have yielded viable DNA technology. 90% of the remains

which can against those of living relatives. What we really would like the more funding to years. Over the coming weeks 30 forward over the next four

soldiers a day will be until all 250 have soldiers a day will be buried

reinterred. At a until all 250 have been

ceremony in July, farewell their loved ones and hopefully leave a precious gift name. Almost on their headstone - their Black Saturday name. Almost one year on from evidence that attitudes Black Saturday and there's new

the threat of bushfires haven't changed much in Victoria . New research aren't getting the message W many saying they'd still say put on Gippsland scorched areas put on a code red day. Across

slowly creeping back to life. On rubble and ash has been replaced. A year ago Ian and Julie Scott lost everything wanted to rebuild. We - no thought of $2.5 million makeover. We roughly mapped out where the various buildings will be. Rebuilding continues but it seeps that the attitudes towards the fire threat have not surveys of people living in bushfire-prone nearly half of the residents would initially stay put on a code red day. Frank Gissara and his four friends jumped into a 7 foot deep water tank themselves when they tried to vain to defend his home. Regardless Regardless of the trauma, Frank Gissara Gissara says he'll stay if history repeats history repeats itself. I would yeah, I wasn't at the start I wouldn't but now I think I would You cannot guarantee that the most defendable home the able to be defended on a code red people said it wouldn't happen to to me Despite the survey findings believes people are more of the dangers. The message is getting out getting out that about the danger seasons one thing but can't be enforced. I know can't be enforced. I know when I was in my late teens and early 20s I was certainly invincible and I'm sure people haven't changed If only changing public perception was as easy as tossing coin. Ex-Cyclone Olga is continuing throughout Queensland. currently a severe weather flooding and damaging flooding and damaging winds of up to 90km/h for most of the Central Coast and inland areas of the State. In North Queensland, the tiny town Giru has been inundated and residents are cleaning up after big overnight remnants of Cyclone Olgaed the Townsville coastline night. Power was cut through tout the city for hours with thrashing thrashing winds damaging powerlines. This morning, had passed but linger for a few days in the little town of haughton River peaked at 3m in the the early hours of this morning and late this still sitting just over still sitting just over the.5m high but for high but for the regulars at the Giru the Giru international the big flood caused little concern. Where have a beer and get your washed? You tell washed? You tell me. The wet season is season is an accepted part of life life in Giru but last night's flood caught residents unaware. It came in after a metre than forecast and arrived six hours hours earlier than predicted. Local man Neil Griggs got caught out too. He was trying to make it to the main Highway to deliver a dog to its now owners. A bit of stupidity, don't drive around in water. Emergency management Queensland reckons Queensland reckons that's a good motto Very important people take it easy and abide by the rules that they're urgency can't be it's going to take their life. On between Townsville and Ayr motorists had little choice but to be patient. That's part of this game. Can't let it get to haughton River bridge closed at 2:30 this closed at 2:30 this morning as the floodwaters peaked. Main roads crews worked for most of the day to clear the bridge and test the south the rain continues to fall in central Queensland. Capricornia will be the remainder of the remainder of today and overnight overnight and then possibly the northern wide bay and tomorrow. The south-east also received some welcome also received some welcome rain this afternoon and say there's still plenty of life left the system continues to track throughout the State. Retirement could be a distant dream for a growing number of Australians. report shows there's a massive savings shortfall that's likely to see many people struggle maintain their quality of in retirement. At the other end of the scale it seems three consecutive interest rate rises have taken a toll. With a rising number of first home buyers struggling to meet their mortgage payments. Retirement is like a double edged sword, finally the time to do the things you've that's missing. Of course I don't have enough. And it's don't have enough. And it's a situation worse. There is a crisis Australians. Five years ago, the gap between what Australians Australians had put away for their retirement and their retirement and the amount they needed to retire comfortably was $47,000 perperson. Now gap has out to $73,000. Australians will be to have the sort of that they want to they thought they'd have based on on their 9% superannuation payment. The industry is now calling for the superannuation guarantee to be increased to 12%.. The more money we can put into these funds to support us as we get towards of trying to own going when you're older, I think that it would be a great thing. It's looking to retire who are having having money problems. Nearly half of all first home buyers who bought in the last 18 months are struggling to pay their mortgages. You would expect a little bit of stress and strain however the degree of stress and the momentum that we're seeing now is probably quite a little bit higher than we expected. With the Reserve Bank widely expected Bank widely expected to raise interest the number of people struggling to may off their homes to may off their homes will only grow. A suicide bomber has killed 16 Government forces claimed victory over victory over Taliban militants whoed a seized control. whoed a seized control. Police said they stopped a suspect who tried tried to walk through a checkpoint but he detonated his as soon as he civilians were kill bid the blast. The attack came a day after officials said after officials said they'll killed 44 on clashes. The demonstrated how difficult it is for authorities to suppress the Taliban even in areas the Taliban even in areas where Government forces have Government forces have the upper hand. Relations between Beijing and Washington are been soured after the US agreed to provide more than $6 billion worth of The arms sale includes missiles, helicopters and mine President said the weapons were for defensive for defensive purposes only while while the US said the sale would help maintain would help maintain stability across is a clear demonstration of the commitment that this Administration has to provide Taiwan with defensive weapons it needs. But China says the arms sale is a threat to its national security and jeopardises the chances of peaceful reunification with Taiwan. It's Taiwan. It's threatened to impose sanctions on companies supplying weapons to Taiwan. Despite warnings it seems Canberra motorists motorists still aren't getting the message. In the past financial year almost drivers were caught on camera speeding or running red lights. Now the Government is striking back with plans to install new camera technology on major Highways. They're Highways. They're hard to miss but but some motorists seem a blifous blifous to Canberra's network of cameras. I don't want people speeding, I don't want them to have to pay the fine, I them to drive slowly In the past financial year more than 87,000 87,000 motorists in Canberra were fined as a result speed and red light cameras. The Chief Minister reflects a disturbing current among drivers. among drivers. Canberra police agree. There expectation to think that because we have we have that it's acceptable and it's safe to travel a few kilometres over the speed limit but it's not. The not. The Government now hopes to cameras where speed is calculate along a stretch of road preventing motorists from only slowing down when they pass a camera.. We pass a camera.. We are looking at sites for escaping the technology and my expectationation is we have our first point to point camera in place this year and quite likely on the parkway. The Opposition says parkway. The Opposition says if the Government was serious about road safety, it would support the Liberals' push for the introduction of random roadside drug testing. We need to look more broadly than simply simply this type of technology. One people for this use people for this use of illicit drugs on our roads The that proposal will be debated in the say year. Desalinisation plants appearing in many drought affected States as a quick fix solution to Australia's water crisis. But scientists questioning their long-term benefits as well as expert says Australians need to put aside their fears and embrace plants are now being across the country. The plant in Sydney started delivering water in the past week while another will finisheded at Port Stanvac south of south of Adelaide. It's expensive, climate-independent. But it has some environmental it uses a lot of greenhouse gases. What desalinisation plants put back into the environment is also an issue. At Point Lowly in South Australia's Spencer Gulf, there's fierce opposition to the effect a plant will have on one Australia's largest Australia's largest cutle fish breeding grounds. Another issue is cost. Household water bills are set to rise to pay for the construction and running of construction and running of the plants. Alternatives to these wetlands about is # gigalitres a year of water are being stored for future use and studies are under way to see if it could provide a steada drinking Young says an even Choo more effective option exists but getting over getting over the phobia of drinking their own waste and he says we're already unknowingly treated treated waste from other animals. The often treated, your walking around in many areas up above the dams putting, letting all their all their manure run down into the the dams. Queenslanders have already turned up their noses at tad idea of sewerage plant at Toowoomba but Professor Mike Young Professor Mike Young NSW Australia's ongoing Australia's ongoing drought and proposed population increases it's an idea Australians will eventually just have eventually just have to swol yes. They've yes. They've been home to Bushrangers convictim and even canny balls but for nearly 180 years years the islands in Macquarie Harbour on Tasmania's rugged West Coast have been left untouched. Now thanks to the legacy of a young marine finding out what moved in after the convicts moved out. Macquarie Harbour is a remote wilderness. To the untrained eye the tiny islands that dot the look untouched by humans. But they harbour secrets they harbour secrets from Tasmania's Tasmania's convict past. You had had three strikes in Port Jackson and in Hobart town and you went to Marshall Island you went to Marshall Island and if came here Virtually untouched since 1 80. Scientists are now mapping the biological make-up of of the islands for the first time. They've set up night vision cameras and hair traps to work out what insects call home. It might be that there's some relic population rare species on islands so far any particular but there's a fair but there's a fair bit of analysis to have already spotted Tasmanian tree Tasmanian tree orchid, never before found on before found on the West Coast. It's that the work and the information that information that we're gathering now will give us information for management in the the future. The research is being funded being funded by the Hamish Saunders Trust. The young marine biologist from New Zealand drowned during a field trip to Pedra Branca Rock in Tasmania's the New Zealand end and without it we it we simply wouldn't be able to to keep mapping the island There's a totally of islands in Macquarie islands in Macquarie Harbour. Sarah Island is known for its convict past others like Philip and Soldier Islands were during that time.. Philip Island there was a piggery and a form and there a form and there was the remains . To understand more about their convict of archaeologist also islands in March. The world number one Serena Williams number one Serena Williams has successfully successfully defended her Australian Open title 12th grand vam victory. The win ensured there was ensured there was no happy ending to Justine Henin's comeback fairytale. It was her first slam since returning the sport and the sport and the Belgian made sure the match was a sure the match was a tight contestest is but the American prevailed in three sets. Serena Williams has all smiles as Williams has all smiles as she posed with the Open trophy. But it was her determination that ensured a record fifth crown. Congratulations to tournament and giving me run dawn and it was such a great final and it could have went any way Making the final was a remarkable achievement for comeback queen Justine Henin but she the back foot against the back foot against the reigning queen of another 72 times in grand slams Williams has won the match after claiming the opening But despite being in But despite being in just her second tournament after a 20 month break, Henin fought back. Spectacular net play from Justine Henin. The Belgian had control as the women's final went into a third set for the first time since 2005. But the world number one true champion when it true champion when it counted. This Australian Open was the 12th grand slam of her 12th grand slam of her career tying the record of her Idol Billie Jean King. I feel really special that I was able to tie Billie Jean King because in my heart of hearts I've been going for it and I haven't been for it and I haven't been able to quite achieve it. Henin was beat yep but not disgraced. The her climb back up better, get That's my That's my motivation Scot Andy Murray will be motivated by the chance of chance of becoming the first British male player since Fred Perry in 193206 win a grand slam but standing in his way arguably the greatest men's player of all the 74-year drought a little bit further. Australia's bowlers have put their team in a strong position in the a strong position in the fifth and final one-day international against Pakistan in Perth. The home side restricted home side restricted Pakistan to 212 in the 50th some modest resistance from the middle order saved the from embarrassment. Pakistan won the toss and chose to bat. Salman Butt lasted just three deliveries. Oh dear me. What a start that is for Ryan Harris Mitchell Johnson was back in the Australian side, he too claimed a wicket in his first over, Pakistan first over, Pakistan 2 for none. The tourists struggled in the face of the the face of the hostile bowling. Like the opening bowlers, Clint McKay struck in his first over. Another one falls. The falls. The 50 came up in the 1 #th over for the wickets. Shoab Malik worked hard for his 36 but that's as far as he got. That's a direct hit. That Pakistan didn't want With no Mohammad Yousuf in the team the role of captain fell object the shoulders of Shahid Afridi. It Shahid Afridi. It was a more patient approach from Umar Akmal as he reached his 50 off 87 balls. Well played. The 87 balls. Well played. The 1 #-year-old #-year-old clubbed Mc-McKaytor a big six. That's long to the corner for six But the Australian paceman shortly after for 67. It got worse for Pakistan, the stand-in skipper Afridi for just one.. Can the man into it? Fawad Alam ocompiled adom grant yapbt 50 but the don Hoares belonged to Australia. In golf the Royal Canberra Ladies Classic has been won by the Perth golfer Kristie Smith. Smith shot a tournament record of 9 under par to overtake the leader, Queensland's Katherine Hull. Kristie Smith started the final round four shots off the pace and out of the leader's group but back and halfway around was sequel second with Sarah Jane Smith. The 21-year-old from Perth fired seven birdies an eagle in finish 16 under par. Katherine Hull dropped back to third position after on the 13th but she picked the pace on the final five holes with four birdies to draw level Sarah Jane Smith. An albatross was needed to tie up the lead only final hole to be. Hull did manage a to be. Hull did manage a birdie to to finish out right second but it was Kristie Smith who took the honourablors, her first major major title. I nie I had to shoot a low one to have contention with the top. I figured I'd have or eight to have a Chan and obviously nine has been lucky enough to do it. I couldn't get a whole lot going and made a double at a bad time but fought back with four birdies in last five holes. Happy with that but take my hat off to her Canberra's Nikki Campbell finished tied for 30th while Laura Davies buns bounced Laura Davies buns bounced back into 19th position with a three under par round for the day despite being disappointed with her efforts. In her efforts. In the WNBL the Canberra Capitals have won their 7th game in a their 7th game in a row with a 20-point victory loaf Logan Tuggeranong. The Capitals won, and even a virus couldn't slow down Jorg Jaksche. She scored 25 points for the Finally it was unlucky by the narrowest unlucky by the narrowest of margins as we saw last night a group of group of Tasmanian water skiers have have been struggling to break the world record for the largest number of people ever towed behind a scingle boat. Late yesterday they had another crack and missed the mark of 120 skiers but 120 skiers but just one person. Late afternoon and person. Late afternoon and a perfect calm had settled over Macquarie Harbour West Coast. After West Coast. After some last minute high that the 2 #-year-old word mass ski record was finel about to fall., we've changed optimism to severe confidence now. I now. I think most of the team is feeling excited as well so I think we'll make it. Let's go. We're going. Spectators held their breath as the catamaran spicked spicked up speed. One by one skiers rose forming an impressive line harbour. The world celebrations began the boat had powered down. Then to the heard break two the call went out. 99. To add

lost their grip just a few hundred hundred metres short of the required "Well let's just go back and do it again and that was the but we run out but we run out of day light." We great sense of achievement from where we've come the last years and certainly I think definitely next time we're going to going to wreak that world record Though costs hundred of thousands the organisers say of whether they can break the record but when. Certainly giving up now. I think the determination has been rescindled and it's back to the drawing board for small opponents to get that extra attempts in three years attempts in three years nobody could being half hearted. With being half hearted. With each attempt their seems only to grow but organisers say their next organisers say their next shot at months away. To the weather now and it the Capital. Cool to start and temperatures in 30 degree range. There's plenty of cloud the Top End with monsoonal activity and a rain and there's also frontal cloud over the Bight . There's ex-Cyclone Olga is over central Queensland Combined those two systems Combined those two systems are pushing pushing an easterly over our region, bringing showers region, bringing showers to the coast and the chance coast and the chance of Canberra showers later in the week. Around the capital city centres for tomorrow - That's the news for Nicola Roxon you can find the latest headlines 24 hours at ABC online. Thank you for by CSI.