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Tonight its troubled home insulation Tonight - the Government axes

program. Torah's triumph, a gold medal for Australia at the Vancouver gold medal for Australia at the

Vancouver Olympics. China brushed aside as Obama the Dalai Lama and why a sugar pill can be just the right medicine. Good evening, and welcome to ABC new, Haussegger. ABC new, I'm Virginia

fraud and weeks of Haussegger. Deaths, fires,

pain have finally taken toll on the Federal Government's home Government's home insulation scheme. the scheme. Peter Garrett has axed

receiving startling new figures on the danger it poses in of thousands of homes. on the danger it poses in tens

subsidy scheme will come June but subsidy scheme will come in

insulators say there will June but in the meantime

massive job losses. decision has increased demands massive job losses. The

for Peter Garrett to go Prime Minister for Peter Garrett to go but the

standing by him. Chief Prime Minister is still

political correspondent Mark Simkin. Prime Minister, how are you? The media gave Prime Minister a more are you? The media gave the

reception. Should Mr Garrett go? The short answer is no. Peter has done the right thing in closing the program. The Environment thing in closing the insulation

Minister had little after learning nearly Minister had little choice

insulation jobs could after learning nearly 90,000

failed safety standards and in 175,000 cases the insulation materials were likely substandard. It's timely and responsible to timely and responsible

announce the closure of program announce the closure of this

new program in the future. Under the new householders rather future. Under the new program

installers will get a government rebate. $1,000 for ceiling insulation and solar hot installers must reregister, a cash bond and prove they've undergone safety and training. The shonky operators they are no longer in any way, shape, manner or form a part our program delivery. But legitimate operators are confused and angry. The new scheme doesn't start until June and companies say they're in limbo until then. Does get sack and reemployed limbo until then. Does everyone

three months? Do we knoz? don't know. The change has too late for the don't know. The change has come

died installing Wendy Sweeny's son was one them and she blames Peter reted. It was his scheme them and she blames Peter ga

was instigate ed and if didn't listen was instigate ed and if he

didn't listen to the right people why job. The Opposition is asking people why does he have a

the same question. You can't scrap the program scrapping the minister scrap the program without

should have known and didn't scrapping the minister who

act. I stand before you very confident that properly and diligently and I'm going to continue to do that my job as Environment Minister. going to continue to do that in

Thanks very Opposition hasn't claimed Thanks very much. The

ministerial scalp won an implicit mission that a ministerial scalp but it has

$2.5 billion government was unsafe and insufficiently $2.5 billion government program

regulated. This is one Friday afternoon back down that unlikely to fade away. Monday insulators will start laying off workers and Peter Garrett will face a question time - Insulation providers time blowtorch. Vepg

Canberra say hard by the suspension of the program. One Fyshwick company which employs installers says it may have to which employs around 16

trim its staff numbers in short term. We're in a very trim its staff numbers in the

difficult situation. What do we do for our livelihoodses from now until June 1 and the worker dos? They get paid when they says been says the stimulus program has

today's decision has left it with too much stock customers who don't want to with too much stock and with

for it without a government subsidy. Australia has a new boarder Torah sporting star tonight, snow

the gold medal in the women's boarder Torah Bright has won

half pipe event at the winter Olympic s and she did it hard way having to recover from Olympic s and she did it the

a disastrous first run to a near perfect second. a disastrous first run to post

Bright set the standard in the qualify ing rounds with the

high score. brother and coach Ben approved. high score. That was huge. Her

But her form deserted her the first run of the final. But her form deserted her in

It's not often the top 3 girls will fall first It's not often that, you know,

run and so we all had one run to go and do it. If Bright was going the win the gold medal the final one had to be flawless. under flawless. Bright delivered

Torah Bright has gone smack. The 23-year-old had an agonising wait. and failed to match her score. None could do it, triggering Australian euphoria. Has been won in the most extraordinary way. Bright's parents had a surprise trip way. Bright's parents had made

It had been a roller coaster a surprise trip to Vancouver.

day for the young turned professional at 14 finished 5th as favourite Turin 4 years ago. Since she's been the dominant force Turin 4 years ago. Since then,

in women's snow boarding. The camera never far away, in and out of competition Bright's been the beacon of sport. It's incredibly Bright's been the beacon of the

important that we that are the best of the best important that we have athletes

and gold medallists but I think there's something particularly special when those that are the best of the best in winter sports. I think as the days go on it will sink the days go on it will sink in, we'll enjoy it a little bit more, it will just be that more, it will just be that much better. Bright better. Bright savoured the moment as only Australia's fourth gold fourth gold medallist. The Reserve Bank governor Reserve Bank governor has lived up to his up to his reputation for fearless regular appearance before parliamentary inquiry parliamentary inquiry Glenn Stevens had Stevens had worrying words for both sides of politics. He warned about the Government's new workplace regime and had a public rebuke for the Coalition's Barnaby Joyce. For everyone else the governor delivered the inevitable forecast of more interest rate rises. Twice a year the politicians grill the governor. Happy new year to you all. And every time they all. And every time they start by seeking by seeking reassurance. How close to your definition of normal are we? Zbloo interest rate setting is bank's goal and the governor bank's goal and the governor is hinting it will take another hinting it will take another 50 to it. When we eventually get it. When we eventually get to normal there's a bit more work to do there but that's the order of magnitude we're talking about. Householders were spared a rise in February a rise in February but the upward trend will resume. It's just a matter just a matter of time. There was no clarity around when those rate hikes will occur we would expect that the rate will get up to around 4.5,4.75 almost 5% by the of the foresees for the Australian economy but he's wary impediments and the Government's Government's new workplace regime could be one. It's hard for me to judge how serious the problems are because problems are because I'm not in those firms. I can only those firms. I can only record that a lot of that a lot of business people are expressing are expressing concern. And he says he will be watching for any impact any impact on workplace flexibility. The Opposition will be watching too. It's more than happy with the than happy with the governor's comments about the labour market market but less so on his withering response to questions about debt. Barnaby Joyce wasn't there but his fear wasn't there but his fear of debt repayment default debt repayment default was raised raised and demolished. You know, there's never been an event of sovereign default by Australia as far as I know and I very much doubt there ever will be. So those comments will be. So those comments from Senator Joyce Senator Joyce weren't helpful, were they? Reserve ed as ever. For the first time For the first time the Australian Government has set a deadline for Japan to agree to a compromise on whaling or face legal action. legal action. The Prime Minister says if a deal can't be struck between the two nations before November they'll be heading to the international court. Kevin Rudd's stance comes just a day before Japan's Foreign Foreign Minister arrives in Australia for Mark Willacy reports from Tokyo. In the icy waters of the Antarctic Japan's hunt for whales goes on. Proving more elusive is a solution to the diplomatic stand between Tokyo and Canberra over the annual kill. This weekend

Japan's Foreign Minister visit Australia and he's been urged to take a hard line with the Rudd Government. He has to say what he has to say very frankly, not like Japanese nice way. There's the nice way or the legal Kevin threatened but the Prime Minister is still holding out hope for a diplomatic break through. If that fails will will initiate that court action before the whaling season in November 2010. I'm that Japan will win that Japan will win over this litigation. So it all comes down to diplomacy but that would would involve both sides giving significant ground. Japanese have recently Japanese have recently flagged a possible compromise with fisheries minister proposing to scale down the annual hunt

the Southern Ocean being allowed to resume whaling in its a proposal that could consideration in International Whaling Commission meet ck in June. We're worry fd there is a compromise on whaling it would undermine the undermine the current global ban on commercial whaling. And

for once proand anti-whaling advocates could be on side. Our minister says there they are going to retreat

from Antarctica. Sea Shepherd must be happier. But there's no sign of a Japanese retreat from the Antarctic nor a surrender from their Sea Shepherd Shepherd pursuers. Thousands of mourners from farewelled the 12-year-old Queensland boy snd a school yard week. There was week. There was standing room only to celebrate Fletcher's short life. His school mates formed a guard honour as the funeral procession moved streets near

streets near St Patrick's College just north of Students then released balloons into the air. It was a sad moment but at the same time it was good life lost life lost so early. As a loving family orientated boy, loved everyone. A student remains in custody charged with murder. And a Canberra murder. And a Canberra student has been suspended has been suspended from a girl's school in Griffith girl's school in Griffith for carrying a carrying a knife. She was involved in an incident at Clare's Catholic Clare's Catholic College after school had finished on Tuesday. It's understood a male student from another school from another school was involved and reported the incident to incident to police. He decided not to make not to make a formal complaint. Neither St Clare's nor the Catholic cap edge - Catholic cap edge - Education Office would comment today. Beijing says President Obama's decision to meet the Dalai lamber Dalai lamber has harmed relations. That's relations. That's despite the White House doing away usual ceremony for presidential meeting. presidential meeting. This is the the only image of the meeting, a still shot taken in a still shot taken in the White House map room, the Oval Office was out of bounds. But a playful Dalai Lama emerged the west wing into the Washington snow to meet reporters.

reporters. I'm very happy. In the hour-long supporters rallied outside President expressed his support for tib yettian identity also encouraging direct with Dalai Lama went to the State Department to discuss Department to discuss human rights concerns with Hillary Clinton. The White House expected an angry response from Beijing but the Beijing but the reaction when it came was furious. it came was furious. A spokesman for China's foreign ministry saying ministry saying it grossly violated violated international norms and is reported by news agency calling on the US to stop co-nooifing and supporting anti-China separatist forces. That drew a rebuke from the Dalai Lama. Very Lama. Very childish. But long-time observers of SINO US relations warns this comes a at time when ties are already strained. This will create strained. This will create a huge disincentive huge disincentive for China to treat the United States really as a reliable and trust worthy partner. Beijing was already angry about new US arm sales to Taiwan and over criticism from the President about the continuing trade imbalance and its exchange rate policy and this all comes just as this all comes just as the White House needs China's help to impose a new to impose a new sanctions regime against Iran. A disgruntled angry with US tax flown his plane into an office building in Austin, Texas. sent off a raging fire sent off a raging fire and sent workers running lives. Up to 200 workers lives. Up to 200 workers were in the building when the light plane crashed into I. The plane crashed into I. The pilot was killed was killed but amazingly only 2 people inside were taken hospital, a third is missing. It sounded like a huge, huge bang. Our huge, huge bang. Our whole building shook like it building shook like it was going to shatter. Fire fighters took hours to took hours to bring the blaze under that the pilot, 53-year-old Joseph Stack left a ramble Joseph Stack left a ramble ing anti-government suicide anti-government suicide note and set his house and set his house on fire before taking to before taking to the air. Dubai's police chief says he's 99% sure Israel was behind the the assassination of a Palestinian militant commander last last month. Israel is already coming under heavy diplomatic pressure from European nations angry that their angry that their country's passports have by the hit squad that use by the hit squad that use them. Middle East correspondent Knight month since Mahmoud al Mabhuh was killed but Israel's discomfort is Hamas's opportunity. Last night celebrated its with an TRANSLATION: The decision revenge for revenge for the leader Mahmoud al Mabhuh has been taken and it will be equal to the crime. There's little doubt here about who was behind his murder. The British approach is less direct but far more significant. significant. Israel's ambassador was summonsed to Whitehall to explain the Dubai suspects came to be holding ports. It was unable to add ports. It was unable to add the additional

information. Relations between

Britain and Israel have been Britain and Israel have been in decline since last year's Gaza war. This inquiry is unlikely to improve give Israel to share with us what it knows about this incident and we about this incident and we hope and expect that cooperate fully with the investigation that has been launched by Minister. Israel is sticking its policy of amby guity it comes to the Mo sad. It doesn't confirm doesn't confirm or deny anything but the world increasingly convinced that the spy agency was involved and a lot of Israelis appear to think the same. I think it's the same. I think it's very successful thing that we

do. Others believe do. Others believe the attack was below the Mossad standards because of the because of the evidence the assassins assassins left behind. When Israeli does that kind of things nobody knows that it things nobody knows that it was done. The debate in done. The debate in Israeli isn't over who did it, but if it was worth the it was worth the diplomatic price. The the future of inturian development but Government and Opposition think they may have taken things too Greens have come up with a Greens have come up with a list of design ideas for Canberra's new suburbs planned new suburbs planned for the Molonglo Valley. The include a include a minimum 7-star efficiency rating for all homes. ACT political reporter Julie Valley already has a green outlook but it could be to get even greener. It's to get even greener. It's about providing people providing people with homes that are more that are more comfortable. They're adapted to our They're adapted to our future climate. The to build 30,000 houses for 70,000 residents. The Greens have put together a list of key principles they want included. One of those is a minimum 7-star energy efficiency rating for all homes and they for all homes and they want the ACT to do this ahead of the rest of the country. The long-term costs will be a lot less because be less, the heating, cooling will be less, the trpted costs will be less. It's will be less. It's commendable that the Greens are pushing for that sort of that sort of housing development in the the way of the the way of the future. It's a massive piece of work to undertake and I would undertake and I would argue our resources would

resources would be better spent in other areas. But in other areas. But the Government says it Government says it broadly supports most of supports most of the Green's ideas. The Opposition says they will drive up housing costs. We need to make sure that Canberra first home buyers in first home buyers in particular aren't slugged more aren't slugged more than they need to be by Greens also want public transport to be a crucial transport to be a crucial part of the of the Molonglo development with the goal of one household. There are household. There are just some elements elements of, I think, the Greens' Greens' aspirational thinking here that a number of Canberra families might struggle to cope with. It's with. It's about making those changes, making the effort at the beginning to save money down the line. Work down the line. Work is expected to start on the Valley's first new suburb around new suburb around the middle of this year. Can the simple of taking medicine of taking medicine make you feel better? New Australian research has research has found that giving patients a placebo, or sugar pill, can lead improvements in their improvements in their health and they're not getting they're not getting real medicine. Gary Wade medicine. Gary Wade suffers severe lower back pain, so he ended up in North Shore pain clinic but the injections he's getting may injections he's getting may be little more than little more than a of the day which one works of the day which one works and if researchers have insights into how the placebo effect works. It patients feel better even when they're given a fake treatment. The core placebo is about the mind/brain interaction so we know interaction so we know there's lots components lots of psychological

patients' beliefs, components to therapy, that's

expectations, desire improvement in their expectations, desire for

symptoms. Researcher s it's not what es in the symptoms. Researcher s found

pill or fake injection makes patients feel healthier pill or fake injection that

but it's the act itself of switches on the brain receiving treatment that

and they found patients don't switches on the brain to heal

even need to get a placebo the benefits to occur. It's even need to get a placebo for

about using our routine therapy component to what we do and we but realising there's another but realising

have healing mechanisms, speak, that speak, that we can harness and activate to improve concerns about placebos has been the ethics of withholding treatment without the patient's the placebo effect knowledge. The research shows

if patients know getting isn't the real if patients know what they're

thing. We need to be at using placebo as a part of the treatment because placebo has very few adverse effects. As for Wade he's happy either way adverse effects. As for Gary

as long as he feels better. Wade he's happy either way just

corporate watchdog celebrate a high profile court corporate watchdog can finally

victory. ASIC is now free pursue a second case against former executive Andrew Linberg. case against former wheatboard

appeals court in overturned a permanent the case saying there was abuse of process by ASIC. the case saying there was no

Linberg is alleged to have abuse of process by ASIC. Mr

misled the AWB board by failing to disclose a kick Saddam Hussein's regime. To to disclose a kick back to

finance now and the local share market fell again today despite a rally on Wall higher a rally on Wall Street and

Kohler has the higher commodity prices. Alan

face it the share drifting aimlessly, not knowing face it the share market is

whether to worry about the Greek ghastliness or to be buoyed by the decent profits that are coming out. Since the start of this year the Dow Jones in the US has been flat, the All Ords 5% and the Greek index is down 14% tragic in the world this year. Today's highlights include NAB down 2.7% flat half-yearly profit. down 2.7% after announcing a

flat half-yearly profit. AMP and Wesfarmers are up 2% after their good results yesterday. Sims Metal after its disappointing this week. Wall Street put on about 0.75% last night as recovery in European stocks entered its third the Federal discount rate. It's not the main policy rate there but a first tentative step raising US interest rates. Commodities were Commodities were generally up last night as well. Oil 2% and the base metals in London the base metals in London up as well however wheat well however wheat developed a couple of%, it's down about couple of%, it's down about $1 a bushel sits early January and the the Australian dollar is sitting quietly, lower than last night's level. A couple of days ago I showed a graph days ago I showed a graph of car ownership around the which suggested that in it's beginning to take off. Well here's a graph Well here's a graph confirming that, of car production in China rising rapidly but rising rapidly but what's interesting is that the same is not happening washing machines or TVs. Production of them pretty quickly, 20 pretty quickly, 20 to 50%, but there's nothing new about it's been going on for years. Whereas car production in Whereas car production in China has gone from 20% to 80% growth. And that's finance. As you heard earlier in the bulletin, the Torah Bright has won Australia's first gold medal Australia's first gold medal at the There is also a promising start for Australia in the skeleton event. Here's Peter Wilkins. In the fast and furious event that is furious event that is the skeleton, two Australians have performed well in the first two runs. Melissa Hoar is 11th Melissa Lin kin kin Smith. Sophie Muir a PB when she

the speed skating. Aiming for 5 gold medals at these games American Lindsay Vonn slipped up in the super combined event.

Germany's Maria Riesch took the gold medal. The West began an early began an early descent towards a forth loss. dropped chances helped the home team to another whirlwind start fresh from his Allan medal win Shane Watson smacked 51 before falling as another another one into the deep. Brad Haddin ace depart #k4ur for 32 merely opened the door for some Calypso big hitting Calypso big hitting from the captain and captain and vice-captain. The Indies might Indies might find beyond them under lights. Hopes made 75 he and Voges blasted to 5/324. The west Indian chase could hardly have had a worse start. Bollinger strikes again. Melbourne is a step closer to another grand final berth after defeating Sydney 2-1 in the first leg of the A-League major semifinal. A-League major semifinal. Nick Merger front. Carlos Hernandez doubled the minute. John Aloisi continued his goal scoring form near time. Merger will miss time. Merger will miss the return leg in three weeks after being sent off for el Boeing Shannon Cole. All Shannon Cole. All tle Australians have lost in second round of the world play event in Arizona. Adam Scott was beaten Poulter. Englishman Luke Poulter. Englishman Luke Donald thrashed Robert Allenby 6 thrashed Robert Allenby 6 and 5. The 5. The ACT Government has indicated it would be willing to use taxpayers' to use taxpayers' money to entice Lauren Jackson to with the Capitals again. The Government contributed to a fund season. She's unlikely to play

with the Capitals next with the Capitals next year. Cashed up European clubs are knocking at her door. knocking at her door. That's a very sound investment from ACT Government and I know that Lauren's very committed to this city and that she city and that she would certainly enjoy the opportunity to come back again in to come back again in the years ahead. So we're very open to that conversation but we do recognise that it may recognise that it may not be every year. I'm going to every year. I'm going to wait and see. I will see how the season pans out. Obviously we want a championship and want a championship and we're going to fight for that and then after I'm going to then after I'm going to decide, I'm not quite sure what I want to do yet. If I could I would

stay here. The Capitals take on Townsville in a knockout semifinal at the AIS semifinal at the AIS Arena on Sunday. And now with a look at today's today's weather here's Mark. Good mostly cloudy this morning as mostly cloudy this morning as a very moist air stream blew from the coast. The density of the cloud took us all the cloud took us all by surprise and took a while to burn off. Due to the burn off. Due to the cloud today's maximums were a today's maximums were a bit shy of the forecast. Cloud over northern Queensland is clearing. Cloud south-west of WA is associated with a cold front but it will slip south. The high in the Tasman will generate a more north-westerly air stream north-westerly air stream over our region so it will remain hot and dry over the from the mountains to the sea. A cold front is A cold front is coming on Monday and this cold Monday and this cold front is expected to bring showers and possible thunderstorms to the ACT. The wet weather ACT. The wet weather may come earlier to the mountains.

There's a slight chance mist or fog patches in the morning but no rain. Then lit be fine and sunny be fine and sunny with light north-westerly winds, 12 to north-westerly winds, 12 to 29. Then fine Virginia looks like a Virginia looks like a beaut weekend coming up. I weekend coming up. I know what you'll be doing, mowing the lawn and weeding the garden. I'm going to a concert at the GGs and the deua flame. Thanks, Mark. And that's ABC News. Stay with us now for 'Stateline' now for 'Stateline' with Catherine Garratt comes up next. You can find the latest headlines 24 hours a day at online. Enjoy your online. Enjoy your evening, goodnight. Closed Captions by CSI

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