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(generated from captions) This program is not subtitled Live. Tonight, care but the catch is hospital reform. More money, and more health services for senior Australians. A stimulus probe into allegations senior Australians. A school

of blow-outs and back-handers. Claims that coal mining is making the Hunter sick masterful making the Hunter sick and the triumph. Good evening, ABC News. Kevin Rudd has Good evening, fill fill with

The Commonwealth would go the final stretch to full responsibility for seniors a promise of more GP visits responsibility for seniors with

aged care homes, cheap loans to a promise of more GP visits to build more facilities million to shift elderly build more facilities and $280

patients out of We'll be delivering patients out of hospitals.

5,000 aged care million no Premier could of this package. It's $700

disagree with. He's tick adnumber of the boxes that make this package of reforms more attractive for Queensland. We see this as a package we whole-heartedly welcome. Tony Abbott is less convinced. seems more like a PR exercise than a well thought-out health plan. More than $2 been pumped into sweetening the plan. More than $2 billion has Prime Minister's health deal, still too bitter for states to swallow. still too bitter for some

think that's reform, that's states to swallow. I don't

it just moving money around. But

in the pack. Sometimes it is enough to expose splits

important to go under the radar in the pack. Sometimes it's

and win than go loud and lose. From here on public pleas are unlikely more money. The Prime Minister unlikely it be answered with

has tonight handed Premiers and Chief Ministers this 100-page book, what he calls his final offer before the COAG talks begin and funding fling, over four funding fling, $650 million elective surgery procedures with a guarantee in 2012 free access to a public or with a guarantee in 2012 of

private hospital if the wait is longer than doctors not be providing a blank to any State Government. A signature is all he needs. A new investigation has been ordered into claims of widespread price gouging in the Government's school acknowledged complaints the $16 billion building scheme and has set up her own force to look into it. and has set up her own task

deputy prime minister's also force to look into it. The

facing another problem in refusing to national literacy and numeracy refusing to implement her

tests. At school, this is the that a million dollars school, this is the library

There's no way on earth that that a million dollars built.

that is worth dollars. Deep in the Snowy that is worth a million

windows have to be kept Mountains, the library's

Parents say they were even because the heatered? Flewed.

charged for a already there. They might soon charged for a road that was

get the answers they've long demanded. Julia Gillard has responded to claims of rip-offs by appointing a new task force to investigate every complaint. Constant requires further action. complaint. Constant vigilance

Constant vigilance on this program requires us to put in place a further insurance. The deputy prime minister is believed to Auditor-General's report into the school building program. She won't say if the task is a response to its She won't say if the task force

My view remains that the number is a response to its findings.

of complaints compared with breadth and depth of complaints compared with the

program is still breadth and depth of the

number of complaints. I fear that this is a Claytons investigation, that this is the investigation that you have when you want a white-wash before the election. But if Julia Gillard's trying to placate concerns about rorting with one, with the other spoiling for a fight. Public with one, with the other she's

school teachers have voted to boycott the national English and maths tests scheduled for May. We have and maths tests which are

said there is will not proceed. Unless Julia moratorium. The national test Gillard cross the picket line and do it it's well and truly themselves. I believe that

that parents will want to assist us with making that information continues be available. This not a role that information continues to

for parents. Our role is to be supporting education and not out to find a compromise. implementing. Time's running implementing. Time's

The ACT Government has finally broken its silence over the weekend prisoner protests at Canberra's jail. camped out on the roof of their at Canberra's jail. 13 inmates

cell block, protesting at being locked in their cells for hours on end due to understaffing but the corrections Minister says lockdowns are a fact of life in jails and the just stirring jails and the prisoners are

Insiders believe the prisoners who staged the protests frustrated and angry about lockdowns but the Minister has a different explanation. This is just opportunistic, an opportunity for get a bit of drama and opportunity for prisoners to excitement in their life that's not going excitement in their life but

Corrective Services. He says that's not going to dissuade

lock-ins recently but he's denied that lock-ins have increased

prisoners are regularly confined in their cells for up to 20 hours because of shortfalls. to 20 hours because of staffing instance of a lockdown of 5.5 shortfalls. We've had one

hours and at other times the lockdowns have been for periods of time. Lockdowns of prisoners hours duration so if the prisoners are of around 20

Minister is saying something play on words. Late evening a spokesman Minister said there have been two lock-ins that lasted hours but that was almost a month ago. The union also believes staff shortages believes staff shortages forced the pris nn to lockdown again services has denied this point blank. I believe it still should be running as per should be running as per normal today apart from probably prisoners that were in incident over the weekend. But there's growing disquiet there's growing disquiet in some community groups who some community groups who work with prisoners and help them with alcohol and drug problems, bail applications and health care. We've gone in twice to see clients of the program and unfortunately been turned away as a result of the short staff at the moment. The Opposition want the human right commissioner to investigate whether there are human breaches at the jail. If that is the case it makes a mockery of this Government's claim that's a human right compliant facility. The commission says it's monitoring the and seeking further and seeking further information about the jail. BHP Billiton has again been forced to defend its forced to defend its safety record after the death of 45-year-old man at a 45-year-old man at a nickel mine in WA's Goldfields. mine in WA's Goldfields. It's the third serious safety incident in 10 months at Perseverance mine site in Leinster, 370km north of 45-year-old Valentino Rossi was working underground at the mine in mine in Leinster when the vehicle he was driving fell about 20m - Wayne Ross. Rescuers worked through the day and night to try to save him but found his body about 18 hours later. Just from a challenging location of where the accident occurred, rescue team had to rescue team had to ensure their safety was maintained. BHP Billiton says the father of two had worked at the mine on had worked at the mine on and off for eight. There were two rockfalls at the same site last year, causing the temporary closure of the operation. The State Government, State Government, which has publicly criticised the company's safety record in the past, has described the latest incident as distressing. I have informed BHP today have informed BHP today that I'm not happy with I'm not happy with their performance. But WA's Mines Minister says he Minister says he won't permanently permanently close the mine. I know they are making a know they are making a very serious effort to serious effort to address what is a very difficult problem for them and indeed their reputation is remain unconvinced. remain unconvinced. We've got grave concerns about grave concerns about the actual safety of that particular mine itself. BHP says while safety improvements are being made, has to lift its game. Until as a company and as an industry get to the point where everybody who comes to work with us every day and goes home injuries and no fatalities, our record's not good enough. Operations at the mine have been suspended and assessors are investigating when the mine can reopen. The Thai Government is offering an branch to protesters after the demonstrations. 21 people died in violent clashes in the capital, Bangkok. There consider elections in six months but the anti-Government Red Shirts are demanding immediate poll. ABC correspondent Mark Willacy reports from Bangkok.Having fought off the soldiers, the Red Shirts were back on Red Shirts were back on the streets. This time in a funeral progression for their dead rom cades. Suwimon Fungkrinjan cades. Suwimon Fungkrinjan lost a son in the clashes. I'm sad but at the same time I'm glad that my son is that my son is a hero. The protesters accused the arm I of firing live rounds into of firing live rounds into the crowd, an allegation crowd, an allegation which appears to be supported by photographs on the Internet. The The Government denies the soldiers shot live bullets except in the air and in bullet from the officers. The Government is accusations of its own, alleging that some of the Red Shirts were armed with AK47 assault rifles and that soldiers were shot at as they retreated. Autopsies retreated. Autopsies are now being being carried out in an effort to get to the truth. the Red Shirts are the Red Shirts are holding their ground while troops are in retreat but warns they could launch assault. We are asking officers to return to officers to return to their bases, and to be the troops in retreat, the troops in retreat, so too are some of Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva's partners. They're now demanding elections within a month. There are reports the Government prepared to call a poll in prepared to call a poll in six months but it's doubtful the Prime Minister and his Government will survive multiparty elections in 24 years are off to a rocky start. Some polling booth failed to open on open on time, promping impatient voters to force way in. There were complaints of fraud and printing errors on ballot papers although election monitors are hoping things will improve over the three days of voting. I am concerned about the delay but I understand the process will be three days so let's hope this is only the beginning and that things get better. Voters have been left with few choices after President Omar al-Bashir's main challengers boycotted It's hoped the elections will bring stability to Sudan and help resolve the future of the seeking autonomy. Poland's massive outpouring of continued today as the body continued today as the body of the the country's President was returned from Russia. Tens of thousands of people lined streets to pay tribute Kaczynski who died in crash on Saturday along others. In Russia, others. In Russia, the country's leaders have vowed to find out what caused Moscow correspondent Norman Hermant reports from Smolensk. No-one could have No-one could have imagined two days ago this is how President would return from Putin, along with Poland's ambassador to Russia, paid their respects back to Warsaw. The Polish President and 96 Saturday in an airplane in Smolensk in western in Smolensk in western Russia that that has stunned both countries. countries. Russia's Prime Minister had earlier confirmed he would personally direct TRANSLATION: Together we need to do everything possible to find out the tragedy in the shortest possible time. That's the first task. The second is to help the relatives of those killed. The Polish President's body Polish President's body was flown out of the same airfield that his airplane was trying that his airplane was trying to land at. It slammed into the ground just seconds from the runway. Large parts of the jet are in tact. That and the fact that the black box flight recorders have been should give investigators some answers. In Poland there were more honours as the President's body arrived. His twin brother was among the mourners. The Government has announced there will be a national week mourning. The country is still numb from the scale of numb from the scale of the loss. With funeral plans drawn up now, the extraordinary display of grief is set to

continue. Queensland authorities are tonight trying to refloat tonight trying to refloat the coal ship that ran aground on the Great Barrier Reef it's crews with a low expected develop tomorrow afternoon, whipping up strong winds and high seas. The Chinese coal carrier 'Shen Neng I' ran aground on the Queensland on Easter Saturday. Maritime safety Queensland hopes hopes tonight's high tide will provide a provide a chance to refloat the ship before the weather too rough. The divers have been down this morning and good conditions they looked good conditions they looked at the bottom and believe with all things equal and a with all things equal and a bit of luck on our part there's good chance of getting her off. There's no guarantees. There's no guarantees. The Queensland Government getting tough on companies responsible for responsible for oil spills, increasing the penalty to $10 million. The coal mining boom afloat but there are claims it's also making people sick. Residents Residents in the Upper Hunter Valley want to know if a series of cancer cases and other health problems are linked the dust coming from open-cut mines. Norman Hermant reports. It's a big industry getting bigger. Open-cut in the Upper Hunter already deliver near ly 100 million tons of coal a year, tons of coal a year, now people are asking at what cost. The hydrochloric acids, sulfuric acids, mercuries, cadmiums and those sorts of at levels that are Peter McMahon lives in Singleton and has a brain tumour. tumour. After two years of treatment he's been told inoperable. His wife several neighbours have also suffered tumours and suffered tumours and other forms of cancer. Recently there was another man who he was diagnosed a week after Peter and he only survived six months. The most complaint is complaint is respiratory illness illness including asthma in children. There allergies. Melissa Mattsson says her children's persistent rashes disappeared on a holiday. Within three to holiday. Within three to four days every single rash had cleared up and when we back from holidays it took two to three days for them back. The NSW Government has knocked back repeated knocked back repeated requests for an independent health but in a possible change of heart the Premier says cancer cases will be cancer cases will be examined. If the evidence roirs a study of course that study of course that will happen. In the meantime, a local local GP is kkting an asthma-related study on 900 students. If we know the problems and we do nothing about it, it's the same as designed to warn the mines when the dust reaches dangerous levels but levels but many residents say this hasn't solved the this hasn't solved the problem. Some aren't waiting for confirmation the dust is making people sick, they're leaving area that's been home to generations. And you can see a full report on that story in tonight's 'Four Corners'.The finance news now and the All index has closed above index has closed above 5,000 points for the first time months. As Alan Kohler months. As Alan Kohler reports, investors have responded to good news from Greece and China. But it was only the US the US dollar that the Australian today to more than 93 today to more than 93 cents for the first time since mid January. The Euro strongly as well after Finance Ministers there agreed on a proper bail-out for Greece instead of effort announced a few effort announced a few weeks ago. This time they've signed up to 30 billion Euros and up to 30 billion Euros and the IMF will kick in 10 The hope is that won't able to get the able to get the money from the markets at a resinable rate. If not, it's back-up. The share market here closed above 5,000 for the since September 2008 strong session on Wall Street on Friday although the Asian market here has rallied market here has rallied nearly 12% since February 9, despite all the Greek dips. And it seems much of the reason prospect that China be good for the global economy. The graph here shows The graph here shows the China-US exchange rate back to 1980 when one Chinese juan was worth almost 70 cents. China's export boom was supported by a currency down to 11 cents US, and it was held there artificially for a decade and it's been 14.7 GFC, to America's growing GFC, to America's growing fury but now revaluation and love is in the air. And by in the air. And by the way, here's one consequence of China's growth, the difference between where the mines are and NSW is at a record high of more $4,000 a year. It used to be 4,000 the other way and finance. The ACT cricketing community has been rocked community has been rocked by the death of 18-year-old Luke Bush. Bush, who played Bush. Bush, who played in Queanbeyan's year, died in a car accident in Goulburn on He was named the club's most promising junior on Friday night at the night at the club's annual presentation night. eyes might have been on Tiger Woods but in the end it was Phil Mickelson who took out the US Masters. It was an victory too. The golfer's wife, Amy, who emerged from her sick bed watch it happen. Tiger Woods meanwhile finished equal third green jacket by shots from Englishman Lee Westwood. a more poignant moment, the devoted family man in golf's most emotional embrace with sick Mickelson's journey to Masters fulfillment for a third time was mesmerising, set up by a birdie at the 8th, a gritty par save at 10 and a delightful save at 10 and a delightful 2 at the treacherous par 3 e-12th but for sheer theatre nothing topped Mickelson's topped Mickelson's amazing second to the par 513th. despite missing the eagle putt, Mickelson's lead was two. Mickelson's lead was two. At various times in the final round, this Masters was there to win for five other players. Englishman Lee Westwood was stoic but unable to produce enough magic like this. Smooth-stroking KJ Choi shared the lead in the run home but couldn't couldn't convert while Fred Couples' Couples' challenge suffocated at the 12th. Anthony Kim from the pack to challenge a 7 under 65 but the most extraordinary of the extraordinary of the vanquished was Tiger Woods who was out of sorts early then sprung back at a contention with an a contention with an eagle at the the seventh followed by two birdies. Woods' time out of birdies. Woods' time out of the game hadn't brilliance, just the consistency. Tiger! And left him pondering his future. I'm going to take a little time going to take a little time off and reevaluate things. Australia's challenge had bright closing moments, two eagles from Adam hole in one from debutante Nathan Green but in a week of draining emotions and shot-making, Phil Mickelson made his statement. I'm made his statement. I'm very proud of my proud of my wife and the fight and struggle she's been through and it's been a difficult year and to come out on top in this tournament is very emotional. Starting from pole position was as good as it position was as good as it got for Casey Stoner in the year's opening MotoGP. After the lead to Honda's Dani Pedrosa, the re-established an advantage re-established an advantage on his Ducati before crashing on lap five. Stoner's fall elevated defending titleholder Valentino Rossi to the front Valentino Rossi to the front on his Yamaha, a position he relinquished only briefly on his way to taking the chequered flag. It's been flag. It's been relegated from the English Premier Portsmouth's booked FA Cup final berth against Chelsea. The financially strapped strapped cellar dweller overcame Tottenham 2-0 in time, the match sealer coming after a dubious penalty decision. was second in three years for both clubs, will be played at Wembley on May 15. He's played just two games in the Super just two games in the Super 14s since recovering from a since recovering from a brain tumour and today Brumbies fullback Julian Huxley cleared of serious injury after receiving two heavy head knocks in Saturday's win over the Cheetahs. Huxley was on Cheetahs. Huxley was on the receiving end of two dangerous tackles by Kabamba Floors. Despite sounding dazed post--match interview, Andy Friend says he'll be for Friday's game against the Hurricanes. I honestly can't comment. You adon't remember the game? Not really. Pretty dazed after that. Just came and out of the game. and out of the game. Whenever a player says that you are concerned. When we got him in the shed he was fine. Probably regrets he ever said it. Brumbies fly said it. Brumbies fly half Matt Toomua had scans Toomua had scans today to determine the extent of his knee Chapman remains in doubt with hip injury. If only hugs could solve the world's problems. To her followers it's at least a good start. She's currently on a hugging tour of Australia, chalking up a few hundred to her claimed total of more than 29 million huggees. Read nothing into it. Ben Hur wasn't stopping be left to hug. Here in the unalikely venue of Sydney Boys' High School, hundred of fall eers of the woman known eers of the woman known simply as 'Amma, the Hugging were lining up for, well, were lining up for, well, a cuddleal, a squeeze, a cuddleal, a squeeze, a hug. We should take we can to move we can to move forward along the path of peace the path of peace and compassion. Those Amma's words translated the Hindi and recorded on the Hindi and recorded on CDs and DVDs, all part of the merchandising of Amma. She does have her own voice and a answer to an obvious question. Do you ever get sick of hugging? TRANSLATION: In true love, one always lives in had always lives in had present moment so you never get moment so you never get bored. And YouTube will lead an eparent miracle. Not walking on water but turning it pudding.But devotees don't need convincing. Not convincing. Not for nothing is Amma known as Saint. It's not Saint. It's not all she embodies but it does seem to be pivotal and yet even the most devoted don't know exactly what they get out of it. It's they get out of it. It's hard to put in words. In the end it's just, you know, it's it's just, you know, it's - um, I don't know, it's hard to describe it really. It's all the secrets of life, the universe and everything are download under to my download under to my mind. And for each huggee sweetener, a sweet. Now sweetener, a sweet. Now with a look at today's weather here's Mark Carmody. Thanks, Craig, and good evening. I love a good hug too and it would have been a good day except There's thick cloud over southeast Queensland which southeast Queensland which is generating pictures of heavy rain. Cloud approaching WA is also delivering showers will give our region will give our region fine, sunny weather for the rest of the week and the minimums will be low, gradually increasing towards the of Tasmania will bring showers to Melbourne and coastal Victoria and the northeast Victoria and the northeast of the State the State might get something as well. Craig, you've got cool weather when you're halfway through autumn and for a showy flow orn a sunny day, pelagonium or geranium all the way. Before we go a way. Before we go a brief recap of our top stories and Kevin Rudd has upped Kevin Rudd has upped his health care funding package by $1.3 billion in a final attempt to get the get the backing of the states and Territories. The money's to be spent elective surgery. The ACT Corrections Minister says locked up in their cells for up trouble. A rooftop protest at the Alexander at the Alexander McConnying centre yesterday. Simon Corbell denies they've been locked up for up to 20 hours at a time. That's ABC News. Stay with us the '7.30 Report' coming up next and you can find latest headlines 24 hours a at ABC online. Thanks for This Program is Captioned


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emerged about the nation's rapidly-burgeoning population,

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