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(generated from captions) This program is not subtitled This Program is Captioned inside job - Melbourne gangland killer Carl Williams jail. And extra billion dollars but still no agreement on Kevin Rudd's health and thorough and productive, Rudd's health plan. It's long

but a long way to under pressure to take to the but a long way to go. Airlines

skies again. And fury as premium Canberra skies again. And fury as a

put on hold. Good evening. Craig Allen with ABC News. It's been slow going at Kevin summit with State and going at Kevin Rudd's health

leaders, and they haven't even got to the hard part yet. The Prime Minister has splashed another billion dollars to convince premiers and chief ministers to back his plan, but the talks have a long way to go. Kevin Rudd so far hasn't broached the potential deal-breaker, the plan to keep a third of the states' GST payments, and that's why the leaders will return for a Simkin. Kevin political correspondent Mark

courting them for 7 despite billions of dollars in courting them for 7 weeks and

inducements, the premiers are get. We're engaging still playing hard to very destructive - excuse me, we are engaging in some very constructive and discussion around proposal. By discussion around reform they hadn't even started proposal. By late afternoon,

negotiating the fraud issues at the heart of the plan I haven't seen any sign of

Really? Really. We'll meet as stubbornness?

long as it takes We've got a work to do. We've just long as it takes We've still

booked accommodation, so that's booked another night's

expectation. That's despite the accommodation, so that's our

money on the take So far Commonwealth putting even more Commonwealth putting

discussions We've got a These are tough and Minister will provide more than increases in health costs $15 billion to cover expected

from July, the states will get beds, emergency departments $1.2 billion for extra hospital

elective surgery. Today is beds, emergency departments and

crunch time for the delivery of elective surgery. Today is the

health reform and for agreement on the GST. And must agree to give up one-third deal-breaker. The the states of their GST Commonwealth says it's of their GST payments. The

non-negotiable and so do the premiers. Western Australia will simply GST We have will simply not give up the

view about the GST I find it's crazy there are areas, they want extra money but reforms are not negotiable. It extra money but some of the boils down to a fight over controls the money. Commonwealth saurs says a deal controls the money. One is unlikely. The states say the Government is trying to expectations and being made. We're getting closer, inch by inch, but there is still some distance travel before we can agreement. The journey travel before we can reach

continues tomorrow after another dinner at The Lodge. The convicted gangland murderer, Carl Williams, has a violent death in prison. He was bashed in the security division of was bashed in the maximum

prison security division of Barwon lunch time today. Williams prison near Geelong around

suffered and died of a subsequent heart attack. Prison authorities have security footage of the incident and questioning another prisoner about the assault. Williams was meant to be under close guard and the puzzle is how anyone got near out the attack. Lisa Maksimovic got near enough to him to carry

reports. In a maximum unit at Barwon prison, one of reports. In a maximum security

crime figures Carl Williams was the country's most infamous serving a life sentence, but it ended sooner than expected. You will be aware ended sooner than most

that the death of Carl Williams this afternoon, an art kation at Barwon prison. The 39-year-old died from severe head injuries sustained during an attack another inmate. Carl sitting at a table. One of the other prisoners came up from behind, struck him on the a number behind, struck him on the head tried to revive him, but he a number of times. Prison staff

went into cardiac arrest was pronounced dead just before went into cardiac arrest and

1:30. I've had a with the Chief Commissioner this afternoon and me that this afternoon and he assures

unturned to get to the bottom of this murder and to its motives. The four-time convicted kept in solitary confinement in the Acacia unit, Barwon's highest level of have every prisoner in the system all times when they're out of cell, supervised. The level of supervision consideration by the office of supervision will be subject to

correctal services review. Carl Williams' lawyer says he comprehend how anyone Williams' lawyer says he can't

opportunity to kill him. Well, comprehend how anyone had the

he was in the State's secure prison environment, solitary Obviously a man like Carl every minute of every day.

Williams has alet of enemies. This matter is now an inquiry being undertaken by the Homicide Squad. Mr Starry spoke to Williams just this about The prisoner concerned him

Sun', saying police were about an article in the 'Herald

for his daughter's education He was troubled by the impact this might have on his daughter and consequences that might for her. That was his concern. His lawyer says police investigation independent of services should be held into police and correctional

Carl the circumstances surrounding of Victoria's most prolific described Carl Williams as one

serial killers. As reports he was just three years into a 35-year three underworld murders. has been cowardly killer, a master of Melbourne's underworld. There is no doubt the boy from Broadmeadows will go down in shot him. Did you have your eyes shot at the time. I've no idea who shot me. It's nothing to do with you that both of those men are dead now? No, nothing to do with me at all. Carl Williams later admitted to the murders three men, crimes for which he received a 35-year jail sentence in 2000 #. The series of killings were ignited when Williams was shot at range in the stomach by range in the stomach by Jason Moran in 1999. He Moran in 1999. He vowed revenge and eventually he got it recruiting two other men to football match in football match in June 2003. The following year Jason Moran's father, Lewis Moran Moran's father, Lewis Moran was shot-by-two gunmen at a bar in brun brun wick. Mark Mallia's charred remains were found in a burnt-out wheelie bin in burnt-out wheelie bin in August 2003. At the time sentencing for these murders, Williams was already serve offing at least offing at least 21 years jail for the killing of Michael Marshall in 2003. This, in our view, makes him one of the worst serial murders in was the focus of the Purana taskforce taskforce which spent more than three years trying to put end to Melbourne's gangland war. We're very pleased that justice has been done today and it recognises the it recognises the hard work of the Purana taskforce in reaching a significant result on community. At the time of community. At the time of his death, the trafficker Roberta trafficker Roberta Williams. Their love rise to the top of Melbourne's underworld attracted a cult following through A criminal celebrity who hope will never be surpassed in fame or conviction. A plane carrying 130 asylum seekers has finally left Christmas bound for Darwin and Port Augusta. The Afghan and Tamil men and children have waited two days for a flight to mainland. One detainee mainland. One detainee says he has been in detention has been in detention for almost three months and uncertain about his future. How long do you think you will to wait until you get a visa? question that I myself want to know the departure slightly eases critical shortage of beds on the island, but only the island, but only this morning another boat arrived with Pa 35 people on board. In Indonesia, around Lankan asylum seekers are on the move, too, after a the move, too, after a 7-month stand-off. They had refused stand-off. They had refused to leave their boat unless Australia fast-tracked their refugee refugee status. This afternoon Indonesian officials moved in, removing the sending them to a sending them to a detention centre. The ABC's Kerri Ritchie reports from the reports from the Port of Merak. After stand-off with the Indonesian Government, it ended like this. Please help us. Please. Help us! See us. We are waiting for Australia. We have been waiting for 4 to 6 month months. Negotiations stretched throughout the afternoon. The asylum seekers were given asylum seekers were given two options by Indonesian officials - agree to go to - agree to go to a detention centre or be deported back to Sri Lanka. they face persecution in their homeland. They chose the detention centre. Nimal, the detention centre s you're going? Yes. The Tamils were intercepted on their were intercepted on their way to Australia after Kevin made a personal phone call to the Indonesian him to stop the boat. him to stop the boat. Australia recently said the situation is Indonesia's responsibility. These people are here because of the request of the Australian Prime Minister, so woe hope they help these people and help the people who are people who are in need. The Tamils will be taken Tamils will be taken from here to Jakarta's main to Jakarta's main airport. They will be loaded onto two planes and flown to a detention centre the same place where were processed. Despite Australia's recent Australia's recent decision to suspend all refugee applications from Sri Lankans, these Tamils are still olding - still holding out still holding out hope that the new rules don't apply to There is growing to lift the planning on air travel. Initial flights found no damage flights found no damage from volcanoish volcanoish ash and airlines want to get passengers and goods moving again, meteorologists say the unstable skies are still capable of knocking out jet Iceland's volcano soar Iceland's volcano soar noose the air, but at Airport only a took to the skies. This flight returned safely as flight returned safely as did ones out the Netherlands. reported no problems. Now European airlines want safety regulators to surfing re-assess flight restrictions Let's expertise to make sure we're all doing the best all doing the best we can. TRANSLATION: TRANSLATION: The planes had no dust deposits in the engines. There was though damage in the body shell. Also the pito have not information should information should be taken into account by the politicians. But the politicians. But the UK Government, just two weeks out from the election from the election s playing it safe. The Met Office's advice, based on the safety standards s that it would flights across most of Northern Europe. Reinforcements Europe. Reinforcements might still be still be called in to get people to look at commercial as to look at commercial as well as Royal Navy and the capacity to help us in this to help us in this task. But red tape is also an obstacle. Passengers at UK shipping ports are being held up again, this time by immigration What are they queuing up for? Is there going to be civil unrest? Iceland's volcano shows no sign of abating and news. The last time this one went off, Katler to the east also went off so we could facing a number of months of disruption. Meanwhile queues become longer terminals become camps as we wait for clear wait for clear skies. It will be at least another two days before before flights resume between Australia and Europe. Qantas believes it's not safe to fly yet and believe the plume of ash won't clear least 24 hours We're unlikely to be to be able to move flights until at the Wednesday night and that of course would depend on the airspace being fully re-opened over all the routes in which we fly. We would expect fly. We would expect that over a course of a week's disruptions disruptions the cost to the Australian economy would generally be in the order of tens of millions of dollars. Airlines dollars. Airlines are uring passengers airports until they confirmation that they will fly. A Sydney fly. A Sydney man has admitted driving over and killing his girlfriend on Gunghalin on New Year's Day two years ago, judge will have judge will have to decide whether the 24-year-old was neglect in his actions. Wayne Antoniazzo had been at a party with 18-year-old Amaranta Vega before the incident. She was lying in the middle of the road when he ran dragged more than 5m by his car. Three police car. Three police cadets duplicated Antoniazzo's route in the test drive but weren't told there was an October Newcastle. A call for to open up its alleged nuclear facilities facilities to inspectors. Iran's decision to call Iran's decision to call the conference was treated sceptic Kali in the west where Kali in the west where it's widely believed the country is secretly developing a nuclear weapon. Iran's leaders deny this saying it's against their religion. Ben Knight reports from Tehran. One from Tehran. One day Iranian President is calling for President is calling for world peace. The next he is hosting an army Day parade in TRANSLATION: Iran's TRANSLATION: Iran's armd forces are so strong today that the enemies will not even think about violating our about violating our territorial integrity. There was already scepticism about Iran's motives for holding nuclear disarmament. Depicting itself as a itself as a peace-loving nation with a jerning for nuclear power being denied its rights by a conspiracy of developed nations. But most in, although the final statement did call on Israel to join the join the non-proliferation treaty and open up its nuclear facilities to inspectors. says its nuclear program says its nuclear program are peaceful and that sanctions are slowing it down, but it's also refusing to fully cooperate with UN inspectors. Why with UN inspectors. Why not simply give the agency what wants and get on with building TRANSLATION: We have had TRANSLATION: We have had the highest level highest level of cooperation with the IAEA. We do not believe in nuclear weapons. The proof is that we have held this conference. But four out of the five permanent members five permanent members of the UN Security Council simply don't believe that and this conference has conference has done nothing to change their minds or stop the push for a fourth round sanctions on Iran. And still to come on ABC News - why artists have left behind their personal with Taronga's residents. There they're some of the smallest organisms the ocean, but are close to are close to completing a 10-year census of marine creatures believe they creatures believe they have a huge impact on the ecosystems and even how the from nearly every country in the world have spent the past 10 years surveying some of the deepest, coldest deepest, coldest and hottest parts of the ocean they're releasing an inventory of some of the tiniest creatures that live in In just one small sample area in the south Atlantic, more than 700 species of crustaceans were catalogued, most of are new to science. We've diversity of simply because we didn't have the tools or mechanisms or abilities to access some of these environments. The census estimates that microbes make estimates that microbes make up 90% of the ocean's biomass, collectively weigh the equivalent of 240 billion elephants. these minute organisms aren't just just heavy, they're important, too. The a very key role in the way that nutrients move ocean and if they ocean and if they weren't there, the ocean would there, the ocean would shut down very quickly and the planet would shut down very quickly. Marine biologists working to understand how work and what impact they have Our next great challenge is to understand functioning, how they interact with each other, how interact with the other animals and plants to themselves and themselves and sustain our planet. And that will provide a whole new range of scientific investigations for the The developer wanting to build more luxury apartments on Kingston's foreshore has been dealt a blow. The authority had given authority had given the green light to the Quayside apartments but the overruled it, saying proposed building would be too high and wouldn't provide enough car parking. It also says decision is a mystery decision is a mystery but ACTPLA says that's unfair because it wasn't a matter We came to after many weeks of after many weeks of analysing the proposal, taking on board the comments of other people, understanding the architect's proposal. The confusion sends a message that developers in Canberra need to keep on looking over has topped a league table Australia, bucking the trend on the eastern seaboard. figures show the eastern states are economies with Tasmania and Queensland falling into bottom 4 on the table, joining Victoria and New South Victoria and New South Wales. Population growth saw South Australia move up the table while booming house prices were a factor in the Northern Territory's improvement. Certainly it is a number of the bigger states which are at the bottom of the rankings and to a larger extent South Wales and Victoria because they are financial centres, tourism. The study measures a number of factors, including economic and population growth, employment and spending. To the markets now markets now and fraud charges against bank Goldman Sachs JB Were have produced a wave around the world. As Alan Kohler reports, the local share market dropped to below 5,000 again Here Here is a graph of Goldman Sachs's share price on Sachs's share price on the New York Stock Exchange on York Stock Exchange on Friday. When Exchange Commission that they were suing the company for fraud, invektors headed hills. More S was wiped from the value of the company within minutes and the shares didn't really recover. Goldman later put out a innocent, but it lost money innocent, but it lost money on the deal at the centre of allegation. So we'll see. European markets took and in Asia today the falls were larger, believe the Shanghai share market fell 4.7% today market fell 4.7% today because Goldman Sachs has been charged with fraud. Perhaps investors were thinking of taking profits anyway after two months of solid gains and the Goldman gotcha just proved an gotcha just proved an excuse. Macquarie Group was and ANZ fell about the same, but the falls were quite widely Tinto and Fortescue down 2 5% respectively. Caltex and Orica down by 3%. The Australian dollar was well above 93 US cents this time above 93 US cents this time on Friday Friday night, but by Saturday morning it was 92 and now 91.5. Obviously fraud charges against Goldman with the Australian dollar. with the Australian dollar. It just shows how just shows how a shock wave like that can affect all financial markets. Meanwhile, back in the real world, back in the real world, we seem to be getting petrol for below cost at the moment. from CommSec from CommSec shows the terminal gate price and the volatile retail price of spikes for two spikes for two weeks. Strange business, petrol. And that's business, petrol. And that's Poland has farewelled President and First Lady at an elaborate funeral in Krakow. Tens packed the city's Square to watch the funeral on large screens. US President Barack Obama, French President Nicolas Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angela German Chancellor Angela Merkel were notable absentees, forced to cancel because of Iceland's volcanic ash. The Polish leader was laid to rest in the crypt of Wawel Cathedral, the traditional burial place of medieval kings. The President and his wife were among people who died in a plane crash in Russia more than a week ago. Despite the weekend bomb blasts in Bangalore, Indian officials predict Indian officials predict the Commonwealth will run smoothly with no delegation is in Australia accompanying the Queen's baton. It's part of the build-up to October's Opening Ceremony. Here is Peter Here is Peter Wilkins On the security Director-General of this Director-General of this year's Commonwealth Games has few concerns. He says the Indian Government has Government has left no stone unturn to unturn to provide the safest possible environment. we are relaxed. 8, 9 months back we were on our toes, we didn't know what was happening, but things under control. He says the New Delhi games won't just be safe. Safest. The focus is on security security everywhere today. The Queen's baton stop in Sydney con insided with the track and field contingent to be named captained by don't think anyone who was selected today is thinking of not going. Athletics Australia expects a haul of 30 medals. Almost half the team will be at their first Commonwealth Games. It was a poignant day for Samantha Stosur to win her second second tournament as Tennis Australia made statement about its future. For the second time promoter Paul McNah me has failed in his failed in his bid to win the presidency of the ruling body. A secret ballot was won A secret ballot was won by New South Wales lawyer and President of tennis New South Wales Stephen Healy to heel rifts to heel rifts in the game Now it's time to look forward and get the game going again. Healy was endorse ed again. Healy was endorse ed by out going Geoff out going Geoff follow lard who will shepherd Healy into will shepherd Healy into the role over the next role over the next six months. A disappointed McNamee his congratulations. Australia's Stosur was brutal dismantling the game Zvonerava COMMENTATOR: She is taking a taking a bruising. Stosur won nine consecutive games to stretch her opponent's composure. Stosur ultimately won Very happy and I've always tournament. The Melbourne Cup winner Viewed has died. winner Viewed has died. In 2008, training king Bart Cummings with an historic Cup No. with an historic Cup No. 12. As a year $50,000. It went on to win more than $6 million in prize money. The Melbourne Cup win as a 5-year-old holding off closest ever finish history of the complications from a twisted bowel during a spell ahead of the Spring Carnival. They might not have the panache of the celebrities who sit for Archibald, but the animals Taronga Zoo Taronga Zoo are proving to be compelling subjects for some of our leading artists. our leading artists. Giraffes, elephants, chimps and owls have proved to be the favourite posers posers for a most unusual artists in artists in residence project. Reg Mombassa was getting up close and with his new subjects. The man behind Mambo designs is one of 20 doing an artist's residency at Taronga Zoo A lot of cleedge yalt and bitter is usual with artists because we're all mildly mentally ill as well so it makes for an interesting interesting mix. The artists have swapped their studios for the great outdoors. Most of them haven't painted animals from the wild before but they're inspired enough to they're inspired enough to each donate paintings to donate paintings to help the cause of the animals. I think artists get something from coming to the zoo and back is a great thing because a lot of the money goes research for a lot of important work that the zoo does. They've had 24-hour access to had 24-hour access to the zoo, giving them a chance to sketch out of hours and behind the scenes often species that are overlooked. It has been fantastic. It pushes out out of your comfort zone. I never normally come to a zoo to do some work. But the lure of the zoo's new favourite has been impossible to resist Obviously Mr Shuffles resist Obviously Mr Shuffles is favourite with everyone. favourite with everyone. I've done a few drawings and I will see what happens. The chimpanzees are another of the artist's favourites. So like us, we're just apes with cars and guns, really. Like looking at our looking at our cousins, watching them going watching them going about their business. The business. The portraits of apes, owls and other creatures will be auctioned year, all for the sake of year, all for the sake of the animals. animals. Turning to the weather now and Canberra's stretch of glorious autumn days continues. There was some cloud at There was some cloud at times this afternoon, but warm in the capital - up to fact. Around Canberra temperature is around temperature is around 16 degrees with degrees with 60% humidity and just a light north

wind. Cloud over the south-east states connected to a low south of Adelaide and of Adelaide and further cloud over Queensland. Locally over Queensland. Locally we'll see fine weather see fine weather persisting under the influence of a near stationary high-pressure system currently over the Tasman Sea . weaken allowing a trough to showers to the ACT region. Around the country tomorrow: Before we go, a brief recap of our top stories tonight Melbourne gangland killer Carl bashed in jail. The 39-year-old died from head injuries early maximum security prison. Another inmate is being questioned. And Kevin Rudd's health summit with State and Territory leaders is deadlock tonight. deadlock tonight. The Federal Government has put an additional $1.2 billion on the table, but there is still table, but there is still no agreement on the Prime Minister's health plan. And that's ABC News. Stay with for the '7:30 Report' coming up next. You can find the latest headlines 24 hours a day at ABC Online. Thanks for your

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