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Live. Tonight an Australian

man arrested in Bali on

drug-smuggling charges. No, I

did not bring any drugs, this

is news to me. More signs

Europe's debt crisis is

worsening. The people are

entitled to be angry over the

bankers who lend reckless ly

over a considerable period of time. Melbourne and Sydney

good up for a weekend of football. Hollywood mourns one of

one of the last stars of its

golden age Tony Curtis. Good evening and welcome to ABC News. I'm Virginia Haussegger

- An Australian man has

been arrested in Bali with

nearly 2 kilogram of methamphetamine in his

luggage. The 43-year-old from

Sydney was detained at Denpasar airport after

arriving on a flight from

Bangkok. Customs officials Australian is a kickboxing instructor who has Australian is a Thai

been living in Bangkok for a

year and a half. He was

arrested after arriving on an

Air Asia flight. The head of the investigation says his

officers allegedly found 1.7

grams of methamphetamine in 4 packages carefully concealed

in the side panels of the bag

but he says he knew nothing

about the drugs. No, I

borrowed the bag. I do not

have a bag. I just borrowed

a bag to put some clothes

in. So somebody asked you

to borrow that bag? Anybody

gave you money? No. Methamphetamine is a

class 1 narcotic under

Indonesian law an people

caught smuggling more than 5

grams can be sentenceed to members of the so-called Bali Nine heroin smuggling ring

are currently on death row.

Europe's debt crisis appears

to be deepening with Ireland

putting up more than $50

billion to shore up its

banking system. The rescue

package will widen the

country's deficit to the

biggest in Europe since World

War II. The Government will

spending cuts potentially now have to impose more

destabilising the country.

The remains of Ireland's doomed housing doomed housing projects tell

the story of an economy that

became too reliant on the

country's property

developers. Just 100 of them

are said to have brought the Anglo Irish bank to its knees.

knees. The Government has

told its taxpayers that they

will need to spend $50

billion bailing out the bank,

more will be spent saving the allied Irish

people are entitled to be allied Irish bank. The

angry with the bankers who lent recklessly over a considerable period of time

in the earlier part of this

decade. The Government has

warned that fit does not help

the banks their collapse

could bring the whole country

Government down with them. The

Government has a large

underlying budget

well which it will need to

reduce over the coming years.

There are clearly issues

about whether it will be able

to do this without sending

the economy in the deep

recession. The Irish economy

is the first in Europe risk going into a double-dip

recession after contracting

in the second quarter. As a

member of the eurozone

Ireland's pain is split 16

way was the other countries

that share the common

currency. The EU now insists that countries stop spending

so much more than they can

raise in taxes. What is

absolutely clear for us is the credibility and the

delivery of this unequivocal

commitment to correct the

excessive deficit by 2014. Spain's first

nationwide strike in close to

a decade revealed the

public's anger about Government spending cuts in

the eurozone's fourth biggest

economy. Moody's has become

the latest to slash Spain's

credit rating which will only

make paying off its existing

debts all that much harder.

Ecuador's President as been

rescued if a hospital that

was surrounded by rebel

police for 12 hours. Loyal

Government troops hustled

President Rafael Correa out

of the National Police

Hospital building which had

been surrounded by officers

angry about pay cuts. The

President had been forced to

take refuge in the hospital

after a speech he made the

rebel officers turned

violent. at least 2 people

have been killed and scores

more injured. Officials in the military junta which

rules Burma say they will soon

who has been under arrest

she over the past 20 years since

she won the 199elections. Her

house arrest is due to expire

in the middle of November

just days after general

elections but critics say the

junta is merely tying to give

the 7 November poll some

legitimacy. Supporters pint

out that Aung San Suu Kyi has been released for brief

period in the past only to be

locked up again. Barack Obama is losing right-hand man. The

White House Chief of Staff

Rahm Emmanuel is jumping ship

reportedly to pursue political offers of his own.

If the latest in string of departure from the Obama

team. Now the President must he prepares for what is resemble his inner circle as

promising to be a tough run

for re-election. Determined, ambitious, profane, Rahm

Emmanuel made his presence

felt in the Obama White

mocked his use of colourful House. Even the President

language last year on Mothers

Day. This is a tough holiday

for Rahm Emmanuel because he

is not used to saying the word "Day" after "Mother". The brash Chicago native has been with the

President since day one but

being Mayor of his home city

was always his dream job. I

would like to run for mayor

in the city of Chicago. For

the past 2 years he has

helped twist arms on Capitol

Hill wining support for the President's stimulus package

and Rye forms to health care

and Wall Street. He has been the energetic inspirational

leader of us taking the President's promises as an

agenda and enacting the them

into law. Another White House

insider will replace him but

critical time for the his resignation comes at a

President A key economic advisor is left, another will

go at Christmas and in just a

month the Democrats are

expecting the a backlash at

the ballot box. That will

leave Rahm Emmanuel's replace

with the a tough job working

for a President seeking

re-election. A woman accused

of stabbing a man to death in

Kingston in 2008 as been

granted bail. Conditions are

that she live at a women's

refuge in Canberra's south.

The 19-year-old was a juvenile when she allegedly murdered Cameron Anderson she acted in self-defence

after Mr Anderson sexually assaulted her. Acting Justice

John Nield noted she had no

criminal history and was

being taunted in jail because

of her sexuality. He does not

believe the case against her

is overwhelming. ACT young people people who found themselves on the wrong side of the law

are learning skills that

could help them rebuild their

lives. Resident of the Bimbry

youth justice centre are

paving the way to a new

future via a brick-laying

course. It is a modest

beginning but this could be

the foundation for better things. A lot of of people think they

think they are not really

physically doing much but their body hurts so they are

feeling what it is like to

work hard. These residents of

the youth justice centre who

cannot be identified are trying their hand at

something new. It is the

first time the national

run at the centre. We need

more trades and skills here

in the ACT so this gives them

first-hand experience to test

what it is like to be a

brickie and make the

connection with the

industries. 12 young people

have done the program this week. Many resident week. Many resident are to sure what the future holds.

They are looking for an

occupation and this vocational training gives

them a head start. I want to

do this when I get out. I was going

going to do carpentry but I'm

going to be a brickie. As

soon as I earn enough moneyly

build my own house because I

have the skills. With a bit of hard work these young

people could build a new life

for themselves and they have

made a solid start. The it

may have been a protracted

labour but paid parental

leave is about to be born in

Australia and will start on 1

January. From today

in the new year can lodge a

claim. The babies are on the

way but the mums and dads are

getting a head start on the

paperwork W the new Government-funded paid

parental work starting on 1 January

January they can lodge their

claim now 3 months before the

Australia will catch up with due date. For the first time

world and bring a national the rest of the developed

Government-funded paid parental heave

scheme. Parents can claim up

to 18 weeks paid leave at the

minimum wage currently $570 a

they norm reply work week before tax. That is had

part-time or full-time. The

reform is expected the public a critical difference the thousands of families.

Casual, part-time, self employed, contractors, we

expect those mums and dads to

be the Big Ben fisheries.

thought I was not going to I'm a temporary worker so I

get anything so when I

discovered I was pregnant -

that is why we have waited

until now until we are more

not have to go back to work

straight away so to me it is

very important. The leave can

be shared between the mum and

dad or same-sex couple and

they are entitled to it even

if their employer also

provides paid leave so long

as the take it a year after

the baby is born or adopted.

They are only little for such

a short Tim and they have

general an you missed

it. Instead of the paid leave parents can choose the baby

bonus. At $5300 that is half

the minimum wage option but

it is tax free so for some it will work out better. In

addition two weeks paid

paternity leave will be

introduce from July 2012. In

last night's news bulletin we

brought you a story on low

dock loans. We said a company

company is pursuing the called Challenger was

matter in the courts the loan

was made by a company called

Interstar which was later

taken over by Challenger. The

share market and dollar ended

the day flat after the Irish

banking crisis Wade on

investor sentiment around

world. It turned out the

banks in Ireland took longer

to be found out than the bank

in Iceland. Ice land's banks

September 2008 after Lehman started the fall over in

Brothers collapsed. Ireland's

banks did start going soon

after and Anglo Irish Bank

was nationalised in January

last year but this is a slow

train derailment. It is still going. As a result this

sovereign risk temperature gauge from Royal Bank of Canada shows Ireland has

concerns about Greece, suddenly gone red hot as

Portugal and Spain gradually

fade. Greece was red hot in

me and June but it has not gone bust yet so Ireland will pull its selves

out of the flames as well.

The share market this saw

yesterday's event coming so

the Irish share index fell 5%

in three-weeks but wept up

last night. Other big

exchanges fell although

India's went for a run today which has meant

markets went for a stellar

month. On Wall Street it was

the best September for 71

years. It has been a big

month for the Dow t dollar

and gold but not so much the

local share market. The All

Ords fell in the second-half

of the month and ended at

2.4% higher. It started October today as it finished September, flat. BHP Billiton put on a strong performance

off Street byfuls along with banks. Telstra recovered 2 cent and Newcrest rose

three-quarters of 1% because

the gold price is staying above above $1300 an ounce. The

crude oil price went above

$80 a barrel last night in

the first time in a month.

The Australian dollar is The Australian dollar is back

but stayed above 96. I will

be back on Sunday at 10am

with 'Inside Business' so

until then that's finance. The Australian

National University Ian Young as its next

vice-chancellor. He will take

over from Professor Ian Chubb

who announced his retirement earlier this year. Professor Young has been vice-chancellor of Swinburne

Victoria since 203. The University of Technology in

accomplished engineer was

involved in international

students recruitment and is

keen to strengthen the

international ties of one of Australia's most recognised

universities. A world class

university has to be exactly

that, linked the the world and a very important element

of the ANU activities will be

to play on a world stage. Professor Young had has signed

contract lot Commons his role

at the ANU from 1 March next year the Queen's baton relay

for the Commonwealth Games has reached the Indian

capital and with just two

days to go organisers hope

behind them but preparations most of their problems are most of their

continue. The it has travelled through 27 countries and new the Queen's

baton is in the host city. It

has been carried past New

Delhi's most prominent landmarks. Games organisers

hope the baton's arrival will

general it a positive news

and they believe the tide is

turning in the much-maligned

Athletes Village. Some in

New Delhi want the pass the

baton back. She is not our

queen. Why are we taking this queen's

India and the world? With

two days to go us's athletes

are deep into their training routines adjusting to New Delhi's smog and heat.

Organisers are racing to get the venues ready The chaos

engulfing the Games are not

frightening off other potential host cities. Queensland Premier Anna Bligh

is in town the pitch the Gold

Coast bid to host 2018 Games.

It is a great destination

with outstanding facilities

and it offers a safe and

great experience for athletes

and visitors alike. While she

is here Anna Bligh will get

an idea of how not to do

things. The teams have gone

to ground but Dragons and

Roosters supporters are doing

their bit to hype up Sunday's NRL decider. The faithful have a reserved

optimism about their team's

chances but the Dragons

sometimes forgotten fans in the Illawarra are all set to

celebrate a premiership for

the first time. It has taken

time for Wollongong to learn

to love the Dragons. 11 years after St George Illawarra

emergency would Illawarra once rusted on supporters show faith in the

red V. It is a fantastic

opportunity to be associated

combine would the St George club makes it all the better. Starved of

premiership success Dragons

fans have gone on a spending

splurge on all things red and

height hope in that into two

days their 31-year wait will end. The day of the dragon.

Steelers have never won, it

has ban drought. Since the

merger we were lucky enough

to get there in 99 but could

not come away with a win so

it will be great for the

region if they can get up.

They are always hard the pick

but I tend to favour the

Dragons for their consistency and the very they present as a defensive

side. This is Roosters

heartland but you would not

know it to look at it. We

should get them down. Get

something hang. There is

support here but it is

understated. Go the Roosters! Some Roosters! Some have jumped

on the band wagon of their

blooming good side. Red rose

are the best for the

Roosters, white for peace and

the blue for the love and

whatever they can give us!

The hard-core supporters are

showing their true colours.

The Roosters blood still goes

threw me so I will be cheering for the chooks on Sunday. They are already Baracking from the balconies

Let's goes Roosters, let's

go. They could be crowing

come Sunday night. Raiders

five-eighth Terry Campese

will watch his fend and

former team-mate Todd Carney from the couch successful knee reconstruction surgery. Terry

Campese was operated on last

week after tearing his

anterior cruciate ligament in

the Raiders final against the

Wests Tigers. It is not all

bad news for the playmaker.

He new has plenty of time to spend with his new daughter

Billie as he begins Billie as he begins his

recovery.. I seen the doctor

again questioned and for the

first-week check-up and it is

going to plan and perfect.

After when I seen the physio

he situation it is progressing a bit quicker

than what it is so yeah, that is a good thing. Terry

Campese will have to wait a month before beginning month before beginning a weight-bearing exercise plan

than hopes to be back on the

field in 6 to 9

are months. Australia and India

are locked in an even contest

on the opening day of the first Test. Batting first Australia built via a second-wicket partnership

between Watson and Ricky

Ponting but India fought back

test and could not wait to before tea. Australian

let his batsmen lose on a day

one pitch suited the the

task. It could have been a

terrible start. Shayne Watson was spilt by Saywag second

ball. Katich has Australia's

best Test average for 2010

but this inings what was short lived after short lived after an lbw.

Ricky Ponting began with a

flourish. His aggressive

approach continued into the afternoon. Watson joined in

with an array of beautifully

timed shots but they also had

some good fortune. Ricky

Ponting was caught off Sharma

no ball. Dani's unhappy time

was exacerbated when he put

Watson down in 37. The pair

built a partnership of 141.

Injured Sharma had to leave

the field but having reached

71 Ricky Ponting rambled

The skipper reacted to after an inaccurate throw.

India's verbal farewell.

Before tea vice-captain

Michael Clarke also departed.

He made 14. The three-time

Tour de France winner Alberto

Contador says he is the victim after it was revealed

he had recorded a positive

test for a steroid during

thing year's race. The Spaniard has been

provisionally suspended by the International Cycling

Union. Traces of a banned

drug were found when he was tested in July. TRANSLATION:

The cycling union confirmed

in my presence that it was food poisoning. The Alberto Contador revelations co-inside with the world road

cycling championship in

Victoria. Michael Matthews a

20-year-old from Canberra has

taken out the men's under-23

road race. Melbourne is

braced for another dose of

grand final mania after last

week's dramatic draw. Fans

show no signs of final

fatigue lining up to see their teams in practice for

the last time before the

smaller crowd than last week

but still a pretty good one

from what will definitely be the Magpies last training

session of the year. For

these fans grand final are a

bit like buses, you wait

around for ages for one then

you get 2 at once. It feels like the grand

now. During the week other

things have happened and the

footy has taken a back seat but today it is

full-on. There are few things

Mick Malthouse has not been

through in his 38ers as player and coach but this is

not one of them. The

trimming are not there, the

parade, Brownlow, they are

not there. Leon Davies train

would a smile despite being

dropped. There was not a lot

of sympathy for him. He had

his chance. The coach praised

his attitude and that of

others who missed out on

another shot at grand final

glory There has been very

few players if any this year

judgement of the match that have not accepted the

committee. Meanwhile St Kilda

has been fined for turning up late to last week's parade

and four being late on to the

grand for the grand final.

Melbourne's two A-League

soccer clubs were meant to

play but have had to

reschedule and they have lost their stadium as well. It is

one of two live sites where

thousands will watch the

grand final replay. This is

a great venue for the fans.

They will love it so we are

going to have, I don't know,

140,000 people around the presing lot on Saturday. MCC

members are queueing to

secure their unreserved

seats. From pretty boy to

lead Inman to leading lady. Tony Curtis will be

remembered for a variety of

roles. The Hollywood heart-throb and Oscar-234078

nighted actor has died of a was 85. heart attack in Las Vegas, he

He served in the Navy in

the second world were.

Returned to New York, took

acting classes, a stage name

and thanks to his looks won a

contract with the Universal

Pictures. It was the

beginning of a career that

would span more than five

decades. Mixing the frivolous

with the forgettable and several Hollywood classics.

Sweet Smell of Success'. From the 1957 noir film 'The

From now on the best of everything is good enough for

me. To block busters like 'Spartacus' and 'Spartacus' and the popular

Like it Hot'. It is so gender-bending comedy 'Some

drafty. They must catch cold

all the time. Will you quit staltion we are going to miss

the train. I feel

naked. There were well over

nominated once for the 100 movies but he was only

Academy award for the Academy award for the escaped

convict drama the 'Defiant

Ones' You should have got

what was coming to you. Tony Curtis married six times most

famously to MGM star Lee

Lyons. Their daughter Jamie

Lee Curtis also turned the

acting. In 1968 he played

against her as a serial killer in the Boston

strangler. He fell out of

favour in the '70s turn in in

staetd to TV roles. He

struggled with drug

addiction Rights I feel like Scrooge, after the three

nightmares I'm see happy to

be alive. He was an actor,

painter, larger than life Hollywood original. The 85-year-old's sixth wife 45

years his junior told

reporters he did not want to

be the most dramatic actor.

All he ever wanted was to be

a movie star. Now with a

look at the weather here is

Mark Carmody in among the

bonzai at Commonwealth Park.

What are you doing down


Yes, we are down her at the

national bonzai collection as

part of the Floriade month

but it is on 12 months of the

year. It is stunning. I will

tell you a bit about it after

the weather but this tree is

- first started in 19 74 and

is going absolutely strong. The tallest trunk on this

tree here is a metre. In real

life it gets up to something

like 60 or 70 metres

there is one growing in Canberra. It almost looks

like you are standing in a little fairyland of some

sort. It is a bit like a

fairyland. Almost a bit eerie

too because we have the

lights of Floriade on and it

is dark in here. Believe me.

Just give us the weather and

we will come back we will come back to you. Alright! So to the

weather. As you know it was

cloudy for most of the morn wing the sun finally pushing

through just as the lunch

break finished. We reached a

maximum of 16 before. Down

her among the mini trees it

is very pleasant, a bit cold,

but still very nice. Outside

the ACT today most centres

got to either 17 or 18.

Around our country today

Melbourne was sunny for the

final training run before tomorrow's big clash.

Adelaide was clear and sunny

and reached 22. Perth again

had a pearler, clear and 26.

On the last morning before daylight saving start

the sun is up at 5.38 setting

at 6.07. Similar conditions

on Sunday with wind a little

bit stronger, 30 km/h. On our holiday Monday wet again

unfortunately with easing

wind and a warmish top 21. That beautiful specimen to

your right, I'm not much of a

green thumb but how difficult would it would it be to grow something like that? They have all

been grown from seed. They

were last planted in 1993 so

quite difficult. There is no

roof over me here so it gets

all the natural rainfall and

sunlight that comes through

but collection is exquisite.

At the moment there are about

30 sitting here and they have

a total collection of 70. In

18 months it will slip up the

its permanent home but you

can come here 7 days a week

365 days a year. I do not

think they are open on

Christmas Day but every other

day. Looks terrific. Thank

you for showing us all the

bonzai. Stay with us for you in Civic where some amazing amazing sand sculptures have

emerged along City Walk. Have

a great weekend. Goodnight. Closed captions by This Program is Captioned


Canberra was originally

organised as a utopia. I think

it is not a utopia. I think we

have a lot more to hope for

from planners than what we've

actually got.

Hello and welcome to

Stateline. I'm Chris Kimball.

Coming up - we found some of

the people who featured in last

week's 40-year-old story about