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(generated from captions) cloudy weather, a good place Virginia, with this cool

for our Fijian friends would to visit the botanic gardens. for our Fijian friends would be

fantastic flowers like this Not only would they see

emblem of Victoria but apakras which is the floral

keep warm the gardens! It's a beautiful place to work up a bit of go, a brief recap of our story tonight. Britain is shock after its worst mass story tonight. Britain is in

shooting since the Dunblane taxi driver went on the massacre in 1996. A 52-year-old

in the Lake taxi driver went on the rampage

people before turning in the Lake District killing 12

on himself. And News. Stay with us now for the on himself. And that's ABC

7.30 Report coming up you find the latest 7.30 Report coming up next. Can

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Welcome. Tonight we start

with a story about the

explosion of 3D technology in

sin in and television, not so

much about the whizz bang

aspect that is common police

but because of the surprising

risks that may be attached.

Today's 3D revolution is a

far cry from the cellophane

coloured glasses in earlier decades. Blockbuster films

like 'Avatar' are getting the

3D treatment. Many others are

in the pipeline and now it my

greats the lounge room with

the launch of 3D television

but the health warnings that

accompany the technology are

raising concerns. Thea Dikeos

reports. 3D television is

being marketed as the

ultimate in family friendly

entertainment.. We see it

being event-driven. We see

people sitting down for the

3D event experience. Last

week the State of Origin

Rugby League was beamed in 3D

using a tile channel made

communications media available by the Australian

authority to the 9 network

but only those with a 3D

television and the active shutter glasses could see

it. That was awesome! This

month SBS and Foxtel will show some of the World Cup

soccer games in 3D. They will

be filmed using Sony's 3D

cameras. I think initially

it will be driven by events

particularly sports, sports-mad Australia as we

are seeing at the moment but

eventually it will be per

vasive across every consumer

electronics category. Sony

expects in the next 3 years

to sell 100 million three

thee televisions around the

world and by the end of next

year more than half a million

3D sets in Australia.

Goodbye to those at the

Harvey Norman Auburn shop.

Electronics companies, nets

works and filmmakers are

banking on the biggest

revolution in home entertainment since the

introduction of come your

television but others are

raising concern about its

long-term effects. I would

not put my child in front of

it for a London period of

time. Macquarie University

computer researcher recently

con dub add study exploring

the correlation between

motion sickness and 3D real

is stick content. It does

feel really like you are

going on a roller coaster

ride and it is making me

disoriented I must say. 150

participants watched the

semi-immersive screen showing

3D content for 20 minimum and

70% reported motion sickness.

More research it is said

needs to be done on the

impact of 3D technology over

a large population particularly children. There

are certain things like which

is less explored and I have

not explored myself such as

for example the high

frequency repetition of the

images so does it pose a

problem in actual perception?

In real-time, in the real

world? So those are things

that we have to explore

before putting our kids in

front of them. I don't

think we are overreacting.

All I'm asking for is data

that proves that it is

safe. Computer designer Mark

Pesh created a virtual

reality system in the '90s

which he says used similar

technology the 3D television. We sent it off

to be tested by the Stanford

research institute very well

respected in call foreign why and they said they do not

think this is safe to give to

people, maybe if you limit

the exposure to 30 minutes,

an hour a day and we do not

think it is safe for children

and after that after a

enormous fanfare killed the

product. He says the Stanford

research found disturbing

effects on some people.

Basically depending on the

amount of exposure there

would a period when they

could not sense depth so they

could prang the car, fall on

a bike, stumble downstairs because they could not tell

how for away something was.

One of the big players in the

3D market declined the '7.30

Report''s request for an

interview but in a statement

said their TVs are safe when

used properly and instruction

are followed. I advises

customers to use their own

judgement while enjoying 3D

TV. But Samsung's guidelines

have changed since launching

the product. Initially it

included warnings such as

motion sickness and after

effects and recommended watching if you had been

drinking alcohol. Now its warnings have been simplified

to include an emphasis on

eyestrain after prolonged

suing. Samsung told the '7.30

Report' their original advice

was broad because 3D TV is an

entirely new product. The

company's original advisory

was an earnest effort to act

responsibly. Samsung resized

confusion in the marketplace. its user manual to clarify

I would like to get results

for example from their own

testing teams from these

companies. This month Sony

will launched its 3D

television in Australia. That

is when it will reveal its health warnings. The company

is confident the quality of

its shutter glasses will

minimise any potential

negative effects. Our

studies have shown in the US

this the health effects are

minimal. Again appropriate

usage is probably the right

expression to use. So if you

watch it for a few hours you

will not have any significant

health effect. Sony would not

disclose hat sort of these

its took place and who did

it. But the '7.30 Report' has

been told in a statement that

for children under 6 Sony

will recommend you Consul

your doctor such as a

paediatrician or eye doctor

before allowing young

children to watch 3D video

images. If you do 3D badly

it really turns people off,

it can make them nauseous or

give them headaches. 3D

filmmakers know quality

control will be crucial to

the success of 3D content for

television or film. If there

are major films that handle

and organise and how can I

put it, exhibit their 3D in a

less than professional

fashion it could kill 3D as a

format. Previous

incarnations of 3D in the 50s

and '80s failed to make the

jump from fad to mainstream.

There is no doubt the

technology has advanced but

if the 3D experience becomes

unpleasant then it is likely

once again to be consigned to

history. But the industry maintains the problems are

minimal and 3D television

will prove a winner.. We

think if we provide great

content in Australia and we

have the best quality product

that has to be a winning

formula. Alright! Get your

glasses for the '7.30

Report'! Thea Dikeos with that story. The Reserve Bank

decision this week not to

inflict yet another interest

rate rise as the economy recovers may have offered

some respite the homeowners

with big mortgages but the

concerns about the

affordability of housing in

this country remains. Home

values have risen 11.9% in

capital cities over the past

year and despite a lift in

new home building after

Government initiatives and

low interest rates during the

global credit crisis there is

still a growing gap between

demand for housing thin

country an supply. That

represents a considerable

dilemma for developers and governments. Strong tensions

between buyers and agents and

significant social problems.

Freezing interest rates might

cool the market for now but

round the auction block a

heated debate continues among

those in the real estate

industry over whether agents

deliberately under-quote

reserve prices to create a

bidding frenzy among anxious

buyers in a sellers market

It pisses people off. A real

estate industry forum in

Melbourne on Friday to debate

under-quoting. There has to

be a solution that the vexed

issue of under-quoting.

Under-quoting is often

misconstrued for an over

heated marketplace. There are

simply not enough houses to

go around. Despite warnings

by analysts that interest

rate rise are likely to

resume later this year growth

in the value Australian homes

has flattened rather than

fallen in the last quarter.

Into 2 30 10 we expect

disposable income to increase

by 5% and we will probably find home values increase by

a slightly lower level than.

That going forward if there

is any bursting of the

property bubble for want of a

better word it will be due to

a massive influx of new

housing supply. So what hope

is there on the horizon of

that? Introducing the little

hero. The self-contained

apartment fully built in a

factory. Replete with

cupboards, carpets,

balconies, electricals, even

a stove. Before it is loaded

onto a truck transported in

the dead of night to a

building site and carefully

stacked 68 of them here piled

one on top of the other 8

storeys high or possibly

higher like large-scale

Leggo. It is a process

patented by architect s, one

a President of the Australian

institute of architects.

Together they designed

Melbourne's tallest building.

Now their little hero inner

city apartments have sold out

at $340,000 for a one-bedroom

unit. We have a housing

shortage. If you create higher-density a solutions

even out in the urban growth

boundaries you can put land

save stod commune use, more

sustainable, more friendly,

more neighbourly and at the

moment a lot of the housing

that goes on out and out is

quite static and not about

community. Not everyone

wants to live in an

apartment. I think

Australians have been brought

up having access the backyard

to being able to play a game

of cricket in the back

garden. The market clearly

has a preference for a

free-standing dwelling at the

moment. Stockland builds new

communities the fringe of

capital cities across the

country from this to the

north of Brisbane that will

eventually house 25,000

people to this on Melbourne's

northern perimeter. Which in

four stages will house 7,000

homes at a starting price of

around $300,000. But with the

rising affordability issue

less land being released to

halt the urban sprawl at an

increasing reluctance by

governments to deliver

transport and infrastructure

to new outlying areas even

Stockland is changing its

approach in an attempt to

make housing more affordable.

We have some of the largest

houses in Western world. On

average we occupy 83 square

metres of space per person

compared to 32 square metres

in the UK. That means we are

living in house thanks

potentially are far too big

and we are being wasteful

with the space we use. We

have taken some steps in this

regard in trying to ensure we

can go on the journey with

our customers to show them

the benefits of having a

bigger life still rather than

a bigger house. New thinking

perhaps but the forecast

remains bleak. In its report

released in May the national

housing supply council

estimated the short fall in

supply of Australian homes

having risen by 99,000 in

208, 79,00 last year will

rise to 308,00 dwellings in

just four years and 640 500

in less than 20 years. It is

not only seriously

disheartening for those

hoping to buy a home, it is

having a profound effect on

national rental affordability

and the community is so

reliant on it. The Government

had to do something to

create, to stimulate

affordable housing. People

need to rent homes and the

rent are rising that they can

not afford to live where they

want the live any more so to

prevent tenants from getting

up and moving they launched

this scheme so they could

have their rent subsidised so

they could stay in the areas

and build community. Joe Brown of the national reason

tell affordability scheme is

desperately trying to alert Australians to the little-known but generous

tack deductions available for

investing in development of

affordable rental properties.

As the Government strives to

build 50,00 such homes by

2012. Tax-free incentives of

$9140 as it stands now rising

with CPI for 10 years. That

is a big carrot but not big

enough it seems to compete

with the even bigger

challenge. Overcoming

Australia's chronic housing

shortage. We need to see

more land released by the

Government. We need to see

less bureaucracy in the approvals process getting

developments into the market

quicker and what we need to

see in this high population

growth environment is more

high and medium dense

difficult development. This

needs courage of leadership

from Federal and state level

the ensure future generation

haves access to a range of

affordable housing. It is

known - nine years since the

stand-off between the

Australian Government and a

Norwegian freighter with more

than 400 asylum-seekers on

board made world headlines.

The 'Tampa' affair led to the

creation of John Howard's

specific solution under which

asylum-seekers were detained

offshore until processed

although most were ultimately accepted as Australian

resident. It is a policy the

Federal Coalition has

resurrected promoting

departing Liberal Georgio

that saw refugees treated

like criminals and in prison

for longer than convicted

rapist, robbers and

kidnappers has now been

reopened. Mr Howard said at

the time of the 'Tampa' that

none of the asylum-seekers

passengers would never settle

in Australia but in fact many

live here and within has

become a citizen.Peter

McCutcheon reports from

Brisbane. Australian

citizenship ceremonies are a

celebration of diversity an

these new Australians all

have their own stories about

how they came to the land

Down Under. I can not say

how happy I am and I want to

thank the Australian people

for letting me being part of

their country. This machine

arrived in Australia in the most controversial of

circumstances. He was one of

438 asylum-seekers rescued at

sea by the 'Tampa'. When he

first stepped foot on

Australian soil in 2003 the

20-year-old Afghan made his

intentions clear. I'm very

happy. I like to be an

Australian citizen. 7 years

later his dream has been

realised. I say that want to

be an Australian citizen

which I am an Australian

citizen now. Did you ever

think it would come to

this? I thought yeah, I

thought a country that will

let us be a citizen so I was

feeling that. Back in 2001

his optimism was put to the

test. The then Howard

Government refused to allow

him and his fellow

asylum-seekers on board the

'Tampa' into Australian

waters. They were eventually

settled in a detention camp

an Nauru signalling the

beginning of the so-called

Pacific solution. Brought a

very big change in Australian

policy in the Government

policy. We were a change in

the policy, mythical

people. So you were well

aware of the political debate

at the time?. Yeah, a little

bit. But you do not want to

comment on that? No, I don't

like. When the '7.30 Report'

spoke to him in 2003 he was

on a temporary protection

visa which meant he faced the

possibility of being returned

to Afghanistan. So he was

reluctant to become involved

in the Australian political

debate. 7 years later he is

driving taxis in Brisbane. He

says this gives him plenty of

opportunities the tuck the

people about the 'Tampa'.

Some of them I introduce

myself to them "You are from

'Tampa'?". Some say "I'm

sorry, please" and I say "It

is okay "and they say "It is

not okay". I say "You are not

sorry it is okay, it

happened, it is passed but

you do not have to be

sorry". But the young man who

fled the Taliban and paid people-smuggling more than

$4000 US to travel across

Asia says his time on Nauru

was physically and mentally

painful. Two years go on

every day I was asking people

what is our future like? Are

you sending us back? Are you

keeping us forever? Are we

prisoners? Are we something

different? I don't see it as

a form of punishment. Despite

the testimony of refugees the

Opposition and immigration

spokesman Scott Morrison says

the Coalition is committed to

reintroducing off shore

detention in order to

discourage people-smuggling

What I see it as is a way of

processing people offshore to

assess their claims for

asylum and if they are found

to be genuine claims there is

a opportunity for

resettlement had in Australia

or elsewhere. Now as I said,

lessons are learnt a in the

possess of running detention

facilities all the time. They

are always improving. blue I

pledge my loyalty the

Australia... Farihd was not

the only refugee in Brisbane.

One Afghan also spent several

years on nauru and his new

citizenship has not altered

his views on the Pacific

solution. These people are

human beings, the are

suffering a lot. They do not

need to be tortured

again. But as an Australian

citizen do you agree there is

a need to discourage

boatpeople? I don't think

so. I was just singing the Australian national anthem

which says for those people

coming from across overseas

we have boundless plains to

share. Why not? These people

are 1% cuted people. Difficult decision are always difficult there is no doubt

about that. The reason we are

having to consider these

measures is because of the failures of the Rudd Government's border

protection policies that

unbond what they inherited.

They inherited a solution and

created a problem. Fahrid not

only survived detention he

completed an extraordinary

journey from unwanted

asylum-seekers to Australian

citizen. That journey will

take a new turn with the bit

of his first child later this

year. Thank you for. That I

want him to live a good life

you know. Prosperous life.

Um, a humble life. # 'Advance Australia


Peter McCutcheon reporting

from Brisbane. Israeli Prime

Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

was due to hold talks with US President Barack Obama in Washington this week. For

what diplomats on both sides

would hope would be a

somewhat lest frosty affair

than their previous meeting

two months ago but the visit

was cancelled amid the fall

out from Israel's deadly

ocean raid. The Obama

administration is taking a

tougher line with Israel than

its predecessors. It is seen

as some by a sign there are

new voices influencing the

policy direction in

Washington. One of those is a

new Liberal Jewish lobby

group that calls its sex

J-Street. North America

correspondent Michael

Brissenden reports. The US

is home to the largest Jewish

population in the world. From

all that orthodox to the

secular descendants of Jewish

immigrants they are a

relatively small percentage

of the total US population

but a significance influence

on the cull durl, economic

and political life of the

nation. Of course on one

particular aspect of foreign

policy. We must decide that

today is the last time that

we will pass up the

opportunity to points out the

madness of human right

abusers accusing Israel of

abusing human rights. We must

decide today is the last time

we will accept it is normal

for Israel to be treated

abnormally. For decades it

is this organisation the

American Israel public

affairs committee this has

been the only effective

Jewish lobby group

influencing US policy. I

think Apac has played the

political game very well.

APAC does have considerable

influence particularly in

Congress. Secretary of State

Hillary Clinton. While

Hillary Clinton was the star

Speaker at this year's

conference it is becoming

increasingly clear that APAC

is out of sync with the

current thinking in the White

House. The centre of gravity

really accepts the Bush

administration's view that Islam radicalism has to be

fought and I think it is

clear that Obama's take on

this is that talking is often

more effective. Even if the

talking is uncomfortable for

Israeli Prime Ministers. Benjamin Netanyahu's last

visit to the White House was unexpectedly long and

low-key. There were no posted

photographs and at one points

it was even interrupted when the President left to have

dinner in private. We are

going to be here for an hour

or two longer. You may want

the stand down. Thank you.

What happened at the meeting

between the to leaders was described as a White House

Pam bush by the Israeli media

but seen by some observers as

pay back for the announcement

of more settle construction in East Jerusalem which

unsettled a Prime Minister's

visit in February. That may

seem petty but the diplomacy

tone is important and the

change of tone from this administration has been

evidence for a time. I

accept Barack Obama at the

first J-Street conference.

As it pursues a different

policy path the Obama

administration has also been

reaching out to the divergent

views among America's own

Jewish constituency and for

the first time another

serious Jewish lobby group

has emerged hoping to

influence US policy, it calls

itself J-Street. As American

citizens we are among the

most fortunate people on

earth. I applaud your political engagement, you

need to do more of it. Thank

you for being here. J set

the's first annual conference

in Washington attracted considerable interest and

some heavyweight policy romps

as well What you see with

J-Street is organised

expression now of a points of

view that places peace making

above some of the other

priorities. It is also

indicative of what a vacuum

there was in this country,

that there was not a voice

for this set of views for the

belief that peace was

actually in Israel's best

interest that, a two-state

solution in the meets is

essential interest of the US

and of Israel so we are

feeling a vacuum and I think

the energy here shows how

ready people are for

that. J-Street pitches itself

as a counter weight to apack.

The driving force is a former

official in the Clinton administration. As such he

has been around this argument

for 20 years but he says

there is now a greater sense

of urgency than ever before

Demographics are such that

between the Jordan River and

Mediterranean Sea there are

more Jews or non-Jews, is it

a democracy or a Jewish

state. The J-Street voice is

relatively New Inn this

debate but Jeremy says it is

having a influence and he

believes this President has a

better chance of succeeding

than any that have come

before him. This President

has a degree of credibility on both sides that other

presidents particularly the

most recent one did not and I

think the trust in the Muslim

and Arab worlds is essential

so I they he has a better

shot. Trying to elf this

Middle East dilemma has been

a role of every President. J

street hopes it can help this

President navigate a new

route for peace. John Clarke

and Bryan Dawe now on oil

spills and a struggling

President.. thank you four

your time. Good to are

talking to you good evening

This oil spill in the Gulf of

Mexico. Can you tell us what

happen? Yes, we are are

talking about an offshore oil

rig which is a large device

for pumping oil from out of

the sea floor. Hat happens if

something goes wrong? We are

drying to figure that out

Before you start? You are

not going to have a problem

before you start. What are

the regulation? The that?

Regulation? Can you Google

something for me quickly.

Relegations? No,

regulations? Google them

both This is before you

start. You are not going to have a accident before you start. I mean it is starting

that causes the problem.

There is no problem before

you start. Is beautiful

before you start. Of you say

the accidents only happen

when you get going? That is

the rule Hat happen? There

was a large explosion t rig

caught fire, 20 million

gallons of crude oil went

into the sea, the rig sank.

What did you do?

Underestimate the problem,

bee don't want people to

panic. You have to calm

people down A lot of people

get worried Why? Because

the sea is filling with oil A

lot of people are very

sentimental about the sea Of

but under stating the problem

is surely not a solution. Not

to that problem but first

things first What was

solution No 2 To acknowledge

the magnitude of the problem

but to points out this is not

BP's fault of Whose fault?

A bloke who built the wing

nuts And solution that does

not sound good. The next one

is that we dropped a shopping

centre over the hole. We

fitted it over the hole. Did

that work? No but it was a

brilliant idea In what

sense? We know that does not

work, we will not try that

again What was the fourth

solution? To offer to help

with the clean-up. How do

you mean help. Shouldn't you

do the clean-up, you the ones

getting the oil out of the

ocean. That is useless. How

do you get oil out of the

sea. We have been trying for

a week, kit not be done it is

useless What about the fifth

solution To pump mud down

the hole. The relief wells is

the thing we will have to

build. Drill relief wells

When can you do that?

August Anything in the

meantime We have gone with

the Democratic solution which

is nice What is that? Blame

the President. Inform

causing the largest oil spill

in US history. Bad mistake,

people absolutely hate it He

didn't to do it. He did not

prevent it. Thank you for

your time. Regulations it

will not be measured in

barrels it is a different concept altogether. I have

never heard of it either but

keep bloody looking. Don't

forget 'Stateline' tomorrow.

I will join you on Monday but for now goodnight.

Closed captions by CSI

* 'Ahead on Catalyst - challenging the land speed record.' than the speed of sound. This car's been designed to go faster