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Live. Tonight Kevin Live. Tonight Kevin Rudd's health reforms stone walled by the States and territories. I would ask all the premiers to rise to the occasion and to grasp this opportunity. opportunity. Completely unacceptable to hold the States to ransom. An unwanted

visitor finally gone but not forgotten. A right royal row as Victoria ditches 'God Save the Queen' and the Queen' and Raiders sparkle to put the Eels in their place. Good Craig Allen with ABC Result Rudd was hoping his $3 billion near on health would be an offer the States

would be an offer the States could not refuse but it failed to impress the man who is rapidly shaping as his nemesis. John Brumby has accused the Prime Minister holding people to ransom by making the situation conditional at the COAG summit. He has patience onside. Everyone says the staff are fantastic. There is just not enough of

just not enough of them. That is true. But there are only 8 people the Prime Minister really needs to convince much his health plan. I would appeal premiers and Chief premiers and Chief Ministers to now to now act in the national interest and interest and in the interests of working families. John Brumby will not be boxed in not by the promise of $3 billion and that comes with that comes with it. Completely

Completely unacceptable. Completely Completely unacceptable to hold the States to ransom unless you do as I say patience will not get money and I just do and I just do not think that is the right way to do business. He has likened business. He has likened it to Petersen politics and stirred don't-trust Canberra sentiment sentiment from Canberra. The States are understandably

Premier We are at the pointy end. There support among the States for pooled funding rather than the Prime Minister's model of direct payments to local

direct payments to local networks a hand money is a money is a sticking point especially especially for Western Australia. I think the chance of agreeing to the contents of this report are slim. Sensing the divide is too great to bridge too great to bridge some leaders an agreement on principle only neeks. The week leaving finer details on funding for a later meeting. That a later meeting. That could defer the

but the Commonwealth is holding out for real The Rudd Government is determined to get an agreement at COAG on Monday and we are prepared to have the meeting go as long as it takes to do takes to do that. Whatever it takes. In breaking news it takes. In breaking news a potential disaster is unfolding on the Great Barrier Reef. Oil has begun washing up on beaches of North West

beaches of North West Island 10 10 kilometres south of the where the Chinese coal carrier 'Sheng Neng I' aground. Clumps of aground. Clumps of oil are spread along spread along 3 kilometres of the beach. The island is the beach. The island is the most important bird most important bird rookie on the reef and is home to over half a million sea birds and major turtle-nesting major turtle-nesting colony. Officers

of Environment have arrived, so far there are no so far there are no reports of wildlife rescues. The recovery recovery follows the successful salvage operation last night. We report last night. We report from Great Keppel Island. 'Sheng Neng I' crushed 'Sheng Neng I' crushed the reef as it ran aground. The safer waters but it has left a large a large section of the Great Barrier Reef in tatters. This is certainly the largest ship-grounding damage site I have ever seen on the Great Barrier Reef so this

significant environmental event. Toxic paint scraped from the hull as it cut 3-kilometre hole the site. We found areas of 20 to 40 metres across where the shoal have been pulverised so all plants and

ship was taken to safety ship was taken to safety on Great Keppel Island. So far so good. A positive feeling we we have effected another significant step in our refloat plan. The gruelling task happened during high tide. Island residents tide. Island residents hope their region is spared from any damage as the bulk carrier remains anchored nearby for safety inspections.. it will be alright as long as it does not leak any oil or do any environmental damage. This is a tremendous haven we are very keen and everybody is keen the preserve in that state. Experts say it could take 20 years for reef to recover. More than reef to recover. More than 2 tonnes of oil leaked into the area last week. Now clean-up crews remove the toxic paint scrapings. The chemical clean-up is a matter of how

clean-up is a matter of how much paint there is, what its composition is, where is and how easily it be removed. Unless you are of the salvage operation this is as close as you will to the 'Sheng Neng seclusion zone 2 kilometres around the ship. The ship bound for China will stay Australian waters as Australian waters as maritime investigations take place. The ACT Education Minister says national literacy and numeracy tests will go ahead in the Territory no matter what. Yesterday Education Union voted to boycott the tests boycott the tests because it is worried the results are being used league table thanks name and shame schools but shame schools but minister says he will says he will use Education Department staff and professional exam to conduct them if

to conduct them if teachers won't.. it is not for the won't.. it is not for the AEU to determine Government policies, it never has been or will be. While I'm Education Minister I will not be dictateed to by union. The local Teachers Union is not in pressed. Union is not in pressed. I would urge him to review his decision and spend efforts in trying to encourage Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard to resolve the dispute resolve the dispute instead of simply seeking ways to pour petrol on a says the union just wants an assurance the information will not be misused. In Tasmania to lay were party has begun negotiatings strengthen its minority Government with at least. The one greens one greens minister. One day after a meeting of Labor MPs the Premier has confirmed he will spend the next week will spend the next week in negotiations. He insists the decision does not break promise not to do a deal with the

the Greens because other MPs will also be approached. I want to select a Cabinet that provides for the best stability, the best and capacity. The genes leader Nick Ma Kim has agreed to a while the Opposition has labelled the decision a backflip. This Tasmania and we are really committed to being constructive, working together with together with Labor. We now have a Premier who there change his mind and abandon his principles, he has his principles, he has deputy who will do to get into power. A three-person minicab net was sworn today to govern negotiations are complete. Thailand's Prime Thailand's Prime Minister is facing more pressure to down after of protests that claimed more than 20 lives. Parliament could be the solution to the Prime Minister Prime Minister has resisted the move. Commission has also Ruling Party is guilty Ruling Party is guilty of electoral fraud. Meanwhile colleagues have been colleagues have been paying tributes to a Reuters cameraman killed while covering the protest on also worked for the ABC. These are the last. The pictures he recorded. at the centre of clashes teen Thailand police and anti-Government protestors. He was shot in the chest soon after capturing the images. There has been a promising start to Barack Obama's nuclear terrorism such why it. Leaders such why it. Leaders and officials from 50 countries are in are in Washington for the unprecedented get-together.

The White House is already claiming success with Ukraine promising to promising to difficult suppose of enriched uranium by 2012. It has been 65 years since President hosted a President hosted a summit of this this size. Prime Ministers and presidents joined by the fear of terrorists getting hold of nuclear weapons. cannot wait any longer before

we lock down these stockpiles because we do not want because we do not want to have any type of the material thanks fall into the hands of terrorist groups because the results will be devastating. Australia is here. As one of the biggest uranium biggest uranium producers. Just 50 pounds of Just 50 pounds of high-purity uranium smaller than a ball could

town of all our capital cities and kill tens of thousands of individuals. Ukraine made the first concrete first concrete moves of the summit promising to stop its stock of high-grade uranium by 2012. It has enough to build several nuclear bombs and the White House says Americans will be happy to take it. be more secure knowing that material

material is under safe and key and guard thin potentially floating around somewhere else. Barack also found common ground China's President Hu Jintao. Both countries have agreed in-principle to work sanctions against Iran over its nuclear ambitions. The President will President will need more than signatures on documents at the though. He is look in for specific targets from

countries and promises swift action. The clock is ticking on his four-year to secure the world's nuclear stockpiles. stockpiles. The Supreme Court has been told greed motivate add man to push his wealthy wife off a clever. December months Campbell is accused of murdering his new bride Janet while camping in the national park in New South Wales in

park in New South Wales in 2005. The crown says 2005. The crown says Campbell was a serial fill an derrer who told friend she was and was stalking him. He is a former former police officer and now it is his turn to face it is his turn to face the law. Five years ago he took his wife of 6 at the edge of a cliff of Sydney. told police that

told police that when Janet Campbell to the toilet she fell to the toilet she fell over the cliff to her death but the crown says Des Campbell pushed her. It is alleged pushed her. It is alleged he planed to kill her for her money after she inherited more than half a million dollars husband. The was besotted by her new has but behind her back he told people she was fat, ugly and stalking him. In his stalking him. In his opening address the prosecutor said - The prosecutor told the girlfriends. He maintained relationships with some them even after marrying Janet Campbell and Janet Campbell and told no-one about their still had not told family, friends family, friends or girlfriends he had been

girlfriends he had been married. Des Campbell married. Des Campbell did not go to his wife's funeral. Instead that same day it is alleged he renewed alleged he renewed his subscription the dating web site. He has pleaded not guilty the murdering Campbell. His defence will give story tomorrow. The remains of two special air soldiers missing in Indonesia since the '60s have

Kennett Hudson and Robert Moncrieff were on patrol during the Indonesia confrontation in 66 when confrontation in 66 when they were swept away while crossing a river. crossing a river. They were declared missing in declared missing in action after a search failed to find. They an army 2008 and the troopers remains were were located last month. Their coffins onto a Hercules onto a Hercules in Indonesia and flown to Perth where ceremony was held ceremony was held with family, troops and one of patrol. It has been fantastic to see the families come together and bring finality, closure for them. It has been a long 44 years a long 44 years for the family. The servicemen will be buried in private be buried in private services later this week. The Victorian RSL has offended some of of its old guard by dropping the anthem 'God Save the Queen' from this year's Anzac League says it is no Londoner relevant to a relevant to a younger crowd. But as Anna Walker

some are appalled. It has not been Australia's national an them for 25 years decision to drop 'God Save the Queen' from Melbourne's dawn service has ignited a passionate debate. If you can't trust the RSL to respect traditions who can you trust? Day commemoration council says the decision has says the decision has nothing to do with the Republican

debate. It is a debate. It is a case of responding to responding to the generally low level of participation in the singing of 'God Save the Queen' when it is played at the dawn is not alone in dropping the British anthem from its dawn service. It is not played Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin or Hobart either. Nor is Hobart either. Nor is it played at Memorial service in Canberra. Republicans say Republicans say it is about time Melbourne joined

time Melbourne joined them.. we changed our anthem for good ago and Australia is a modern vibrant place, we are not all British more. Every Monday morning we used to stand on used to stand on the square, cross our heart, look at the flag and swear allegiance king and sing God Save the King. Veterans say the decision means a piece of Australia's

Australia's heritage is now lost. Still to News, New Zealand claims victory with a difference. with a difference. The Federal Government's about-turn on applications has had applications has had a immediate Lankan asylum-seekers in Indonesia. For Indonesia. For six months they refused to leave their boat which was

the Indonesians acting on a request from Australia. more than 30 of them more than 30 of them have fled and the remainder face an uncertain an uncertain future. These Tamils have spent months at this port near Jakarta. They were caught on their way the Australia after Kevin made a personal phone

made a personal phone call to the Indonesian from asking him to intervene. This woman is is here with her three children. The 30-year-old flew from Sri Lanka Malaysia where she paid an agent $3000 US to boat. She was expected the pay thousands more when pay thousands more when they reached Australia. reached Australia. My husband, shoot my husband. She says

the situation is getting worse in Sri Lanka. worse in Sri Lanka. My children's future, I can not stay in Sri Lanka. Sri stay in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka army torture my children. The spokesman for the group says Australia's decision to suspend refugees applications will not stop the boats.. I do not know that really. not believe that people

not believe that people will stop coming you know. The Indonesian Government says it to move these people to temporary accommodation. The asylum-seekers say they do not know where they are being taken but they want to stay here until their here until their applications are processed. Sources have told the ABC they told the ABC they are headed for an for an Australian-funded detention centre.

detention centre. road rage on a massive an drivers are seething being caught up on the traffic jam on Sydney's. for up to 10 hours when to trucks collided. The de bark l has left the New South Wales Government apologising profusely. The furious and the Transport Minister

Minister facing more calls for his resignation. idea at the time. Great day! But today was not day the boast about improving Sydney's roads. Just commuters on the. If 3. How long were you stuck? 6 hours. 8 hours. How did you feel feel when you got home? The Government is incompetent, they could not run a bath

they could not run a bath if they had to. Need they had to. Need a rocket up them. A vegetable and a petrol tanker and a petrol tanker collided yesterday at hours later cars were still struggling to get home. Some drivers simply gave drivers simply gave up. What happened yesterday on is unacceptable. Was I is unacceptable. Was I angry, frustrated on behalf of motorists? Indeed. 18 months ago a

introduced on the. If introduced on the. If 3 for precisely this accident but it was not triggered yesterday until 7 hours after the crash.. my mind in a common-sense perspective that decision and that information arrived too late. By 4 yesterday the Transport Minister should have ordered arrangements put in place. This was unacceptable but what makes it worse is it has happened

happened before. Almost a year to the day the Opposition was making the same point. The Premier demanded a report from the RTA and an assurance it not-again. I'm not going to rush in snap judgments. The open sings is it has labelled Mr Campbell Mr Slow. He deserves to be sacked and so does the Government.

does the Government. I'm happy and continue to be so. If minister might be content his commuters are content his commuters are far from it. A from it. A 90-year battle with New Zealand could soon be coming to an be coming to an end and it is the Kiwis the Kiwis claiming victory. According to reports across organisation has rejected Australia's reasons for banning imports of New Zealand apples but here say they cannot

here say they cannot risk imported disease destroying the local industry. After 90 years these apples may be sold in Australia. Media reports say the world trade organisation organisation has rejected Australia's reasons for banning New banning New Zealand apples. They of the issues and that scientists were saying the risks

much across the Zealand apples Zealand apples were first banned in 1919 because of disease fireblight. There has been been a Trans-Tasman battle ever since. Fit gets into Orchard it can destroy whole Orchard which something you would not want to have. New Zealand argues fireblight is no longer

fireblight is no longer a risk and that Australia is being committed to the WTO and committed to free trade. They should accept this decision in good gris and let's get on with it. The with it. The Australian Government says it has received the report but refused to comment as it is confidential. The dispute has not yet been release of the interim report is simply a step in the process and the dispute is

process and the dispute is still before the WTO panel. New Zealand Apple growers if the ban is lifted it will be the Australian consumer who wins. They say that who wins. They say that with more choice the prices more choice the prices will come down. But growers say there is an oversupply of apples Australia There are growers going out of business without the New Zealand Apple coming in so it will make

in so it will make it tougher. The final WTO report is due in June. news now - the market fell back today but as Alan Kohler reports Telstra shares jumped 3% shares jumped 3% on rumours that the company has add deal with the add deal with the Government over the National Broadband Network. The rise on Wall Street small but it did small but it did take the Dow above

above 11,00 points for the first time since 2008. This slide is messy 2008. This slide is messy but it is worth a look. The All Ordinaries went above yesterday t same yesterday t same day as the Dow regained 11,00. They were both last at those levels at the same time in 2008 and bottomed on the same day in 2009. So the low point

2009. So the low point was 35% down from 200 Dow was 41% below 11,00 percentages work the rises since then have been markedly different. 62% versus 70%. Today the All Ordinaries fell back below 5000 but it have been more if Telstra had not gone up 3% after Stephen Conroy

Conroy maiden courageing noises that made traders believe there may be a believe there may be a deal in the end much resources slumped and slumped and so did retailers especially JB Hi Fi The Australian dollar was weaker falling back below 93US cents. As I said the strength of the share has been mostly due to prospect of a revaluation of the Chinese currency as the Chinese currency as well as the agree in Europe as the agree in Europe to bailout Greece

bailout Greece but there is a third factor. The is starting to look This graph shows retail sales and shopping is always the thing to the land of the free and the land of the free and the home of the home of the brave! Back down under the NAB monthly business survey came today and as you can see business conditions are business conditions are back to where the answer to to where the answer to the age-old age-old question "How's business?" Is "You

pretty good". And that's finance. Raiders have recorded their first recorded their first away win in 10 matches beating Eels 24 point to 14 at Parramatta Stadium. Both teams were in desperate need of 2 point but it was the visitors who came out firing. Canberra scored another three tries with half-back Josh McCrone celebrating his McCrone celebrating his 23rd birthday in style. The Eels are yet to find

are yet to find last season's spark slumping the their fourth loss of the year.. we were in control of that game and I thought that and I thought that our focus on that second half was on that second half was good. We actually got better. Parramatta's woes continue today. Joel pleaded guilty to a pleaded guilty to a grade 2 strange offence by strange offence by elbowing Terry Campese. He was suspended for one

the Football Federation looks overseas to coach Pim Verbeek it still wants local talents in the top job sooner top job sooner rather than later. Some A-League have been forced back school to lift their school to lift their coaching qualification standard to a higher level. While South Africa showcased some of its finished World Cup duels the competition under the 2 months away in more humble

surrounds some prospective Australian World Cup Australian World Cup coaches were anchor Dodd the were anchor Dodd the claim board building knowledge. Our intention toys raise the level of football in raise the bar and there is only within way to do only within way to do it, that is to top-quality coaches. In top-quality coaches. In many cases it has been on-the-job experience. Now that has to be accompanied by a certificate of qualification

the an A licence level. the an A licence level. Some coaches have reluctantly forced back the school At the ends of the day it is not the paper but the quality but it is a step in the right direction. Since Frank Farina and stand-in game Arnold Australia has preferred the Dutch model but the European way may soon be superseded. You are trying to put a succession plan in place with

the aim of having Australian coaches on the coaches on the major position. There is a catch, that still could be as far away as an Australian-hosted cup in forgotten Manton final the US Masters was Lee Westwood. It was finish in a major. I to win his first major because he that is

talent. 36-year-old Westwood waited gorgeous Gus. The assessment makes him a strong chance at the US and UK opens and the PGA. St Andrews, I'm getting the hang of I'm getting the hang of that and I'm delighted that I finished second. Australia must wait yet another for a US Masters champion but there was some joy when debutante Nathan debutante Nathan gene celebrated becoming the first Australian to card an ace Augusta. A great freight crowd will remember forever. 2010 is the US Open at penl beach in June. evening. There evening. There is an old adage in Canberra that after a frost you generally get a pretty good day and with light frost this morning we did not get a pretty good day we got a minimum of 0.2 cold winds were replaced by light and variable ones today and the good thing is and the good thing is if you were stuck inside you were stuck inside you can spend your lunch out tomorrow because it will shall a and and 11 cooling fast. The

fast. The wind are light and variable and 120 is rising. There was not much more I can tell you it was great everywhere.

A fine sunny day tomorrow. The wind The wind will be light, mainly westerlies, 1 to 20. Then fine and sunny Then fine and sunny on Thursday, Friday and with temperatures gradually increasing. Craig, this rose is from is from the Old Parliament House Rose House Rose Garden called English Miss English Miss and the direction is "Soft, clear, pale pink fragrance and no diseases to speak of". Thank you for Before we go the latest from the Great Barrier from the Great Barrier Reef. Fears of a major environmental disaster following the discovery oil washing up on a coral cave near where a Chinese coal ship ran aground a coal ship ran aground a week ago. The tanker ago. The tanker was successfully refloated successfully refloated last night and taken from the Douglas Shoal where it had been stranded. Stay with us for the '7.30 Report'. We leave you in Hollywood where Russell Crowe has would a star on the walk of fame. Thank you for your company. Goodnight. This Program is Captioned


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