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(generated from captions) Tonight - plenty of hits, but growing unease about the schools website. The growing unease about the my

Afghanistan strategy pay off schools website. The latest

the Taliban. Police fear play in Herman Rockefeller's disappearance. And The Rye'. Good evening, and world farewells 'The Catcher In

welcome to ABC News, Virginia welcome to ABC News, I'm Minister calls it a wonderful Virginia Haussegger. The Prime thing, and his deputy delighted. The critics of their new school ranking attacked it as crude, new school ranking website

simplistic and damaging, teachers and principals say it's produced what they feared the most - league tables in newspapers ranking school performance. But a day

website's life the Government performance. But a day into the

says its popularity speaks for itself. Day after day in front of a young crowd has given the Education Minister is touch nos tall ja. I'm so old when I Education Minister is touch of

went to school I learnt to type hasn't stopped her racking up more than a few of 9 million hits in the first 24 the 'My School' website. A hits in the first 24 hours of

result she considers an overwhelming success. We have been delighted by the level of interest of parents and Australians and principals, though, parents is come and look at the school, not just one based on one day of the school, not just one website

year. While waking newspapers full of league year. While waking to

tables didn't bother the Prime Minister. And what thing transparency is. It stirred teaching unions. It stirred the anger of the

demoralises the teachers, it demoralises the students, it stigmatise s demoralises the students, and

community. All it stigmatise s the the Minister, flatly community. All three claims,

rejects. Julia Gillard views the early demand for the service as proof parents will side with her, and she's driven by the belief that the website will will succeed where FuelWatch and GroceryWatch failed. Welcome back Canberra. The education debate failed. Welcome back to

is not Tony Abbott's concern, with his Shadow is not Tony Abbott's chief

Cabinet he's returned devisive ground - the task agreeing on devisive ground - the task of policy. There'll agreeing on a climate change taxes, there'll be no increased policy. There'll be no new

taxes to fund this particular policy. He'll release it next week when hostilities resume. Our this week, this fortnight hostilities resume. Our job

save this week, this fortnight is to Australia wants it or not. save Australia. Whether

The Government has given its controversial plan to halve The Government has given up

cataract surgery, the Senate blocked the bill twice, opthalmologists say they have Health Minister and

reached a compromise to reduce the rebate by 12% together with the instead. Having done that work instead. Having done that

opthalmologists, we would trust and hope the Senate would then pass the new rebate Opposition has pass the new rebate fees. The change a humiliating backdown for the Government but says it won't block the deal. What would you have to pay terrorists to lay down their weapons? Around $150 million year, according to one weapons? Around $150 million a

estimate. That the international community has estimate. That is the amount

agreed to stump up under a plan by the Afghan President to reintegrate into society, critics say reintegrate Taliban fighters

agree to a peace deal there's no way the Taliban will

west. Europe Correspondent Emma agree to a peace deal with the

Alberici reports. The original aim - to set a timetable for western withdrawal from Afghanistan. Instead there's now an ambition responsibility for for Afghan forces to take

country's security within years. Moving towards

years. Moving towards peace re-integration is what agree on. We must reach out to all of our country pen, especially our disenchant ed brothers. 70 countries gathered accept military can't bring peace being developed using Afghanistan. A new strategy is Afghanistan. A new strategy

donated by the allies to convince insurgents which we are prepared to work sides. The only condition in

with people is where they give up terrorist activities, renounce their insurgency, accept the Democratic rules of Afghanistan and play as ordinary Minister committed another $100 citizens. Australia's Foreign

million to Afghanistan, $25 million of which will allocated to the million of which will be

Peace and Integration Fund. he insists this is not bribe Peace and Integration Fund. But

money. We don't see it at all in that way. This is as our capacity building, institution building, our development assistance is about, is about building a services, these nation state where these

can be provided by the nation itself. Security has been so tight here at Lancaster House in Central London, that one can only will be like for delegates the next conference, which is scheduled to be held in the next few months in Kabul. Police appear to be looking for Melbourne millionaire Herman Rockefeller, in hills central Victoria this evening. They say they fear he's met with foul play. Detectives converged on the town of questioning a man and Heathcote this afternoon after

they took into custody earlier today. So far they have laid no charges and found no sign Herman Rockefeller, who charges and found no sign of disappeared a week Maksimovic reports. disappeared a week ago. Lisa

A baffling investigation has led police here, to the dense bushland north of Heathcote. Three police helicopters and police helicopters and officers on the ground have been searching the scrub since mid-afternoon, focussing on the air around dry air around dry Mckifer Creek. A breakthrough in the case last night when this home was raided by believe at this stage he may have met with foul play, we investigating that investigating that belief and at this stage, as I said we have multiple lines of house in South street for sign that the father of been there, a 57-year-old man and 41-year-old woman were taken into custody for questioning, no questioning, no charges have been laid. This has been a Paine stake and methodical investigation for the whole week, I make no apologies that. Those investigations will continue. The will continue. The last confirmed sighting of confirmed sighting of the multi-millionaire property developer was last Thursday night when he left the Melbourne Airport after arriving home from a trim. His car was found in the area asking neighbours if Prius, and whether they recalled seeing him here in recalled seeing him here in the days after his disappearance. They disappearance. They came around and asked if I saw the car in the picture. And if I knew the people or anything like that. Well, the answer is no, I don't. Back in Heathcote police created an exclusion zone around the search area and will comb the bushland into the Police say they've arrested the core members the core members of one of Sydney's biggest syndicates. More than syndicates. More than 100 officers staged raids in city's north-west and south-west late yesterday. They allegedly found 3 kilos of crystal methamphetamine, or Ice, equating to 63,000 Ice, equating to 63,000 street deals. They also discovered two drug laboratories, six men, and one woman have been charged with drug supply and more arrests are expected. arrests are expected. Three people have appeared in court charged over the murder of 25-year-old Indian man in the Riverina just Christmas. 23-year-old Gurpreet Singh and his 20-year-old Harpreet Bhullar faced court in Sydney charged with killing Ranjodh Singh late Ranjodh Singh late last year. The Indian national's body was found by the side of the road near Griffith, near Griffith, police say he was set on fire while still alive. Another man has been charged been charged with the murder, all have been remanded custody. Police say the killing doesn't appear to be doesn't appear to be racially motivated and all three knew Ranjodh Singh. Sri Lanka's Opposition Opposition candidate General Sarath Fonseca says he may Sarath Fonseca says he may be forced to seeing asylum abroad, possibly in Australia. He says the Government has the Government has black-listed his passport, preventing from leaving Sri Lanka from leaving Sri Lanka and claims his life is in danger. The government denies the allegations, accusing General Sarath Fonseca of planning assassinate the Mahinda Rajapakse, who was re-elected earlier re-elected earlier this week. South Asia week. South Asia Correspondent Sally Sara reports from the capital challenger General Sarath Fonseca is coming Fonseca is coming under increasing pressure, Lankan Government accusing him of plotting to of plotting to assassinate President Mahinda Rajapakse, General Sarath Fonseca denies the allegation saying the allegation saying he's being prevented from being prevented from leaving the country. They passport number and name and it's in the black-list, then I can't use that passport, neither can I go to airport, leave the airport to go out of the former Army Chief says he seek temporary asylum

Australia. The Federal Government Government says it hasn't received a request as calls for General Sarath Sri Lanka.. General Sarath Fonseca should be provided freedom of movement by Lankan authorities, and in the circumstance that he's in, he should should be provided with personal personal security. The Sri Lankan Lankan Government says General Sarath Fonseca is not facing any threat and should accept his loss in Tuesday's presidential election. The result of the poll has been endorsed by the United US and other US and other foreign observers. Despite concerns over violation of the violation of the electoral law. The Opposition go ahead with legal challenge. I suppose General Sarath Fonseca has to consider as to whether he wants if he is going do that, the general election is the next sort of watershed event. That is expected to happen sooner rather Mahinda Rajapakse is making preparations to dissolve parliament. The General Election is scheduled to be held before the term expires in The influx of aid into earthquake-ravage the earthquake-ravage the Haiti is causing a new set of for authorities, for authorities, hundreds of people fought and jostled in the capital an attempt to distribute food packages got out of control. Workers opened the gates to aid compound but a stampede of residents swamped workers. The United Nations has appealed to Governments more money to buy supplies, relief experts say the the disaster and Haiti's poor infrastructure

infrastructure are presenting unprecedented unprecedented challenges. The quake which struck on 12 January claimed more than 170,000 lives. Australia and New Zealand about to head off on the world's first entirely non-lethal study of whales non-lethal study of whales in the Southern Ocean. The the Southern Ocean. The main aim of the expedition is to undermine what Japan 'Scientific Whaling Program' by demonstrating that you don't have to kill whales to study them. It's an enviable work trip. Monday, 18 scientists will set off from Wellington on about the secret lives of whales. It's nerve-racking when you set out to do you set out to do something novel like this. For six weeks the boat will track Humpback, Minke and Blue whales Minke and Blue whales through pristine Antarctic waters, the scientists want to prove to Whaling Commission, that whales don't have to be dead to be studied. Each year Japan kills up to 1,000 whales in the Southern Ocean understand its

so-called 'Scientific Whaling Program', there are no Harr poons on this trip. Tissue samples will be collected using DNA darts. We remain absolutely, to killing whales in the

of science. This of science. This venture was announced in Sydney 7 months ago. Tensions escalated in the soegss sips then, politicians stressed the - Southern Ocean, politicians stressed the need for diplomacy. They are join, we'd like to see them do that. Scientists are not expected to come expected to come face to face with Japanese whalers, the boats will be in different

parts of Antarctic. A Cooma farmer who ended a 52-day hunger strike is about to evicted from his property. Peter Spencer Peter Spencer spent nearly 2 months on this platform above his Shannon's Flat Farm, until he ended his farce two weeks ago. He was protesting against native vegetation laws native vegetation laws that stop him from clearing his land. Peter Spencer says the laws devalued his property, preventing him repaying money his sister loaned him. The Sheriff's been, I've been served the notice, I'm evicted next week, my needs to be paid, I'm happy to hand her the keys. He was released from hospital but will fight for compensation for farmers and farmers and a Royal Commission into into the issue. The latest snapshot of Government services has delivered mixed results for the the ACT. The Territory does well compared to the rest of the country in Emergency Services, school retention health care is health care is a problem. Access to a bulk-billing GP elective surgery waiting elective surgery waiting times are the worst in are the worst in the country. We are in of rebuilding our entire public health infrastructure to the tune of around about a billion dollars, and at the heart of that is increased efficiencies.

The Budget since Labour came to office has doubled, yet we are seeing our key services go backwards in areas such as health. Canberra also has the most expensive childcare most expensive childcare in the country. To finance country. To finance now, and our our local share market fell heavily as a wave of heavily as a wave of selling hit markets around hit markets around the world. As Alan it's now starting to it's now starting to look like a bit of a slump. Well, in fact, it seems to be gathering pace. Today's fall was 100 points, more than 2%, bringing the total since last Tuesday's

peak to 7.2%. It peak to 7.2%. It makes this the biggest, the biggest, sharpers correction since correction since the share market went up last March. market went up last March. If you close an eye and stand on one foot you can see it as a flat market since last September as suggested with a graph last night. That is starting to get harder, it's starting to get harder, it's a correction. Resources and banking stocks fell heavily, Rio Tinto 5%, Woodside 3%, Commonwealth and Westpac 3% risers, CSL up 1%, traders drowned their sorrows Fosters, up a couple of cent. The selling started in Europe, continued in New York with the Dow Jones falling 1.1% and was worse in Australia, but worse in Australia, but mixed in Asia, with Chinese stocks rising and others falling less than Wall Street. Now you have heard house prices were flat in December put up strongly for the year. American house the year. American house prices have been rising for the past 6 months, not because of rising sales. Look at the new sales of family homes in the United States. story clearly of bubble and bust. Down by a million a year from the peak, and back to from the peak, and back to the equal lowest ever. Credit growth in Australia is growth in Australia is chugging along at a steady annual rate of 1%, there was a rate of 1%, there was a fall in December. That won't stop Reserve Bank Reserve Bank putting up interest rates next interest rates next week. Despite that the Australian

dollar fell. In line with a big drop on the share market. That's finance. It's no in active service, but moving the War Memorial's latest acquisition took all the precision of a military operation, overnight the RAAF Caribou airport to the memorial facility at Mitchell. Restricted to a walking pace it took 6 hours to transport took 6 hours to transport the 21 metre long fuselage. Although the plane's wings were removed it was still a challenging operation, challenging operation, roads were blocked and some fences and signposts removed. The Caribou removed. The Caribou finally landed in the early hours of the morning, visitors will be able to get up and close at the next open He's Japan's most fearsome sumo wrestler and the third-most in the sport's history. A drunken to criminal threatening to end of a of a great champion, North American Correspondent Mark Willacy Willacy reports from Tokyo. Inside the ring he's an unstoppable force. unstoppable force. Outside it he's an unpredictable he's an unpredictable party boy. This week Asashoryu should been savouring his 25th tournament victory. Instead he was fending off revelations punched out his manager in drunken rage. TRANSLATION: I caused a lot of trouble by drinking alcohol and I am sorry, I will be in the future. But in the future. But it then emerged the victim of the emerged the victim of the 154kg wrestler's rage wasn't his manager, but rather the manager of a club Asashoryu had been partying in. The plan allegedly abducted and had to be rescued by police from the grand champion's car, he was left with a broken nose, swollen lip and bruised head. TRANSLATION: There TRANSLATION: There was many police cars, I didn't know it was Asashoryu, someone told me it was a big sumo wrestler. This isn't the first time the bad boy of sumo violated the sport's street code of conduct. Asashoryu has been Asashoryu has been suspended for skipping a tournament, censured for getting into a bath with a rival and tormenting training partners. This is the Japanese sport, Asashoryu has sport, Asashoryu has no dignity and must go. Even some sumo officials believe the time has finally come to toss

TRANSLATION: The Sumo Association has been Association has been too lenient with him, he's no champion in my eyes. He may be the third-most the third-most successful wrestler in the history of this ancient sport but bad behaviour may be about to floor may be about to floor the fearsome Asashoryu. The Williams sisters add add fourth Australian title to their bulging trophy cabinet, defeating cabinet, defeating Karla Black and Lisel Huber in and Lisel Huber in straight sets. Serena sets. Serena Williams focus turns to turns to the singles finals against Justine Henin, but talk of the town has been Andy Murray's semifinal victory last night. The day before her night. The day before her 15th Grand Slam singles final there was no rest for Serena Williams. She Williams. She was busy collecting

collecting her 11th Grand Slam doubles title with sister Venus, their third in a Serena Williams has never lost an Australian Open final in singles in singles or doubles. Tomorrow she hopes to she hopes to continue that unbeaten record unbeaten record against Justine Henin. I definite ly think we bring out the best game in each other. During last

other. During last year's Australian Open Justine Henin was in Africa as a UNICEF ambassador. I would never think final. It's a little unreal because, yes, I was so far away from tennis a year ago, I was living just an amazing other experience. Andy Murray was kicking back, enjoying himself this afternoon, but last he was having trouble he was having trouble against Marin Cilic, the Croatian won the first set, Andy Murray appeared to lack But the momentum swung with one incredible point. He got it, great He got it, great shot by Andy Murray. It Murray. It was really important because match was slipping me, but the momentum was with him. That shot made difference. From that point on Andy Murray took control of the match. And the best for the last game. best for the last game. Stop it. Oh, my gosh, that's tonight. He's into his second Grand Slam final and will play either Roger Federer, or Jo Wilfried Tsonga, there was a security embarrassment for organisers strolling on to Centre Court the match finished. The the match finished. The fan got excited and he wanted my hand. Security man, eventually. The fourth max of series between Australia and Pakistan is Perth. A number of Australian batsmen started batsmen started well, but failed to go on with it, homeside making 8/25 # from overs. Australia won the Australia won the toss and batted. Shaun Marsh didn't a good start in front of his home crowd. Akmal wanted taking on the bowling but didn't last too much longer. A rare fielding highlight for Pakistan got rid of Michael Clarke, and left of the Australians 3/77. Definitely out. Cameron out. Cameron White continued his

his good form. It's a terrific shot. Six. But the captain departed after a streaky at the crease, gin him. The crowd looked for entertainment , but the runs dried up. This edge provided a rare boundary for Australia. However the pressure eventually took its toll on the Victorian, who who fell trying to hit over the top. Mohammed

top. Mohammed Asif took a nervous nervous catch. But got lucky. He's only just hung on to that. The wicket brought James Hopes to the Hopes to the crease for the first time this series, and he wasted no time getting on wasted no time getting on the scoreboard. He's of the mark, 1002. The all-rounder's stay 1002. The all-rounder's stay at the crease was short-lived, Mohammed Asif fantastic delivery. Through House of Commons. That's a beauty. Michael Hussey the innings, Western Australian played a circumspect hand to help the homeside to a respectable total and give the Australian bowlers something to bowl at. Queensland golfer Sarah Jane Smith is leading Canberra Ladies Classic after the first day of play. Smith made a shaky start after double bogey on the first finishing in front on 7-under par. England's Laura who is equal 18th round of 73, Canberra's Nikki Campbell finished 1-over after a disappointing course is a golf course. It's down to how you play. I don't know I didn't feel know I didn't feel comfortable at the beginning and struggled all day. The tournament is the first major on this year's Australian LPGA Tour and Australian LPGA Tour and will run until Sunday. JD the author who inspired a he shunned has died. The writer of the modern classic 'The Catcher In The Rye', was 91. He died of natural causes at died of natural causes at his home in the US state of New reports. He was one of reports. He was one of the most influential figures

influential figures in 20th century literature and the reclusive. These were almost the only pictures of a man the only pictures of a man who shocked and inspired with his 1951 masterpiece 'The Catcher In The Rye', the tale of teenage alienation rebellion captivating young readers, the famous first words etched in history If you etched in history If you really want to hear the first you'll want to know is where I was born, what my childhood was like and how my they had me and all the David Copperfield crap. Six still sells 200,000 copies still sells 200,000 copies a year. I remember remembering being being 11-12, identifying with the hero, thinking, "Yes, break out of the

others the book carried dark undertone, craze the Beatle fan Mark David Chapman Mark David Chapman cited JD Salinger's novel inspiration to killing inspiration to killing John Lennon. The author struckled with the cult-like state of book. And lived in isolation in a remote New Hampshire town, he didn't publish didn't publish a work since 1965 and didn't interview. The writer has to function as a celebrity, doing the book tour, lecturing, JD Salinger rejection makes him makes him fascinated. It will be heightened by be heightened by his death. Here is Michael Carmody with the weather news. And good evening. A good vigorous ground cover that likes a sunny spot and puts on a good show during the summer is the the summer is the Nasturtium, today's weather was perfect for it, sunny all day, very warm. 33 after an 33 after an overnight low of 15. There wasn't much cloud about this morning, as there was a light westerly blowing. Around mid afternoon a fresh eacherly turned up, eacherly turned up, along with it high cloud. Verga fell in tid rrtion, and it's slim. Back to the Nasturtiums, not only is a showy, but you can eat the leaves and flowers, all the more reason to grow it. There's a few threatening clouds it's dry. The temperature is 24, the easterlies are 24, the easterlies are fresh, they'll quieten they'll quieten down after sunset. Looking at the regional map Nasturtiums were smiling and hot, they don't like wet conditions. Riverina baked conditions. Riverina baked with top temperatures. It was cooler from Goulburn to Yass got 33. The coast was sunny, but the onshore winds were fresh all today cloud covered Brisbane, Sydney was clear and sunny. Melbourne dry and 33. Adelaide reached 28. Cloud covers northern NSW, and is generating thunderstorms. Storms and thunderstorms. Storms and rain are being generated by over the Gulf. That cloud over the Gulf. That cloud is associated Cyclone Olga, which is reforming. A high in the Bight moves windows from the coast to us over the - moist winds from coast to us. Showers in the ACT Sunday, in the ACT Sunday, falling over the

the coast over the weekend, heavier north Around Australia - showers Brisbane and Sydney. Melbourne sunny. Fine in Hobart. Hot for Adelaide. Usual wet season storms storms for Darwin. Locally tomorrow - hot and dry to the west. Cloudy west. Cloudy morning with possible showers in possible showers in the afternoon for the

drizzly down the coast. . For the ACT - cloudy to the ACT - cloudy to start with, but it will remain fine. The winds winds will continue to blow from the east, there'll from the east, there'll be light to moderate. 14-29. Showers on Sunday, with maybe a millimetre or two in it. Fining up Monday. Looks like a mixed bag weather

weekend. Don't forget to your Nasturtium leaves, they are good for you. Right, OK, I'll give it a try. Not hangi though. Thanks Mark. Before we go , a brief recap of the go , a brief recap of the top stories, teachers threaten strike action if the Government doesn't make changes School's website. World School's website. World leaders agree to set up a $150 million fund to reward Taliban fighters who agree to who agree to lay down their weapons in ABC News, stay with us now for the '7.30 Report' next. You can find the headlines 24 hours a day Online. Have a great weekend, Closed Captions by CSI

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