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Mastersis the next oneEmma This Program is Live Captioned. (Count down). (Fireworks). Tonight - celebrates the start (Fireworks). Tonight - Canberra

year. Europe celebrates the start of a new pursuit - a toddler killed police chase. And a risque pursuit - a toddler killed in a exhibition in the British home Good evening, Siobhan Heanue with ABC News. The rain stayed away, but nothing was ever going to dampen Canberra's New Year's Eve party. 20,000 revellers crammed into Civic to welcome in 2010. There were 20 arrests, but police say the crowd was generally well

reports. Out with the behaved. Katherine Pohl

CHEERING with the Year. Whether it was just Year. Happy New Year. Happy New

another new year they were celebrating or a new decade, 20,000 people crowded into spectacular show. For the city centre to see a

younger revellers there was full moon, some danced 2009 entertainment. Wow. Under a

away. (Screaming). And as the sun rose over 2010, the most resilient their hangovers and waited for a ride home. The clean-up sweeping away the remnants of 2009. There was some arrests, but police say most people were responsible. Out of the 20 because of antisocial behaviour. That has been a concern for us as It's very much well down been a concern for us as well.

last year's results, It's very much well down on

considering there was an equal amount of people night's regrets amount of people out. Last

New year's resolutions. The night's regrets making way for

biggest party in the in Sydney. It's estimated that 1.5 million people crowded Harbour Foreshore to watch the 1.5 million people crowded the

fireworks show. The massive display featured 1,000 separate pyrotechnic effects. A moon decorated the Sydney pyrotechnic effects. A blue

Harbour Bridge, organisers say the party in the Emerald is one of the largest New Year's Eve events in display from about 40 world. People watched the

vantage points. NSW Police display from about 40 different

pleased with the behaviour of vantage points. NSW Police were

most revellers, they made 130 arrests in Sydney. In Mother Nature upstage the the upstage the celebrations before party is still going many as revellers continue to party is still going on for

bring in the New Year the world to different time bring in the New Year across

zones. Freezing weather and increased security couldn't deter New into Times Square. About a million people squeezed in, some closer than others. In another famous square took advantage of the temperatures, skating on set up for the winter. used the exercise to stay set up for the winter. Some

Others had used the exercise to stay warm.

CHEERING solution.

Paris didn't need fireworks to dazzle the crowd, keeping eyes agog with a on the Eiffel Tower. eyes agog with a bit of sparkle

made good use of its landmarks on the Eiffel Tower. London

, ensuring the old and new were used to herald the new year. Questions after a 2-year-old year. Questions are being asked

killed in a high speed police pursuit. The toddler family car hit by two suspected armed robbers, chased in Sydney last reports. This was how ended for one Sydney family. 2-year-old girl dead, and her being chased by police slammed parents injured after a car parents injured after a

into them. My sympathies this stage into them. My sympathies at family of the young who was killed in absolute tragic circumstances. The drama started with the armed robbery of two liquor stores Sydney's of two liquor stores in Peakhurst the to the ground, suffering cuts Peakhurst the owner was knocked

to his face and Hills the opener and staff were to his face and hands. At East

threatened with a gun and knife.. You threatened with a gun and bif emotional, you are about yourself, staff. The police gave chase and were joined by highway patrols and a PolAir helicopter. The car being pursued crashed into the back of a family sedan. men tried to hijack another back of a family sedan. The two

car, they were hit by a passing vehicle and taken to hospital. Police today held off the driver until he was out of Police today held off charging

surgery. The second man, 21-year-old Kaine Bell was charged with two charges of armed robbery. And one of aggravated assault. According to his brother, they would have felt. It wasn't worth it, for the couple of hundred the young girl's life, it's the couple of hundred bucks,

stupid. Police insisted the men right to chase them. These were dangerous and they were

people were armed and determined, they about the people left in the determined, they didn't care

vehicle when the crash occurred. They vehicle accident and created occurred. They had the motor

the mayhem. According to statistics it's usually young men, those involved in crime, who end up dying men, those involved in the

in this case the fact police pursuits. Commanders say

2-year-old was the victim left in this case the fact that a

the police officers themselves traumatised. An internal those investigation into whether pursuits is under way. A fatal strict protocols governing

accident has Highway near Braidwood. A man died when a car overturned hit a tree, two other injured. The highway is hit a tree, two other men were

expected to reopen within the hour. Services have in southern Finland for the hour. Services have been held

victims of the country's third shooting massacre in as many years. 43-year-old gunman shot dead for people at a shopping centre in the city of Espoh. Investigators believe he killed a store employee found dead at her apartment. It has found out investigation that there are a fifth victim that at the moment seems to be an ex-girlfriend seems to be an ex-girlfriend of the suspect. Police say the returned home after the shootings and turned the gun on himself. Finland's tightened some of its Liberal gun laws after 10 were killed in November 2008, the incident followed the slaying of followed the slaying of eight people by a teenage shooter in 2007. The death of seven CIA agents in a suicide bomb attack in questions about country. A mother of headed up the CIA's the Pakistan border was among those killed. The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack. Some reports say attack. Some reports say the bomber was courted as an informant and was cleared by security. It's the attack on US attack on US intel get officials since the bombing of the US Embassy Year's message to States, calling for an end to hostile relations between the two countries, the Communist state says establish a lasting peace Asia, and that it's committed to making to making the Korean Peninsula a nuclear-free zone. North Korea angered the US last Korea angered the US last year by by spurning international diplomacy, carryinging diplomacy, carryinging out tests of missiles weapons, Washington has been trying to coax Pyongyang to disarmament talks, but today's message doesn't include any mention of will take place. If a week is a long time in politics, 30 years is an eternity. With is an eternity. With the release today of secret papers from 1979 shows that many of the biggest many of the biggest political issues have hardly changed. issues have hardly changed. The documents Archives shed new light on the inner workings of a Government as it struggled with how to handle the massive influx of refugees influx of refugees from Vietnam. The growing demand on the public health system, the need for reliable sources and even how much sources and even how much money to give the hotly debated in Cabinet that more. It was the year space dreams crashed to earth. All that's left is to let Skylab fall to a natural death. Disco was still topping the the charts SONG: # Born to be alive But as a film about the Vietnam a film about the Vietnam War generated critical and ..the aftermath of that ..the aftermath of that war still rippled to Australia's people have dominated refugees. Only Only 2,000 Vietnamese refugees arrived in Australia arrived in Australia by 1979. But as 50,000 people a month fled the new Communist fled the new Communist regime the Government for an influx of for an influx of 100,000 or more. That was after Cabinet's grim prediction that half of those seeking refuge would die at sea. The prospects at sea. The prospects for whatever happens in support of the two powers, China and Russia, for the conflict, different the conflict, different sides of the conflict in South-East Asia, are of very Asia, are of very serious concern. The situation had all the ingredients for one of the ingredients for one of the most controversial and devisive issues in history. I think we responsibility to do something for them as soon as we got involved in the war. I guess it depends on whether you want an Australian country as it is now, or a totally different country. My own feeling is I rather like it the way it is. Cabinet tackled the issue in ways all too familiar years later. Temporary visas were considered, people smuggling was made a crime and Australia helped fund a UN Indonesia. You read that and you been written today, but been written today, but change the words of the words of "Vietnam", to change to, "Afghanistan, change to, "Afghanistan, Iraq or Sri Lanka". Still there were stark differences with Opposition, it never bake the course celaib that they become since. Vietnam's invasion of Kampuchea made invasion of Kampuchea made the refugee refugee crisis worse. Thai military intelligence expects 300,000 Kampuchea to 300,000 Kampuchea to go across the boarder. Cabinet battled with the Pol Pot regime continued its back tog stay step with China and South-East Asian nations. As we know China Soviet Union tends to support Vietnam. I don't Vietnam. I don't think they realised the full realised the full horror of what happened in Kampuchea. War and refugees are not the only familiar themes echoing through the decades. Long before global warming made headlines Cabinet considered approving five new coal-fired coal-fired power station, using them to lure emissions intensive industries Australia, looking at ways to stop the young and healthy stop the young and healthy from private health insurance, and as the Moscow as the Moscow Olympics drew closer the reluctantly agreed to $800,000 in team funding. When they say that $100 million, 30 years later is not adequate, later is not adequate, I think this is a bit above CPI. For the frazzled public servants filling this year's filling this year's archive, there's another link with the past. Three decades before Kevin 24/7, it was Malcolm Fraser who set a cracking for exasperated bureaucrats. 2:00 in the morning at the lodge that rare. Some things are that rare. Some things are not so secret. Four Canberra 1979 watts a year marked watts a year marked by industrial action. Public servants went on strike and construction workers on the Court building sites Court building sites also walked public servants refused to handle Ministerial correspondence prompting the Government powers to the pub lib service board. The result - board. The result - mass demonstrations. Having been there at there at the time most unusually heated by public service standards, you got very big demonstrations in big demonstrations in all cities. The other Canberra-based Canberra-based industrial tension involved the construction site for the National Court. As news showed. Work is showed. Work is progressing on schedule, strikes are a concern. When the strike hit by industrial hit by industrial action Cabinet made it clear would be no extra funds to for higher wages. Indeed, the High Court featured High Court featured prominently in Cabinet discussions as the bench prepared to move bench prepared to move to Canberra. Canberra. The Chief Justice Sir Garfield Barwick unsuccessfully sought an official residence with entertaining facilities for special occasions. 1979 for special occasions. 1979 was also the year Canberra's community police force was absorbed into the Australian Federal Police. And preliminary discussions began about the design of the House. It's just House. It's just a simple design idea design idea which is brilliant in its concept. A new in its concept. A new ASIO building was approved, and finally built at Russell despite objections from despite objections from the head of defence who head of defence who feared ASIO

would make his headquarters more of a protesters. Sir Arthur Tange was not happy about having ASIO in the neighbourhood. 30 on, another new ASIO headquarters is rising Russell Hill. This time it's the civilian main ours who objecting. - neighbours who are objecting. While many Australians were hangovers coin collectors have their own New Year's Day tradition in Canberra. tradition in Canberra. About 100 lined up outside Australian Mint for the chance to strike the first copy for 2010. It seems some will do camping out overnight to their hands on a newly minted piece of Australian history. Once is enough. I haven't slept now for 24 hours, this is getting a bit of a dra. I'm starting to shaky all over. The collectors coin features four coin features four heads on one side, the four monarchs that appeared on Australian coinage over the over the past century. The Royal Australian Mint is proud of the design and believes that collectors will be in here in their coin. This coin probably won't end up as change. For men it was the Northern Territory's frontier lifestyle, driving as fast as you like on outback roads, faced with faced with an appalling road toll toll the Territory Government introduced a Three years ago, while there's been a drop in fatalities this year, the jury is out whether the speed limit stay. The Northern Territory's outback high ways were once mecca for car lovers, mecca for car lovers, keep to push their machines to without brag the law. But that became a thing of the - breaking the law. That became a thing of the past when a 130km/h speed limit was introduced. Still not happy. Wasn't happy when it came in or today. I think they are fast enough. Any faster, it would be dangerous. The results have been mixed. For the first been mixed. For the first two years road deaths skyrocketed, but the Territory had its lowest road toll began, 31 people for the year. It's probably increased police the reduced speed limit on the roads. I believe speed roads. I believe speed limits worked worked and I believe speed limits are one of limits are one of a raft of initiatives put initiatives put into place by Government to save Territory lives. In the last three years road deaths increased by 22%, a terrible figure. Darwin rev head Alan Lanworthy built limited edition ute late racing legend Peter Brock and misses the days of driving at 160km/h down the Highway, and thinks speed limits should be dumped outside of the major centres. To restrict people to there's no other cars on the road and you are in a vehicle is ridiculous. He may get his wish if the Liberal's Opposition wins next Territory next Territory election. Within the first 100 days of a CLP Government we commit reintroducing open speed reintroducing open speed limits pleading for patience, pleading for patience, saying it could take decades to it could take decades to change driver behaviour. And driver behaviour. And still to come on ABC News - come on ABC News - protecting their young - nesting crocodiles get than usual. The New brought some fresh Tasmanian Devil, scientists have identified scientists have identified the exact type of cancer wreaking havoc on devil populations. They think it's the first They think it's the first step on a long road for cure for the facial tumour It's a new year, there's It's a new year, there's new hope for the Tasmanian Devil, since the since the facial tombure disease was detected in nearly three-quarters of devil population has been wiped out. Through genetic analysis out. Through genetic analysis a team of researchers team of researchers believe they have identified the kind of cancerous cells of cancerous cells threatening the devil with extinction. They are called Schwann Cells, they protect the nerve fibres, but scientists believe they are origin for the facial tombure disease. We disease. We think the tumour arose from a Schwann Cells, that became cancerous in a single delve 20 years ago and population. The discovery explains why the disease attacks the devil's face, they have a laster of nerve around the whiskers and face. Because the cells protect those the cells protect those nerves, they appear on the everyone wants is to save the Tasmanian Devil Tasmanian Devil from extinction. Despite the finding there are Scientists know the cancer is spread when devils bite each other but are understand how it can understand how it can spread so quickly. We are quickly. We are interested in going after how the tumour is able to devil to devil without devil to devil without being recognised by recognised by the devil's immune system. The discovery of the Schwann Cells a step towards developing no-one can no-one can predict when it may happen. This is an interesting disease, it has a lot of and terms, when we think we understand something about understand something about it, it tricks something different. The scientists hope this is scientists hope this is the year the bag of tricks runs ow. They are usually aggressive, at this time of year crocodiles get down right bad tempered, it's bad tempered, it's nesting

season for the reptiles. Breeders say they are being good parents. Now good parents. Now you see it. Now you don't. Crocodiles get more cunning as summer marches on. As you can see by the size and the bulk of this animal. You wouldn't want to water. This Central Queensland crocodile farm in Rockhampton teaches tourists about the animal's during the nesting remarkable, she'll approach you, and ask you to leave, not in so many words. She'll come up, if you don't leave she'll bite you. Crocodile breeder John Lever says be wary of crocodile breeding areas. They are a danger zone, the territory, 10 metres between the nest and the between the nest and the water is the vital part. Nests holding fewer eggs this holding fewer eggs this year because of hot and because of hot and dry conditions. We have had hot years females that have laid some them are only half making them are only half making a nest. We are why. About 350 why. About 350 eggs have been collected so far, unusually high number of cracked ones. You can see this one here has a crush in it, and it's also crushed in there. The female has her wait. The incubated eggs will emerge like these, season's hatchlings. Crocodiles with continue to nest over the next few months. The first sign of new sign of new life is February when when the hatching season begins. Despite the big dry evolutionary survive juniors, 180 million years without change, they haven't done it without tricks up there are sleeve. Best admired from afar. Talk of division between Australia's opening batsmen Simon Katich and Shane Watson has been laid has been laid to rest. The two put on a united front as they visited the SCG nets. As visited the SCG nets. As they enter opening partners, they a long-term future at the top. Order. New year, same attitude. While most team-mates rested ahead of the second test the opening batsmen were at nets talking up their prospects. They average 71 in seven Tests at the top of the order Shane Watson, had their moments, claiming the combination is improve. I think every time you go out we continue to grow and develop as an opening pair, there's no there's no doubt about that. The way Watto plays, The way Watto plays, takes the pressure off me, I can normally and occupy the The scoreboard The scoreboard ticks over. Having replaced Phil Watson admits he's coming to grips with the role It's grips with the role It's the same thing when you bat. When you bat middle order know who you will bat share of trouble share of trouble with the nervous nervous 90s. When you are close, I have to fight close, I have to fight myself to clear my mind to clear my mind and not let the occasion and what is - what you are about you are about to achieve get too much for you. Australia is wary of a Pakistani revival in Sydney. A lot of hard work went into the Melbourne Test match, we need to start from we need to start from scratch, do it again to make sure they don't get off of floor and get momentum. A is a likely inclusion is a likely inclusion of classy spinner Danish spinner Danish Kaneria. He knows how to bowl well, it turns nicely, he has a lot of revs, whether it's is top spinner, leg 'un or wrong 'un. Pakistan concentrated on fielding and headed to the nets. The teams complete preparations in the morning. The formalities of the 65th Sydney-to-Hobart Yacht Race have been finalised. 'Alfa Romeo' crewman John Morris collected the line honours silverware from Tasmania's Governor Peter Underwood, 2009 race was a particularly memorable one for John memorable one for John Morris, not only did he help win the race, but he helped to build and design the first yachts that salted up the River Derwent. Really elated to see the first three boats were our boats and specifically for me to, be on board with Neville. Andrew Saies is celebrating, after taking handicap result with his 12 metre fantastic, as everyone knows, this is a great ocean has a huge history and to has a huge history and to win is a tremendous elation. He up Tasmania's East Coast. One of the most of the most controversial art shows ever seen in London has opened. A life size recreation of Amsterdam 'Red Light District' has masters, the National Gallery. And it's causing quite a stir as Europe Correspondent Emma Alberici reports. The National Gallery London is London is the home of Claude Oscar Monet 'Beachat Trouville', and 'Sunflowers' by Vincent van Goph. It's not the kind of place you expect to find the Hoerengracht. Translated it Whore's Canal', images Whore's Canal', images of Amsterdam's 'Red Light District' District' produced by Nancy Kienholz and her biggest honour biggest honour that a living artist can receive to show at the National Gallery, so I told my, you know, friends and colleagues that I won colleagues that I won the Oscar on this one. In some this work is no different many others in the stately rooms of the Gattry, because it explores the sex trade, the world's oldest profession, world's oldest profession, the curator underscored the link exhibiting three Dutch masters at the beginning of the installation, sexually suggestivive. was made 30 years ago, the experience like window-shopping, with the women's faces framed in boxes, it's thought provoking disturbing. This vennerable institution has already received a flood of complaints. Actually, if you think this is bad, there think this is bad, there are things far worse out there in the permanent collection, far worse. What sorts things? Sex, rape, invest, beastiality, you name it, we have got it. The National Gallery is masters, it houses collection in London. In its 180 year history, this is the first time it has exhibited a modern installation. The Hoerengracht will continue to cause a stir here until cause a stir here until 21 February. Now weather, here is Mark Carmody. Thanks, and good evening, a very Happy New as it was a fine dry and mostly sunny New Year in sunny New Year in Canberra today. After good fireworks last night. Thankfully the showers cleared for them. We expected some the bureau things we might. There were to the south extending from Jindabyne to the bay, the were north-westerlies, averaging 30km/h. With warm winds the maximum 30 in the valley, overnight it was a warm 20. Currently 20. Currently the storms to the south moved closers and our director she rides home after that. Around our that. Around our region, showers and storms to the south and east. The bay was cloudy, scattered showers after a coast had a hot dry one. To west - fine Nationally - Melbourne was interesting. After rain interesting. After rain last night it was overcast with a temperature range of 19-20. Cloud extends across north-east from Central north-east from Central NSW to the top end and is generating good falls, good falls, particularly inland. There's a inland. There's a series of cold fronts that will clip the ACT region, bringing ACT region, bringing more unsettled weather. A following high, we turn our region to fine dry weather from onwards. The good falls, Dunny do 15mm. Coonamble, 32. In Hot tomorrow with Griffith to the coast. Leeton expecting a For Canberra - mostly cloudy with a 70% chance of showers with a 70% chance of showers or thunderstorms occurring during the Fine and sunny on Sunday and Monday. Some English

met today go home tomorrow. and 29 here, snow and minus something there. You have feel sorry for feel sorry for them, don't you. Before we go a you. Before we go a brief recap of the top story - of the top story - around 20,000 revellers welcomed in the new year in Police arrested 20 people, that's down on last year's total. That's ABC

Report' is next. Enjoy Report' is next. Enjoy your evening.

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