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(generated from captions) deal. We've come a long we have much further to deal. We've come a long way but

go. Critics a waste of time. This is a go. Critics say the summit was

disaster. This is basically with Mary Mackillop's second backwards. Sainthood imminent

miracle set to be And why camber rans are dreaming of a Good evening, Siobhan Heanue with ABC News. It's been an Copenhagen. After extraordinary day in

debate which appear to be Copenhagen. After two weeks of

nowhere, it all came down to the final hour. A deal has been done on climate change but within hours of the agreement, labelling it a failure. And climate activists were climate activists

collapse, with who were left out of collapse, with those done trees

negotiations rejecting it on the conference floor. We begin our coverage tonight with the ABC's environment reporter Sarah but it has its origins is call the Copenhagen Accord,

barley. Twas there but it has its origins in

ago done trees from around the world agreed to a road map to cut the planet's emissions and while the criticism of agreement has been harsh, those 27 done trees that have signed are talking it Mark Simkin. Two weeks of chief political correspondent

talks ended with a marathon 17 hour session. Leaders caucus ed fwien corridors trying to as well as the environment. How are the talks progressing With to 60 leaders. Excuse difficulty. Kevin Rudd talked difficulty. Kevin

folks. Including the to 60 leaders. Excuse us,

one. At one point the process came close to complete collapse. The Prime said he stared into the abyss and it showed. This was really hard. Really, really the hard sell. The leaders hard. After the hard work came

unprecedentsed. For the time in history the global community, rich done trees poor done trees have that we should keep temperature increases within two degrees. But the Copenhagen Accord is far than many Copenhagen Accord is far weaker expected or wanted. officials acknowledge it expected or wanted. American

be enough to stop climate change. Kevin Rudd says Australia won't decide its emissions targets until the other done trees detail theirs. This Copenhagen accord will not meet everyone's expectations. That absolutely true. We've long way but we have further to long way but we have much flew in to summit following in the didn't bring any new leader's carbon footprints. He

some commitments disa interpoing watches us today I think some delegates. As the world

act to take collective is in doubt right now. hangs in the balance. In the balance, sources say, largely because of China. It played hard ball in its meetings with Barack Obama. Tension spilled on to the Chinese officials tried to out American cameras. Premier and the president repeated talks, reluctant to allow repeated talks, with China

international scrutiny of its emissions cuts. Without such would be empty words on accountability any agreement

would be empty words on a page. We will honour our real action. The truth is that We will honour our word with

we can actually monitor a lot of what takes place through satellite imagery and so forth. Underscoring the challenge of finding the leader of oil rich Venezuala compared Barack Obama to satan. I still smell sulphur in this reject any deal cooked up by in this room. He said he'd

came and spoke and went out the American. Barack Obama,

through that little door over meant to be the end of a there. This conference was

process is. Now the leaders say it is just the beginning of one. They'll meet again year, but even then there's no guarantee of a treat to a that the United Nations seems united in name only. Copenhagen a accord has been labelled a sham. It's binding, there are labelled a sham. It's not

targets and the binding, there are no legal

loose. Even the author of doesn't deliver on the science. document acknowledges that it loose. Even the author of the

It comes on a day of heightened frustration with poorer arguing their future is on the line. The opening of the investigation of line. The opening of the final

meeting was delayed for two hours. Delegations held the fort as the talks elsewhere. Some were warning against a compromise. To settle for something that would be seen as diminished expectations would be in view a very wrong message expectations would be in our

emerge. But 11 hours later a deal emerged. A including the United agreed by 27 done trees,

Australia, China and India, the table, a 100 billion Australia, China and India, on

to help the table, a 100 billion fund

are no targets. In this are no legally binding point the text agreed targets. In this particular

falls far short of groups agree. Even the promoters of the is not enough to get us what promoters of the deal, say this

is not enough to get us what we

History will judge the want an get in 2000 50.

performance of the leaders here extremely performance of the political

harshly. The low lying most the at risk from sea harshly. The low lying nations most the at risk from sea level

They say this agreement leaves rise wanted tougher action.

their future in think we will think we will be very much

adversely affected. We're already being hurt as it is and I think ts it can only worse. The architecture of I think ts it can only get

this deal is extraordinarily the main deal flawed. Done trees left out of

reject the accord and as all the main deal were lining up to

pack up and leave conference, most agreed time pack up and leave this

running out. The outcome here turns up the political heat in Australia. the Greens have on these negotiations. on these negotiations. It's been much more talk than action. There's been a lot of words, but not many deeds words, but not many deeds come out of it. Now, I guess good intentions are better nothing and nothing and it's good that there has been an abundance of good intentions, but there's certainly been no agreement. The Copenhagen outcome is about the worst outcome is about the worst we could have expected. It's a failure to set any real that. It's left those done trees most threatened deeply angry and disappointed with the whole process. Even the leaders have agreed to this accord say more could have been achieved. The German chancellor said the only alternative was failure. It's hardly It's hardly a ringing endorsements. But it does give momentum for another climate summit to be held next To other news now and Russia be a the United States say they're close to reaching an agreement on a new pact reduce their stockpiles of nuclear weapons. President Obama and his Russian counterpart Dimitry Medvdev took time Copenhagen climate summit to work on a replacement for work on a replacement for the START-1 Treaty which earlier this month. The earlier this month. The two leaders hope a new deal will leaders hope a new deal will be in place by the end of January. Our January. Our positions are very close and practically issues we've discussed issues we've discussed over the past few resolved. There are however certain technical details which still need to be still need to be worked out. The old treaty was signed at the end of the Cold War, cutting the number of weapons on both sides by weapons on both sides by a third. Homicide detectives are investigating the 12-year-old girl in her home in western Sydney. The girl's elderly grandmother was found critically father and son from a neighbouring home have been reported missing, and police are asking for help in tracking them down. Until last night this street was covered with Christmas decorations. Now it's cordoned off with police tape. Around eight o'clock a 12-year-old girl was found critically. The wounds are consistent with being by a sharp object. Neighbours are shocked We feel are shocked We feel sorry for the little girl poor She used to go to She used to go to Perriwood primary school and she primary school and she wanted to start next year to high school. We feel sorry for school. We feel sorry for her. She She was nice girl. Police concede they have little idea of what a motive. This released photographs of two released photographs of two men from from the family next door. They were reported They were reported missing last night but say they aren't considered suspects. The search is suspects. The search is all encompassing at this point in time. That's the time. That's the reason for putting this call out here for the public because we do have very real concerns for the welfare of welfare of these people and we believe that they may be able to assist us inquiries. Three cars from the house next door are missing one of them has Queensland place: The three weeks are mission. That's one of the unexplained issues we're yet to resolve. Police say there's resolve. Police say there's no known history of animosity between the families. Jewish leaders have expressed after a sign at infamous prison camp at Auschwitz was stolen The translation of this sign that used to hang above the great was "work makes you free" and it became a free" and it became a bleak symbol of the horrors of Auschwitz. The threat may have been order bid a private collector and are sifting through hours of footage from security cameras. authorities have had

replaced with a replica. Some of the asylum of the asylum seekers who spent a month on board have been released from detention. 15 of detention. 15 of the Sri Lankan refugees have left the Australian funded detention centre for Jakarta. From there they'll be done trees including All 78 Tamils All 78 Tamils who spent time on board the ship have been found

to be genuine refugees. to be genuine refugees. The remaining 63 will eventually be released and resettled in Australia or another western country. She was a force in education, she cared fort stood up to the hierarchy and was hierarchy and was even excommunicated. Now Mary Mackillop is destined to become Australia's first saint. Australia's first saint. An announcement from the the Catholic the Catholic church Pope Benedict is expected weekend. It confirms acceptance that Mary Mackillop is responsible is responsible for two miracles. Philippa reports. At North Sydney where Mary Mackillop is burden read there's never a moment there's never a moment when someone isn't someone isn't praying for her hement. For and a hement. For and a la Krusvar it was a cure for her breast canter. Every morning before I get up I'll say a decade of rosary for Mary Mackillop to thank her for giving me a second chance in life. She carries a photograph carries a photograph of Mary Mackillop in her wallet and today 's she visited Mary Mackillop's tomb for the first time I asked her

cure me from my disease. And also ask also ask for others. Mary Mackillop was born in Melbourne in 1842. She was one of eight children to parent who is had migrated from Scotland. She new poverty. She poverty. She didn't have anything as a child. She knew the poverty of being the poverty of being part of the underclass, I society. And had a compassion then for anybody else who struggled. That compassion was to see a young Mary Mackillop move to in South Australia in South Australia where she opened her first school opened her first school and established an order commonly referred commonly referred tos a the

Brown Joeys. She'd set up Brown Joeys. She'd set up 40 schools fort need deand 20 years, throughout the country. Mary Mackillop's achievements and pending sainthood are the pride of the South of the South Australian town. Everybody feels that she's certainly worthy of it. Maybe we can all live Maybe we can all live up to that. Along the way, though, Mary Mackillop fell foul of the church hierarchy. That you sister Mary sister Mary Mackillop are from this time this time forth excommunicated from the holy Catholic church. But that was shortlived sees her nones working sees her nones working in poor communities communities throughout the world. 100 years since her death, she's now on the cusp of sainthood. For Mary Mackillop to be made a saint the Vatican has to accept she's responsible for not one but two miracles. The first has been The first has been accepted by the Vatican. involved a woman's recovery from inoperable from inoperable lung cancer. The doctors said at first mistake, we've got the wrong this one, but they had the right one. There was no sign of this malignancy. Now after years of investigations, the Vatican is expected to confirm

tonight that miracle as well. And Mary Mackillop is said to become Australia's first The nation's retailers are preparing for what preparing for what could prove to There's cover for instance that there will there will be an improvement on last year's sales figures when the global financial crisis was biting hard. But there's biting hard. But there's still more optimism. It's Christmastime and for retailers that it's crunch time. We're sort of waiting, we're almost of on a knife ink. Consumers are feeling a lot more confident, confident, but there's a tinge of uncertainty. The government's still lass hand out s are finished have been three interest rate rises. For retailers there's some comfort in that some comfort in that the economy is running more on its own steam, but it won't own steam, but it won't be quite as bumper as quite as bumper as a Christmas as we saw say as we saw say two years ago. There's the trickle down effect. So far my people seem, to part with their money for something like the big issue at this time of this time of year. The big banks are noting a banks are noting a more cautious mood. We're seeing cautious mood. We're seeing a slight increase in loan demand and credit card usage. and credit card usage. That's quite encouraging. I think that's been bit by the potential of further rate rises. It's there'll be more money going through the tills this year. 5 per cent is a good gain, for retailers it's probably a little less than they would Retailers Association says Retailers Association says it expects Christmas fair but in the great and the real test of consumer sentiment will be next week in a last few trading days in the lead up to Christmas. If we have a very busy next four or five days, it will be good. It's will be good. It's that retailers always stress and wait wonder if they've wait wonder if they've got people are going to come. If they'll spend. And as Christmas nears Australians have been encouraged to think green this festive season. As well as helping the environment, it's hoped environment, it's hoped that a cut lead people to give more to the less fortunate this Christmas. It's traditionally Christmas. It's traditionally a time of signs that people signs that people are thinking more carefully about how more carefully about how they celebrate celebrate this Christmas. Australians are going Australians are going green. I think people are much I think people are much more aware of the waste that they produce at Christmastime and are looking for ways to that. From recycling that. From recycling wrapping paper to cutting down on the Christmas lunch and ensuring the old Christmas cards go in the right bin. More people are doing doing simple things to help the environment. That's also the case for traditions like the Christmas tree is as you're going to buy one that's going to last for years and years. Buying is good providing you can compost it. What's under the trees matters too. Shoppers have been encouraged to be selective about gifts, choosing voumpers over presents voumpers over presents that might not hit might not hit the spot. We've always tried not to be crazy with presents. I'm finding with presents. I'm finding a lot of people are getting them like a well gift rather than just last minute kind of useless jung. And as appeals enter their final days, charities charities are hoping they're reap the benefits of from rampant consumerism. I think people are starting to reflect on how to help us and what the needs of others are rather than just rather than just their own material wants. Giving to the people and the planet this Christmas. The West Christmas. The West Indies could become the second touring team in as many years to chase down a large fourth innings total against Australia early on day four needing to score 359 for the victory, West Indies middle order risen to the challenge. Nine wickets fell on the opening two days of the test of the yesterday a total of 16 wickets was lost, one of those was Ponting. Restricted by a elbow the captain came in at number 9. He managed just two. Great bowling. Ponting's injury has him in doubt fort Boxing Day test. I don't think he'd want to miss out he'd want to miss out and Boxing Day as Boxing Day as well. Australia added just 13 more runs to added just 13 more runs to be all out for 150. The West Indies would need their captain Chris gaol to put his best forward. The opening stand generated 35 runs before Doug Bollinger struck. Out. Australia snared the big wicket of the big wicket of Gayle for just 21 although Shane watt tonne's Del under further scrutiny. The last four before lunch Nathan Hauritz dismissed Ramnaresh Sarwan to leave for 68. In hot conditions the West Indies pat teld their way

behalf of 100. Johnson battled to stay on Johnson battled to stay on the field. Mitch is finding field. Mitch is finding that bowling especially in the heat today is taking a fair bit today is taking a fair bit out of him. Notched his first of him. Notched his first test 50 50 in style. Beautifully played. played. Brings up his half century with a magnificent straight of straight of 6. The West Indies continued to push closer to the victory target. The victory target. The pressure will be on Tasmania's bowlers tomorrow on day tomorrow on day two of their 3 day tour match day tour match against Pakistan at Bellerive Oval. at Bellerive Oval. Opener Salman Butt managed his sin try before his sin try before the end of play today helping the play today helping the tourists to a healthy 4 for 270 at stumps. opportunities depent begging for Tasmania and start Salman Butt and came from Tim Bon nald. Farhat on 32 runs was caught behind by runs was caught behind by Tim Paine. Butt and Paine. Butt and proved difficult for the tigers break and late in the day Butt brought up his topb. Australian fast Hilfenhaus has made a return to cricket in a bid to recover from injury in time for the Boxing Day test. He lined up with university in Tasmanian grade cricket match. In women's soccer Sydney FC won its first W-League championship championship defeating Brisbane at Shark Park in at Shark Park in Cronulla this afternoon. Sydney beat the roar 3-2. With almost 20 Australian representatives and two Danish internationals Shark Park was teaming with talent. The minor premiers Sydney made a nervous start and Brisbane pounced. A booming shot. They've been Walsh was end finding move and nearly surprised the Brisbane goal-keeper. looked shaky at times looked shaky at times but took a one mill lead to the a one mill lead to the break. Sydney was back on level terms when 17-year-old defender Linda O'Neill drifted

shot is in. One all. Player of

the match. Kylie Ledbrook set up Walsh who up Walsh who put the home team in was desperately unlucky not to get back on level terns and soon it was Danish delight they secured the win for the blues. Her parents have come here all the way from Denmark to see the grand championship, a 3-2 the Sydney FC the Sydney FC girls unbelievable game. I'm so proud of you guys. It was a sweet sweet win for Sydney which was knocked out in the semifinals by Brisbane in the previous season. Lauren Jackson has helped lead helped lead the. More than 2000 fans turned out see the stars returned stars returned but Lauren Jackson wasn't showing her nerves. Welcome back. Dandenong pressured first half, but at half time

the Capitals led by 9. Jackson was unstoppable in the third quarter and showed her financial backers why she's a great investment. Here we go again. She again. She scored eight points in the space of three minutes and went on to top the second time in two weeks with with 25 points. Canberra extended its lead in the final Carter to take out the match 8 3 points to 60. Couldn't get our game flowing and get our game flowing and stuff and second half we came out and looked at a few shots, got on a bit of a roll and played some Capitals in the top four nothing the was amazing to play in front of Canberra tonight. I nervous. I'm just glad to be back. The back. The crowd was amazing. Canberra will play its's next came against the A si. S on 9 January. In Casey Dellacqua is away from an automatic

Australian open berth. Australian open berth. She continues her come back from injury. The former world number 39 started her playoff semifinal poorly dropping the opening five games and the opening set to Sally Peers But Dellacqua produced a remarkable turnaround remarkable turnaround winning the next two sets 6-1, 6-2.

It's been a big week for me. It's just the perfect lead up towards 2010 for me really. Dellacqua will play Olivia Rogowska in tomorrow's final after she defeated Jess

ma Moore in straight sets. Bernard Tomic is also one game way fwr his open appearance. open appearance. The 17-year-old won his semi sets and he'll play Nick Lindahl in the decider. slee snowfalls across England are causing chaos during one of the busiest travel the year. Three Euro star trains carrying more than trains carrying more than 1,000 people are in the channel tunnel. train suffered technical failures as result of the dramatic change in temperature as they entered temperature as they entered the tunnel shuttle vehicles tunnel shuttle vehicles are being sent to get the passengers on board. Airport was forced to close Airport was forced to close for hours. hours. There were delays at Heathrow, Luton On the roads driving was hazardous and it was an early start for the holiday period for many with schools forced cancel the last day of term, though it didn't really bother the students. The the students. The sign said sorry school closed. Sorry? We don't want to go to school. This is fun. School and snow, snow's best. Up to 20 cms of snow was dumped on Kent transforming the region. Despite the current conditions forecasters can't say if the forecasters can't say if the UK will enjoy a white Christmas. Taking a look now, and it was a warm sunny day in the capital. day in the capital. We broke the 30 degree barrier, not bad for a summer Saturday got down to 9 degrees overnight. In the city right now the temperature is 19

degrees. We've got 50 per cent humidity and an easterly wind and the barometer is steady. Sunny on the coast, 25 Bega, a top of 30 in Wagga Wagga and 27 for Cooma. On national scene, it and 29 in Sydney, a cloudy for Melbourne, in Hobart and overcast in Brisbane. Thick cloud northern WA near tropical cyclone Lawrence is generating heavy rain. heavy rain. Cloud stretching from the top end through Queensland is producing rain and storms. A high will clear skies to the south-east.

Cloud developing over south-west WA and a trough is causing slow moving storms and cyclone Lawrence will rain to the tropics. Thunderstorms in store for Brisbane, clearing Brisbane, clearing shower in Sydney, sunny in Melbourne, Hobart and be slightly be slightly cooler in Goulburn a top of 26 degrees there, a

possible morning shower is possible morning shower is on the way for the way for Bateman's bay, however it will be hotter however it will be hotter out west with a top of for both Griffith and Wagga Wagga. Wagga. Taking a look now at Canberra's fine and partly cloudy, fine and partly cloudy, with an expected top of 27 degrees tomorrow, after an tomorrow, after an overnight low of just planning on planning on enjoying the sunshine over the sunshine over the Christmas holidays, it looks like you'll have to get moving before Christmas Day Christmas Day because it will be hot and mostly sunny be hot and mostly sunny with temperatures in the 30s for most of the week. A top of on Wednesday. But then it will be dipping all the way down 23 degrees on Christmas Day 23 degrees on Christmas Day and even a shower in the even a shower in the morning. Before we go, a brief recap of our top stories tonight. deal has been reached in

final hour of the Copenhagen climate summit, but it's already been branded a sham. The accord is not binding The accord is not binding and no legal targets have been Even the author of the document has acknowledged that doesn't deliver on the science. And Australia looks set to get its first saint before Christmas. The Vatican is expected to formally Mary Mackillop's second this weekend.

this weekend. Paving the this weekend. Paving the way for her cannon niezsation. And you find the latest headlines

24 hours a day at ABC Online. We leave you tonight with festive pictures from the Vatican and the annual lighting of the Christmas tree in saint Peter's square. Thanks for your company, good night.

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