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(generated from captions) This Program Is Captioned Live. Tonight - move Malcolm, Tony Abbott takes over. I do daunted. The fate of the ETS hangs in the balance. Delay on climate change equals denial. And it's third time unlucky for home owners.Good evening, I'm Virginia Haussegger. It's the result that no-one picked. An extraordinary struggle culminated with Tony leadership by just one vote. It Abbott winning the Liberal

the defeated contenders murblet and Joe Hockey are considering their option. Leading coverage this evening is chief political correspondent Mark Simkin. Canberra. It's been one of the Simkin. Good evening from

most remarkable parliament's seen, a stunning victory for Tony Abbott party's hard-liners. Before the anything could happen vote Liberals were saying

they're still shocked by did. Tony they're still shocked by what surprised himself. I am did. Tony Abbott even feeling one last twist in an feeling a bit overwhelmed. Was

extraordinary saga. Mr Hockey ballot and was eliminated on the first one by Tony Abbott 42 41. APPLAUSE I do feel humbled and daunted by ahead but exhilarated at the prospect leading this great political exhilarated at the prospect of

As they file under to the party into the next election.

meeting few of the MPs expected that result would come out of it, also Hockey would win but the Shadow it, also it's predicted Joe Treasurer fell at the hurdle. There's always a Treasurer fell at the first

surprise in these ballots had one today. Malcolm Turnbull surprise in these ballots and I

Hang on. Hang on. And unexpectedly close to his leadership. Hang unexpectedly close to salvaging

Settle down. Calm. Calm. I know his leadership. Hang on.

you're excited. Just be calm. I'm going to ask answer question. You asked the I'm going to ask answer the question am I going to from parliament? The answer is question am I going to resign

no. Mr Turnbull will go to the back bench and is yet to whether to contest the next back bench and is yet to decide

not used to losing. Personal election. Mr Turnbull, you're

feelings at the disappointed by the naturally, I'm disappointed that we've not only that leadership but also there has there's been a change in

been a pretty dramatic in policy. The result could been a pretty dramatic change

have been even closer. One MP voted informally in the round, writing "No" on the ballot instead of a name. accept that at stuffed up. I probably should, I suppose, apologise now for all my errors of the past and make a clean breast of you like and ask the public to make a clean breast of them if

judge me from this point. He's the fourth Liberal leader just two years. The the fourth Liberal leader in

Abbot-Bishop team will try to save the Liberals from support an ETS, 59 others backed a new policy. First we will seek to refer legislation to further scrutiny. If in the end we cannot get the support of the cross-benchers for that course of action, we will oppose the legislation Senate this week. That would oppose the legislation in the

hand the Government a double leader, I am not an election and leader, I am not frightened of

frightened of an this issue. I really am not frightened of an election on this issue. Climate change has now caused leadership change on senior Liberal isn't ruling out two occasions and at least one

defying his new crossing the floor to support defying his new leader and

an ETS. I am mindful of decision of the party but I am an ETS. I am mindful of the also someone who sticks with my Opposition. Thanks, principles. The Leader of the

Speaker. This afternoon Tony Opposition. Thanks, Mr

Abbott debuted in the seat. On behalf of the Government, could congratulations to Tony. spend a lot of time chasing congratulations to Tony. We

each other round. I have even been accused from time to time of flirting prime minister. That must cease now of course. But Government's unlikely now of course. But the the honeymoon last. Tony Government's unlikely to let

Abbott's calculated gamble on emissions trading the Government emissions trading risks giving dissolution trigger the Government a double days. The Senate is wrap up and force a final vote debating the bill but could

at any moment and if defeated it's up Government to defeated it's up to the pull Government to decide whether to voters to an early poll. Here's pull the trigger and force

political Jennett. Disciplined, determine said and above all pneumerate. The triumph turns them into the keepers The triumph of the sceptics

the Liberal faith, some are privately calling the leadership order treacherous privately calling the new

but former true believers emissions trading are falling but former true believers on

into line. On the basis vote in the party room which into line. On the basis of the

the legislation to a committee was conclusively for referring

and if that's voting down the legislation and if that's not possible then

this will be no dissent in the this week, on that brace there

Senate. I've always the party room decision and I Senate. I've always respected

will respect it again as it changed. Start demands for will respect it again as it has

action mean nothing anymore. Delay on climate denial on climate change. The Government is aware the will block the policy and is Government is aware the Senate

all likelihood a death blow its bim. It shows how the map all likelihood a death blow for

of Australian politics has been redrawn. But the maths delay a vote until if in-Senate haven't changed. To

a united Coalition needs delay a vote until if February

two cross-benchers. It has one but not Steve but not Steve Fielding despite his repeated viszts to Tony Abbott's office. Without the numbers to delay, defeat of the emissions bill is the only option. The pain staking Senate debate drags on, so far for almost 44 hours, each one them packing more ammunition for the double for the double dissolution election weapon. It has never been our position to be manoeuvring around for double dissolutions. We want legislation passed. Labor doesn't need to wait election to put Tony Abbott its sights. Backwards on climate change and back WorkChoices. Don't put Australia back. They're paying for that one. This comes free. What kind of a leader free. What kind of a leader of the Liberal do you think Tony Abbott with ilmake? Temporary. But one who's marching to political death or glory. The hard Coalition has taken on perhaps the hardest job in the hardest job in Australian politics right politics right now but he's begun with the significant public endorsement of hiss political political mentor. Former Prime Minister John Minister John Howard says Tony Abbott has what it takes make a good fist of the leadership. Emma Griffiths looks looks back at the path to leadership. He's never been one to shy away from the action. Or a good Barney. A fighter by training and by nature. You are a sankmonious wind bag. Not to a point on it, shit a point on it, shit happens, Tony. Do you regret swearing on Lateline? Shit on Lateline? Shit happens. The expression is shit The expression is shit eating. I have never claimed to be world's most sensitive person. He did once claim to be ideological love child of John Howard and Bronwyn Bishop. entered the political fray the member for the member for Warringah 15 years ago. Liberal politics became his crusade though he had once considered the priesthood, nicknamed the Mad Monk, Mr Abbot remains a of traditional family values. Every abortion is up to 100,000 abortions a up to 100,000 abortions a year is this generation's legacy of unutterable shame. Arguably his to date emerged from the personal realm when a personal realm when a rumoured long lost long lost son reappeared working for the media Parliament House. I was flabbergasted but at the same time thought to myself, "Well, what do you know?" Truth is stranger than fiction. genetic test that it wasn't Tony Abbott, by then a Minister in the Howard Government, geared up for election campaign of 2007. It didn't go well for him. First he was lambasted he was lambasted for dismissing an approach from the asbestos campaigner Bernie Banton. because a person is sick doesn't mean doesn't mean he is necessarily pure of heart in all things. Then he was late to his own campaign debate that ended in a spat. In the months after the Howard Government a book, a manifest o laying a book, a manifest o laying out his vision his vision for the Liberals. The party's future, so he believed in July, was best served by passing an ETS. I don't think rartsedz for the Opposition to be browner than Howard the next the next election. The 52-year-old married three daughters has now ascended to lead the broad church that is won the endorsement of his closest political mentor. He's articulate and energetic and fist of it fist of it and he will certainly have my good will and I'm sure the good will of I'm sure the good will of the overwhelming majority of Liberal Party members throughout the country. The Turnbull experiment is over, the even more risky experience has Turnbull tried to remove of the differences with the Government but Tony Abbott wants to accentuate them with the fate of the ETS still up in the air this bizarre soap opera has a few episodes opera has a few episodes left. For now that's For now that's all from Parliament House. The other big story today was interest rates. They're up again for the third month in a row. The Reserve Bank raised its cash rate by 25 basis points and in a double for some borrowers one major bank bank went even further. Westpac raised its double that. Here's double that. Here's finance correspondent Phillip Merry Christmas. Ho, ho, ho. It's not so ho. It's not so merry for borrowers. The Reserve Bank raised interest rates for raised interest rates for an unprecedented third month in a row and it hasn't gone down well on the disreets. Not happy about it. I've got a big mortgage so it difference. The RBA's cash rate went up 25 cash rate went up 25 basis points but Westpac points but Westpac jacked up its standard home loan rate 45 basis points, defying Government. I don't believe there is any justification banks to pass through more banks to pass through more than the official cash rate. means those with an average $250,000, 30-year an extra $71 a month. an extra $71 a month. This year's increasess have taken more than $150 a month out of borrowers' pockets and that's a major businesses. This is the most important time of the year for the biggest employers in the biggest employers in the country. Confidence is a fragile flower. We're convinced we're completely the upswing. But the Reserve Bank is. It says the Bank is. It says the global economy is growing, especially China and Asia, and the domestic economy is gradually improving. afflicting Dubai didn't even rate a mention but the Reserve Bank board did point to Bank board did point to a recovery in household thanks to a stronger share The good news for borrowers is the RBA doesn't meet again until February and today's statement described the rate rises so far There's a hint theymy well be on hold for three or six months does start to respond does start to respond to the interest rate rises we've seen thus far. Many are worried thus far. Many are worried the response could be more severe than the bank is bargaining for. As historic events unfolded at home, Kevin Rudd in Washington. The Prime Minister Australia will increase its commitment commitment in Afghanistan but it won't Instead, more Federal Police and civilian aid officials will help rebuild and secure country. North America correspondent Lisa Millar reports. The visit was arrange said but its timing significant, on the eve of the President' President' long-awaited decision on Afghanistan. Kevin Rudd won't say if it there was a request for more military help but he is Australia's numbers Australia's numbers with extra Federal Police and civilian aid officials, a message he also delivered to the delivered to the US Secretary of of State, Hillary Clinton. There are no details There are no details on numbers but he says it will happen rapidly. We believe that the right approach. It consistent with the direction the President is taking. Australia will soon have have 1550 troops in Afghanistan and Kevin them in providing support. The number of forces back in the spring when the President dedicated more American forces. And soon there will be even more. The President has already given the orders to generals and he'll tell Americans in a televised speech that he's adding up to an extra 34,000. He's hoping NATO 34,000. He's hoping NATO allies will do the same. Britain has already confirmed it will send an extra 500. Kevin Rudd and Barack Obama also discussed the importance of a robust outcome at the Copenhagen climate talks and there was even invitation to the US leader to make his first official visit to Australia. I'm to Australia. I'm sure all Australians family if they happen to family if they happen to be with them really tend to be good at that. The President is expected to visit India and Indonesia next India and Indonesia next year. There's a chance now on the itinerary. now on the itinerary.Ukrainian American man in Munich in what's likely to be Germany's last big Nazi war crimes trial. The says John Demjanjuks helped murder 28,000 people in a Nazi death camp in Poland. He says he never worked at Europe correspondent Philip Williams reports. A Williams reports. A according to German prosecutors this man guilty of being an accomplice to more than 27,000 murders, a guard who herded Jewinise to the gas chambers the Sobibor death camp. John Demjanjuks's lawyers argued he wasn't well enough to wasn't well enough to stand trial but the court said he trial but the court said he was competent enough charges. He is going to do everything possible to try and create an impression that create an impression that he's simply incapable of standing trial. In the court of the relatives of of Sobibor survivors displaying the numbers tattooed into numbers tattooed into their arms by the Nazis. The German this man for this man for 30 years. The prosecution comes after he was first convicted and then acquitted in Israel on charges relating to another death camp in the 1980s. There's evidence left of the Sobibor camp but Jules Shelvis will never forget this wife and 46 other wife and 46 other relatives perished here. He only survived after being sent to a slave labour camp. How can people, normal you and he and me, can do this with millions of people? Jules Shelvis doesn't remember the accused but instead he'll remind the court of the dying hell this place was hell this place was more than 60 years ago. The ACT Government is considering lifting the time limit in which alleged from some Canberra from some Canberra Catholic schools can lodge damage claims. More than 20 cases involving students from Marist and and Daramalan colleges have been cases are linked to the cases are linked to the late Paul Lyons while the majority of those at Marist relate to Brother John Chute also known as Brother Costa who confidential but the ABC understands they involve hundreds of thousands of dollars each. The brothers do hope that what has been achieved, at least achieved, at least in some cases now, will deliver some lasting peace and reconciliation for these men and their families I'm sure thrz going to be a number who are going hearing these matters are involving other cases involving other cases is expected early next year. More than six decades after they died, died, four Australian diggers have finally full military honours New Guinea. The ceremony about after the remains of two of the soldiers were renal of the soldiers were renal ly identified. PNG correspondent Liam Fox reports from the Liam Fox reports from the war cemetery near Port cemetery near Port Moresby. They may have died nearly 70 years ago but these diggers were never forgotten. for over six decades but now in reach for these reach for these men and their families is the prospect of a new-found serenity, and closure. The remains of of the soldiers were recently identified by the identified by the Australian army history unit. Sergeant James Wheeler was trying to rescue a fallen comrade exactly 67 He would have been 90 at He would have been 90 at the end of August but I end of August but I can't imagine him as an old imagine him as an old man. White haired and wrinkly like me. For me young. Lieutenant Tim Logan was killed by a Japanese smieper Buna in 1943. His son Buna in 1943. His son Fred Logan never met his father. It's a great relief for all It's a great relief for all of us and we would like to thank all of all of the agencies involved. The remains involved. The remains of two other soldiers identified and they identified and they were buried in a single grave. The 'Known Unto God' inscribed 'Known Unto God' inscribed on their headstone. They be forgotten. More than 700 Australian soldiers who died fighting in PNG remain classified as missing in action. To finance now and the local share market was subdued after today'seralty rise and the Australian dollar the Australian dollar eased slightly. Here's Alan Fist a couple of graphs on official interest rates this year. Quite are down and up like a yo yo. Can't sit still, while at least the US Federal Reserve board is consistent. The Fed funds rate has been stuck on 0.25% all year and there's no shortage of forecasts that it will be the same this time next same this time next year as well. Here's a long-term graph of the standard mortgageralty in Australia. Obviously Obviously it's not great that it's going up again it's going up again but the cost of financing a house has been higher, let's face it. The fact the exchange rate fell today shows how widely today's rate hike was expected bie. time the announcement came time the announcement came the futures market was prietsing to 3.75%. Share traders to 3.75%. Share traders were perhaps distracted by events in Canberra and the market edged

1/3 of a per cent higher. Lend Lease jumped 9% after Lease jumped 9% after signing a development contract in Qantas and Bluescope went up 4%, CBA rose 2% and NAB fell slightly. Last share market went up almost exactly the same percentage as Australia's did today. Gold is back above 1180 dollars an ounce, oil, wheat and zinc up. The were some inconclusive economic data out today. Housing approvals fell oofz rise and only oofz rise and only two-thirds of the numbers of house we need and the performance of manufacturing index fell a bit but but still shows the industry expanding and the darker side of the NSW golf course during today's round. One of Australia's finest lay-outs was wind and rain. Wilkins. The wind Wilkins. The wind could turn the picturesque NSW golf course into a beast for the Open. A strong southerly produced brutal conditions today forced most of the field to abandon practice early. If stays like this you could 74, 84, 94. There could be huge numbers out there. We've golf course that probably has more power and ability to squash players than any course in Australia. The in Australia. The weather means little to John After three months off he'll After three months off he'll be happy rusty as I am better for me if it better for me if it blows hard. Clint astonishment matches Doug Bollinger's excitement. Bollinger's excitement. The Ben Hilfenhaus withdrawal has both pacemen an unexpected boost. There's lot of playing good cricket. It's a shock. I just bash wicket and try to take as many as I can. Serena Williams is on notice, being hit with $190,000 fine match-point tirade at the match-point tirade at the US Open. Half the suspend ed but Williams faces being banned from Grand Slam event over the next three years if she offends again. Extra officials to assist referees could be part of the World Cup soccer land scape in light of there's a reluctance to there's a reluctance to slow down the game with video technology. The errors of referees and players, this is maintain the human face of football and not go football and not go into the technology. While South Africa welcomed the FIFA boss, it opened the doors on its new stadia across the country, doors which will be closed to unlucky Ireland unlucky Ireland despite a cheeky request. They have asked, "Can't we be team number 33 in the World Cup?" LAUGHTER They have that really. Even at 40, Roy Jones Jnr cuts a figure. He can even draw a crowd to see him on the scales. The 8-time world champion hoping to add Danny Green's IBO collection. No Grand Slam but more positives than negatives. That's the assessment Wallabies management management wants ring by fans to take from the spring tour. This group has a really exciting future. The players have a short break before launching themselves into the Super 14. In Super 14. In show biz they call it the triple it the triple treat, the ability and today there were plenty of would -be stars displaying those talent Side Story'. Adrian Side Story'. Adrian Rachellea reports. On your second step you rotate... At this level you rotate... At this level of auditioning there are auditioning there are only minutes to pick up routine and prove yourself worthy of the gig. Find a space! 800 dancers will space! 800 dancers will be put to the test in auditions to the test in auditions across three states for 'West Side Story'. Story'. Joey MacNeily's protection has played to sold-out audiences and rave reviews in London reviews in London and Paris so he's looking for Australia has to offer. technique. This stuff is ballet-based so that's always challenge, to find young dancers have that dancers have that have a stolid foundation on that. And then they have to be able to they have to be able to sing. Ah! Singing's always Ah! Singing's always the nervous part. Trained as a dancer your whole life that's your comfort zone. comfort zone's dance. For these hungry performers it's shot the big time. Some of my teachers were in there that taught me when I was lit the competition the competition was really high. Of the hundreds that will put themselves forward, only will make the cut. The cast will then go into will then go into rehearsals for a national tour starting for a national tour starting in Sydney next year.Now with a look at today's look at today's weather hoor's Mark Carmody. Good The first day of summer and you needed a sweater when you left home this morning minimums were 6 at the 8 in Tuggeranong and It didn't worry Slinky weather dog when he went out for 5:30 for his walk but for 5:30 for his walk but a mate in Manuka thought he'd joined the Ice Breakers when he went for his regular morning swim. He's not swim. He's not going tomorrow because I told him it's to be the same Cloud is clearing of Australia although there's some over southeast Queensland which is generating showers and thunderstorms. A high thunderstorms. A high currently moving across Tasmania and a low in the Tasman are directing these cool southeasterlies over our region. Tomorrow the high will replace the low and the winds will turn more northerly. Rainfall today was patchy and isolated coast. Griffith's terrific coast. Griffith's terrific rain yesterday was around Virginia, Virginia, talking about brilliant, Parliament House rose We must have We must have another picnic there and the rose, Just I guess we must. Don't know what your girlfriend would thing about that, Mark. Thanks. Before we go a brief recap of our top is the is the new Leader of the Opposition after Opposition after beating Malcolm Turnbull in a ballot by just one vote. trying to delay or block the emissions trading legislation and the Reserve interest rates by 25 basis points. Westpac has already put its home loan rates up by basis points. That's ABC News. Stay with us now for Stay with us now for Kerry O'Brien and the '7.30 Report' coming up next and you can coming up next and you can find the latest headlines 24 hours the latest headlines 24 hours a day at ABC online. Closed Captions by CSI

Welcome to this special

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from Canberra on the day from Canberra on the day the

Liberal Party chose it's third

leader since the last election

two years ago, this was a race

in which the favourite ran

last, the extreme outsider was

pipped at the post and pipped at the post and the

winner is already asking us to

forget his past form. So Tony

Abbott is the new Opposition

Leader, and has immediately

committed his party to a head-on confrontation with head-on confrontation with the

Rudd Government over climate

change. Malcolm Turnbull's leadership lasted little more

than a year, despite

predictions he faced a cutting

defeat, in the end he failed by

one vote. The favoured

candidate Joe Hockey was

eliminated in the first round.

I'll talk with Tony Abbott

shortly. First for his

observations on the day's

events, Political Editor Chris Uhlmann. How are you going to

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