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(generated from captions) really where they sit. John

Hewson, thank you.. Thank

you. And to what's going on in

the Senate today. Senator Bob

Brown is the leader of the

Greens and is no frond f othe

deal done on the executive

between the Government and the

Opposition. He doesn't believe

that there will be an ETS in

place by tend of today? They

have made an arrangement to

finish the Committee statements

by 3:45 but that is not going

to happen at the snail's pace

in which the amendments are in which the amendments are

being negotiated. What are your

tactics if there is a move to

refer the legislation to a

committee, would you support

that? It's a political move.

It's not in the interests of

getting throwing light on the

issue and we're in the business

of simply supporting moves to

foster a very fractured

Coalition. Is there a real

chance now that the ETS as it

is now won't be passed and that

it will go back to the drawing

board? I've told the Government

again today that the Greens are

wanting to negotiate a better

outcome for the environment and

for the economy than the one

they've negotiated with the

Coalition. The process here is

in the hands of the Coalition.

And it's looking at changing

leaders on Monday and not at

what is a good outcome for

Australia in regards to climate change. What would be a good

outcome for the Greens in terms

of the way you'd like to see

the Opposition leadership

played out? I think we should -

remember that this legislation

is not due to take - to be

implemented until July 1, 2011,

the year after next, the

Government and Coalition agreed

to that early on. We would like

to see the targets brought in

to that range which scientists

say we need to take if we're to

save this country and the

planet from catastrophic

climate change , for example

the loss of the Great Barrier

Reef, which will be something

experienced this century with

this legislation. We need the

targets to go to 25% minimum to

40% reduction in greenhouse gas

emission over 1990 levels.

That's what the scientists and

say and the world's best experts. That's where the

Greens spodgeibly want to see future legislation