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(generated from captions) This program is not subtitled Tonight - as soar, bushfires rage. Back Tonight - as temperatures

Canberra celebrants line up to dry land. Next stop, Australia. perform gay And the novice actor who beat the big names at the IF Awards. Good evening. Welcome News. I'm Virginia Haussegger. Soaring temperatures country have fire on high alert. New South Wales country have fire authorities

has been for has been warned to get ready Temperatures in the conditions tomorrow.

are already in the 40s, and other parts of the State aren't far behind. The catastrophic category is of unpredictable and category is a new one. Warning

record November heatwave has uncontrollable fires. The

already emergencies in South Australia. It was emergencies in Victoria and

road for South Australia. It was code temperature soared past 46 degrees, hundreds of hectares were burnt out on York's pen nicks la, one of 14 across the State. In head-on with five confusion, two trucks collided

injured. Confusion too on head-on with five people

west coast, where catastrophic danger rating in force. School bus catastrophic danger rating was

were cancelled as parents in force. School bus services

scrambled to pick up their children. It's times, even though the air knld, it gets pretty hot times, even though the car is

with the baby. It's a bit of an inconvenience. Farmers their properties. Some locals ordered to down tools and leave

were unimpress t. I leaving property as somewhat of were unimpress t. I regard

leave your property you got a joke, actually. If you

nobody there to check stock, water troughs and just place is closed down. Across water troughs and just the

the border overnight record with temperatures topping 29 degrees. Victorians woke to their worst fears weren't day of extreme fire risk but

realised. Authorities issued a their worst fears weren't re

catastrophic New South Wales for catastrophic fire warning in time. Under the threat, residents are warned it's not safe to stay and homes. We have something like 250 firefighters out across fires at the moment. literally thousands more on fires at the moment. And

stand-by. We've already long-standing records over 100 years at Broken Hill for the highest ever temperature recorded in November. And expect to break many records in the western New South Wales today as extreme and very unusual New South Wales today as this

activity begins to move extreme and very unusual heat

eastward. In Sydney's west, the temperature hovered 39 degrees. The respite for some. It's very, very hot. Very hot. We're actually gonna be swimming. weekend. In the short term, there's some relief in sight, forecast However, the longer-term Malcolm Turnbull's leader the Senate has Malcolm Turnbull's leader in

note of defiance the Senate has struck another countdown to a vote on note of defiance in the

emissions trading. Nick Minchin has labelled the government's scheme an abomination, and assembled more than a dozen senators to back him. But Mr Turnbull and his climate negotiator Ian Macfarlane growing more confident of a deal with just four days left to pass deal with just four sitting

legislation. Forget wind power days left to pass the

upstaged the clean and solar power. Star power

debate. Are you ready, brother? used to contortions I mean, sister. Parliament's

backflips, but celebrity starved MPs swarmed to see the pro wrestler take on the Sports Minister. Inside the arm wrestling over trading scheme its climax. Mr Rudd's and vanity in wanting to lead the world on cutting CO2 emissions is really sickening. Backed by 17 supporters, sickening. Backed by a posse of

scathing attack on climate science. It really is a disgrace to describe pollutant. In the pollutant. In the process, challenged Malcolm Turnbull. The Senate overwhelmingly rejected abomination in August. should do so again. Some abomination in August. It

Liberals are likely to do that It's not about a healthy planet. It's about Kevin Rudd's unhealthy ego. And though they might be about both of a similar size, they are not the same. You ain't seen nothin' yet! This is the ever played on the you, if you're going to put one people. I have sympathy for

that, mate. Emergency workers sounded their alarm, more frequent fires without an sounded their alarm, warning of

ETS. Ministers latched on demand the unseasonal temperatures to climate change sceptics up the back and the deny ers in the centre over there, all these are merely unhappy coincidences, they would They're arguing coincidences, they would say. amended. T lead Liberal without knowing if it will be

negotiator is confident of deal with the Prime the basis that by the time the Minister. I'm negotiating on

Senate rises at the end of week, he will have what demanding but it will be on our terms. have to get through coalition party have to get through a sceptical

Turnbull's supporters are coalition party room. Malcolm

confident that will Although one predicted confident that will happen.

meeting would horror movie. If Kevin Copenhagen he will do does get to take an ETS to

Senate's set to delay and Canada Senate's set to delay its vote After aboard the 'Oceanic Viking' the now have 78 Sri Lankan asylum seekers

now have another anxious wait. This time for claims to be This time for their asylum

come to Australia. And come to Australia. And it seems the Indonesian the Indonesian Government is almost as keen see them resettled quickly. These women and These women and children are not in a detention not in a detention centre, says the Australian You're not allowed outside? That's a locked door. This is the so-called special special arrangement for women and children, in a facility next to the detention centre, where where the rest of the 56 Sri Lankans who left the 'Oceanic Viking' are hoping that Australia the promise to come to Australia. A promise all 78 of the 'Oceanic Viking's asylum seekers have now placed their trust in. Convinced at last them resettlement within three months. The Sri Lankans are be separated from be separated from others in the detention centre because detention centre because of fears fears detainees could resent their expedited processing. Women and children will be accommodated in the building next door. This detention centre, that not. But it certainly looked like it today from this like it today from this side of the bars. They are not the bars. They are not like this place. They like outside. They like to go outside. Australian officials here had believed women and children locked up in there would be able to come there would be able to come and go as they pleased. But late today, a spokesman Immigration Minister Chris Evans said Evans said that the accommodation accommodation of asylum seekers in Indonesia is now a matter for the Indonesian for the Indonesian Government. An Indonesian Government running out of we have to settle this issue very, very carefully between Indonesia and Australia. The will see of will see of the 'Oceanic Viking'. Now on its way back to It only officially became law today, but already Canberra celebrants are lining up perform legal perform legal ceremonies recognising gay unions. The Legislative Assembly passed the Greens' Bill allowing Greens' Bill allowing the ceremonies last week. The revealed whether it plans to overturn the law. Day 1 overturn the law. Day 1 of the ACT's new civil partnerships law, and these celebrants can't wait to wait to get started. I think it's high time that all these stupid old fashioned moralistic issues were brought issues were brought out into the open again, and joined the rest of the world. I have a couple in December who want to take advantage change in the legislation immediately. And the very immediately. And the very first morning that it morning that it hit the press I was rung by another couple. The ACT legislation gives couples the couples the right to recognise their their relationships with legally legally binding ceremonies. It's a contentious move been blocked in the past by the Howard and Rudd Governments. So far, there's been no word about the Commonwealth's intentions. But that could change when the Prime Prime Minister addresses the Australian Christian lobby's national conference at national conference at the weekend. I hope the Prime Minister will look closely Minister will look closely at this legislation, he recognise that it doesn't interfere with the marriage Act. marriage Act. I think the ACT has shown ACT has shown for some time that this is what we want, our elected done that. While done that. While the Federal Government move, the assembly has move, the assembly has turned attention to denations and election campaign funding. An assembly will look at whether there should be a on the amount parties can spend. Fundraising the No. 1 job of the No. 1 job of politicians. The No. 1 representing their constituents in developing policies. In the ACT, we ACT, we don't see the same problems that we see in some of the other jurisdictions but we should always look opportunities to further opposition hopes changes will come into effect before the next ACT election. A report into delays in the opening of Canberra's jail has identified a long list identified a long list of problems associated with the project. The assembly's justice with the jail's security system were a major cause of postponed opening but not postponed opening but not the only issue. It's found the minister wasn't properly briefed, which led expectations. And the delays meant prisoners were held in remand facilities that didn't meet human rights meet human rights standards. The jail finally opened in after the official Opening Ceremony. One longest serving politician, Tasmanian Michael Hodgman, is calling it a day. A minister in the Fraser Government and a shadow minister under Andrew Peacock, his political career spans more than 40 years. Fiercely loyal to his State, he was known in Federal Parliament as the mouth from the south. After serving in Canberra, he was elected to the Tasmanian Parliament. In recent times, Mr Hodgman's health has turn for the turn for the worse. I've decided after long deliberation to end to end my parliamentary innings. To mix my sporting metaphors I've decided old boxer to hang up old boxer to hang up my gloves but I'm not down for count. Mr Hodgman's political aspiration also live Opposition Leader in Opposition Leader in the Tasmanian Parliament. On a day where everyone's talking about the heat, farmers on the west slopes are dealing with the results of frost. the results of frost. Things had been looking up for grain growers, with the prospect of a half decent harvest after nine years Sims reports from near Young, looks can be receiving. Fields of gold about to be realised. To city eyes at wonder what a farmer had to To city eyes at least. You'd

complain about. Well, pick a couple of frost-affected heads. There's two. If I rub thob out, there's no grain in that at all T all just blows away. So that blisters isn't gold. In T all just blows away. So all

large part it's had a very bad frost here on 8 large part it's an illusion. We

October, and it's done enormous damage. The damage here is 80%. It's a familiar around here. Gary Shiler 80%. It's a familiar story

coat -- cutting oats not far away. His wheat also took a whack. Some areas we've had a fair frost damage. But it areas we've had a fair bit of

just the frost. The weather frost damage. But it wasn't

went from one extreme to other. We had a with a frost and the very hot other. We had a double whammy

dry finish to the season. Just about everybody would rather got grain because it's much more got grain than hay not only

profitable, because it's simpler. Hay has to be cut in spree expensive, time operations. No-one wants to hay, there is so much work in it. But hay prices are up a bit and grain prices down. like turning a breaking even suddenly looks breaking even suddenly

always appreciative of getting something. We'll get some compensation out of it. It's not all bad news. In drought talk, anything talk, anything is better than nothing. Still to come on ABC News - the Brumbies and face off in football. It was a long shot that paid off. When a in Brisbane developed a life transplant, doctors decided to threatening infection after a

try an experimental procedure. Medical explains. Brendan Parkes lucky man. During treatment he needed a bone lucky man. During cancer

marrow transplant. He developed a serious infection that his immune system was fight immune system was unable to better. I was With nothing to lose, better. I was getting sicker.

at the Queensland institute With nothing to lose, doctors

medical research took a at the Queensland institute for

approach. Some of T approach. Some of the patient's system were were exposed to was killing the patient, were exposed to the virus which

that created lots of new T cells which were injected that created lots of healthy

back into the happens once in a decade. back into the patient. This

been in this field well over years. Here you can see the been in this field well over 20

damaged lining of the bowel and the virus present in the cells. After the it's all clear. After the first couple of improvement. So treatment, we noticed a big mean, we knew. It was dramatic. need to say it's all good. I

The effect. And really quite rapid in a period of one to two months that it actually seemed to work. So it was very surprising. While it's been tried on one patient, doctors believe the have important implications for transplant recipients the world. I'm ecstatic. How happy can you be? I still have other issues kill me. Since the treatment, other issues but they won't

Brendan Parkes has made a full

recovery. conjoined One of the formerly days after marathon surgery at conjoined twins has woken two

Hospital. Doctors say Trishna Melbourne's Royal Children's

is talking and of any brain damage. They're hoping to gradually wake her twin sister Krishna twin sister Krishna tonight. Surgeons are elated brain on both girls appear normal. I think I did dance! (LAUGHTER) A very short version of it. Um ... no, I think Alistair and think Alistair and I gave each other a hug. Doctors aren't sure how long they will have to stay in hospital. They'll later undergo physical therapy undergo physical therapy to help them sit and walk. help them sit and walk. After an inauguration in inauguration in Afghanistan is finally under way. World pleaders have gathered in Kabul to observe the swearing-in of Hamid Karzai five-year term. It follows five-year term. It follows a drawn-out ballot which took 2.5 months to resolve. Security is tight around the ceremony and a holiday has been declared. Among those attending are Secretary of Among those attending are US Clinton. The British and Foreign Ministers and Pakistani President Karzai is facing President Asif Ali Zardari. international calls to reform his administration of corrupt his government and rid the

officials. Share officials. To finance now. gold hit a new record high. the Australian dollar fell Wall Street was last night after some weaker than expected economic Industrial than expected economic data. wholesale or producer Industrial production was flat,

fell .6%, housing starts fell 10% and mortgage applications fell 2.5%. Now mortgages are now back to where they were in 1997. The debt bubble in the US is well and truly over. In a generational shift is well and truly over. In fact

occurred there in Thrift is in, debt is out, even towards borrowing and saving.

though the mortgage interest rate is near all-time low. Asian patchy. The all-time low. Asian shares were

weakest of all of the Asian markets this year, rising just 7% versus 80% for since October 1, the Japanese market has fallen 5% while China is up 20% and the index sup 4%. Here's why. It's China is up 20% and the world

a graph of Japanese GDP since 1980. It hasn't grown for a graph of Japanese GDP in yen

20 years. That's quite astounding no. Economic growth in Japan for two decades! Combined with the rapid Combined with the rapid ageing of the population, that's the government is essentially bankrupt, and asset others in Asia are rising. there are falling while all

Australian others in Asia are rising. The sideways today, up just Australian market traded

rose. AMP and AXA, predator and prey continue to go up. went up another 5% on rumours prey continue to go up. IAG

of a bid from sitting above 1140 US an having hit a peak of 1152 sitting above 1140 US an ounce,

night and the having hit a peak of 1152 last

eased against the US dollar as well as the euro and the yen.

And that's finance. The director of the National Gallery of Australia has been honoured by to the arts. Ron Government for his contribution

D'Orsay Delettre, contributing to D'Orsay Delettre, bestowed for contributing to the enrichment of French culture. Several Australians lay claim to the honour, including Kylie knowing and Peter Garrett. knowing and Peter Garrett. Ron Radford is a very respected person on the stage. Very respected. Not only professional, but as personality having an knowledge of the art. knowledge of the art. The honour comes just weeks bf the Canberra opening of Canberra opening of a major exhibition of works from the Musee D'Orsay in Paris. Both countries hope the show will strengthen ties. It's my great pleasure and privilege to pleasure and privilege to help make French art make French art and culture more accessible to a number of Australians. Mr Radford has been force behind several Australian exhibitions with a French flavour, and says he's flavour, and says he's touched by the recognition by the recognition from France. Australia's teams for next week's opening Test against the West Indies will be identical to the side which lost the ooh at its last outing. In the only change, New South Wales paceman Doug Bollinger comes into the XII Bollinger comes into the XII at the expense of Blues team-mate Stuart Clark after bowling impressively subcontinent. The men who lost the Ashes might get the inside running the inside running over Stuart Clark and may have saved the scalp of Mike Hussey scalp of Mike Hussey but the selection chairman contradicted himself when explaining those decisions. On Bolger ... It's decisions. On Bolger ... It's a different form of the game. But on Hussey. Form But on Hussey. Form in any form of cricket is still form. Obviously the assessment is he is in is in very good nick. If Phillip Hughes is half of the long-term opening may neared either Watson or Katich to fail before Katich to fail before getting another chance. I do feel we were looking to be were looking to be fair for a bit more form in Shield bit more form in Shield cricket before he came back into before he came back into the Test side. Seven of Test side. Seven of Australia's 12 haven't played a first-class game in three months but opposition may be easy pickings. A nightmare start pickings. A nightmare start to the West Indies tour continued at Allan Border Field. Open er Nick Kruger scored 172 as Queensland piled on the runs. A refereeing France a spot at next year's World Cup and left World Cup and left Ireland fuming. On the the final day of qualifying, the Irish had levelled the tie through Robbie Keane's Keane's first-half strike but Ireland missed several chances before referee Martin Hansson missed Thierry Henry's double handball which led to the extra-time match winner. The 1998 champions booked their ticket to South Ireland was devastate t. Its fans around the world fans around the world were irate. That's cheating! Former Socceroos coach Guus time since 1994. team lost to Slovenia on the away-goals rule. Greece secured its berth with its berth with a 1-0 victory over Ukraine. Defeated by Australia four years Uruguay qualified this time by beating Costa Rica 2-1 on aggregate. Reigning Formula One world champion Jenson has left the Brawn team to join McLaren for a new challenge. In the first dual the first dual champion act since Prost, Button will complete along 2007 title holder along 2007 title holder and fellow British fellow British driver Lewis Hamilton amid some skepticism. Coming in skepticism. Coming in to find that new culture is a challenge for Jenson which is not the easiest one particularly as a reigning world champion. It reigning world champion. It was McLaren or nothing for potential Raikkonen who will take Raikkonen who will take a year off. The Raiders can call themselves Canberra's top team after beating the Brumbies in a friendly touch friendly touch football match. In the heat of the day, the two teams clashed to raise awareness of violence against women. The Raiders were on the front front foot right from the start and went on to win 5-1. It a bit of fun. They took it built easy on us many! built easy on us many! It's good. It'd be good if we got back together and back together and trained with each other. I reckon it each other. I reckon it would help both teams out. It was a bit too hot for the boys. A bit tired. No excuse. tired. No excuse. The Raiders were good. They claim were good. They claim it's not an excuse but the Brumbies were without several key players due to international Australia Post is about to part company with some. More company with some. More unusual items that never made it to More than 4,000 items will go under the hammer in Melbourne on Sunday. They include a chainsaw, iPods, bottles of wine bottles of wine and even six wedding dresses made for who either changed who either changed their address, address, changed their mind, or both. Thousands of items go both. Thousands of items go to Australia Post's centre every day. If home can't be find, held for 12 months before being auctioned off. The money raised will go to cancer will go to cancer research. Two Aboriginal teenagers from the Alice Springs area Alice Springs area have beaten a field of leading Australian actors to take top acting honours at this year's IF Awards. With Awards. With no training, Rowan McNamara and Marissa Gibson Delilah'. A low-budget film which has become an international phenomenon. The film dominated the inside film award carrying off most of the major major prizes. From the impoverished community in the central des torte the red carpet in That's the That's the remarkable journey 15-year-old Rowan on and loving it. (Laughs) snatched the best actor award from Anthony Lapaglia weaving. Thank you, weaving. Thank you, everyone. His co-star Marissa Gibson His co-star Marissa Gibson won the best actress award but was home studying in Alice Springs. She too was part of the same journey that could take the journey that could take the two as far as Hollywood where the film has been entered for an Oscar. The Inside Film Awards are voted for by the public. Nearly 200,000 film goers cast their votes this year. That's in contrast to in contrast to the AFI Award s that are of the industry. The 'Samson and Delilah' team cleaned up at the IF Awards and is favoured to do so at the AFIs next month. Film heavyweights are currently debating funding and the importance of success. Australians films are cultural maintenance. They shouldn't be about box office. If we all made Terminator 3 Transformers we wouldn't Transformers we wouldn't have an industry. Baz Luhrmann the maker of this maker of this year's box office blitzer 'Australia' agrees. We have of. Let's not get too of. Let's not get too divisive about it. He about it. He has honoured with a living lijened award and said it's vital that small films continued to be films continued to be funded. Now with a look at today's weather, here's Mark Carmody. Thanks, Virginia. Carmody. Thanks, Virginia. Good evening. outside today! At 8 this morning, I was planting a box hedge with my mate Di and it was 20 degrees. At smoko at 10, Di was really cracking the and had me trimming a and had me trimming a lunar hedge it was 34, and I had a it was 34, and I had a thirst you could photograph you could photograph so we downed tools and called for drinks. Around that time the north-westerlies started pick up, bringing in light dust. And at 3.30, it was blowing at 30 kilometres per hour and the temperature was around our 38.2. .7 below the November

record. Most of Australia is cloud, except cloud, except for some that's associated with a associated with a change that's moving through WA and about to enter South Australia. Hot brought down to our region by a high in the Tasman, high in the Tasman, a weak change in WA will change in WA will temporarily push it back late in the weekend. There today and there's only a slim chance of chance of some tomorrow. Chances increase over the weekend as the change approaches. In Virginia, I'm in the Virginia, I'm in the garden again tomorrow but I'm not working with my mate. I'm fixing an irrigation fixing an irrigation system, and the flower? Dyanthus, of course! Thanks, Mark. Thanks for that blow by blow description of your day! interesting ! Before we go, a brief recap Soaring temp you tours across the country have fire authorities on high alert. New South Wales has been warned to get ready for catastrophic fire conditions tomorrow, and there are bushfire emergencies in South Australia South Australia and Victoria. And that's ABC And that's ABC News. Stay with us now for the 7.30 Report coming up next. And you coming up next. And you can find the latest find the latest headlines 24 hours a day at ABC will be back with update at 8.30. Until update at 8.30. Until then, goodnight. Closed Captions by CSI This Program is Live Captioned.

Welcome to the program. Welcome to the program. The

Rudd Government's promise of a

root and branch reform.

Nation's health system is

finally starting to take shape.

The country's first two super

GP clinics have opened their

doors, by next year nurse

practitioners will be

recognised under Medicare to

treat patients in their own

right. It's the first small

step in some profound step in some profound changes

to the way primary health care

will be delivered this

Australia, with doctors working

alongside nurse insist ta team

medicine approach ultimately impacting significantly on the

old style family GP practice as

we know it. Deborah Cornwall

reports. My name is Leah, I'm

the nurse practitioner on duty