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remaining asylum seekers finally change as the capital goes live. Mission - Kurt Fearnley finishes his epic crawl. And the lure Lauren Jackson back to epic crawl. And the big push to

Canberra. Good evening welcome to ABC News. Virginia welcome to ABC News. I'm saga is finally over. The month-long 'Oceanic Viking'

remaining 56 Sri seekers on board have nearly finished disembarking. being transferred to finished disembarking. They're

Pinang to join the 22 who left Indonesian last Friday. From there, Thompson reports. An end at Indonesian correspondent Geoff last, month-longstand-off here in Tanjung Pinang. disembarked the 'Oceanic Tanjung Pinang. Those who have

here at this Australian-funded Viking' today are expected

detention centre. The first people off the boat seemed happy enough, waving to the cameras as they transferred to waiting the cameras as they were

ferries which transferred to waiting white was a much quicker process than back here to Bintan Island. It back here to Bintan

last Friday when some of the asylum seekers changed their the process of health and mind at the last minute. Today identity checks over in little more than hour. Once they joined the 22 Sri Lankans already inside this centre, they can expect daily contacts from Australian representatives. This 4-week saga has also been a lesson to the Australian saga has also been a valuable

Government that if you ship asylum seekers on an Australian you cannot dictate the terms of ship into Indonesian waters,

their removal or significant leverage to those their removal or avoid granting on board who are determined to go to Australia. The Government is getting its boat back, the entire episode has left a is getting its boat back, but

its wake. The Opposition has fast-tracking asylum accused the Government of but Kevin Rudd says fast-tracking asylum seekers,

Government is giving everyone who comes off extraordinary treatment to

'Oceanic everyone who comes off the political correspondent Mark Simkin. We don't have that story just yet. We will return a little later. It's the launch. The Prime hopes will herald the winds change. The $400 million hopes will herald the winds of

capital wind farm near Bungendore is New South largest renewable power plant, Bungendore is New South Wales'

but there investment in future clean unless the Government's energy projects will stall

framework for will change. Was a whisper of wind will change. Was a barely

Minister arrived. These 67 whisper of wind when the Prime

turbines on the edge of Lake George can generate enough to power 60,000 homes This is the single biggest shot in the arm for the renewable sector in New South Wales history. One-third energy has already been sold to offset the emissions from the New South plant, preventing 10 million New South Wales desalination

tonnes of carbon dioxide going into the atmosphere over the next 25 years. The Federal Government's renew target, achieving 20% Government's renew able energy

Australia's energy needs by 2020, and the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme which sets a price on carbon, to drive further price on carbon, are intended

renewables, such as wind farms. The RET, after 12 years of inaction by the previous government has only just been introduced. We are embracing a whole 2020. We will only have whole generational change after

Australia's emissions start to fall if we Pollution Reduction Scheme in this fortnight of the #350r89. But at least one energy expert doubts the Government's current approach will do reduce carbon. We are seeing other manufacturers in wind tower manufacturers and

Australia of wind turbine components about to lay hundreds of workers. They - components about to lay off

wind power is on the point collapse. The credits given to wind power is on the point of homes with solar power outweigh the energy they homes with solar power far

produce, skewing the market for large generators. The will have no large generators. The target

large-scale renewable energy will have no space for

like large-scale wind power. There are days left for the Parliament to power. There are six sitting

Reduction Scheme. Australia is pass the Carbon Pollution

a world leader, but nothing to be proud of. latest audit of the planet's nothing to be proud of. The

emissions shows Australia pollution levels the highest per capita

developed pollution levels of any emissions are continuing to developed nation, and global

rise with scientists are on a track to deliver rise with scientists warning we

worst-case scenario. Here Clarke. As the global meltdown set in, many had hoped Clarke. As the global economic

it would translate to cleaner air as economies ground it would translate to much

to a halt. But the latest audit of the planet's emissions shows carbon dioxide from human rise. Emissions activities continues to by about 2% during 2008. rise. Emissions have increased

a little bit less than through by about 2% during 2008. That's

the previous 7 or 8 years they the previous 7 or 8 years where over they had been increasing at much according to these scientists and the annual audit, known as the global carbon project has found that any lull in CO2 levels may short-lived. By 2011 emissions any lull in CO2 levels may be

will have recovered something like 3% per roughly what they were before the financial crisis began. The continuing rise in carbon dioxide is because of increasing use of coal increasing use of coal to produce electricity in developing developing countries. China and India have almost doubled their emissions since 1990. emissions since 1990. But Australia didn't come out clean either. In 2008, emissions here were just under 2% and on a per capita scale, that places Australia ahead developed nations, including the United States. The world's leading scientific panel warns close to the worst-case scenario. We're looking toward say at the end of this century being at a global average warming of up to 7 degrees Celsius if this goes on Celsius if this goes on for many more decades, and many more decades, and that level of climate change is, in some sense, unthinkable. But according to this report, according to this report, one that may be inevitable curbed. And now returning to the political 'Oceanic Viking'. Opposition has accused the Government of fast-tracking asylum seekers, but Kevin Rudd says the says the Government is giving non- extraordinary non- extraordinary treatment to everyone who comes off ship. Here is chief political correspondent Mark Simkin. Like the windmills the Prime Minister toured this Minister toured this morning the 'Oceanic Viking' debate the 'Oceanic Viking' debate is generating around in circles. Will the Prime Minister finally stop treating the Australian public like mugs and admit that he used a used a special deal to entice the asylum seekers 'Oceanic Viking'? If he has something further to add, stand to his feet and provide that evidence now. Just once, will the Prime Minister stand there, look the Australian people question? The Government promised to resettle the Sri Lankans within 12 weeks if they're found to be refugees. The Opposition has an expression for the Prime Minister to his new fast-track access policy fast-track access policy for asylum seekers. While the Prime Minister has his own formulation Non- extraordinary nature of the procedures which apply here. In normal words, no special special deal. These individuals on these vessels will not processed in Australia. They will be processed in despite their demands. rejected those demands processed in Indonesia they will be. If it's not will be. If it's not a special deal, it's certainly an unusual one. Last year 35 asylum seekers were resettled in Australia from Indonesia. The ABC has been told most of had waited more than five years, 20 times longer than any of the Sri Lankans will need to wait. Has the Prime sought advice on how many extra boat arrivals will boat arrivals will result from this very public weakening Australia's border Australia's border protection policies They have been all fear and no solutions fear and no solutions and furthermore here we furthermore here we are in this week week of a critical debate on on climate change. Those questions will questions will come around next week when the Senate is to on the ETS. Shockingal week when the Senate is to vote

of child abuse, extortion kidnapping have been of child abuse, extortion and

the Church of kidnapping have been leveled at Xenophon has used Parliament accuse Xenophon has used Parliament to criminal organisation, not a accuse Scientology of being a

religion. Federal Parliament may launch an inquiry, but the Church has vowed to rebut every claim made against it. It's religion of choice for some Hollywood's biggest religion of choice for some of

a high-profile senator believes the glitz hides Scientology's sinister truth. Scientology is not a religious it is not a religious organisation, that hides behind its it is a criminal organisation

religious beliefs. Nick that hides behind its so-called

Xenophon has used parliamentary privilege to lay bare tales of abuse activity from former adhere rents. Al gayses false imprisonment, abortions, embezzlement of church funds, of physical violence and statements of alleged of child sexual statements of alleged cover-ups

torture. One man admits to of child sexual abuse and

lying about his own child's deaths to protect the Church. Scientology calls the claims "hate speech" The ones I've heard, I don't think they're true, I think outrageous. The Church might soon have a chance to itself soon have a chance to explain Xenophon is urging his colleagues to back a Senate inquiry to unmask and whether it should maintain religion Many people of those about Scientology. I share some

definitely happy to we're very open. Back in with any authority. We feel

a Victorian Scientology a gigantic a Victorian inquiry labelled

it was evil, its swindle. Scientology, it said,

seeville, its practice it was evil, its techniques

serious threat to the community. Four decades on, there is still confusion Some bloke who arrived in a space ship and something about ship and something about Johnny Travolta and Tom Cruise and jumping on couches and sort of rubbish. It is against the law! Church and Kambah woman brought sex workers to work to Kambah woman who allegedly

exploitative conditions Australia has been exploitative conditions in

bail. Watcharaporn Nantahkhum - Australia has been granted

55-year-old Dick Dick Dick. Democracy - Roddicking from West Preston in also been charged. It is West Preston in Victoria has

alleged he aided the accused of operating a brothel in two units out of Braddon. The terminally ill and has pleaded The court was told Dick is

not charges. Investigators have not guilty to all ruled out any links between incident on a Qantas jet last year and the crash France Airbus over the year and the crash of an Air

transport Atlantic. The Australian although the planes were similar, the instruments involved were different involved were different models from from different manufacturers, but investigators still don't know what caused the Qantas Airbus to pitch downwards twice during a flight and Perth. Tests have during a flight from Singapore

flying the plane over a and Perth. Tests have included

station in flying the plane over a radio

test for cosmic wave interference. The station transmitting and there were no anomalous effects so happened here. A final report will be delivered next year. The champion wheelchair athlete Kurt Fearnley has conquered the Kokoda Track. He crawled into the southern end of the track this admitting it's the toughest thing he has ever done. correspondent Liam Fox thing he has ever done. PNG

on an epic feat and determination. Thousands Australians walk the Kokoda Track every year. None have Fearnley. Not quite as chipper experienced it as Kurt as what I ago. After 11 brutal days and 96km he crawled up 96km he crawled up the last steep hill into Owers Corner . This was hard. . This was hard. Every day I was more exhausted than was more exhausted than what I've ever been before in my life. Born without the lower part of his spine, the 28-year-old spent much of the trek on his hands and using padded gloves to trek on his hands and knees,

superhero himself along. To use the word going too superhero or superhuman is not Fearnley. I couldn't going too far with Kurt

seeing anybody do what Fearnley. I couldn't fathom

did. There were times when the brothers, cousins and mates accompanied him feared he brothers, cousins and mates who wouldn't be able night as he was coming into wouldn't be able to go on. At

camp, I looked at him and he was shaking and sweating brought tears to my eyes a few times. But he made it was time for celebrations. times. But he made it and there There was a his parents who travelled from car oh ah in Wales to witness the inspirational feat. Fearnley took the track less than a week after winning the New York Marathon. He says his he can get back to his he can get back to his local beach in Newcastle. Still come on ABC News, the man beach in Newcastle. Still to

popped out for a newspaper and ended up 600km benefits of ended up 600km away. The The

cancer screening for women under the age of 50 have dealt another Government taskforce in the United The report comes at a time when best age to start screening. best age to start

Australian health authorities are considering restrict mammograms to those are considering whether to

who will get the benefit. When it comes to who will get the most

finding cancer, has been the message. change in your breasts, see your doctor. For years in Australia, women have been told to regularly check breasts for changes. Now a US says self-exams are time. The same panel says time. The same panel says women should start mammograms at not 40 as previously advised. The guideline are being changed because being changed because we have new studies, because we new studies, because we have new ways of looking at those studies. In can have mammograms once studies. In Australia, women

turn 40, though not recommended until the aim of 50. The change to the US policy is really in line with the majority of evidence from line with the majority of the

studies, and in line evidence from international

Australian screening studies, and in line with the

the United States, many patients and doctors are angry and say they will reject the new guidelines of the I would much rather pick up much rather pick up these cancers when they're smaller, more easily detected and more easily treated. But other American doctors until 50 to start mammograms means fewer means fewer unnecessary tests on well breast screening has breast screening has been the subject Australia. A recent review recommended that screening no longer accept women under the age of 45 or care about them. excludeing this group because actually they're actually they're special and they shouldn't be just lumped in with in with the population screening group. The Federal Government says it's considering the recommendations of the review, but that decision to limit mammograms has been made. The man thought to be responsible for to be responsible for the collapse of Rich, has been cleared. An 8-year legal battle in the New South Wales Supreme Court ended in failure for the in failure for the corporate regulator. The major blow to ASIC and major blow to ASIC and has left it with a massive it with a massive legal bill. The high-flying life is a distant memory for One.Tel founder Jodee Rich company's collapse 8 years ago. There is a part of me really really looking forward to getting the this. Justice Robert Austin delivered a breathtaking line to a 3,000-page judgment. He

ruled. The corporate regulator alleged One.Tel directors Jodee Rich and then Rich and then finance director Mark Silberman misled on the company's financial position shortly collapse in 2001. ASIC sought to ban the former directors and $92 million in compensation. The judge also took the might have survived if the board had not abandoned a $1 32 million rights issue. I'm so happy with happy with the result and I feel that it will give the One.Tel creditors the facts the data that they need now to see closure on this matter as well. The court ordered ASIC to pay all costs, pay all costs, leaving the regulator with a potential bill of tens of millions of dollars. Jodee Rich claimed his costs alone with $15 alone with $15 million. It's not a not a good look for ASIC. After 8 years 8 years and $20 million invested in this case, they People will be People will be asking what do you have to do be found guilty of misconduct? The ASIC misconduct? The ASIC chairman said: The regulator says it considering an appeal. To finance now an dollar fell sharply today as slow wages growth reduced odds of another rate rise odds of another rate rise next month, but as Alan month, but as Alan Kohler reports, most economists still The only people getting decent pay rise at the moment are public folk, entirely deserved of course. Over all wages for the quarter was 0.7%. Look at and private sector wages this year. The decline in overall wage growth means less inflation and less chance of a month although the month although the consensus among the boffins seems we will still dollar fell bow low 93 Cetaceans today of the dollar was currencies and on the Trade-Weighted Index: has been soaring lately, platinum has been soaring even more thanks to a big increase in in demand for platinum jewellery in India, the price is up 56% this year which exactly twice the 28% exactly twice the 28% increase recorded by gold. There wasn't a lot of movement among other commodities today. commodities today. Oil was up 0.3% and wheat 0.5%. US shares went up a bit last night Australian shares did went up a bit last night and

same today. There was talk Australian shares did much the

might make another bid for wry

al AM - IA ga.. The bid for AXA and Cabcharge continues around AMP's plan to

shareholders today that times bid for AXA and Cabcharge told

are tough and the shares fell 1.7%. That's 1.7%. That's finance. She is one of Canberra's wheels are in motion to bring golden girl rs and now the

Lauren Jackson home. The Government has to help lure the former Capital Government has pledged $50,000

star back to the capital. all goes to plan, Jackson could be back on the court as soon as next month. It's not a but it's a start. Since next month. It's not a signing

owner of lak. Jackson's current but it's a start. Since the

club in Moscow was murdered earlier this month, her playing has been on hold. If she can get out of the Russian contract, Jackson has said returning to the capital is a possibility. If contract changes, then the will be right. If Jackson is is released she will be sought after so the Capitals released she will be highly

are calling on big business to get behind their bid the get behind their bid to raise fts Obviously a the $220,000 salary

Russia that has to be sorted through. We have to get money together so we can ahead if she becomes a free money together so we can go

eight. There is more good news for sport announcement the have a team in the revamped announcement the capital will

Australian Baseball League November Australian Baseball League from will be the 6th in the competition with Sydney, and Perth. Finally come and Perth. Finally the day has team. America's come we will be the sixth is a big backer of competition and will pathways for Australian players competition and will provide

to to play overseas. Australia has a long and the competition here on and the competition here on the ground actually is already at a very, very good level. one of the reasons very, very good level. That's

league baseball decided this one of the reasons why major

was an area we wanted to invest in. The contributed $1 million to revamp the ballpark ahead the competition. The West revamp the ballpark ahead of Indian captain Chris Gayle is in doubt for next Test after returning to Jamaica in doubt for next week's First

to be with his sick mother. opening batsman had been due to be with his sick mother. The

play in the four-day game against started in Brisbane today. The tourists were dismissed for 2 71. Here is Wilkins. Already short on match 71. Here is Peter

practice, the face the possibility of taking on Australia without their captain. Chris Gayle left Brisbane this shades of the 19 80s as Brisbane this afternoon. It was

Alistair McDermott, looking very much like his father, Craig, took Queensland against the and took a wicket in his second over. Free of the big guns had some quality at the crease. Waa Ramnaresh Sarwan hit twelve 4s in nidgess of 7 hit 49 off 5 3 and Shivnarine nidgess of 7 3. Dwayne Bravo

Chanderpaul made 41. Looking to prove he is over a back injury, Australian vice-captain Michael Clarke made 106 for New South Wales in its Sheffield Shield game against Tasmania Sydney. Australian Cycling says game against Tasmania in

it has emerged from the shadow of Great Britain and charging towards London of Great Britain and is

renewed confidence. There will be a chance to current performance levels at a be a chance to demonstrate

meet in Melbourne which tomorrow We have meet in Melbourne which starts and great athletes and people themselves over the next three years. Cycling escaped the critical eye of the report but funding if the still requires substantial

narrowed between Australia and funding if the gap is to be Great Britain, that must be business to do in London. We have a lot of business to to the Poms in the Olympic Games in we do need the funding to we do need the funding to get us yet to fully simulate the us there. Cycling Australia has

report but needs to belt by more specific focus specific events U- we have to ensure we get maximum return out of what are. 200 cyclists from 4 3 nations will compete Melbourne. A story now for all nations will compete in

of us who have taken a wrong turn at some point in our lives. An 81-year-old Yass man, who admits he enjoys driving, wound up on the outskirts of Melbourne on Monday after getting lost Highway. As Sarah Farnsworth report, his quiet morning turned into a marathon road report, his quiet morning drive

trip. There were smiles around as Mrs Steward met the man who found her husband I want to give you a hug. On Monday morning, Eric Steward who suffers from dementia went out to get the morning 600km later 600km later he pulled up-a-service station at Avalon. I went out on the road to have a nice, peaceful quiet drive. When I nearly ran out of petrol, I the wrong way. His eventually reported him the wrong way. His wife

missing. I said, "Are any signs around?" "Westgate Bridge." 24 years in any signs around?" He said,

job, the most unusual job I've at the outcome. Mr Steward had to do and I'm very pleadsed

isn't keen to install a GPS No, why would you want one of those? You can't get lost. It might be an idea as they got a little lost this morning. I think we did go way down Flinders Street, a look at today's weather, here driving home tonight. Now with

is Mark Virginia and good evening. November's arrange top temperature and today the airport reached temperature for Canberra is 22

31, 9 above Looking back over the months far, only been two days Looking back over the months so

to or less than 22. the top temperature was equal

forecast maximums to or less than 22. The week are all in the high 20s, early 30s, November is shaping up to be record hot month. Apart from that, today was cooler expected 33 due to the of cloud that didn't completely clear until mid-afternoon. The prior to lunch and north-westerly arrived just

all day. Still light at The temperature is 25 and the relative relative humidity is 30%.

Around our region today: Cloud crossing WA get a few spots, but that's it eventually get here. We might

but temperatures. A trough and a but it could reduce the top

front approaching give us some showers and Saturday afternoons. and Saturday afternoons. That will please the lady in the deli who asked if I deli who asked if I could organise 20mm for her vegie garden, but I don't think will get 20. Around Australia

tomorrow: A total fire ban for the ACT and surrounding districts from midnight has been issued. 15 to 37. Then hot again on Friday with possible late showers the same for Saturday and Sunday. So, Virginia, my deli lady my deli lady friend's vegie garden will get the fingers crossed, but this will shine whether it does or not. Thanks, Mark. I'm beginning to think you have lady friends all over town! The remaining 56 Sri Lankan asylum seekers on Customs ship, the 'Oceanic Viking' have almost finished disembarking. They've disembarking. They've been transferred centre in Indonesia. And Kambah woman who allegedly trafficked sex Australia to work in has been granted bail. Watcharaporn Nantahkhum is facing several charges including possessing a slave and operating '7:30 Report' is coming up next and you can find headlines 24 hours a John line. I will be back at 8:30 with

then, goodnight. Closed Captions by CSI. This Program is Captioned


Welcome to the program. In a

ferocious assault made late at

night and under parliamentary privilege, Independent Senator

Nick Xenophon has taken aim at

the Church of Scientology,

claiming it's a criminal

organisation that covers up

abuse. He wants an

investigation into what whether

it should lose the tax

exemptions it's enjoyed as a

religious organisation. And the

Prime Minister says he's also

boarded by Scientology, but

won't rush to judgment. But his

seeming patience on another

front was rewarded today when

the remaining 56 asylum seekers

originally from Sri Lanka

finally left the 'Oceanic

Viking'. But the month-long

stand-off in Indonesian waters

has tested relations with Australia's northern neighbour,

and exposed the first real

chink in Kevin Rudd's political

armour. Political editor, Chris