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Tonight, a judicial the ACT's Chief Magistrate, inquiry into the conduct of

Ron Cahill, amounts in the double murder that how the dominos tumbled when shocked Sydney. Remembering

the wall fell. And the grave plight of an Australian favourite. Good evening and welcome to ABC News. I'm Virginia Haussegger - he due to retire next month today the ACT's Chief Magistrate, Ron Cahill, was forced to leave the Government excused him duty pending a Government excused him from

inquiry into his conduct. The material unprecedented move relates to

reflected the enormity Attorney-General's face

today's decision This is a very sad turn of event. Our Chief Magistrate is well-known and well-regarded by many community. Minutes by many people in the Simon Corbell had commission would investigate the Assembly a judicial

the actions of Chief revealed his Magistrate, Ron Cahill. He followed a complaint from revealed his decision

of Mr Cahill's followed a complaint from two

eedge also Magistrates of Mr Cahill's Collingwood

Burn and carrier Freier. The complaint involved information provided to the office The alleged behaviour could amount to the attempt to influence a conduct of a proceedinging. Mr C orbell a public figure told the complaint relates to

professionally and socially to the magistrate. While any current charge are being investigated by Australian Federal Police I'm investigated by the still bound to acknowledge the gravity of the behaviour. The commission the gravity of the alleged

will be conducted by retired New South Wales judges James Wood and Cheryl Cripps Mulligan. The Assembly can remove him. When we do this we have to have good reason because it is a most serious matter. You cannot remove a judicial officer or Magistrate without serious cause. Ron Cahill could not be contacted today lawyer says to being exonerated. The lawyer says he looks forward

statement says material was sent the visiting magistrate to help him understand the issues in the case and for other purpose. searching for the brother of a woman who was murdered in Sydney notice along with her father. 40-year-old Anthony Waterflow is wanted for questioning over the murder of his and father. Waterlow and 68-year-old art gallery Waterlow gallery director Nick death in the family home. house at the time and one of Three children were in the

them a 2-year-old girl stabbed in the neck. She is them a 2-year-old girl was

out of danger after having surgery overnight. This is the man police want to talk to in relation the Sydney's east. night's double murder in will not name him the ABC can confirm he is Anthony Watrlow the older brother an son of those seen walking from the home in fitting this description was fitting this

a southerly direction towards the Duke of Gloucester hotel. Police were called to the house in Randwick at 6 last night. Inside were the Waterlow and her 68-year-old bodies of 37-year-old Chloe

father Nick Waterlow. Both victims appear to have died of serious stab wounds. Chloe Waterlow's husband business. The Houston was in London on Houston was in London

time. The 4-month-old baby boy and 4-year-old boy unharmed. Their 2-year-old sister was rushed to with a neck wound. She is safe and well and not in a serious condition treated in serious condition and being

today coming to terms hospital. Neighbours were

the tragedy on their today coming to terms with

doorstep. It is quite shocking. Um, it sad these poor little children have lots their and grandfather. Chloe children have lots their mum

Waterlow had worked in publicity at the ABC. she was remembered publicity at the ABC. Today

friend and she was remembered as a

She was warm, I would say friend and valued colleague.

warm, um, great sense of really calm, you know, a humour, nice to be around,

really calming influence in the workplace. Her father Nick Waterlow was a well-known director who was a key figure behind Rflts this behind the Sydney gallery

ramifications in terms of a loss great loss of this great mind, this world. The great gallery director to the is expected to world. The children's father

tonight. A self-styled is expected to return home

Muslim cleric accused sending hate mail says he Muslim cleric accused of

Monis been misinterpreted. Man Haron allegedly sent letters the families of Australian soldiers killed vowed the fight the charge Afghanistan. In court he Afghanistan. In court

and late today remained changed to protested. Sheik Haron is changed to the steps in

charged with using the service to menace, harass charged with using the postal

cause offence but brief court appearance he insisted he was only interested in peace. This pen is my gun. words are my bullets. I will pen is my gun. And these

fight with these weapons. Against oppression. promote peace. Man Monis is not recognised by the majority of Islamic scholars but a majority of Australia's

supporter was seen handing out leaflets in his defence. The 45-year-old is accused of sending let dors the families of 7 Australian killed in Afghanistan grieving over their grieving over their loss. Earlier lawyer Earlier lawyer Chris Murphy told were not threatening and the sheikh was an open preaches peace A bit hysterical the prosecution but court will find the true criticised Australia's involvement in the wars Iraq and Afghanistan which said could not be justified. We We should care about Australia's Australia's interests not America's interests, we are Australian. He says Australian. He says he offered his sympathies families and asked if they needed any help. So some people may have misinterpreted some parts of the the letters. Following his arrested by Federal Police last month access to Sheik Haron's web site was blocked. He faces a maximum two years in prison if convicted. Sheik Haron's bail conditions were eased so he must now only report to police once a week. He later chained outside the court outside the court and appeared to be settling in for protest. A North Korea patrol boat has patrol boat has been damaged in a clash with a South Korea warship. The two fire but there were reported casualties. The brief firefight happened in the Yallow see a kilometre inside waters claimed by soul. It comes shortly soul. It comes shortly before this week's visit the this week's visit the Asia but US President Barack Obama. North Korea has demanded an apology for what it calls a There has been rain in but it has not but it has not dampened spirits. Tens of thousands of people have people have been celebrating 20 years of freedom since the toppling of the Berlin toppling of the Berlin Wall. World leaders also joined World leaders also joined the party. From Berlin the party. From Berlin the ABC's Scott Bevan. It is much history repeating much history repeating but being recalled as a wall in Berlin tumbles once more. And just as that moment 20 years ago provoked jubilation so did the so did the toppling of 1000 dominos through the heart dominos through the heart of Berlin reminding how change swept through the city and far beyond. When the wall came down we were very and I got a u and I got a u new impression of how people must have of how people must have felt at that time. After divideing Berlin for the best part of 30 years the opening of the wall was an historic turning point for so many lives The greatest moment for the people and for me. You for down the wall that for a third of third of a century had imprisoned half a city, imprisoned half a city, half a country, half a continent and half the world. and half the world. To commemorate commemorate the 20th anniversary of the fall of the wall the wall Berlin has staged a festival of freedom. While the weather may have been miserable this was a city joy. Could not ruin our mood. As the rain poured did the crowds into did the crowds into the heart of the German capital. The commemorations had begun earlier in the day. German Chancellor Angela Merkel walk would the last Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev Mikhail Gorbachev across the bridge that was the border crossing to open. The pair following in the footsteps of the thousands footsteps of the thousands of East Germans who made the short but significant journey over the river that night to be greeted by West Berlin people. walked over the bridge said "Boy we are can all be one again" and everybody was happy, crying and dancing. Among the crowd on the bridge was Matthew McGrath an Australian who McGrath an Australian who has lived in Berlin since 1987 and experienced the coming down. As coming down. As it all unravelled unravelled 20 years ago people I people I think were amazed that it was such a peaceful revolution and I guess today is about celebrating how peaceful it peaceful it was. Many attending say what attending say what has brought them out in this weather is not only a desire to remember the event ever 19 8th ever 9 but to celebrate how far Berlin has coming in the last 20 years. While the finale of the tumbling barriers brought cheers, for many in the crowd no celebration could beat the original Lovely, we enjoyed it. The first one was better! The real one. the Berlin anniversary to Israeli-built security barrier Vaughaning Bank. A section of the wall outside a local village was targeted in the symbolic demonstration. view the 600-kilometre view the 600-kilometre long structure built to counter a wave of suicide bombings land grab. Israel says land grab. Israel says it is vital for security.. we do not want the wall here and we start here in Palestine to destroy the wall between us and and our land and we want to go to Jerusalem, Al Pasa and the Holy Land. Tear gas was used when used when troops ended the protest. The of indigenous of indigenous health reveals a dire picture. Aboriginal men are more likely to smoke, health problems and drink and suffer chronic dying on average more than a decade than other Australians. The well documented but the first look at how Aboriginal men and boys are the first look at how well faring and the news is good. What we have found is faring and the news is not

that at all ages the rate of disease and death from disease is higher for Indigenous men and boys not but also compared to Indigenous women and girls. A report Medical Association found A report from the Australian

more Indigenous boys die babies than girls. A boy born more Indigenous boys die as

in 2005 is likely to live only until their late only until their late '60s, six years less than Indigenous girl. and stroke remains the leading cause of death most of it is What this data particularly tells tells us that is health disparities across the whole of life for Indigenous men are excessive burdens of ill health and childhood across life for profound impacts from

Indigenous men. Half of all Indigenous men smoke, that to the they are times higher population. Smoking very big killer in Aboriginal community. One in give Aboriginal people they smoke. The recent focus Aboriginal people die because

on Indigenous health boost in funding has had a on Indigenous health and a

positive effect with the a slight drop in overall death rates but today's report shows much more needs to be done. The reason we have been successful in the past done. The reason we have not

have not been encouraged to take ownership of the design, development and programs and initiatives that can assist in overcoming of those terrible statistics. The Australian Medical Association better education and easier access to doctors will help to close the gap. Jon Stanhope is Stanhope is optimistic about the ACT's latest attempt to further Liberal thries law on gay and lesbian partnerships. Tomorrow Tomorrow the legislative Assembly will pass a Greens bill giving same-sex cup bill giving same-sex cup also has been right to a legal ceremony. It

Commonwealth twice before but has been blocked by the

time he has heard the Chief Minister says this

from his counterparts. I am that this time counterparts. I am hopeful

Commonwealth will simply let this through, will respect our constitutional and legislate Democratic rights to

will have six months to community. The Commonwealth community. The legislate for this


It is Australia's de facto override the ACT legislation.

ambassador to the world. The conservationists say koala is in real trouble with numbers crashing to as few Federal Government says 43,000 in the wild. The considering upgrading protection but critics may be too late. Alongside the kangaroo the koala is considered a unique symbol of Australia well-known that numbers in the wild are down the national the wild are down the latest as 43,000 and no more than 80,000 and I believe it is attempts in the past to the lower order. But three

nominate the species as vulnerable or says there is no excuse not failed. The Koala Foundations

to give it protection. I do not believe to give it Commonwealth

our governments protect koalas at a Government Government and Federal them. Today 20 of the koala scientists met the them. Today 20 of the top

assess the latest figures. The Environment Minister act on their advice I will get advice in get advice in next year's period of time and we period of time and we will make a decision then. That is too too long to wait according to the foundation. How can we take Peter Garrett if he waits until 2010 before he decides. He is behind a bulldozer ever process. The Commonwealth acts acts protects species at-risk. For the koala is good at-risk. For the koala there

Federal Government to bend the rules. I mean the rules. I mean it is protection better than cure so why not long before they are in so why not protect things

decline and for something long before they are in rapid

culture and the economy as the koala surely we list it as a national significance regardless. That conservation groups hope on board. The Prime Federal Government will take

will tonight head to on board. The Prime Minister

for a state visit leaving his deputy in charge of a new offensive on the Liberal Party over emissions Malcolm Turnbull's Senate leader Nick Minchin has become the latest face of descent but his on 'Four Corners' that most descent but his declaration

Liberals do not accept human action is the main cause says Malcolm climate change. Julia Gillard exert his authority before sceptics derail an emissions trading deal If he his leadership on the line he trading deal If he has put

has the get his party follow him. I'm focused on the good-faith negotiations we are having Government. We are engaged in we are having with the

those good-faith negotiations we have put up to the Rudd to consider the amendsments

Governmentes Emissions will spend two days in India Trading Scheme. Kevin Rudd

before travelling the APEC meeting in Singapore. Australia's Labor meeting in Singapore. While is Australia's Labor Government Britain's has no is vehemently antinuclear

Gordon Brown's Government is Britain's has no such qualms.

backing plans substantially backing plans to nuclear-generated substantially boost electricity. Environment groups are aghast but ministers say it is all about a greener low-carbon future. Britain, now the Government Keeping the lights on in

has a plan for up to 10 nuclear power plants most of them on existing sites and the law will be changeed fast track planning. As country we need renewables and clean coal our energy future. They renewables and clean coal for

necessary for security of supply, tackling climate change and the future of our economy. Beyond nuclear power future coal-fired power stations will they stations will have to prove effective carbon capture and they can incorporate

storage and up to four commercial demonstration plants will be power station haves been the built. Existing coal-fired built. Existing

target of campaigning against global warming bit is the nuclear power Government's acceptance that preferred energy option that nuclear power is the

is groups that argue the lessons of Chernobyl have been forgotten and the proposed disposal of nuclear waste underground untested. Nuclear power is an expensive, dangerous and wrong policy for this country. The reactors proposed have not been shown to be safe. A place to be safe. A place to dispose of the nuclear has not say the Government's nuclear push push is ignoring the potential of alternative energies. The Government the nuclear open is all part of a environmentally responsible solution. Across the Channel in France nuclear power stations continue to be stations continue to be built already supplying around of the country's of the country's electricity needs. Now Britain following that lead. following that lead. This second wave of debate nuclear power has only just begun but even if all 10 power plants are built it will not come online for at least 10 to 15 years and least 10 to 15 years and even then about 40% of Britain's about 40% of Britain's power needs. Charles Bean pioneered the role of correspondent and shaped the way Australians view their history. He wrote hundreds diaries from the frontline dock mening battles from Gallipoli to the Western Front. Now Front. Now he his writings have been made freely available on the Internet bring in Australia's pivotal campaigns back to before journalists were embedded with Australian troops in battle Charles Bean was sent to the Front with a typewriter and a keen eye for recording history. He had amazing amazing freedom as Australia's correspondent. He could correspondent. He could move in and out of the in and out of the frontline as he required. At his own risk. Bean was there notebook in hand as the ANZACs landed at Gallipoli and fought at Gallipoli and fought along Western Front. He witnessed the worst of it. Some of his entries were written by moonlight in the trenches and detailed full horror of Australia's campaign. We have such frontline of these battles because he was game enough to go in there and trench watch a tell trench watch a tell scope and watch the battles if he could. His 286 could. His 286 diaries represent a crucial first-handth and are used by war his today. But at nearly 100 years old they are and priceless. So started the mammoth task of digitiseing each of the 23,000 pages Part 23,000 pages Part of their long-term preservation is to pull them out of regular use wear and tear wear and tear sort of thing. The evocative notebooks formed the basis for Bean's volume of official his drift First World War and the digitised diaries are now online available to home historians the world over. To the world over. To finance now - US shares soared last night to hit

the year. The Australian dollar was on the dollar was on the move briefly hitting 93US cents. Here is Alan Here is Alan Kohler. While the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall last night and the death of night and the death of some of Communism of Communism share traders in New York were celebrating the rebirth of rebirth of capitalism with a big 2% gain. It was a reaction to the G20 Finance Ministers Ministers meeting in Britain over the weekend agreed to keep the fiscal stimulus going even most of the world's are recovering. Not exactly free triumphant really. While Berlin Wall came Berlin Wall came down 20 years the past 10 years the past 10 years have not been that great for the victors. US and have fallen 5% the past decade while the Chinese and Russian share markets have taken off up 11 times in the

from a very low base from. Australian shares are somewhere in between boosted by China but held America and now we cannot even keep up with Wall Street. This graph Dow Jones and leaders index since the low points of this year. is at a new high for the year wliel the just got back two-thirds of what was lost between 23 and the day after Melbourne Cup. The All Ordinaries Ordinaries closed 1.2% higher today. Investors continued the like AMP's bid for AXA pushing pushing AMP's price 4 .5% higher and taking AXA another 7 cent above the price of the bid clearly expecting AMP to buy more. It was about mining with BHP Billiton you the best president. Gold was $700 an was $700 an ounce and oil was $700 an ounce and oil a touch under $80 a barrel. touch under $80 a barrel. The Aussie dollar peaked at 9:00 2.5% before easing back this afternoon. Melbourne has passionately embraced the world's No.1 world's No.1 golfer Tiger Woods who in turn has lavished praise on the city's sandbelt courses. Woods played his first practice round nine holes before a capacity crowd at Kingston Heath the venue for

week's Australian Masters. He is the rock star of golf. For the most part without over-zealous attention of that domain. I have been very lucky in that regard, people have respectful of my privacy especially especially now I have a family. But Melbourne open-armed welcome gave him several first a crowd like he had never like he had never seen in a practice round apart from

majors. I love him, I golf every weekend be like him. A live be like him. A live televised press conference. No, is not normal. And a hovering helicopter his every move. I have his every move. I have never experienced that but it experienced that but it did not interfere with play. The reason he is back at the reason he is back at the top of the list is the standards of come do Melbourne and come do Melbourne and play these courses is a treat, we do not get a chance to play golf courses like this and u is a shame. That was music do premier's ears who gave Melbourne the hard sell before justifying dying tying's 3 tying's 3 million-plus fee We estimate the We estimate the economic benefit of this comfortably exceed the $19 million Australia golf carried Australia golf carried a boring tag It not boring. Certainly with Tiger Woods around. love flowing in directions it could be regular occurrence. regular occurrence. Raring to go. After three months out with a broken with a broken finger wicket keeper bad Haddin has doned the colours for another Jane McGrath Foundation and is not about to give someone else a look at his Test place. before the opening Windies test Haddin says two for New South Wales have ready for action. I'm dying to get back the to get back the play for Australia again. It has been a frustrating time. Australia's Cup defence will start with a clash Indian city. Indian city. The ICC defended the one day form of the game which is under pressure from 2020. 50 over is 2020. 50 over is played by most cricketers across that we have that we do not ourselves believe that it has believe that it has gone because it is going nowhere. He will soon his long-term future to Western Sydney but in a and gold jersey. The hottest property in Rugby property in Rugby League has received received another accolade named the Year. I better and it has been an

talk he could be a target for new coach Kevin Sheedy new coach Kevin Sheedy saying he will sign a deal with the Eels when he return from the four nations the tournament. The main event is but the Aria Awards for artistic excellence artistic excellence have kicked off in Sydney. It was a poignant moment for Paul Stewart who accepted the Best Soundtrack movie Balibo. movie Balibo. His brother Tony was Five killed by Five killed by Indonesian soldiers in East Timor in 1975. We have raised $100,00 for the charities for the charities in East Timor on the strength of the CD so it has been good and we are and we love it, 80-year-old Seaman Dan picked 80-year-old Seaman Dan picked up the best gong for 'Sailing Home' S independent dance act 'Empire of the Sun' 'Empire of the Sun' took out three awards while 'You Am three awards while 'You Am I' and ' The Hilltop shared the prize shared the prize for best engineering. Now with the weather Carmody. Good evening! As a nothing better than going down to the pool with down to the pool with a few mates and doing the high board. You were the man if you did it off the top tower but very few I'm older I will settle for laps at Dixon and today was a perfect effect day. Fine, hot, sunny. Officially we got to 32 but we had a late maximum ever 33, 10 above the average November maximum. The the wind maximum. The the wind were mostly light and variable freshening a Tad freshening a Tad this afternoon. Overnight the minimums were 9 and 10 town. Presley still hot, 26. There is a light There is a light easterly about and the barometer is steady. Around our region

Hot dry and sunny for Remembrance Day with hot turning moderately easily during the 32 then a 32 then a slim possibility of showers on Thursday, mostly sunny on Friday 28. The old Parliament House Rose Parliament House Rose Garden is looking stunning at the moment and what a rose to wear on day before Remembrance Day. Terrific colour, colour, fantastic standard and it is called Remember and it is called Remember Me. No-one will ever forget you! That's for sure. Thank you mark. Stay with us you mark. Stay with us now for Kerry O'Brien and the '7.30 Report'. You latest headlines 24 hours a day at ABC Online. Enjoy evening. Goodnight.

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After weeks of pressure over

border protection there was

almost an audible sigh of

relief in Government today relief in Government today as

the focus switched back to the

Opposition's internal woes. The

Coalition wounds were re-opened

in last night's 'Four Corners',

when Senate leader Nick Minchin questioned the science questioned the science of

determination to climate change, and his leaders

the determination to amend and pass

the Government's Emissions

Trading Scheme. Some Liberals

were incensed by Senator

Minchin's intervention,

worrying the gains of recent

weeks will be lost, and say the

relentless focus on sceptics in

Coalition ranks masks the fact

that the Government scheme is attracting widespread

criticism. Political Editor criticism. Political