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(generated from captions) This Program is Captioned Live. Tonight - climate change Australian coal exports. backlash. Activist shout down

Australian Catholics celebrate salute to an extraordinary Australian. Harnesses the sun, the ACT moves to expand the solar feed-in tariff. And a home win in the Test series. home win in the Test and the

Good evening. Siobhan with ABC News. A Good evening. Siobhan Heanue

Accord has been noted by the with ABC News. A new Copenhagen

United Nations climate conference but not adopted. The meeting has now officially closed with a the US backed deal but not countries reluctantly accepting

enough for it to get The UN sect every general enough for it to get consensus.

described accept but described the accord as a first deadline for a legally binding treaty to be delivered by next year. Environment Sarah Clarke is year. Environment reporter

Copenhagen. It was a marathon APPLAUSE . 24 hours after its official deadline meeting concluded. The surprisingly Secretary-General was

Copenhagen Accord may not be everything that for. But this everything that everyone hoped

conference of partys is a for. But this decision on

was around 30 countries on beginning The Copenhagen Accord beginning. An essential

board including the US, India and Australia, but it's board including the US, China,

not legally binding and doesn't force countries to cut emissions. That's angered Pacific nations who refuse emissions. That's angered the

hand over their vote. Quite We're expected disappointed with the outcome. come out of this process. On We're expected a lot more to

the floor the get consensus, noted but get consensus, instead it was that reason we this document. Australia satisfied for the first this document. Australia is

the key players are at the satisfied for the first time

table but acknowledges the resistance particularly from radical nations, a few countries. There are a few

states seeking to block action internationally, seeking to concern is the next UN derail this process. But the

talk also fail 110 word leaders that came to talk also fail to attract the

dope cope and the message of urgency will be lost so it's a fragile agreement would deliver gnaw global meeting that many had hoped

has issued a new deadline, it wants a legally binding treaty by talks have been over for by next year. The Copenhagen

than 24 hours but climate activists have begun campaigning for tough ever action from the Federal effectively shout down the Government. Today, protesters

world's biggest coal facility near Newcastle. More world's biggest coal export

than 20 people were arrested after chaining themselves to a coal train. The protest prompted a warning from coal train. The protest has

Greens that the next Federal prompted a warning from the election will be fought on one a single activist from a climate change. The power of

local environmental group train from getting Newcastle this morning in a train from getting into protest at aimed at world leaders. the train and the bridge. We're disgusted at the behaviour at Copenhagen A disgusted at the Government's

number some have got on a themselves to the locomotive s,

with some have got on a carriage the Hunter River Normally four to six trains an hour bound for Japan, Taiwan and along the line carrying coal

South today. We're just tired South Korea but not

waiting for today. We're just tired of

action so waiting for politicians to take others Specialist police were called in to break up the protest and arrest those taking a very good cause. We've not to remove them safely and aren't injured. Police have been dragging away the protesters one climate act vifss say this protesters one by one, the

just the start of a bigger campaign against carbon producers. They can expect see much more and much more widespread grassroots non-violent direct of the Copenhagen Greens seizing on the failure

The 2010 Federal election is of the Copenhagen summit?

now shaping up on climate change It seeps the final world on climate change is still a long way off. For Catholics today has been a day of celebration. 100 years after her finally be made Australia's her death Mary MacKillop will

first saint. The Vatican has responsible for and she'll be canonisation by responsible for two miracles

the pope in for Mary MacKillop's sainthood the pope in the new year. Well

started on her her death bed century started on her her death bed a The century ago. MacKillop The canonisation of Mary recognise her as a and a woman for people. In 1995, pope John Paul the blessed and in an encouraging sign last year Pope Benedict prayed at think there was a great prayed at MacKillop's tomb. I

with him and Mary last night in Rome it was official. It is a nice surprise and yes. It's a great salute to very nice Christmas present,

extraordinary Australian, a yes. It's a great salute to an

pioneer in education. Mary MacKillop shows that the hostile mythology that the Catholic women of old were meek frightful nonsense. At Mary door mats is of course

MacKillop's final resting place it was the Vatican confirming Mary MacKillop's healing powers there was cause for celebration. I said good on Really done it well. And I Mary, you've done it well.

think she deserves it But church is remaining tight think she deserves it But the lipped about the lipped about the identities of the recipients of her miracles vowing to protect their privacy. The The woman who was cured of her inoperable lung this letter. I ob a day like today you ob a day like today you might have have 1 now questions to ask about my story. And sometime in the future I do want to share that with you. The wait is on now for the big party in Rome, a far cry from the humble of the order of nuns founded Mary MacKillop. I think we do follow Mary she said never see a need without trying to do do that. SR Naomi woshs mothers and children in Sydney's West carrying on the legacy of Mary MacKillop will soon be a saint. The good news has at Mary MacKillop's parish and birth place in understandably proud tail soon be able to boast Australia's only saint. The sis es of St Joseph are also excited about what her for their charitable work. Mary MacKillop was MacKillop was well known for reaching reaching out across faiths and nationalities. started in started in post Goldrush Melbourne had students from 34 countries. And her parish in inner city Fitzroy just blocks from where she was born the present day flock and their leader still embody tradition. Happy to hear that she'll be back. We she'll be back. We all still remember her. Every time, people talk about her. This is a blessing for honour for us to have our honour for us to have our first saint, born in this congregation sister cofounded the sis es of St Joseph greeted news with fiement and relief There was still a bit of that disbelief because is it really true? And we said, "Yes, you know, the pope has finally made this made this decree. Mary MacKillop's early work education and building education and building and one still run by Josephite nuns students even wrote to the Pope urging her excited because she belongs to them. She's part of their heart and history. Those in charge and history. Those in charge of her legacy hope she'll be of their future too. I think the interests that is the interests that is being shown shown by young people will continue to grow. They wam want to know more about her. Ask the people here to krnt to people here to krnt to carry on that vision of Mary in helping the poor people, especially the people here in this area And around the world. There's twist in the case of a 1 #-year-old girl who was murerred in western Sydney on questioning have been found. One of them a 77-year-old was discovered dead in the boot of a car, while his of a car, while his 45-year-old son set himself alight son set himself alight in public this morning. But police are yet to speak to him and are refusing to speculate on the motive for motive for the attacks. Residents of this quiet street are still shock. A 12-year-old girl was stabbed to her death and her grandmother Ma grandmother Ma mishsly wounded at their home on Friday night. Today to pay their to pay their respects. Very sad. It's a quiet part of the world you know? world you know? Until something happens like this. Very, very cool girl. She grands can daughter. Police stont don have stont don have many answer bus they've found around the time of After an appeal for help and a State wide man hunt, a tip-off last night led police local car park and one of the cars they were searching for. It was too late. The body of 77-year-old Gino Da-Pra was found in the boot. Then at 7 this morning 45-year-old son Renzo was seen acting suspiciously acting suspiciously and smelling of portfolio Fairfield Hospital. When arrived he set himself and his car on fire. Police and NSW fire wrig brigade personnel extinguished the flames and 45-year-old male was removed from from the vehicle. He's believed to have suffered burps to have suffered burps to about 30% of his body and is in an saying if the grandmother of the girl has the girl has been able to help with any with any information. They're also not releasing also not releasing details on how Da-Pra died. I can't speculate on that at this point or I'm not prepared at or I'm not prepared at this point to comment on. It may be days until it's clear exactly what happened. Police say they still don't know when they'll be able to speak to the ha-year-old man being treated for burns sind this hospital. The Australian war time hospital ship the 'Centaur' has been found off Queensland, 666 years after it was sunk by a was sunk by a Japanese submarine. place off Brisbane is close to position given position given by the ship's nave gaiter after he was torpedoed. The made by the same team that found HMAS 'Sydney' off the coast of Western Australia. For Dave cave and his highly specialised team of wreck hunters was was the uf eest most technically difficult in terms of the environmental and the team has ever thaw they did a brilliant job scbr at 4 o'clock this morning they were able to confirm they'd That's the sphern. It lies at a depth of more than 2,000m in the bottom f of a steep the bottom f of a steep sided gully on ocean. It seem to be resting on its side and has at least one, wobl two, holes in wobl two, holes in its hull. That's it, that's 'Centaur'. I don't think there's any doubt about that one The correct is 30 muttical miles off the southern tip of Moreton Moreton Island within one nutical mile of the position reported by its navigator after the ship was torpedo bud before it went down when the 'Centaur' was attacked without families the discovery brings mixed emotions. I knew it would come eventually e taus scbrn come eventually e taus scbrn a very long wait 66 years is a life time of limbo for those 'Centaur' families. Relief that now that's it's found it be be prop prop earl protected. I'd like protected. I'd like to go out and this is with where it happened That's what I'm looking forward to, looking forward to, none of this it's out there somewhere The somewhere The Queensland Government paid $4 million for the high-tech search that ended the mystery of the 'Centaur's location. It's hard to the feel like this. I'm like this. I'm very pleased the search has I think it's a very sad poignant moment in the military history of our history of our country. The site will fwhou pr frokted by an exclusion an exclusion zone, ven David Mearns and his crew will need a perit to return in January to photograph popular with householders now the ACT Government wants to if businesses will embrace its solar feed-in tariff as discuss paper has been released generators could be included in to examine how large scale

the scheme. Economic modelling shows it could create new jobs in Canberra but that will have to be weighed up against higher bills. Over the past year, Canberrians have embraced solar energy. Since energy. Since the solar tariff system was introduced there's been a massive increase in the number of cells installed in the ACT. Those who have gone green are reaping the reward, households with solar panels can earn up to $20,000 a year. Now the Government is looking at how the scpt's larger scale generators could be involved. The economic modelling undertaken indicates that in the short term there are significant jobs growth from an growth from an expanded feed-in tariff Businesses such as this slated obvious benefisharies, but it could also have could also have much wider potential. It's much more cost effective to put in large systems than to put in a lot of small the economies of scale. We could also see some dynamic opportunities where companies seek to lease out large roof spaces from warehouses, Government departments schools, a facilities. The cost of the scheme will fall on the ACT's electricity the cap selected by the cap selected by the Government household bills could rise by as much as 4 35 a year. I think what we want to see is something that's to bring the large scale generators in. more cost over time but we don't want to see particularly low income middle income Canberra families paying anymore than they have to. In electricity prices the feed-in tariff will be a minor element of that compared to the massive demand in electricity market. Consultation will market. Consultation will be open until February, the Government hopes to be able to make a decision on make a decision on the ex-population by next year. The operator of star tar train service star tar train service between Britain and France Britain and France has apologised offered refunds after five its trains broke down in the channel passengers were trapped on the trains, some for at long as 16 hours. The breakdowns have been blamed on the weather, but angry passengers Euro Star of being woefully unprepared to deal with unprepared to deal with the incident. The cues of trucks and cars at Dover and Folkestone told part of the weather story but the worst underground. In the tunnel four trains simply stopped. Without power, short of food, water and reliable information. reliable information. The apparent problem has trains went from temperatures below zero to the 25 degrees heat zero to the 25 degrees heat of the tunnel the tunnel condensation shorted out the electrics. After out the electrics. After hours in the dark passengers were off loaded into a Travellers described Travellers described scene of chaos when finally they made it to London. It's taken us just over 12 hours. We live in San Franciso and it takes us hours to get to London. How he's that for service This family had spent thousands of dollars on a dream dollars on a dream holiday to Disneyland Paris. The children are a part of it. You couldn't breathe. There was no oxygen in tunnel Amid the anger confusion the company confusion the company offered compensation and new tickets.. On behalf of Euro Star we're very, very sorry. We've had a lot of staff out all night wherever we can on board the trains, at the broints people have been changing trains and here in London, but difficult situation for everybody. Even resumed a few hours ago resumed a few hours ago it happened again. happened again. Another train trapped hours trapped hours left in the dark. They managed after dark. They managed after a long delay delay to couple a another engine in engine in front of us and have towed us very, very slowly and there the train that's Euro Star trains are now canneled for Sunday, canneled for Sunday, the everies better with ferries and aeroplanes aeroplanes struggling to cope with the backlog and it's not just Britain. France has been left paralysed by snow starps N northern Spain too temperatures of minus to roads impassable and all of this just cays before with more bad weather on the its way. Parts of States are also in in the grip of a scold snap. There was a frosty reception Obama on his arooim whack in Washington DC. And the White House was a little whiter than usual. Up to 20 centimetre of snow fell into the capital but much more is for cast. Much of the central east coast area is on a blizzard warning. as the heaviest in the area in more than a decade. Police investigating a suspected arson attack on a school in western Creek in Canberra's south overnight. An intruder alarm Stromlo High School in Waramanga went off shortly after 2 o'clock this morning. When police When police and firefighters arrived they arrived they found demoptable building well firefighters managed to contain the blaze to one class room but there was extensionive damage the future of the endangered Macquarie Perch brighter thanks to territories of a ecologyists in the ACT. The Cotter River is The Cotter River is the most security habitat for the in the Murray-Darling Basin but as the enlargement of the Cotter dam moves closer attempts to safe guard the species are being ramped up. This stretch of river could secure the secure the future of the Macquarie Macquarie Perch. The Vanities Crossing Fishway was built in 2001 and helps fish swim upstream. The further upsteam that they get the more secure their breeding area is in the river and the more likely river and the more likely the polls will survive long term The best way term The best way to monitor the strength of the species to count the fish to neats to count the fish to neats have been can tell us how stable the population is because you need some larger adults in order to be able to maintain the population, and it's interesting to interesting to know how big they're getting and how fast. As a protected catchment area the Cotter is an important habitat. The water here as so far remained clear of the EHN virus which which is deadly to the Macquarie Perch. While the survey is all about the Macquarie inevitably Macquarie inevitably other species are also captured the netss and these are useful in evaluating the health of the ecosystem. This looking for looking for juveniles. The survey is carried out every year but of the Cotter dam under way, it's importance is running water to breed, so they move up out of the dam into running water to the dam enlarges they'll need to find sporning spots upstream and that's why important. It's looking positive and with some work that we'll be doing on habitat in the dam, hopefully the effect on relatively minor. Researchers will return in the autumn to see how many of these juveniles have reached adulthood. have reached adulthood. They say if recent breeding patterns are repeated the future Macquarie Perch is bright. Australia the West Indies by 35 the third Test in Perth to claim a 2-nil series win. A defiept provided the tourists with some hope before the match was decided in controversial circumstances. Australia set up its win with six wick net a final final session late on day four. The home sided needed one more wicket for victory on the final day while the West Indies required a further 51 runs required a further 51 runs for a memorable win. They got 15 of them before Doug Bollinger snared the wicket. West Indies challenged the decision although replays failed to show a clear edge umpire's a clear edge umpire's call stood. He's over. The focus now shifts over. The focus now shifts to Australia's remains in doubt for the first Test at the MCG. The home side will name a standby will name a standby player should the captain fail recover from an recover from an elbow injury. It has felt injury. It has felt a little bit better bit better but saying that I haven't had a bat in my hand Ha that's the most grief, so I know. Shane Watson is eligible to play in the Boxing Day Test despite being charged with bringing the game into disrepute. The all-rounder was fined 15% of his match fee for this overthe top celebration after he decision missed man of Chris Gayle. I didn't expect anything better, so anything better, so that's typical of Shane Watson. Watson is the fourth player to be displained by the match displained by the match referee after Mitchell Johnson, Brad Haddin and the West Sulieman Benn were all sanctioned earlier in the test. Australia will discuss it's field behaviour in its first team meeting before the Boxing Day match. I'm not proud of the fact, I'm sure fact, I'm sure the players aren't proud of the fact reported in the one game Australia is expected to name its squad for the series against Pakistan within next few days. Pakistan's enjoyed pre-Boxing Day Test batting practice in its tour match against Tasmania at Bellerive Oval. On day two of the three day match the tourists refused to declare, instead mounting a 437 run chase. Jason Krejza's chase. Jason Krejza's chance of at the end of the day call yaup were dealt a blow, he gave away 100 runs before claiming first wicket. Pakistan resumed on four for 270 and on four for 270 and despite Brett bet throwing all he could at Umar Akmal he managed 27 before he before he baulked. Mohammed Aamar handed first debutant Adam maur his first wicket out for a first was Fawad Alam, first was Fawad Alam, lbw on 3 p luns. He then claimed the scalp of Abdur Rauf but Kamran Akmal was? Impressive form smashed the spinner all over billion billion reave finishing with 109 including 17 fours and three sixes. Pakistani bowl three sixes. Pakistani bowl s Mohammed Aamar and Misbah Ul-Haq takened up for first two Tigers' wickets, Ed Cowan out for 25, Jonathan Wells, 23. The hosts are struggling to in their tennis, it was a mix did a for Australian players at the wild-card play-offs with former star gaining an Australian Open berth while a rising star missed out. Casey Dellacqua hadn't played Dellacqua hadn't played tennis for ten months in the lead-up to the play-offs due to injury the former world number the former world number 39 had a tough three set final Olivia Rogowska. Dellacqua survived three survived three match points before winning her place in next know that I've earnt my spot with such great memories here, it's just exciting to be back playing. Teenager Bernard Tomic had a comfortable lead in the nourt set before his opponent Nick Lindahl send it into a fifth. The win means Lin len Lin will his second Australian Open while Tomic must rely on tournament organisers to hand him a spot. Melbourne has held on to top spotion on the on to top spotion on the A league ladder after a league ladder after a scoreless draw last night. last night. Newcastle defeated North scored a late winner against Central Coast and there was nothing between the Victory and the table game attracted the table game attracted 27,000 fans as Melbourne fans as Melbourne vuk or captain Kevin Muscat celebrated his 500th game his 500th game in leagues at home home and a-Port Adelaide. It's the most crucial mat season so far Only one season so far Only one thing was was missing - goals. Thompson. Off the woodwork. And then over the top. Archie Thompson led the Sydney defenders merry dance during the half, kraeing several opportunities chance of the game 21st minute. It's Alex Brosque. And he makes the save. Melbourne had far more shots on goal but had to simple with a draw Victory three points clear of Sydney. Thom fom for a header. Brisbane took an early 2-nil 2-nil lead against Central Coast. An Craig Moore invited the Mariners worse every Central Coast equalised in 76th minute but deep 76th minute but deep into injury time Brisbane sealed its second win in three effective, Newcastle took a 1-nil lead over 1-nil lead over North Queensland this afternoon. He certainly should certainly should have cleared it. It was music to the Jets supports as Song Jin Hyun hit trgt. North Queensland was back on level terms after a double from Dutchman. Two him. Veteran striker Petrovski gave Newcastle its fourth win in a row. To the weather now and it was cloudy but relatively warm in the relatively warm in the capital today. We reached a top of 28 degrees after an overnight low of 14. Thick Thick cloud over north-west WA Laurence is general raying heavy rain, pampy cloud south-east nowhere a trough is bringing virtually no rain. A trough in WA will head east allowing cooler southerly winds, showers and storms in the keep most of southern Australia dry, as warm air affects interior. Another trough will generate showers and generate showers and storms in NSW, and cloud over the Top End is producing heavy rain. is producing heavy rain. In the capitals - And that's ABC And that's ABC News. You find the latest headlines 24 day at ABC online. Enjoy your Captions by CSI.