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Tonight - blocking, and slashing. The no Tonight - blocking, freezing

Budget reply. Hich It was all and slashing. The no frills

negative with not a single positive plan for the future. ACT public Serbants on a collision course with the government over gathering legal storm. the NRL. And New Melbourne's directors versus

The Indigenous athletes with a the NRL. And New York bound.

marathon in their sights. Welcome to ABC News. Abbott put it the die is cast for an election campaign based on tax. bid for power stepped up notch today bid for power stepped up a

budget reply speech. Mr Abbott told the party faithful he can win and he will exploit opposition to the mining tax order to do it. But his claim opposition to the mining tax in

for economic credibility has been mocked by the Prime reports of a rift Cabinet. So how did speech go down? Labor certainly found it hard to swallow. He last night had an opportunity to lay out a plan. an hour of sound bites negativity and one was all negative with not a negativity and one liners. It

single positive plan for future. The die is cast ... Tony Abbott vowed to block or rescind the resource the national broadband network, government advertising, scrap

and freeze 12,000 public service jobs. We can smaller, leaner, just service jobs. We can be

efficient, just as smaller, leaner, just as

friendly, and get these efficient, just as customer

bra and get rid of public savings. We'll just Barbican

servants. It's the last of an servants. It's the last refuge policies. But it was also refuge for the old Rudd policies. But it was also a

opposition. This government has not systematically applied the meet axe to its own at mrd tiff bloating. I rmpt dominated that election and will heavily in the next one. Tony to exempt all businesss from the next one. Tony Abbott wants

unfair dismissal laws and individual contracts. introduce more flexible

to union members who seemed to think they were in America, the Prime Minister gave a taste of the campaign to for getting rid of WorkChoices. He stands for bringing back WorkChoices. Tony Abbott's an action man but he himself a wimp while trying to action man but he called

play down suggestions he was rolled by shadow Cabinet. beefing up the budget reply confirmed they considered

with cash payments for stay at home mums but ultimately rejected the idea. Kevin has his own internal headache. Sources say Bob Hawke told the Labor MP it breaks his heart to see what's happening with party and speculate being the ascension of Julia Gillard. The ACT's public servants are on the warpath over the government's latest offer. Voting overwhelmingly to government's latest wages

reject the deal. They're threatening strike action. But reject the deal. They're now

the government says it afford to pay any more without

cutting jobs. The representing 10,000 ACT servants is spoiling for fight. We remain hopeful servants is spoiling for a

the government will come to us fight. We remain hopeful that

the absence of that full steam with an alternative offer. In

ahead. I don't know what the union doesn't understand about we've published. It shows a budget under pressure. Union members reject the members have formally voted to of a 4.75% pay rise over two reject the government's offer

years. They're moving to the next step seeking Fair Work Australia to allow next step seeking orders from

protected industrial will be fear geared around having an impact on the government community. Every government not the right to industrial action. We'll play along with that. The Stanhope Government is situation where it can't make Stanhope Government is now in a

an appropriate offer because it has spent so much. It's not just uncertainty about wages affecting Canberra's public servants. The government is considering moving block to be built in the car workers into a massive office

park opposite the legislative assembly. The move will more government services under assembly. The move will bring

one roof. To shop approach for the Canberra one roof. To ensure a one-stop

it's a ridiculous idea. What we residents. The opposition says

need is to make sure we do a genuine regional approach need is to make sure we do have

and to make sure we have adequate parking here in city as well. There will be additional car parks here for the public, which accessible 24/7. The government is looking at ways to pay for the before it makes a to pay for the new building decision. before it makes a final NAPLAN The controversy over the with more claims of cheating. A Brisbane father with more claims of the

says students at his son's school were able to change their answers to questions after an unsupervised their answers to maths

lunch break. It's Minister, who stepped back headache for the Education

time today to launch curriculum time today to launch a national criticism of the NAPLAN tests and the government's associated web site for months. there were web site for months. Today, complaints. When my son home from school yesterday said "You should've seen cheating on the maths exam." said "You should've seen the

The boy's father who wants to remain anonymous says he has shocked by what his son had say about the year 9 numeracy shocked by what his son had to

tests. He said they did part 16 the exam they took lunch, discussed the basically went to all the smart kids, did part 2 of the exam bus they were able to their answers from part 1. school in question has left the their answers from part 1. The

talking allegations of cheating very seriously. As such I've instigated an instigated an investigation. Cheating shouldn't happen anywhere. A Senate into NAPLAN results on MySchool web site was announced

yesterday. The accusations of the the cheating, of teachers changing test result, all of those things will now need be considered in this inquiry. There are a handful reports, of problems and reports, of problems and each of those will pressing on with pressing on with her Education Revolution, launching a draft national curriculum 11 and 12, English, science and history. It's important to those schoolkids who move from curriculum but not one that waters down waters down the high standards we have we have in New South Wales. But we don't believe that will happen. Authors say it's too early to predict when the Year 11/12 curriculum will be in place but a version for er students begins Queensland Coroner has found evidence of police collusion evidence of police collusion in the days after the death in custody of an Indigenous man on Doomadgee died from internal injuries after internal injuries after his arrest by Senior Sergeant Chris Hurley. The officer was and acquitted plaintiff Doomadgee's man slaught ner in 2007. The third 2007. The third inquest into his death today delivered an open finding. Unable conclude whether it was accidental or not. But the coroner criticised the investigation and said there was colleague collude ed. The only reason that a more reason that a more find cannot be made is be made is because of the misconducts and dishonesty police officers in the Queensland Police Service. winning over the year. Hurley and the Doomadgee family have been to hell and back and they need to get on with they need to get on with their lives. The coroner has called for for the Crime and Misconduct Commission to lead future investigations into deaths in custody. A Canberra man who shoved an elderly woman outside the Canberra before she died will order N 2007 Matthew Raymond Nicholls shoulder charged Jacoba van der Voorden. She continued shopping but lost consciousness about an hour plater. Chief Justice Terence Higgins found Nicholls not guilty of assault because guilty of assault because he suffers from schizophrenia suffers from schizophrenia and wasn't responsible for his behaviour. The says the mental let him slip through let him slip through the cracks. It tragedy for something to change. We really want change. Nicholls has been ordered to spend the order. The ANZ Bank says it's cooperating with a Federal Police investigation into Police investigation into a possible possible drug ring at one of its Melbourne offices. Police are investigating allegations the bank's internal email system was used to deal drugs. Federal Police have arrested Federal Police have arrested a 29-year-old man for importing a drug known as Meow-meow. We've been working with them ever since to assist them with their investigations. We're taking it seriously, but a real disappointment. And an embarrassment embarrassment to believe that we've got staff involved with drug allegations of this nature. ANZ says it's either sacked or accepted resignations of 14 staff members since the investigation began. Violence began. Violence has broken out again in the Thai capital Bangkok. In the past few hours, troops have ramped up their efforts to clear a site occupied by protesters. One person was killed this afternoon. Another died night and a prominent protest leader was seriously injured. The ABC's Zoe Daniel was at the protest site protest site when today's violence broke out and filed this report a short time ago. This is just extraordinary. This is extraordinary. This is the middle of a huge city in the middle of the day. We arrived here knowing here knowing that authorities might move in to disperse protesters who'd surrounding troops. As soon as we got out of the were fired. People just started moving away from the moving away from the troops as quickly as possible in cars, on motorbikes, running for their lives. We followed obviously bus has been set on fire presumably by protesters. presumably by protesters. It's called electrical wires above. People are just standing around so many civilians here, fire trucks are moving trucks are moving in and yet behind us we still have the army setting off canisters, setting canisters, setting up razor wire and in front of vans. We're stuck in vans. We're stuck in the middle. The situation middle. The situation is extremely volatile. extremely volatile. Really anything could happen. This is Bangkok, at midday. The clashs this afternoon followed a of violence in the city. protesters' main site dark. It didn't dark. It didn't take long for the Red Shirts to resist their advances throwing rocks and setting setting off fireworks. One protester was killed A renegade general who appointed himself the security chief for the protesters was shot in while doing an interview with while doing an interview with a foreign journalist. He's now in a coma. Britain's new coalition government has held its first Cabinet meeting. Cabinet meeting. 18 Conservatives and five Conservatives and five Liberal Democrat ministers faced each other as the hostility of the election campaign. We're not in but it's very cordial and think everyone, most importantly everyone is really trying hard to make work. The coalition's first priority is an emergency budget to be delivered within 50 As part of that As part of that process, Prime Minister David announced that his ministers will take an immediate 5% pay cut. Oil company BP has with a new plan to with a new plan to stop the massive oil massive oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico. The oil continues to gush gush unabated after the company's first attempt at capping the broken pipe failed. It now plans to use a robot to insert a smaller tube into the main pipe and funnel the onto a waiting ship on the will see an improvement in the reduction in the flow rate from the well in the next two weeks. If this attempt fails to tap the leak, BP says it has at least at least five other back-up plans, but they plans, but they may be too late to stop an Three men have been arrested in the US accused of providing money to money to the alleged Times Square bomber. Police carried out raids in New York out raids in New York and two neighbouring states. The arrested men are believed to have provided money to Faisal Shahzad, the Pakistani American who tried to detonate a car bomb in Times Square almost two weeks ago. There is at least a basis to believe the things they did was to provide him exactly what was the nature those transactions. The failed car bombing has car bombing has left New Yorkers on edge there was another scare in the another scare in the city today when a car was spotted with when a car was spotted with two gas canisters inside. But after finding the owner, police gave the all clear. And the all clear. And still to come on ABC News - a come on ABC News - a must-win match, the Brumbies battle Crusaders for a Super 14 finals. Seven ago, the Tidbinbilla ago, the Tidbinbilla Reserve was ravaged by bushfire died. The regeneration process has been has been slow, but today, two new the forest in a bid to boost the population and encourage visitors back to the reserve. With a few tentative steps two of of the ACT's newest residents set foot in their new home. The 3-year-old 3-year-old male koalas were flown in from South Australia last night and after a quick look around it long to settle in. Koalas can be pretty fussy and they can get upset when them to new areas. To have them go straight in and feeding is fantastic. The pair will be monitored foyer for the next 30 days before joining six other koalas in a forest other koalas in a forest next door where they will be fend for themselves of the moving home is never easy there will be some acclimatising fors acclimatising fors they Adelaide natives. We're homing that the resident koalas at Tidbinbilla will teach a bit about rugby. Almost a bit about rugby. Almost 90% of the Tidbinbilla Reserve was destroyed in the 2003 bushfires, bushfires, wiping out much of the the native wildlife. The koalas form part of a wide regeneration at Tidbinbilla. Many of the trees still Many of the trees still bear the scars of the fires but seven years on returning and the forest is beginning to rem sell bell what it was like before the it was like before the blaze and that's important when it comes to rebuilding the comes to rebuilding the koala population. Koalas are fussy eaters in terms of their yuk limit diet. So further developments in relation to koalas would also koalas would also be measured in terms of how in terms of how the enclosure vegetation is progressing. It's hoped two It's hoped two more koalas would join the group this year. Visitors to Tidbinbilla can see The sacked editor in chief of Australia's biggest selling newspaper the 'Herald Sun' won a court battle against media giants news limt. The news group has been found contract by firing months into his role at the helm of helm of the 'Herald Sun'. A Supreme Court judge ruled Mr Guthrie was fired primarily with the with the paper's Managing Director Peter Director Peter Blundell. He also labelled News Limited Chief Executive John Hartigan an unreliable witness. They got wrong. And they got because they failed the rule of journalism, they didn't get story. They didn't get my side of the of the story. News Limited has been ordered to pay Mr Guthrie more than half a million dollars in termination pay. To finance. The local share market fell back today as new questions emerged about the big bail-out in Europe. Of bail-out in Europe. Of all investment assets and securitys in the world only one I in the world only one I can find that has fallen back to his March 2009 low. his March 2009 low. The yur rove. Global shares are up 50%. Commodities are up Oil 60 %. Gold 33%. Even the Athens share market is still about 13% ahead of where it was last March but the euro is back to $1.25 US, after a big fall last night. As investors first wondered first wondered whether the austerity measures needed get the interest dollar bail-out approved bail-out approved would actually get through all the and then they wondered what would happen if they did wages were cut and taxes were recession. The future looks all bad in Europe. The gloom bad in Europe. The gloom spread to the share markets there although the falls were that big and Wall Street fell more than that because of news that New York prosecutors looking at whether looking at whether eight banks hoodwinked ratings agencies and should be charged with criminal offences. A big sell-off among bank stocks dragged the overall index down. In Australia index down. In Australia all these global concerns pulled the All Ordinaries down by three quarters of 1%. And the banks suffered banks suffered the biggest fall, still affected by the class action over the class action over the fees announced the other day. Telstra slipped below Telstra slipped below $3 again and the biggest rise was HealthScope the hospital bs an pathology firm which jumped 17% on news of a planned $1.7 billion takeover bid from a private equity consortium. Origin foreign exchange markets today both the euro and today both the euro and British pound were the euro so the euro so the Australian dollar rose against both of them. But against the US and Japanese currencies it fell. I will be back on Sunday with Inside Business when Peter Doherty, one of the bidders for Transurban. then, that's Melbourne Storm's salary Melbourne Storm's salary cap scandal is headed for the courtses. Four independent directors of the club have issued a writ challenging the penalties handed down by the National Rugby League. But the Storm's board of directors Storm's board of directors is far from since accepting the penalties in the leagues's history the Storm's chairman says the club was never given a fair go. The decision-making process was not fair, impartial or transparent. The Storm salary cap breaches led to the being fined more than $1 million, stripped of two premierships, as well as season's competition points. The NRL did not provide the club with the opportunity to obtain independent legal advice before imposing penalties or to argue about appropriateness of appropriateness of the penalties penalties that should be imposed. The NRL maintains: While the four While the four independent directors have decided to pursue legal action the two other board members of the NRL are staying right are staying right out of it. Frank Stanton and Craig Watt are Limited which owns Melbourne Storm and has a Melbourne Storm and has a 50% stake in the NRL. News Limited Players heading off to Canberra today say they weren't consulted about development. It's out of control what happens there. The only thing we control as players is what we do out players is what we do out on the field. Dr Moodie says the appeal is being appeal is being independently funded by supporters club. But he refused to who those The Brumbies' season in the balance as they attempt to win their first game in years against years against the Crusaders in Christchurch. Christchurch. The New Zealand side came out firing. An intercept by the Brumbies' Tyrone Smith levelled the scores were dealt a blow losing hooker Stephen Moore rr. He is in hospital with a suspected broken jaw. It was a first half with a up for grabs for the winner of the match, but it was the Crusaders who dominated, before the Brumbies could blink twice, the home side ran in two tries to lead 22-10 at the break. And the Brumbies' is over. In the past minutes they minutes they lost that match against the Crusaders 40-22. In tonight's other match the Waratahs play the Wellington-based Hurricanes in Sydney. The winner of that game will also secure a place in the top 4. England is the team through to the team through to the World Twenty20 final Twenty20 final after thrashing Sri Lanka After dashing back to England for the birth of his first child, Kevin Pietersen was in a hurry again as he dismantled the Sri Lankan attack. Smashing 42 off 26 balls to set up a potential Twenty20 decider Twenty20 decider against the Old Enemy. I think England/Australia game. Sri Lanka lost its grip on the match when it batted first and posted a modest 128. England, which has never won a day tournament, took only 16 overs to reach target. Thank you very much. Game set and match. Australia is into the final of the women's Twenty20 after thumping India by 7 wickets. Captain Black black black made 61 as her team passed India's total of 119 in the 19th a really good shot. will play will play either New Zealand or the West Indies in the Samantha Stosur is walking with confidence on clay and why not? She has won 14 of her last She has won 14 of her last 15 match ons the surface. She defeated Swiss Patty Schnyder at the Madrid Open to at the Madrid Open to set up a quarterfinal against Venus Williams. Regardless of the result, Stosur will rise career-high world ranking of 7. The Brazilian born Cacau provided the spark for Australia's first World Cup opponent Germany in opponent Germany in an otherwise low key warm-up against mall ta. The striker found in the 3-0 win. Germany, which will be among the favourites in South Africa but is taking nothing for granted leading into the group into the group matches against Serbia, Ghana Socceroos. Our main goals now are our preparations. we have to difficult group stage. We know what it is like to be knock-out round. will meet Germany in Durban June 14, one month from June 14, one month from today. They've rarely travelled outside their communities in Australia. But Indigenous athletes are on their way to one of the biggest cities cities in the world. Australia's most successful marathon runner Robert de Castella is mentoring the first time runners who aim to complete the New York Canberra to train alongside elite athletes at the Australian Institute of Sport. In six months these young men haven't put a foot wrong. last year, Robert de last year, Robert de Castella hand picked a group Indigenous Australians with the goal of turning them into long distance runners. There's been an amazing first time I met men was up in Alice they didn't know how far a marathon was. marathon was. They'd never done any real running. Now four of the original Hart and Joseph Davies, Hart and Joseph Davies, have left their homes in Alice Kununurra for a 10-day Kununurra for a 10-day training camp in camp in Canberra. It's a new experience, great. First time we're all together. Other than that we've had a few races. I met up a few of the Top End boys on Australia Day, done a there. The other time was down in Alice when we time trials. The project is part of a 10-year campaign to promote the sport to young Indigenous Australians. Indigenous Australians. De Castella, Castella, along with head coach John Bell, are confident the runners have what it takes compete in New York in November. There's way to go. And we just have our fingers crossed that we sort of gently keep on training these lads and get them to these lads and get them to the start line and then keep our fingers crossed we can get them to the finish line! It will be the first trip group, and the idea is still sinking sinking in. It's just mind blowing. Words wouldn't even come out of my mouth. From the red earth of the the north to the bright sleeps. What an achievement that will Now with Now with a look at today's weather, here is weather, here is Mark Carmody. Good Carmody. Good evening. I missed most of today cows went to an urban tree management workshop. Hence the leaves. What sort of tree do they come from? Canberra has they come from? Canberra has so many beauties, we're many beauties, we're very, very lucky but I didn't miss the lucky but I didn't miss the fog and mist this morning as I rode my The cloud crossing through WA will arrive here on Monday but there is probably nothing for us and there's jet stream us and there's jet stream cloud crossing the interior. crossing the interior. We still have a ridge over us. So starts followed by days will continue. along the coast along the coast so down the coast there will be no rain but offshore offshore fish an surfing might be tricky. The bureau has issued a dangerous surf

warning. So Virginia, I will So Virginia, I will see you there, just remember to wear a flower or some foliage and bit, Manchurian pear. How did you go? Virginia got it. I think I must've missed something. I don't know what you're talking about! That's ABC News. Stay with us now for Stateline with Catherine Garrett coming Garrett coming up next. You can find the latest headlines find the latest headlines 24 hours a day at ABC Online. a great Closed Captions by CSI This Program is Captioned Live. I came here looking for grave of grand father. And that led me to discover that the place was for sale. - for grand father and that led my to discover that the place Hello and welcome to Stateline. Coming up - a new life for Kenmore - Goulburn's version of Brideshead. First, though, David Headon's latest