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border - Australia shuts The message is the door on some asylum seekers.

circumstances in changed. A doctor infecting changed. A doctor accused of hepatitis C. infecting patients with

Thailand defy threats of arrest. And could this be a

long, lost relative? evening, welcome to ABC I'm Virginia evening, welcome to ABC News. Federal Government has a new I'm Virginia Haussegger. The

message for asylum seekers but only if they're from Sri or Afghanistan. only if they're from Sri Lanka

refugee claims just from those or Afghanistan. It's frozing

expectation two countries with the

there will improve. expectation the conditions

approach is also meant to send there will improve. The

a message to people that they can't guarantee visas a message to people smugglers

for their clients. political correspondent Mark latest boat Simkin begins our coverage. The it to Christmas Island. It started taking on water and while some of were transferred to Australian navy were trapped. The distressed vessel began to sink quickly and vessel began to sink more

passengers quickly and the remaining steaming party on board, all of passengers and our navy

whom were wearing life jackets abandoned ship. All rescued. So far this year more abandoned ship. All were

than 1800 asylum seekers arrived at Christmas Island, around 1400 of them from Sri Lanka or Afghanistan. That's prompted a dramatic policy shift. The Government suspension implementing an immediate asylum seekers from Sri Lanka and Afghanistan. The asylum seekers will be locked the freeze is reviewed in 3 seekers will be locked up until

6 months but there's no the freeze is reviewed in 3 to

guarantee even then claims will be processed. The Government denies it amounts indefinite detention. The message is the increasingly persons from Sri Australia have changed and that

Lanka and Afghanistan are refused asylum in this Lanka and Afghanistan are being

country. Both countries have the Government argues security been devastated by violence but

is improving. In the case of Afghanistan, we may well be the first country to effect a pause or a suspension. Christmas Island's already overflowing, the visa freeze will increase the numbers Extra police are heading the numbers and the tensions.

facility and it's likely some Extra police are heading to the

of the asylum seekers sent to the mainland. The Government argues the in Afghanistan and Sri caused the influx of boats but in Afghanistan and Sri Lanka

and while it still denies its now says security's improved

immigration changes attracted asylum seekers, it now hopes its new tougher approach them. This is an admission by the Government policies have failed. the Government that its Effectively here is taken the Ministers acknowledge the boats to people smugglers. Even the

won't stop immediately.The Government sudden turn-around in security war-ravaged countries but the United Nations Refugee Agency says it hasn't predicted anything of the sort legality of detaining asylum lawyers are questioning the

seekers for longer. Here's improving Jennett. If conditions are marines in the Marjah offensive improving in Afghanistan, US

might need convincing. him if he has a weapon. Civilian casualty claims are regular and any Australian thinking of going there is warned not to. In Sri Lanka, the Tamil community here is adamant persecution is not. We need understand that persecution is not. We need to

are fleeing a very, very legitimate fear persecution. The Government legitimate fear of

cites the United Nations shaping its view, formed from cites the United Nations as

several sources that things looking up in several sources that things are

countries. When we combine that country advice we're seeing an improved situation. Not so says the UNHCR. These are areas where our guidelines are in the process of being reassessed. I would not want to be drawn into assessment of whether it will be drawn into any pre-emptive

be positive or are precedents to the freezes, one applied to Iraqis in 2003. The Government says it's using deterrence and some this one as a tool of

believe that's a step too deterrence and some lawyers

One says it's breaching obligations. I can't see One says it's breaching refugee

period of justification for extending a

Afghans to at least six We Afghans to at least six months. end. It could be six years. We don't know when that will

The Greens was something Kevin Rudd said promise. Indefinite detention

he would end and bringing it back. A rally in Melbourne was quick to pick up on the idea. That is a and an action worthy of the Howard Government and worthy of being condemned as the racist act that it is. Shades of elections past.Police investigating whether a elections past.Police are

Melbourne anaesthetist patients deliberately infected his deliberately infected

far 12 women from an abortion clinic have tested the virus and clinic have tested positive to

there may be more. All 12 women were abortion clinic were patients at this private and my heart goes anyone is going women. It's not a diagnosis

particularly over-joyed getting. The women particularly over-joyed about

positive for hepatitis C after undergoing procedurewise the same anaesthetist 2008 and December last year. same anaesthetist between June There may be other that are at risk of having There may be other patients

contracted hepatitis C from this particular doctor this particular doctor at this particular private clinic. The cluster of cases checks by health authorities. Needle stick injuries are one method of possible transmission. It is difficult to identify how this to identify how this could happen with more than happen with more than one or two patients. A further investigation revealed the anaesthetist carried the same strain of the virus as his patients, prompting questions about whether transmission about whether transmission was deliberate. Normal that follows infection control guidelines carries an extremely low or nonexistent risk of transmission transmission of hepatitis C. The anaesthetist worked at two other clinics in Melbourne during the same period. He's and the case referred to police and the medical and the medical practitioners' board. Authorities are now working to contact other patients he may After almost a week, finally being pumped from the Chinese coal carrier stuck the Great Barrier Reef. The carrier crashed Shoal east of Shoal east of hawk Rockhampton on Saturday and leaked at least two tons two tons of oil. The Chinese shipping company responsible today apologised for the operation will only take during the day so any spill be seen and contained. who thinks this is all Rover frankly they're Rover frankly they're not getting it right. It may be weeks before the ship can be refloated. They were bitting Cold War foes but today Russia and the United States have signed a control treaty. Both sides say it marks it marks the start of a new era in US-Russian relations and almost immediately Barack Obama flagged a new round of talks with the Kremlin, take the cuts even Washington correspondent Craig McMurtrie reports. They entered to a fanfare and under the Castle the two men signed their new nuclear arms pact. They even laughed jokes. Both sides say the deal represents a marked improvement in relations. I want to thank med. TRANSLATION: I believe that this signature will open a new page for cooperation between our two countries. The new treaty cuts deployed warheads by over 30% but doesn't touch thousands of other weapons in their nondeployed stockpiles. The two sides remain at odds over US plans for missile defence which the US President negotiations on a new round of arms cuts to begin months. It will be part of a broader set of discussions about, for example, how we can take tactical nuclear weapon out of theatre, the responsibilities of us making more significant cuts in deployed but in deployed but also nondeployed underline the fall relationship, US officials before the signing ceremony the two leaders had a real conversation, rather than relying on official relying on official talking points. Much of it centred on how to apply sanctions on Iran. Russia is now offering Regrettably, Iran is not responding to responding to many constructive proposals that have been and we cannot turn a blind eye to this. After handshakes and toasts in Prague, both sides have to ratify the new deal at home. For Barack Obama that means testing the highly charged charged partisan atmosphere of Washington once Washington once again. He needs a two-thirds majority in the Senate that and means he needs Republican votes.The Thai army is warning it could use force if provoked by anti-Government thousands of the so-called red shirts continue to defy state of emergency capital. The demonstration is entering its fifth week and there are now fears it could turn violent. ABC correspondent Mark Willacy reports. Here in the heart of Bangkok, the capital's commercial arteries are choked with red. are choked with red. Gatherings of more than five people are supposed to be banned and anti-government protest leaders are defying threats of Today they warned Today they warned of the prospect of bloodshed, adding to this sea of red. The Prime people's rights and people's rights and he will order the killing of order the killing of people because he's tha ir those rights back, says this man. Despite pulling a plug a TV station the leaders are now using mobile provincial radio stations. These protests about to enter their fifth week, the red shirts show no signs of shirts show no signs of moving on. The big question now whether the Government will whether the Government will use its state of its state of emergency powers to move which could move which could spark chaos and violence. There were and violence. There were new clashes when red shirts stormed a TV satellite a TV satellite earth station north of Bangkok with security forces responding with tear gas but today another sign the Government wants compromise not confrontation. With the state of emergency decree rebroadcast on TV. The shirt protesters say they will not leave until the Government gives into their gives into their demands. What they want consider... Having stormed the parliament this week the demonstrators are voying to keep keep up the pressure on the Government. After four weeks, this is now a test of It's being hailed as It's being hailed as one of the most important discoveries most important discoveries of recent times. The bones of million years ago have been unearthed from a cave in South Africa. Scientists say belong to a new species and find could help them understand how humans evolved from our ape-like ancestors. Africa correspondent Andrew correspondent Andrew Geoghegan reports. The face of an ancient human. Scientists say human. Scientists say these fossils represent a new species human evolution. The of an adolescent pamale and adult female adult female were discovered in the Heritage site near by an 8-year-old who happened to come along with his to come along with his father. I thought it was an antelope. I called my dad over and 5m he started swearing. I was like what did I do wrong? He said, "Nothing, you found a hominid." What we have found are arguably the most are arguably the most complete early hominid skeletons ever discovered. The less than 1.3m tall, weighed around 30kg and had many human traits. Sediba, Sediba in the local language means wellspring. We think a great source think a great source of information and knowledge about our ancestry these skeletons. The difficult task of dating the remains was completed by a group completed by a group of Australian scientists who estimated they're almost 2 million years old. On the hominids in between small-brained apes and larger-brained human ancestors. Where do I come from? And, as has increasingly clear in recent years, the answer to that question is Africa. This is called the cradle of humankind for good humankind for good reason. Remains found here have helped scientists piece together where we come from. This latest we come from. This latest find completes more of the And still to come on ABC News, a new addition to News, a new addition to the war memorial's Victoria Cross collection. Obesity is being labelled a labelled a looming catastrophe. Officially the nation's bulk is its biggest health problemx overtaking smoking at leading cause of disease and to the community is expected to get worse. It's a growing problem, so big that problem, so big that obesity is now the leading cause of premature death in Australia. There's no question crisis on our hands. Research by the Western Australian Health Department message has got through, fewer people are smoking but more are overweight and that big problems like diabetes, heart disease and cancer. The problems due to obesity impacting on our health right now. More than 60% of Australian adults and one Australian adults and one in four children obese and it's predicted to get worse. We are looking at the potential for a potential for a shorter life expectancy for kids now alive simply because of obesity. That's not a problem, thas that's a that's a looming catastrophe. Expanding waistlines are weighing on public purse, costing public purse, costing the community an estimated billion a year. A national task force highlighted the last year but those taking part say the Government's response has been too slow. We actually need some action now to make fresh food available. We need to have labelling of food so that people can understand what's in it and make what's in it and make healthy choices. Of course more can always be done. We're prepared to consider further steps but this is a community-wide problem. It needs the community, it needs health professionals, it professionals, it needs families and Government to tackle it. Health professionals are calling for the issue to be high on the a agenda at this months's Council of Australian Governments meeting. The ACT Government has ended speculation about future of Australia's French-Australian preschool. will stay at its current will stay at its current site at Red Hill Primary. at Red Hill Primary. The Government was going to move Government was going to move it to Griffith but that's too expensive. Instead, six classrooms will be We've made this decision. It was the right decision made. There was uncern for made. There was uncern for a period. The period. The expansion of Red Hill Primary will cost Hill Primary will cost $5 million. It's expected to million. It's expected to be finished by mid next year. The loam share market moved today in line with Wall Street and as Alan Kohler reports, abuzz with takeover activity. For a third day in For a third day in a row the aunched had a run at 93 US cents and just fell short. AMP today produced a couple of graphs eventually. Here's the first graph I've seen of graph I've seen of the US-Aussie 1900. It was a on a long down trend that ended 10 years ago and for 84 of the last 100 years it was above years it was above parity. The reason for both of reason for both of those things is commodity is commodity prices. This is a graph of a commodity price index that includes everything, energy, base metals, precious met xlz food. Australia is a commodity producer. Was wool then wheat, oil then wheat, oil and metals and now coal and iron ore liquefied gas. A 25-year market ended and if you look at the ups and downs of a GFC under way thanks mainly to China. There's a frenzy takeover bids going takeover bids going on at the moment. Today's development was a new bid for Macarthur which has mines in which has mines in Queensland's Bowen Basin from New Bowen Basin from New Hope which has a mine on the Darling Downs and Ipswich. The offer of $3.5 billion was rejected Macarthur Coal's price 8%. Gloucester, Centennial, Coal & Allied got caught up in the slip-stream. The All Ordinaries closed a quart of 1% higher which was about higher which was about the same rise as Wall dropped another 3% which down. I'm back at 10 on down. I'm back at 10 on Sunday with the head of ASIC. with the head of ASIC. That's finance. He was a pop music anarchist and to some anarchist and to some perhaps even or hate hiem was a or hate hiem was a major force in McLaren, best known for managing the Sex Pistols, managing the Sex Pistols, has died. He was died. He was 64.

# I am an anarchist # With the notorious Sex Pistols, Malcolm McLaren claimed to have created British punk rock in the 19 70s. The popularity rock was in effect due to the fact that it made beautiful. The nilism all led to an anti-design, anti-fashion, anti-social, anti-establishment, a, everything," vibe that became immensely immensely and immeasurably attractive. With his former wife Vivienne Westwood, had a big influence on had a big influence on fashion. Malcolm McLaren in Switzerland. It's as if he never stopped playing. Tiger Woods shot a 4 under par opening to golf at the US Masters to golf at the US Masters but another former Augusta winner, 50-year-old Fred 50-year-old Fred Couples, heads the leaderboard. The 1992 champion fired a 6 under 66 to be one stroke ahead of a group of five. Adam Scott is the best placed placed Australian, tied for twelthed at 3 under twelthed at 3 under par. Tiger Woods made a composed and well received entry after nearly five months out of the The reception's incredible all day. They've been favourable to him so far a favourable to him so far a lot more so than I expected to more so than I expected to be honest. Nothing appeared to have changed. Woods scurried to see a shot few others could make. An incredible golf shot Unbelievable. Though his displeasure was moderate and he did play his best first did play his best first round ever at Augusta after mixing the average with the tantalisingly good. We'll see what happens. I feel like I'm in the right spot and there's so many guys up there. This is a bunched leaderboard. The top of the leaderboard is rich with experience. 1992 winner Fred Couples converted his seniors tour form under 66. I got to be some kind of factor in my mind. Couples is 50, 10 years younger 50, 10 years younger than 2-time champion has a share of second at 5 under par alongside Phil Mickelson, Lee Westwood and Ye Yang and KJ Choi who showed no strain in playing alongside Woods. A host of players are in striking range including the best of best of the Australians Adam Scott who birdied Scott who birdied three consecutive holes from exact could it have made it 4. Scots at 3 Scots at 3 under and 3 behind. If this retribution it was a positive one. Football in Australia should be in rude health should be in rude health with a World Cup on World Cup on the horizon and the campaign to host one reaching a vital stage but the FFA has received blow with question marks raided over Clive Palmer's future bank-rolling Gold bank-rolling Gold Coast United. I suggested he needs additional sponsorship, we've committed to working with him on that. The FFA is him on that. The FFA is already giving a helping hand giving a helping hand to North Queensland and Brisbane Queensland and Brisbane and hoping to launch two new into the A-League over the next two years. Kelly Slater's won a fourth Bells Classic despite carrying a foot injury the event. Current world champion Mick Fanning champion Mick Fanning took the lead in the final only to see the 38-year-old youngster's elasticity with a stunning manoeuvre. Slater backed it up moments later with another high scoring wave to set a mark Fanning couldn't reach. Burrow still leads the ratings but Slater has put himself back in contention for in contention for a 10th world title. At least two Brumbies players won't be players won't be following team-mate Stirling Mortlock to Melbourne next year. Young guns Lealiifano have re-signed Lealiifano have re-signed with the ACT club for another two years. They were offered deals from the new Rebels and overseas clubs but for Matt Toomua and Christian Lealiifano, staying at the Brumbies was the preferred option. I always wanted to stay here and while I was in talks with other people I always had the priority of trying to stay here and things without the Brumbies and I'm happy I have. It was a tough decision with tough decision with me because Melbourne were keen and did Melbourne were keen and did all the right things and I'm they'll do well there but I'm happy to continue my stint here at the Brumbies and forward to. Toomua will start at fly half in tomorrow night's game against the Cheetahs at Canberra stadium. The South African team was dealt a blow today with news Juan Smith today with news Juan Smith was returning home after the death of his father. While he's gonium sure they've lost a great player but they'll probably lift because of the tragedy he's going through. The Raiders are they've put Sunday's performance against the Wests Tigers behind them. They the Eels on Monday night, another team needing a win. We are disappointed but be move on. Parramatta, who have cochadfair bit of adversity this week in the pape, they'll be fired up and thinking this is a game they can win. Another Canberran basketball in Seattle after a former Brindabella junior was today draft under to the today draft under to the WNBA. The Seattle Storm The Seattle Storm selects Alison lacy. She joins her fellow Aussie Jackson. The ablingt Government has revealed the world bike championships held in Canberra last year Canberra last year injected almost $8 million into local economy. local economy. It's Edward Kenna's lasting legacy. He awarded Australia's highest honour, the Victoria cross for Now his family has loaned the medal to the war memorial to added to the 60 already in its collection. Edward Ted Kenna kept his Victoria cross in sock drawer for sock drawer for most of his life. Now it lies in slightly more salubrious company Hall of valour at the Australian War Memorial. He earned the highest honour for gal wantry for his actions in New Guinea in 1945. The citation tells a tale of out stBeding initiative and without initiative and without orders he stood up in full view of the enemy less than 50 yards away and engaged them, firing his gun from the hip. were flying between they say. His magazine so he called so he called for another rifle and finished what and finished what he started. The Australians Japanese to pieces. It was Japanese to pieces. It was one man's contribution to Pacific campaign. The Pacific campaign. The Victoria cross was bestowed on 20 Australians Why VC winners are so humble Why VC winners are so humble in my opinion is they know they left a lot of good men behind lot of brave men. Ted Kenna died last year heeft his four children have his four children have loaned his war medals to the memorial. What makes these people do what nay do is a question everyone asks and I haven't got the answers. haven't got the answers. It's probably just a case of character. Edward Ted Kenna grew up in the Depression and lost his father at 15. lost his father at 15. This was a man who refused to be beaten by any circumstance no matter how tough. Amazing coolness, amazing valour, gallantry. And amazing legacy to leave behind. And to leave behind. And now with a look at today's weather, look at today's weather, here's Mark Carmody. Mark Carmody. Thanks, Virginia. We didn't see much of the sun today as high cloud connected to a trough currently crossing western NSW covered the cap it. We didn't get any rain and there's only a 20% chance of some tomorrow afternoon. You can see the that brought the rain to that brought the rain to the centre and that cloud extends through the State on through the State on to Tasmania. The trough in the Tasman is weakening but another trough to our west will move through our through our region overnight and there's a slim chance that one or two spots might fall late in the day. The rainfall has been sparse around here. far this month we've 3mm and the dams are 3mm and the dams are 53% of capacity. Virginia, you're taking holidays just in time and this flower, you flower, you remember doing this. Sweet. That's why it's called a honeysuckle. Thank you very much, Mark. And before we go a brief recap of go a brief recap of our top story tonight. The Federal Government has temporarily suspended the processing of refugee claims from asylum seekers from Sri Lanka and Afghanistan. The Government argues security countries is improving. And that's ABC News. Stay with that's ABC News. Stay with us now Catherine Garrett coming up next and I'm off on next and I'm off on leave for a few weeks. Craig Allen few weeks. Craig Allen will join join you next week and I look forward to your forward to your company again in May. Until then goodnight. This Program is Captioned Live. Hello, and welcome to Stateline. I'm Catherine Garrett. Coming up - the amazing art that turns a tree into a horse - and then actor Max Cullen turns into Henry Lawson. First, though, once Lawson. First, though, once in a while a story comes along that cuts through the often cynical media cycle, cynical media cycle, rattles people's priorities, and story does just that.