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(generated from captions) Live. Tonight - calls for calm as India buries a victim of Australian violence. Pornography or art - NSW leads the way in landscape has changed the way in law changes. The

significantly, particularly in the internet. The of the sunken hospital ship Centaur. And of the sunken war -time

top-scoring start to the new year for the Good evening. Siobhan Heanue Government has urged with ABC News. India's

country's media to show Government has urged the

restraint in the wake of another alleged attack Indian national in another alleged attack on an

Victoria's arson squad is Indian national in Australia. investigating after a 29-year-old was alight by four people 29-year-old was apparently set

Melbourne alight by four people in Anti-Australian feelings are Melbourne yesterday.

running high as the funeral held for Nitin Garg, stabbed to death in Melbourne last weekend. From New Michael weekend. From New Delhi, India's media networks Michael Edwards reports. there when Nitin Garg's body India's media networks were

arrived in New Delhi. I think it is shameful that it had to come to this. They've been covering the story closely week, reporting that the covering the story closely all

21-year-old was stabbed to death in a racist Victoria police say that claim death in a racist attack.

hasn't been Garg's funeral is today, but Indians in the controversy over attacks on

unlikely to settle down any time soon. networks have seized on the alleged assault Jaspreet Singh who claims four alleged assault of 29-year-old

men set him on fire in Melbourne superb of early yesterday morning. TRANSLATION: We got a phone call about 10 last night and saw the news on Australia. My brother There is inadequate security in

wife were returning home when Australia. My brother and his bad people poured petrol and set him on fire. Jaspreet Singh is being treated for burns his arms, chest and Police investigated but his arms, chest and face.

racially motivated. they don't believe it is

Government hopes this will not racially motivated. The

harm views of Australia. India has issued advising citizens to take extra has issued a travel warning

care in Australia and keeping up the political care in Australia and is

pressure. The police know who are the unwanted elements and this kind of crime. Why they arrest them and put this kind of crime. Why can't

behind bars? They have assured they arrest them and put them

us they have it is still a us they have taken measures and

disturbance and concern that it it is still a matter of great is continuing. But feeling building, India's is continuing. But with public

issued a note of caution - it External Affairs Ministerry has

has called for show for restraint when has called for journalists to

reporting on the attacks and says irresponsible comment and hurt the relationship. The Federal Government has moved to reassure athletes it will do everything it ensure their year's Commonwealth Games Delhi. Security experts year's Commonwealth Games in

warned that the Indian capital Delhi. Security experts have

environment ever faced presents the highest risk

organisers. environment ever faced by games and sports body say at this organisers. But the Government

stage there is no concern. Since the deadly terror attacks in Mumbai over a year ago, the Indian authorities say they've beefed up security forces with hardware. But it's not been enough to ally the fears of security experts who say the October is vulnerable to Delhi Commonwealth Games in

similar raid. The games in October is vulnerable to a

Delhi will be held within the highest risk environment that has been the case for Commonwealth Games up until now. The current from the Department of Foreign now. The current travel advice

Affairs warns of a high risk terrorist activity in India. But the Government and sports officials say for now there is nothing athletes away. We do take the security seriously and we will continue security of our athletes

to apply the strictest endeavours to ensure that they are safe. It's not something that you will cancel the games tomorrow. We will monitor the going to the games. Some situation. At this stage, we're

athletes are worried. It's always at the back of the mind, player safety. I don't think federation or association would player safety. I don't think a

want to put the players in awkward position. A small want to put the players in an

sent to Delhi with athletes, but there are calls officers to 50 to protect to boost numbers of AFP

Australian team. It desirable for us to have our own armed response element providing protection to the team just as a last line of resort, just in case Indian security officials will meet experts down. Commonwealth Games from foreign affairs department in from the Federal Police and the Canberra this week. is part of ongoing discussions Canberra this week. They say it

in Delhi and they will continue about the security arrangements

up to and during the games later Pakistani broadcast a video said to show Pakistani television has

the suicide bomber responsible for a deadly month. Seven agents were killed for a deadly attack on CIA

al-Balawi blew himself up at when Humam Khalil Abu Hulal

military base al-Balawi blew himself up at a

Pakistani border. It was the deadliest attack on the CIA in more than 20 years N his suicide video, the doctor says the bombing was in suicide video, the Jordanian

Pakistani revenge for the death of a Al-Balawi's father has confirmed the man in the video is his son. Funerals for two of the victims of the attack have been held been held in the United States. In Africa the death In Africa the death toll from a gun attack on national football team has risen to three. The assistant coach and a team spokesman coach and a team spokesman have died a day after their bus was ambushed and the driver on its way to the Africa Cup of nations in Angola. A team member is in a serious condition. There are conflicting reports conflicting reports about whether the side will still play in the 22-day competition. Togo's withdrawing the team. The country will observe three of mourning for the victims. Artists have warned they children in the wake of proposed changes to child pornography laws. Under the NSW Government's plans, Government's plans, the defence of artistic merit is of artistic merit is being scrapped. Victims groups have applauded the change. The nation's largest State Government admits its changes are partly in response to the debate over Bill debate over Bill Henson's work. It had to be looked at if for no other reason than for no other reason than the landscape has changed significantly with internet. An exhibition of Henson's images of naked young people was shut down by and works seized a and works seized a couple of years ago. The PM didn't hold back the works by one of Australia's most internationally acclaimed artists. I find them revolting. Kids deserve to have the childhood protected. Now the NSW Government says it wants to draw a clear line between pornography and art and that means removing the defence means removing the defence of artistic merit. The law artistic merit. The law always favours the offenders rather than the victims. This is a really good move, I guess, to start to put the rights of the victims in front. A spokeswoman for Bill Henson says the acting Premier's working party relevance to him: In history, only merit been used as a child pornography and the argument failed. Organisation representing artists says the Government's stance means artists any representation of children in their work. It is really, to see images of children disappearing from the public domain because public domain because we are all being accused in a being porn og grafrs. The NSW Government sesz the Government sesz the proposed laws are about redefining laws are about redefining child pornography to include any image which depicts abuse. The Government is abuse. The Government is now calling for Police have taken the Police have taken the radical step of urging step of urging people to do their banking on the their banking on the internet, citing the spread of identity theft through stolen mail. The call comes after the of a syndicate that has been stealing stealing mail out of letter boxes to boxes to establish false bank accounts. Police for a 25-year-old man believe many of those involved may be in Australia on may be in Australia on tourist and student visas. One of so-called runners clearing out a row of mail boxes in inner Sydney in November. You Sydney in November. You could easily have a person working the street after cheques and other stolen documents are being used to set up and personal loans thousands of dollars. Now after repeated warnings about repeated warnings about the scams scams around internet banking comes the opposite caution. The old adage the cheque is in old adage the cheque is in the mail has become precarious. We believe they should move to the electronic banking system that it is far more secure. Having money account to account is far more secure than a cheque in the mail box. Investigators are Chinese national Peng Zhang whose alleged to be a coordinator of the crime ring. Another national, a 29-year-old Chinese man is already Chinese man is already before the courts after his arrest believe the syndicate is probably still some involved are in Australia temporarily. People arriving in the country on student visas, others on tourist visas. Hundreds of households in North Sydney and Pyrmont have been hit and the are on alert. I am. I cheque I have my bank repeats. I'm wary of doing banking on the would rather take my chances with the mail. Detectives say they have no fraud through stolen mail is a problem interstate, but investigators say it is rarely apparent at first glance apparent at first glance that minor cases are linked to sophisticated syndicates. In sophisticated syndicates. In a statement statement the Bankers Association As a first step, the advice is to put a sturdy lock on your letter Victoria's Country Fire Authority is of an experienced volunteer firefighter killed when firefighter killed when the tampger he tampger he was driving crashed. Four other injured in the accident. It happened in the small town Tatong in the state's north-east. Erin Cassar reports. A horrible ending for a CFA crew heading out to protect the community from a scrub scrub fire. The driver, 61-year-old Hugh Monroe 61-year-old Hugh Monroe from Tolmie was killed in Four other volunteers Four other volunteers were injured. Routine. Even last year with crews helping in the... Black Saturday fires, our fires in 2006, not a single injury and then an innocuous thing. It's not thing. It's not fair. Police believe the tankers rear believe the tankers rear tyre clipped clipped a tree. Devastated firefighters gathered at firefighters gathered at the local local base while the CFA's chief officer commended the dedication of volunteers. You get up out of bed while you and I slummer away on a their community. It creates a ripple through the community. These small towns, they thrive on volunteers like this. Unfortunately the small has lost one of theirs. Police, the CFA and the coroner are all investigating. Germany is

to be brought to a standstill as severe weather conditions reek havoc across the northern hemisphere at Frankfurt more than 200 cancelled while scores of car accidents across have prompted calls for people to stay indoors. With conditions set to worsen, people are being advised people are being advised to stack up on essential weather Germany has experienced in decades. Much of the is blanketed by heavy snowfalls an the usually efficient transport network is in chaos. At one of Europe's busiest airports, busiest airports, Frankfurt, more than 200 flights have been wanted to fly, but the flight has been cancelled, as have many other flights. Now waiting. We have been waiting. We have been rebooked for this evening. It is not guaranteed. In Berlin, a group of swimmers ignored advise to stay in indoors, embracing the freezing conditions for a dip in the lake for the annual beautiful. I'm not either. In France, the Eiffel Tower still made the most of the white backdrop. TRANSLATION: I'm here with my wife I'm here with my wife from Spain. It is very cold, but it is Paris in the winter is Paris in the winter and the snow makes it more romantic. At the airport hundreds of passengers had to dozens of flights were delayed. In roads have caused major delays and accidents. delays and accidents. Power failures have brought trams to China, one of a standstill. In northern

China, one of the world's largest shipping largest shipping ports has been hit by the worst ice conditions in 30 years. Ice breaking ships have been working to keep lanes completely frozen over. Minnehaha Falls normally flow over a 50 foot drop, but degrees have put a freeze SA is preparing for SA is preparing for its worst fire danger day in five years with the risk in ten out of districts declared catastrophic. The temperatures tomorrow are expected to reach 42 degree s with northerly winds. Thunderstorms are forecast also. above 35 catastrophic danger areas are advised to leave the morning to go to a the morning to go to a safer place. Swimming pool owners Canberra are being put notice that fencing rules notice that fencing rules are about to get Legislative Assembly will consider applying the consider applying the new laws retrospectively so owners older pools will have older pools will have to comply. Since 2002, comply. Since 2002, seven children under five years children under five years old have drowned, six in backyard pools. For every child who drowns, it is estimated more survive but with lempl damage. From May pool owners will face tougher restrictions when the building Australia is tightened. New pools, will no longer be allowed to have doors allowed to have doors or windows leading into the pool area. You have to build a fence inside the wall or you have to remove the openings. In other words, have a wall to the that has no openings into the pool. Indoor pools will need to have doors that open away from the pool so that a door left ajar can't be open. While the changes open. While the changes come into affect May, the ACT Planning Minister wants to go further. He wants to go further. He will put fresh legislation to the Legislative Assembly that will make compliance make compliance retrospective. That would mean older pools will will need to be brought into line. There are more than 30,000 backyard pools in the ACT. Most of them have been built before the year 1997 when new building code standards come in. So that could be come in. So that could be quite a few pools that aren't compliant. There is potentially a cost, but I believe the is minimal in comparison to the life of a child. Children more likely to drown in backyard pools than in rivers, creeks, baths and substitute for substitute for supervision. It is easy for kids to is easy for kids to climb fences. Fencing is great, but it can't be the only line defence. Royal Lifesaving Society says quick action to resuscitate children can save lives and prevent brain damage. They are They are hardly in conspicuous, but they are about to become a rarer site on Queensland roads. The company Wicked Campers is disputed figures released by the Queensland Government about the number of vans taken off road for being defective. An audit found all fleet unroadworthy. The State Government says the Government says the company voluntarily decommissioned 77 of the 86 vans deemed a further five unsafe. People might think it is wicked to have Wicked Campers but I think it wicked to have campers wicked to have campers out there there driving them in a dangerous manner. The company says less than 5% of the national fleet is off in. Safety is our first priority. This is an attack by the Government that is needless. We don't know needless. We don't know why they are doing it to Queensland Government says alerted other States and territories to the situation. The first pictures have been revealed of the have been revealed of the final resting place of 268 Australians 2km under sea. The hospital ship Centaur was torpedoed by a Japanese submarine off the Queensland coast during World War II. A search team found the site last month but today site last month but today they positively identified the ship and recorded wreckage. It's been lost for 66 years, 66 years, but now pictures of the the sunken World War II hospital hospital ship Centaur have come to the surface. Go That's it! David Mearns and his team found the historic site using equipment last month but wanted visual proof. Early this morning a remote controlled submarine captured the images many people have been waiting a lifetime to see. There doubt this is the Centaur. We found a number of absolutely identifying features which are ship. The word 'closure' comes to mind. It will mean to mind. It will mean closure for a lot of people. A submarine torpedoed the Centaur off the coast of South-East Queensland. 268 people were killed and the ship sank to a watery grave. Terrible things happen, happen, but this would have to be the worst. The the ship has been ripped in two. It is two. It is very damaged. One of the worst I have seen. But some iconic symbols of the Centaur remain in tact, like Cross painted on its bow. I think we have enough that I know they will want. The area is considered a area is considered a war grave and diving isn't allowed. and diving isn't allowed. A commemorative plaque will be placed beside the wreck coming days. The Canberra Glassworks will be showcased Glassworks will be showcased to an international audience as part of part of this year's world expo in Shanghai. A large scale art work being produced at the artworks will adorn the entrance to the pav illian at the expo. The piece, the expo. The piece, called 'Microscopia', cost the 'Microscopia', cost the ACT Government $140,000. Government $140,000. It uses lairs of glass and light create an image create an image inspired by the Great Barrier Great Barrier Reef. Public artworks such as this have artworks such as this have to act upon the senses first and foremost and foremost and hopefully people might then think what it about or intellectual lairing there is. After the world expo wraps up, the artwork will installed permanently at Canberra's new Women and Children's think of anything more appropriate come and see when they are spending time in the spending time in the hospital sick or for children visiting others. It will be a others. It will be a lovely experience for them. Hospital is expected to open second half of 2011. Well, second half of 2011. Well, the tyre smoke tyre smoke that has lingered over Canberra for the past days is beginning to evening, as the festival nears the finish line for another year. Before the cars roared out of Lorie from Canberra was crowned grand champion and he celebrated celebrated appropriately. The events events new organisers were happy with crowd happy with crowd numbers and while security incidents were down, there was a serious assault outside the gates night which left a man been in contact with the police about about that. Look, about that. Look, we're obviously very concerned about any of that sort of behaviour associated with our 19-year-old Canberra man was arrested and he will arrested and he will face court tomorrow. Kim Clijsters has added another tight toll added another tight toll her impressive resume, beating Justine Henin in a tough final at the Brisbane She was in control of the mid way through the second set, but Henin won but Henin won seven games in a row to row to set up a gripping finale. Andy Roddick needed two tiebreakers to Stepanek but fans were treated to an amazing battle between two Belgium superstars in the women's decider. It was a promoters dream about, two former world number former world number ones going head-to-head. Kim tried to work her way back into the set, but her the set, but her compatriot wasn't about to let it slip through her fingers. Clijsters carried the momentum into the second and jumped out to second and jumped out to a 4-1 lead. Henin rattled off five straight match into a decider. She raised to a raised to a 3-0 lead in the third, but Clijsters dug in. The US Open Clijsters prevailed after almost 2.5 hours on court. We set the bar pretty high today and I think obviously it's for us to play a for us to play a match like. This there were rallies we were laughing at. We never played good fights in the past. Some have been good, but today what I felt on the court was just amazing. A leg injury has forced Henin to withdraw from the Sydney International. Clijsters donated her prize money to a money to a Brisbane hospital. Andy Roddick knew he would face a dog fight Radek Stepanek in the the cagy Czech lived up to his reputation. Stepanek foiled Roddick's attempts to close out the set saving points. He handed the set a swag of errors. Stepanek's spiral continued in the second set and the American found himself ahead 5-1. There was a twist at the tail end. Roddick tightened up. Once again tightened up. Once again he took the edge in took the edge in the tiebreak but kept falling at the final hurdle until Stepanek gifted him with a title with a double fault. The fault. The defending champion, Australian Geoff Ogilvy has moved into moved into outright second place one stroke behind leader Lucas Glover after the third round of the US PGA. A six-shot winner in the same event last year, Ogilvy closed in with three birdies in in with three birdies in four holes during his front nine and took the lead with birdies at the 12th and 14th holes. After an erratic holes. After an erratic start to his round, Glover regained his composure his composure and recaptured the lead with three birdies late. Fresh from their Christmas break, the Christmas break, the Capitals have started the new year with their season, beating the season, beating the AIS 115-39. The Capitals dominated the derby, the derby, cementing their position in the Rested, refreshed and raring to go. The Capitals took the early lead, scoring 33 to the AIS's 11 in the opening quarter. It was another chance for fans to see the newly recruited Lauren Jackson on her home disappoint. Jackson scored disappoint. Jackson scored 28 points, showing why she's points, showing why she's one of the sports best. Abbie Bishop shone for the Capitals. She notched up 26 points. She notched up 26 points. The AIS had moments of magic. they were out-classed and outplayed. With 11 points, Gretel Tippett top scored for the institute. The AIS is still searching for their first win of the Townsville next week. The Capitals hit the road and play Dandenong on Saturday afternoon. afternoon. With only five games to go until the finals, will be hoping their winning A Canberra runner has set a new record at the 27th Tasmanian marathon championships in Hobart. Victorian Mark Tucker went out hard from the start and held the lead throughout the lead throughout the 21km race. The 30-year-old crossed the line the line in 65 minutes and 34 seconds, 26 seconds seconds, 26 seconds faster than the previous race record 15 years ago. touch-and-go at the end. I was looking at my watch. I knew I worked hard, but very happy to get it. Fellow Victorian 44-year-old Sandra was the first female the time of one hour, 20 minutes and 28 seconds. In the full marathon, the full marathon, the ACT's Scott McTaggart broke the course record by 21 seconds. I just got pace a little bit. Got a ahead of the record and then I was lucky from 35km to 40km I had a bad patch. There are few hills. Brisbane's Sharon Ryder won the women's marathon in just over three hours. To the weather and it was, as expected, another scorcher in Canberra today. We reached 38 degrees after a overnight low of 18. In the city right now the city right now the temperature is 28

Patchy cloud over the NSW central ranges is causing potentially severe Skies are mostly Skies are mostly clear elsewhere in the east. Very hot, dry and in all the southern in all the southern states will increase the fire tomorrow. A trough will cause showers and showers and storms over the central interior. Broken and a trough over western parts of the continent is triggering showers and a monsoon trough will cause heavy rain in the tropics. The And that is the news for now. Thanks for your company. Goodnight.