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Francesco's Mediterranean Voyage -

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(generated from captions) health and hospitals. In two

years, after 12 years of

running around in circles by

the previous mob. We brought the Murray Darling Basin

Authority into existence, for

the first time next year

there'll be a basin-wide plan for the nature, the entire

history of the Murray Darling,

the Commonwealth Minister will

set a cap, fourthly we

purchased back 750 gigalitres

worth of water entitlements for

the system and fourthly

investing 3-4 billion in

increasing the efficiency of the irrigation infrastructure,

if you don't think it's a

record of achievement. Mate, I

bow to other levels of

activity. What I'm putting to

you is that what you are

talking about is going to have

to happen across such a broad

scale of areas. Sure. The capacity of any Federal

Government to be able to

properly coordinate, coerce,

ultimately forcing the States

to deliver the goods in all of

these areas is a reach that is

enormous, I would suggest to

you compared to the level of

confidence and trust the

Australian people have in State

Governments. That's the last question. We haven't been

delivered a perfect system of

Government, but by two years of

effort, with investment

intelligently of the national

dollar, and by collaborating

with the states we achieved

those 4-5 outcomes on the

Murray Darling. Health and

hospitals we have a whole

series of outcome-based

agreements with the States and

territories on elective

surgery, on post acute care,

Emergency Departments in hospitals, again for the first

time in the country's history

because we have chosen to make

this work. Ken Henry your own

Treasury Secretary said you'll

the mass of infrastructure have to find new ways to fund

demands ahead. What is

happening now will not be

enough. We have an independent review of taxation which

delivered its report. How we

fund this for the future is a

critical challenge as well.

Hence why we need to grow the

economy through greater

investment in productivity,

infrastructure, skills, what I

have spoken about for the last

week to 10 days, that's the

economic equation generating

economic growth and tax rev

thought to invest in

infrastructure we need. None of

this is easy, there are two

scripts for the future, you can

play the blame game and say

it's the state's problem, do a

bit around the else and run to

an election on a campaign of

fear and smear, or you can say,

"No, we are elected to lead the "No, we are elected to lead the

nation and we intend to make a

difference with a plan

cooperatively engaged by the

States and territories, and

yielding the results over time.

That's our script, and how we

intend to govern. Kevin Rudd

thanks for talking to us,

that's the program for tonight,

but the special coverage only

growth and population, it is

not over. Tomorrow we'll have a

forum with a range of views

looking at critical issues that

have emerged this week. Until then, goodnight. Closed Captions by CSI


I set sail aboard the Black Swan. FRANCESCO: 'Almost three months ago, Now my journey is coming to an end.' Wow! (ALL CHUCKLE) 'The city of Istanbul. I can hardly believe it.' THEME MUSIC

SOLEMN MUSIC from Venice to Istanbul, 'I've been sailing of my ancestors. following the trading routes

we've been in Turkish waters, For the last few weeks and now, at last, towards Istanbul.' we are sailing along the Bosporus MYSTERIOUS MUSIC This is one of the most unforgettable sights in the world, Istanbul as seen from the Bosporus. and on that side is Asia. On this side is Europe,

that stretches across two continents. This is the only city in the world

EXOTIC MUSIC many names - 'The city has been called Constantinople, the new Rome, Byzantium, and now Istanbul.' 'Across the centuries, a capital and Islamic civilisations, of both Christian against us Venetians but always a mighty power to control the Mediterranean.' as we competed (SPEAKS IN FOREIGN LANGUAGE) Ciao. RHYTHMIC MUSIC is at its most vibrant...' 'In the old town, street life unchanged for centuries.' '..tradition of trade and art

Wow! SONG: # Istanbul was Constantinople not Constantinople # Now it's Istanbul, Constantinople # Been a long time gone, on a moonlight night # Now it's Turkish delight # Every gal in Constantinople not Constantinople # Lives in Istanbul, in Constantinople # So if you've a date # She'll be waiting in Istanbul... # # Istanbul, Istanbul... # Ah, yeah, so you... Out, flat. No, it stays like this, out. No. Maybe I need some training. # So take me back to Constantinople to Constantinople # No, you can't go back Constantinople # Been a long time gone, get the works # Why did Constantinople but the Turks # That's nobody's business # Istanbul. # Marhaba. Marhaba. 'This is the main gateway to the Topkapi Palace. of the Ottoman Empire Topkapi was at the heart for 400 years, of magnificent buildings, a sprawling complex home to the Sultan and his court.' were allowed here to make petitions. Three days a week, ordinary people going in and out, silence reigned But despite all this out of respect for the Sultan, who could have been watching. takes me through 'The Gate of Felicity to the inner sanctum of the palace.' STIRRING MUSIC

of the palace went on - 'Here, the private affairs the school, the treasury, the library, of royal power.' and leading to the very centre MUSIC INTENSIFIES MYSTERIOUS MUSIC This is the Throne Room. would meet his council Here, the Sultan

their proposals. and approve or disapprove STIRRING MUSIC of the palace...' 'And this is the most secret part ..the harem. MYSTERIOUS MUSIC The Sultan was the only man with testicoli who could go inside. To make sure, the harem was guarded by eunuchs, slaves who had had chop off their...mmm. 'Hundreds of concubines were kept in the harem, but the Sultan would only choose a few for his personal pleasure.' The world "harem" still has an erotic air, but there was nothing erotic about this place. It was a prison for women taken from their homes and families. It was a place of sorrow and despair. HAUNTING MUSIC ANDREWS SISTERS-STYLE MUSIC I'm so sorry I'm late. I'm sorry. Hello. Welcome. Welcome. But I'm ready. Are you sure? I hope so. OK, the gear is here. Let's go. No coffee? No time for coffee. OK. 'With the help of Ali Yamac, I'm about to discover a hidden side of Istanbul.' In a carpet shop? In a carpet shop. This is for you. This is for me. Is it safe to go down? (LAUGHS) You just follow me. OK. You are so funny. (LAUGHS) You've got to turn on the light. What? Turn on the light. How? (LAUGHS) Like this. MYSTERIOUS MUSIC Ow. Watch your head. Yeah, too late. (LAUGHS) Wow! These are domes! 'Beneath Istanbul is a vast network of tunnels dating back more than 1,000 years.' But is it true that the Sultans were coming here? Yes, and there's a story about Sultan Murad IV. He was using those chambers and galleries to go out of the palace at night-times to check the people, if they are smoking or drinking alcohol. He was like Big Brother. (LAUGHS) Yeah. Yes, actually. Anyhow, if he sees one... Oh, terrible! Really Big Brother. 'There are hundreds of tunnels like this beneath the city.' Which way now? Here? This, this? This way. (SINGS INDISTINCTLY)

'Many have been forgotten. Some are now blocked. But once, they all linked up, connecting different parts of the city. There are also ancient underground water cisterns.' Now, we have to put those things on. Interesting. Real difficult thing.

OK, we are ready now. If you say so. Let's go. This is like Venice with a high tide.

(LAUGHS) Wow, this is huge.

Yeah. It was built during the 6th century. It's one of the largest underground cisterns in Istanbul. Look at all those colours. Ah. And why there are all different capitals? Cos they carried them from different parts of Anatolia to here. Be careful with the channel. Yeah. What is here? This is a capital fell down. Oh, fishes! (CHUCKLES) Hope there are no rats. Hope? I hope so. Oh, it's raining here. EXOTIC MUSIC 'The cistern is incredible, but I'm about to see the most mysterious sight of all.' Franky, look what's here. Once, it was completely underwater. We have another one over there. 'Two giant heads of Medusa. They are wonderful, but no-one knows why they are here.' Ali? I'm here. Come. Wait! CRICKETS CHIRRUP 'My second day in Istanbul, and it's seven o'clock in the morning, opening time at the Grand Bazaar.' EXOTIC MUSIC 'Istanbul has always been an important trading city, like Venice, and the Grand Bazaar is one of the largest covered markets in the world.' EXCITED HUBBUB

'There are 4,000 shops here, selling jewellery, pottery, spices, carpets...' Nice! '..leather and, of course...' (BOTH SPEAK IN FOREIGN LANGUAGE) '..Turkish delight.' Yeah. (LAUGHS) '58 streets make up this vast emporium. It's a fantastic labirinto.' Lost. 'I'm meeting carpet seller Hakan Evin.' Oh, hi, Francesco. Ciao. How are you? Very well. It's good to see you. So, I'm here to learn? Yes! 'Hakan is going to teach me how to sell carpets.' I have to tell you that, really, I don't know anything about carpets. Yeah, no. I'm totally in your hands. Yeah, no problem. No problem. So, let's start. This is one of the oldest design for Ottoman Empire. Ah. $50 is the cost prices, so we should make at least 100% profit, because the expenses, tax, are 150%, 200%. Wow! This is new. This looks old, but it is not old. It is tea-washed, acid-washed. Ah, with the tea. I see. Yes, with the tea wash, we call. This is beautiful piece, wonderful piece.

If this piece would be well-restored, this piece would be priceless, easily over $5,000. Wow. Yes. But the problem of this piece, the carpet dealers, instead of restoring it, what they do is they paint the carpets. Do you see this blue parts, this blue? Mm-hm. It's painted. You can immediately tell, OK? Wow! You see, this is bad carpet dealer stuff. Because it's faster? Yes. It is not my carpet. As you know, I bought it from other store

because we do not have this kind of restorations. We have original restorations, like this, for example. Do you see? We make the restoration.

Of this part? Yes. We remade it. Can I try with that thing? Sure! See? It's just... Yeah, dirt. Dirt. You see? 'The price of a carpet is not just about how old it is.

The material used and the number of knots in a carpet can also push the price up.' Now I am going to show you... Mm-hm. ...the best carpets that you can ever see in your life. You do not show this carpet to lots of customers

because it's so special, so you have to show it only for very, very knowledgeable and rich peoples. (LAUGHS) It's important, also.

This is pure silk carpet. Wow! This is a real art, like Turkish Picasso. This piece has 4,300,000 knots inside of this piece, and the woman cannot make more than 2,000 knots a day... Wow. ..because of it is very tight. So, it will take around 12 years to finish this piece. And how much cost this one? $250,000. All we need is a customer who likes art piece. For some people, diamonds is a good investment, but for some other people this is a good investment. I think I will not be able to sell it. Hello. Hello. Would you like have a look at some carpets, huh?

No. No. Carpets with silk, Turkish silk? No. No. Would you like to buy a carpet? What? Carpet. (SPEAKS IN FOREIGN LANGUAGE) It's nice, really! Come. Just to have a look. You don't have to buy it. No carpet. You don't like carpets? You have carpets at home?

No. No carpets? No carpets. It's not that easy. It's a nightmare, a nightmare! Marvellous, you see? I don't remember exactly how many knots, but... Where the size? It's like this because it's quite expensive. Everybody... This is Turkish silk. It's very good. It's big. How do I know it's silk? 420 knots per square centimetre. $300. $800. No. (BOTH WHISPER INDISTINCTLY) OK,, five... Six! 500. 550, 550. Francesco, you are doing very good. Very. And are you from America? Yes. Americans are good. Yes, they are. They're friendly.

As you see, I can stop and talk to Americans. Germans, stay away from them. (ALL LAUGH) Italians, they are nice, friendly, but they are stingy! Yeah. (SPEAKS INDISTINCTLY) So we need to deal with the friendly and potential customers. Yeah, and full of money. (LAUGHS) OK? Yes. So, she wants it for... OK, 500. 500. OK, 500. Oh, right! OK, so...

Let me, let me help. It is his first sale. He is doing very good, so we will give you a special discount. $500. (SPEAKS IN FOREIGN LANGUAGE) He's good. He's done this. MYSTERIOUS MUSIC 'It's time to relax a little,

and this is one of the best Turkish baths in Istanbul.' (SPEAKS IN FOREIGN LANGUAGE) Scrub.

Massage a la Turc. Yes. Complete bath service. Complete Orientel Luxury Service. Yes. I want that one! (SPEAKS IN FOREIGN LANGUAGE) (LAUGHS) 'For Turks, a visit to the baths is more than a good wash. The Koran stresses physical cleanliness as a route to purity of the soul.' SHOES CLONK WATER RUNS

Not very comfortable, these things. Hello. (SPEAKS IN FOREIGN LANGUAGE) WONDROUS MUSIC (GROANS) Hey, it's two months I'm sailing in the same boat, and I'm really destroyed - oh! (LAUGHS) QUIRKY MUSIC KNUCKLES CRACK Quite strong, actually.

(LAUGHS) Fantastic! I think I've never been so clean. And now? Hmm? Yeah, to you. Sleep? Mmm, sleep. Oh, I think I can do that. Thanks. (SPEAKS IN FOREIGN LANGUAGE)



Well, after three month at sea, my journey is at an end. It might not have been as epic as those of previous amongst us. Men went out for years serving the Venetian Republic and even died for it.

But at least I feel like I can look my ancestors in the eye again. Ciao! HAUNTING MUSIC SWELLS Closed Captions by CSI - Debbie Coughlin

This Program is Good evening. Virginia Haussegger with an ABC News update. The new school website was launched today with an ABC News update. The new my the Government's praising it school website was launched today an move towards transparency. But there the Government's praising it as a are concerns that

are concerns that lower-performing schools may schools may be stigmatised. Teachers say the results will inevitably lead to league threatened strike action. Health to league tables and they've

authorities have advised 4,500 Australians Australians they've tested positive after using new

screening kit a year earlier. All of after using new bowel cancer them were cleared by faulty discovery of the faulty tests prompted them were cleared by faulty kits. Th

prompted a mailout of almost 500,000 new kits. Sydney's controversial desalination plant has been desalination plant has been switched on and is into the city's on and is pumping purified sea water New South Wales Premier says at into the city's drinking supply. The capacity it will provide around 15% of Sydney's water

with your favourite book could soon of Sydney's water supply. Curling up be an entirely be an entirely different experience. One of One of the world's computer giants Apple has launched Apple has launched a new product calld the computer tablet will do for calld the i-Pad. It hopes the sleek

magazines what computers have computer tablet will do for books an magazines what computers have alread done for music and movies. To Canberra's weather - late winds tomorrow and a possible afternoon

storm. A top of 31 and low of 16. Sydney 28, Melbourne 24, Adelaide 30.

Sydney 28, Melbourne 24, Adelaide 30 More news in an hour.