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(generated from captions) Tonight - an early electoral test for the new Liberal to the Greens but no-one leader. There will be a swing

read anything into that Two men dead in a south coast boating tragedy. The Socceroos handed a tough draw in South Africa. And the Windies finally find form with the bat. Good

electoral test as Liberal Abbott has facing his first

leader with counting under way in two key Bradfield in Sydney and Higgins in Melbourne have ballots. The turmoil and climate change could see a swing to the Greens and Liberal Party says it taking any for granted. There was something the Higgins by-election. was something for everybody in

party devoted the Higgins by-election. From a flesh to a radical boldly predicting the results. This woman will not be the next member Kelly O'Dwyer certainly expects Liberal certainly expects to, but the divisions on climate change Liberal leadership turmoil and

policy could didn't think much of the significant voter backlash. I

Liberal party at the forced to preferences for the moment. The Liberals could be first time in the seat's history . Look, a win is a win the people invest their and at the end of the day if and at the end of the day

that I am going to be the the people invest their trust

of person with of person who will continue on former member. The former MP agrees it could be tight. Higgins has never been a really safe seat. The margin at the last 7%. Greens candidate Clive the last election was Hamilton who has campaigned solely on the issue of climate change by-election will serve as wake-up call for the Liberals. It's always certainly if it did go preferences I think we'd be feeling pretty by-elections are a fire. Campaigning in the seat by-elections are a bapttism of

of Bradfield the new leader was expectation. By-election busily lowering traditionally difficult for expectation. By-election are

incumbent party, there's usual traditionally difficult for the

lay slight swing against the incumbent party Candidate challenge from the Fletcher is also facing a

he's refusing challenge from the Greens, but yet. We could go he's refusing to worry just

exercise of conducting different possible scenario of results and then coming up with four or five different spins each of these two ten different four or five different spins on

scenarios but it might be better to wait result we disglet and he won't have to wait for much The votes in Bradfield and Higgins The electoral Higgins are now being counted.

to be delivered. Two dead to be delivered. Two men are off Tuross Heads on the south coast. The men went misses when their 6m fishing boat more than around 8 o'clock this morning

coast. An air and sea search was launched for the pair who were both in their sent 70s a man and a woman who were also on board were rescued a taken to bodies of the two men were found early this afternoon, one of them, Bert Ippoliti, had just had a birthday. He's his 76th birthday last night. The name of the second man released. Firefighters man hadn't been have threatened properties in still batting bladeses that

central conditions are forecast for the next few days, as towns across NSW including those in the naug emergency system. They're battling naug emergency warning contain two system. They're battling to

Bathurst, 20 Sydney have been sent in to try and great the upper hand before conditions. The weather forecast for the next few days is going to see some more dry is going to see some more hot, conditions. On her second day on the job, the Premier visited Rural Fire Service headquarters to launch a new phone based warning system. message out to people in an Saturday. To quickly get the

messages a second or voice messages a minute. messages a second or 1,000

messages sent to residents of first trial began today with first trial began

Lapstone in Mountains. I'm particularly interested to hear people about whether the use of warning siren on the voice the use of the emergency messages that's is appropriate. It was also when she told her children that family day for Ms Keneally,

she'd seize the top job Thursday night she she'd still take them to the Olympic Park.. Have you leaved Supercar race at Sydney's

up to your prommis? Indeed I have. My son Dan sell here with me today and we had from her over to the V8 races. But the me Chan yoirfs politics continuing. In blar me Chan yoirfs politics are

Cabinet. Frank Sartor continuing. In blar the new offered a frontbench but ALP sources are offered a place on the

played down reports John Bosca is in line for comeback. I am not going to speculate on the make-up kaunt. Ms Keneally still speculate on the make-up of

heard from the PM but she's not concerned. She'll see heard from the PM but says

Kevin Rudd at the COAG meet on Monday. More than 100 have been killed by Monday. More than 100 people

packed night club in Another 140 people are thought happened in the city of pempl vo have been injured. It

about 1200 kilometres Moscow. about 1200 kilometres east of was Mr Speakered when Moscow. Officials say the blaze

fireworks display went was Mr Speakered when a Witnesses say there fireworks display went wrong. as00 of people rushed exits. Most of the victims died as00 of people rushed for the

from smoke competition to deal with Government has set up a special

competition to deal with the tragedy. In Pakistan, in a terrorist attack on a mosque. During Friday mosque. During Friday prayers. Militants stormed the mosque near the country's army headquarters city of Rawalpindi. They sprayed gun fire and themselves up. The mosque themselves up. The mosque is restricted to soldiers and their families. 17 children their families. 17 children and six military killed in the attack. Authorities are investigating how the attackers got through a tight security ring surrounding the area. The battle against the Taliban is heating up launched a new offensive in Helmand province with the help of Afghan forces. of Afghan forces. They cleared Taliban corridors for the advancing troops. The battle bell began asinato announced it will send 7,000 more troops next 7,000 more troops next year. A 25 countries to have responded to President Obama's to President Obama's call within three days, defies the those subsequent community will not be able to summon up the resolve for effort. The pledge falls short of the 10,000 of the 10,000 troops Americans has been hoping for and comes after the US announcement of extra 30,000 soldiers to be deployed next year. It environmental plan championed by the preserve a wildlife corridor from the snow you from the snow you mointion to Queensland. But residents the north-west of NSW say a proposed hi voltage power now threatens now threatens crucial sections of that bushland. Spanning # 800 kilometres from southern NSW to Queensland, this of bush is part of a corridor giving animals a migrate safely. But plans to build a high voltage power line from lis Moore to tenterfield risk. We are going to have a corridors 60m wide, carved through the trees that we've left which have been left particularly for Dowe's family has lived on property for more than 125 years. They've planted trees and bushland creating their own haifren for native animals. Another department can come in and just do jailed for doing if we did it. To us that's an enormous conflict. That's a conflict. That's a concern shared by other land holders who say this region has a number of protected number of protected species and clearing a 60m swathe untumpd bushland will Spit put a species. White box tree, Blakely red gums Blakely red gums tries are considered considered highly endangered species. This is the them. The locals are now fighting Transgrid, Government says the extra power is needed to field a growing proption in proption in northern NSW. But residents say the Government's overcalculated overcalculated . Apart from the fact that fact that there's no need for this at all looked at the alternatives we believe very strongly if were forced by the AER to look at the alternatives, would show very clearly that there's no need for this sort of electricity of electricity supply An environment impact environment impact assessment on the propodz route is under way, taking the matter to court. The energy company Chevron energy company Chevron has signed a $90 Tokyo electric power, Tokyo electric power, the biggest sales biggest sales contract ever secure wid an Australian exporter. The agreement will see one 4.1 tonnes of liquified natural year. The West Australian Premier Colin Barnett says the 20 year State become the world's largest LNG producer by 2020. In Italy, a In Italy, a Ann American college student has college student has been sentenced to 256 years in jail for the sexual assaulter murder of her British room mate. 22-year-old Knox Knox was found guilty along with her guilty along with her boyfriend and another man and another man of killing 21-year-old Meredith Kercher. Prosecutors said the two women had argued before Knox fetched the two men and then joined them in the assaulter murder. The year-long trial has Italy with its salacious Italy with its salacious detail of drugs, alcohol Authorities had sought life imprisonment for Knox but she was sentenced to 26 years. boyfriend, 25. Failure to properly care for pets properly care for pets could mean a day in court under radical new proposals from RSPCA. The society is helping put together prevent animal neglect. prevent animal neglect. It wants a regime where pet owners could face stiff fines or in extreme cases dog every day or risk a dog every day or risk a fine. It sounds harsh but It sounds harsh but that's exactly what the enshrined in law along with other measures healthy pets. There is healthy pets. There is this minority who refuses to make a commitment to their animal and therefore bring it up as keep it properly. As far as Dr Wirth is concerned there line between neglect line between neglect and cruelty. Neglect starts off as purely a failure to something, but this has an impact on the animal eventually . Animal lovers tend to agree. I think it's cruel. How would you like to be locked the backyard and not see anybody else? Currently only Victoria and the ACT have rule on pet care. But they are voluntary and breaching means nothing before the courts. But it means a great deal to the 140,000 unloved pets are dumped in Australia. Animals that have been starved, mostly... Any tougher regulation will still rely on the vigilance of people to report negligent owners. I think might be very difficult to police, but ways to get around it. One would be to make would be to make potential owners take a test. It would stop a lot of draft guidelines will be spit submitted to Christmas. AIDS activists in Papua New Guinea say the Papua New Guinea say the number of children of children contracting HIV-AIDS is rising dramatically. Figures show the number of cases this year is three times last year's total and the anti-AIDS course has been dealt another blow been dealt another blow with a major international condonor rejecting the country's application for more than $100 million to help fight the disease. Every week this woman comes to for lunch and to collect milk formula for her toddler. formula for her toddler. The 24-year-old 24-year-old is HIV positive and so is her child. But to tell her As well as provided and counseling the Friends Foundation cares Foundation cares for four HIV positive orphans. 11 months we have a total of 157 children referred to that is very high. In Papua New Guinea around 10,000 people receive subs Has dried up after the global fund rejected Papua New Guinea's application for more alternative source of funding. For the continuation For the continuation of those people under treatment and those people those people who will go on to treatment in treatment in the near further. In an alternative source isn't found source isn't found there are only enough drugs to only enough drugs to meet current demands until next Friend cares for four HIV positive orphans. 11 months we that is very high. In Papua New fund rejected Papua New Guinea's application for more money. We have to find an alternative source of funding. For the continuation of those people under treatment and further. In an alternative source isn't found there are only enough drugs to meet current demands until next .... It's now less than three weeks until Christmas day. ... In Durban.. play Germany in first think it's a big game, it's a great game and I think the way them would be a massive result. Australia's second game will be against Ghana will be against Ghana the only team in group D. ... Socceroos . Is eagerlily awaiting kick-off in months. Australian opener Shane Watson and scratch have given their side the perfect platform to build a big score in their first innings of the second Test. The West Indies frustrated Australia's bowling before they were finally all out for 451. In Australians were largely untroubleded at the crease, with Watts yob just short of with Watts yob just short of a century at century at stumps. The crowd barely had a chance to take a seat before Australia crashed through what was a stubborn seventh wicket partnership. While former Queenslander Brendan Nash pushed on reaching his half-century, the boundaries came from the less than elegant but nonetheless nifr Richie Benaud. Punched away for News 24. When he was trapped in front front and soon after roach roach row departed roach row departed the odds were the West Indies would be bowled out for less than 400. But evidently Rams can intent on showing he was a number 11 unleashing some impressive Stokes. Very, good hit. Perhaps frustrated by RamPaul, Doug Bollinger misjudged earnestly claiming a catch that on referral was shown to be well short. Oh no. No, no, dwosh, that's bounced. And after lunch Australia took up that theme. Peppering the windy with short stuff and the verbal, forcing the umpires to step in. tenth wicket partnershiped a 68 to the score leaving the Windies a very respectable totally to defend with Nash the final dismissal only eight runs shorts of a century. And he's cleaned up Australia cleaned up after that with the West Indies attack at times slaughtered by the aggressive Shane Watson. Oh he's smashed it. Watts scratch put on 66 session. The only thing that slous Watson was the slous Watson was the nervous 90s he gave one difficult chance that chance that was grassed and will start tomorrow needed four runs for his first Test century. Adam Scott is on top

of the leaderboard near the end of of his third round at the Australian Scott had a one shot advantage over Stuart Appleby while oheern is a further bes back. It's the favourite John Daly favourite John Daly double bogeyed the second after being set up for a fall. He's also been been renowned for having a wonderful short game wonderful short game and I think I might think I might have jition jinked him then Adam jinked him then Adam Scott started the day on the on the opening hole. That's a lovely shot from Scott. An an had an unfortunate start dropping a stroke at the first. No. No. It was a two horse race for most of the third round, although American David an eagle at the fifth. An poor start continued at the third as he dropped his second shot if three holes. After an indifferent year adom Scott back to his bestment his back to his bestment his second at the par 5 ensured his best. He was able to mafr the He was able to mafr the great escape. An an dropped another shot at 27th and Scott seized the moment grabbing another birdie as he noved 12 under That's a big swing Of the plugging aWA this approach set up a birdie to take him to nine under. He will just be like a dog that just ankle Both an an and Scott birdied the #th as birdied the #th as the two-man war continued but with four birdies on the front line, Adam Scott was looking more and more like the prayer ranked number three in world. Australia will contest the final of hockey's the final of hockey's champions trophy tomorrow, Kookaburras go into the decider against Germany against Germany in high score form. This afternoon they opped Spain 10-p. Australia had a final spot sewn up before its encounter having nothing to play for, the Spaniards initially looked determined Kookaburras a contest. What Kookaburras a contest. What a stunning finish by the ranging world hockey player of the year. Only a late year. Only a late penalty corner ensured scores were level think some of the most skillful players in the game players in the game and it's good for learn and to play against them because we should have learnt because we should have learnt a lot from that match today. But the visitors had a painful second period. They failed to maintain their maintain their enthusiasm levels, which aloud levels, which aloud Australia to open up knocked them out of gold medal contention at last year's Beijings. Lovely work. The crowd were in high spirits as the Kookaburras put ten goals in total past the in total past the Spanish keeper, keeper, a new champions trophy record. It's nice to get ten goals specialest specially against a team like Spain who are a very good world Australia's opponents tomorrow, Germany r the world's number one ranked team. They beat us 3-1 in the so we looking for revenge. Despite the dwn's loss to the Dutch this afternoon, there'll afternoon, there'll be favourites for favourites for the decider. Spain decider. Spain has taken a commanding 2-nil lead over the Czech Republic in the final of this year's Cup. In the opening singles patch, World Cup number two Rafael Nadal two Rafael Nadal made light work of berd straight sets win. But team-mate Les Ferdinand was on court a little court a little longer contact what what two sets down to win. The match went on for four hoours 17 minutes, Ferrer hang on to win the final set. The hosts are now on course to titles. Ford's Jamie Whincup when is the V8 when is the V8 Supercar champion for the second rather in a row. He finish in the top 28 to clinch the title but managed fifth place in the opening race of the inaugural Sydney 500 event. Holden's Garth Tander won the race, season. Sydney Olympic Park was the awash with red and blue as V8 fans packed into the transformed precinct for the penultimate race of the season. the track claiming pole fotion pore the 250 kilometre race. The start was The start was clean, but it was a the first bend. Speeds top 250km/h as Jamie Whincup took track was designed using a variety of road surfaces and fast and slow it difficult to complete a perfect lap. And it showed . Jamie Whincup had Jamie Whincup had to watch how hard hard he pushed to get on the podium. Tander took the chequered flag followed by Mark winter bottom and Jason Brought. Good job. Jamie Whincup kept a cool head come in fifth. We come here, wanted to wrap it up on Saturday and that's what happen What the will be The season will wrap up second race of the event at Capitals have come from behind to beat bend go by six to beat bend go by six points. The The Capitals welcomed back British wish British for the match and kept pace Bendigo in Bendigo in the first half. The lead changed in this third quarter but Canberra still had work to do heading into final ten minutes, trailing final ten minutes, trailing by four. But they clawed their way back to win 76 to 70. Bishop made the most of her return, top scoring the 19 points and 14 rewounds 14 rewounds rebounds. The veteran British actor Richard Todd has died at the age of 90. Todd made his name word war two films like the dam buster and the buster and the longest day. A war hero in his was one of the first British soldiers to parachute into transon D-day. He was a hero of the classic British In the cockpit as the wing commander flying the commander flying the dam pusers mission Richard Todd personfied the never say die attitude of the second world going to attack the going to attack the great dams of western Germany. In the 60s the the act joined a the act joined a screen version of the D-day landing in longest day, playing major John Howard who had commanded airborne Fay force at Pegasus Bridge. draw on perm experience. He'd taken part in that very operation, Howard has been his senior officer. I landed senior officer. I landed I would say 100 or two yards in that direction. Now all this was an ideal dropping zone us Richard Todd went on to make over 40 films. He for an Oscar in starring alongside another close close friend, Ronald Regan. The late quen mother once compared his longevity with her own referring to him as a dark blade. Think of it. Me dashing young blade. I love it. Richard Todd's retirement was haunted by tradge dix two of his sons took their own lives. He bore their loss with the same quiet dignity that he'd showed on and off screen. To the weather - and it was blustery but warm day around Canberra. We day around Canberra. We reached 27 degrees this 27 degrees this afternoon. Afteran overnight low of 11 in the city and ten in Belconnen. Over the south-east, there's high cloud and scattered thunderstorm activity over northern NSW. There's further building cloud over WA. A ridge of high pressure is extending across NSW and the ACT, bringing dry and bringing dry and warm conditions and tail remain that that way for a few more days to come. The bureau is watching come. The bureau is watching a developing trough of pressure near WA with the faint hope that it might bring showers and storms as crosses our region late on Tuesday. Around the caps A preef look back at our top stories tonight - count sung der way in the eagerly bileaks for member for Higgins in Melbourne and Bradfield in Sydney. Labor didn't field candidates in either seat and the Greens are expected to benefit from any protest bodice of two men found in the coast. They were reported misses off their fishing boat caped this the news for now. You find the latest headlines 24 hours a day at ABC